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224 CLARKE, S. R. Vestigia Anglicana, pr illustrations of the more

interesting and debatable points in the History and Antiquities of England, from the earliest ages to the accession of the House

of Tudor. 2 vols., 8vo, polished calf, gilt, London, 1826 225 CLINTON, HENRY F. An Epitome of the Civil and Literary Chro

nology of Rome and Constantinople, from the Death of Augustus to the Death of Heraclus. Ed. by Rev. C. Clinton. 8vo, polished calf, antique, red edges,

Oxford, 1853 226 COBBETT, WILLIAM. Selections from the Political Works of. Being

a complete abridgment of the 100 volumes which comprise the writings of “Porcupine" and the Weekly Political Register. With Notes, Historical and Explanatory. By John M. and James Cobbett. 6 vols., 8vo, half calf,

London 227 CODE NAPOLEON. Nouvelle Edition. 8vo, French calf, gilt, .

Paris, 1810 228 COKE, EDWARD. The First Part of the Institutes of the Laws of

England, or a Commentary upon Littleton, not the name of the author only, but the law itself. Authore, Edw. Coke, Milite. folio, calf,

London, (1656), 16:29 Archbishop Laud's Copy. His Arms, impaled with those of Canterbury

emblazoned on the cover. 229 Cox, HOMERSHAM. The British Commonwealth, etc. 8vo,

London, 1854 230 CRABB, GEORGE. A History of English Law; or, An Attempt

to trace the rise, progress, and successive changes, of the Common Law ; from the earliest period to the present time. 8vo, old calf, neat,

London, 1829 231 CREASY, E. S. The Fifteen Decisive Battles of the World ; from 22) Marathon to Waterloo. Fifth Edition, revised, with additions. 8vo, uncut.

London, 1853 232*Crimes of the Kings of France, J. Trapp. 8vo, calf,

London, 1791 1.8 TCRTIUS, Q. Historie conteyning the Actes of the Great Alexander

translated out of Latin by John Brende. Black Letter, 12mo, very old calf,

London, 1592

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234 DE LOLME, J. L. The Constitution of England ; or an account of

the English Government, etc. Fourth Edition, cor. and enlarged. 8vo, old calf ; Portrait,

London, 1784 235 DELORT, J. Historie de L'Homme au Masque de Fer, accom

pagnée des pièces authentiques et de fac-simile. 8vo, half calf, red edges,

Paris, 1825 236 DICTIONNAIRE DE LA FABLE, ou Mythologie, Grecque, Latine, Egyp

tienne, Chinoise, etc., etc., par Fr. Noel. 2 vols, 8vo, polished, striped, red calf, gilt, marbled edges,

Paris, 1801

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237 Dictionnaire des Girouttes, ou nos contemporains peints d'après

eux-mêmes ; ouvrage dans lequel sont rapporté les discours, proclamations, chasons, etc., etc., par une société de Girouttes. Troisème edition, revue, recorrigée, et considérablement aug. mentée. 8vo, half roan, colored frontispiece, Paris, 1815 This book tells the story of the turncoats and traitors in the time of the

First French Revolution, and the First Empire. 238 Description of Germany, Holland, Prussia, Switzerland, etc., Geo

graphical, Historical, and Political, with a Gazetteer of Reference. Compiled and translated from the German. With Statistical Tables, etc. 4to, half blue mor., marb. edges, illustrated with 24 plates and a large 3 sheet post map of the above enumerated countries,

London, 1800 239 ELIOT, SIR JOHN. A Biography, 1590–1632. By John Forster. 2 vols. 8vo, half calf, marbled edges, portrait,

Lond., 1864 - 240 ELLIS, SIR HENRY. Original Letters, illustrative of English His

tory, including numerous Royal Letters from Autographs in the British Museum, and one or two other collections, with Notes and Illustrations. Plates. 1st, 2d, and 3d series. 11 vols. cr.

8vo, 1st and 2d half russia, gilt tops, 3d uncut, London. 1825–27 “ For curious illustration—for the development of famous characters-for the

discovery of new and important facts-and, in short, for everything that renders such a collection interesting in a country that is keenly alive to the value of such researches, these volumes stand unrivaled.”

Complete sets very scarce. 241 England, Domestic Life in. From the earliest period to the

present time, with Notices of Original Inventions, and Modern Improvements in the Social Arts.

By the Editor of the Manual and Servants' Guide. With engravings. 16mo, London, 1835 242 England. A Relation, or rather a True Account of the Island;

with sundry particulars of the customs of these people and that of Royal Revenues under King Henry the IV. About the year 1500. Translated from the Italian, with notes by Charlotte A. Sneyd 4to,

London, Camden Soc'y, 1847 243 England, Remarks upon the History of the Landed and Commer

cial Policy of ; from the Invasion of the Romans to the Acces

sion of James the First. 2 vols., 16mo, calf neat. London, 1785 244 ENGLAND, HISTORY OF. By Frank Rowan. 16mo, gilt edges. Plates

Edinburgh, 1851 245 England, as Seen by Foreigners, in the Days of Elizabeth and

James the First. Comprising translations of the Journals of the two Dukes of Wirtemburg in 1592 and 1610 ; both illustrative of Shakespeare, with extracts from the Travels of Foreign Princes, etc., and copious notes. By William B. Royal 4to, illustrated with etchings, uncut,

London, 1865 246 English History, Vade Mecum to the Study of. 2d edition, 16mo.

London, N. D.

247 English History, A Reference Book of. By Alex. C. Ewald, 16mo,

London, 1868 248 English Statutes. A Collection in English of the Statutes now in

force, continued from the beginning of Magna Charta, made in the 9 year of King H. 3, until the end of the Parliament holden in the 35 yeare of the reigne of our gratious Queene Elizabeth,

etc., etc., etc. Black letter, folio, half russia, London, 1594 249 Essays on Reform. By various authors. 8vo, London, 1867 250 Europe, Past and Present. A comprehensive Manual of European

Geography and History ; with a copious index, etc. 8vo, half calf,

New York, 1850 251 EWES, Sir Simons D’, The Autobiography and Correspondence of,

during the reign of James I. and Charles I. Edited by J. O. Halliwell. 2 vols. 8vo, Portraits, uncut,

London, 1845 252 FINNETT, Sir John. Finetti Philoxenis. Some choice observa

tions of Sir John Finett, Knight, and Master of Ceremonies to the two last Kings. Touching the Reception, and Precedence, the Treatment and Audience, the Puntillios and contents of Foreign Ambassadors in England. 12mo, calf, London, 1656

Very curious revelations as to diplomacy, court customs, and etiquette

in the 17th century 253 FISHER, GEORGE. A Companion and Key to the History of Eng

land; consisting of copious details of the British Sovereigns, with Genealogical Charts and an Appendix. 8vo, half roan,

London, 1832 254 FORSTER, JOHN. The Debates on the Grand Remonstrance, No

vember and December, 1641. With an introductory essay on English freedom under Plantagenet and Tudor sovereigns. Svo, half calf, by Matthews,

London, 1860 255 FORSTER, JOHN. Arrest_of the Five Members by Charles the W. First. A chapter of English History re-written. 8vo, half calf by Matthews,

London, 1860 256 FORTESCUE, Sir John. De Laudibus Legum Angliæ. Hereto are

ioined the two Summes of Sir Ralph de Hengham. Never be-
fore published. Notes both on Fortescue and Hengham are

added. 16mo, old calf neat,

London, 1516 257 France, History of. By Leigh Ritchie. 16mo, gilt edges.

London, N. D. 258*French Court, Secret History of. 12mo, calf, New York, 1809 259 French Revolution, An Historical Sketch of, from its commencement to the


1792. 8vo, half calf neat. London, 1792 260 French Revolution of 1848. The Three Days of February, 1848. 50 By Percy B. St. John. Second edition, 12mo. Portraits,

London, 1848




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261 FROISSART. Chroniques de France, dangleterre descoce, des

paigne de gascongne, de flandres, et lieux circonuoisins. 3 vols. folio, calf antique, red edges by Wright,

Paris, Francois Regnault, 1518 A very interesting edition of Froissart in Gothic letter ; the binding

very rich and characteristic. In fine condition, but very slightly wormed. 262 FROISSART, SIRE JEANS, Les Chroniques de, qui traitent des mer

veilleus emprise, nobles aventures, et faites d'armes advenus en son temps en France, Angleterre, Bretaigne, Bourgogne, Escosse, Espaigne, Portingale, et es autres parties. Nouvellement revues et augmentées d' apres les manuscripts. Avec notes, éclaircissen:ents, tables et glossaire. Par J. A. C. Buchon. 3 3

vols, Royal 8vo, half levant morocco, by Lortic. Paris, 1852–3 263 FROISSART, Sir John. Chronicles of England, France, and Spain, ,

8etc. Translated from the French by Tho. Johnes. With the 2. Life of the Author, and a criticism on his history. Royal 8vo. Illuminated title. Copiously illustrated.

London, 1849 .264 FROISSART, Illuminated Illustrations of. Selected from the MS.

in the Bibliotheque Royale, Paris, and from other sources. By H. N. Humphreys. 4to, half red morocco, gilt tops, London, 1845

Early Copy 265 FROUDE, JAMES ANTHONY. History of England from the Fall of 1,62 Wolsey to the Death of Elizabeth. 12 vols., 8vo, uncut. The large paper edition,

New York, 1865 266 FULLER, THOMAS. History of the Holy War. Folio, old calf, neat original binding,

Cambridge, 1640 267 GAGES DES BATAILLE, Ceremonies des. Selon les constitutions Du 1.73 Bon Roi Phillippe de France representées en onze figures, etc.,

etc. Publiees D'apres le manuscrit de la Bibliotheque du Roi,
Par G. A. Chaplet, imprimeur. Cariously illustrated.
half green calf gilt,

Paris, 1830 Curious and rare. 268*GALLONUS ANTONIUS. Di S. S. Martyrum Cruciatibus, Liber. Quo

instrumenta et modi, quibus idem Martyres olim torquebantur. simul perspicue descripta, et tabulis aeris accuratissime ex18mo old calf, .

Antwerp, 1665 Rare, curious, and interesting. All possible modes of crucifixion and

dreadful death exhibited in the engravings. 269 GEOFFREY of Monmouth, The British History of, in twelve books.

Translated from the Latin by A. Thompson. A new edition, revised and corrected by J. A. Giles. 8vo, half roan uncut, with

fac simile of MS. in Dr. Farmer's collection, London, 1842 270 Geographia Antiqua; being a complete set of Maps of Ancient

Geography, beautifully engraved from Cellarius, on thirty-three copper plates. A new edition. 4to, half calf, London, 1821


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15 278 GRANT, Durr, M. P. A Political Survey. 8vo, uncut.

271 GIBBON, EDWARD. The History of the Decline and Fall of the

Roman Empire. A new edition in eight volumes. 8vo, tree marble calf by Riviere. Portraits and maps, London, 1848

Very fine copy. 272*Gildas and Nennius' Chronicles. Translated and edited by J. A. Giles. 8vo, half morocco,

London, 1842 273 GLADSTONE, WILLIAM E. Juventis Mundi. The Gods and Men 1.50 of the Heroic Age. Crown 8vo, uncut,

London, 1866 274,GLORY OF ENGLAND, etc, etc. 4to, old vellum. London, 1622 275 GODWIN, PARKE. The History of France. Vol. I (Ancient Gaul), 60 all published. 8vo.

New York, 1860 Autograph letter from Author. 276 GRAFTON. Abridgement of the Chronicles of Englande, newly 2. O thys 1572. Black letter, sqr., 16mo, old red morocco, marble edges.


London, 1572 277 Grand Festival at Yarmouth, a Narrative of. 12mo, half calf, se illustrated.

Yarmouth, 1814 Curious.


Edinburgh, 1866 279 Greece and Lord BYRON. Greece in 1823 & 1824. Being a

series of letters and other documents on the Greek Revolution.
A new edition. By the Hon. Col. Leicester Stanhope. Illus-
trated with several curious fac similes. To which are added Remi-
niscences of Lord Byron, 8vo, soft green mor., with appropriate

London, 1825
Presentation copy. Autograph.
280 GROTII, HUGONIS. De jure Belli ac Pacis. Libri Tres. Inquibus
So Jus Naturæ et Gentium, item jures Publici praecipuæ expli-

cantur, Cum Annotatis Auctoris, ejusdemque Dissertatione de
Mari, liber II., etc., etc. ; Notulas denique addidit Joanes Bar-
beyrac. 3 vols, 8vo, in i, old calf, gilt, red edges. Portrait and
engraved title.

Amsterdam, clc lcccxxx 281 GROTIUS, Hugo, The Illustrious. Of the Law of Warre and Peace, with annotations, III parts. And memorials of the

Author's Life and Death. Translated by C. B. 16mo, old calf, neat, gilt.

London, 1655 282* Grotius de jure Belli ac Pacis. Ed. Gronovius. 8vo, calf.

Amsterdam, 1720 283* Guizot, F. An Embassy to the Court of St. James's in 1840. 8vo, uncut.

London, 1862 284 HALL, SIDNEY. A New General Atlas, with the Divisions and

constructed entirely from 1. S'Boundaries carefully colored ;

new drawings. Large Royal folio, russia, gilt, stamped, marbled edges.

London, 1830


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