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M. D. T. de Bienville, Docteur en Medecine. 16mo, old calf,

Amsterdam, 1771 Scarce and curious, with details of interesting cases. 2651*OLIVIER, JACQUES. Alphabet De L'Imperfection et Malice des Femmes. 16mo, calf, red edges,

Rouen, 1634 2652 PARENT-DUCHATELET, A. B. De La Prostitution dans La Ville de

Paris, considere sous le rapport De l’Hygiene Publique de la Morale et de l'administration, etc. 8vo, half green calf,

Paris, 1836 2653 PARKES, Bessie R. Essays on Woman's Work. 12mo,

London, 1865 2654 PARKES, BESSIE R. Vignettes ; Twelve Biographical Sketches. 12mo,

London, 1866 2655 PETERS, JOHN C. A Treatise on the Diseases of Married Females. 8vo,

New York, 1854 Presentation copy, with autograph. 2656 Pleadings for the Marquis de Gesvres, against the Marchioness. Second edition. 16mo, old calf,

London, 1715 Record of a suit at canon law by the Marchioness that her marriage might be declared null and void, on account of the incompetence of the Marquis. With a criticism of the evidence and an historical examination of the laws and customs in regard to such cases. Rare and curious.

2657 PROSTITUTION. The Greatest of our Social Evils, as it now exists

in London, Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Dublin, etc., based on statistical documents. By a Physician. 12mo,

London, 1857 2658*Prostitution. Code, ou Nouveau Réglement sur les Lieux de

Prostitutions. Dans la ville de Paris. London, 1775. Des
Dangers de la Prostitution, par Aimée Lucas. 12mo, half calf,

Paris, 1844 2659 PUBLIC WOMEN OF PARIs. Being an account of the causes of their depravation, their several classes, their means and ways

of living, their arts, habits and practices. From the notes of a Savant, and the records of a commissary of police. 12mo,

New York, 1849 2660 Quinzes Joyes de Mariage. Nouvelle Edition. Conforme au

manuscript de la Bibliotheque publique de Rouen. 16mo, half morocco, gilt, gilt tops,

Paris, 1853 A very curious picture of manners in the 13th century. 2661 RABUTIN, ROGER. Comte de Bussy. Histoire Amoureuse des Gaules. 5 vols., 16mo, half calf,

London, 1777 This author, with a strange and inexplicable mingling of his family name, and his title, is generally called “ Bussy Rabutin." The scandalous stories about ladies of the French Court, told in this work, caused Bussy to be sent to the Bastile.


2662*Recueil de quelques pièces nouvelles et galantes, tant en prose qu'en verse. 2 vols. 12mo, vellum,

Cologne, 1667 A rare collection of pieces by Tallemant, de Montreuil, Boileau, La

Fontaine and others. 2863*Recueil Général des piéces contenues au Procez de Monsieur le

Marquis de Gesvres, et de Mademoiselle de Mascranni son epouse. Nouvelle Edition, augmentée de diverses Pièces et mises dans leurs ordres. 2 vols., 12mo, old calf,

Rotterdam, 1714 This process was for the dissolution of the marriage, on account of

the impotence of the Marquis. 2664 Requete adressé a Monseigneur le Duc d'Orleans, par les demoi

selles de Launnay, Latierce, Labacant, et autres [putaines] pour obtenir l'entreé du Palais Royale qui leur a intredit. 12mo, half calf,

Paris, N. D. Rare and exceedingly curious. 2665 ROUSSEL, DR. Systeme Physique et moral de la Femme. Nouvelle edition. 16mo, uncut, ,

Paris, 1813 2666 RUSSELL, Essay on the Character, Manners, and Genius of Women in different ages. Frontispiece. 2 vols, 12mo,

London, 1813 2667 Saint Ursin. P. J. Marie de. L'Ami des Femmes, ou Lettres

d'un Medicine uncernant l'influence d l'habillement des femmes sur leurs moeurs, et leurs santé, etc., etc. 8vo, calf, plates,

Paris, 184 Curieuses dissertations sur l'amour, la galanterie, les femnes et le

mariage. 2668 Secretary of Ladies, or a new collection of Letters and Answers

composed by Moderne Ladies and Gentlemen, collected by Monsieur de Bosque. Translated out of the French, by J. H. 16mo, half calf,

London, 1638 2669 SEGUR, Jos. Alex. Women ; their condition and influence on

: Society. Translated out of the French. 2 vols., 16mo, half calf, red edges

London, Whittingham, 1803 An early example of Whittingham's printing. 2670 SEVERIN, Paul. (Michel Raymond.) La Bouquet Du Mariage.

Révélations sur les moeurs du siecle. 2 vols., 12mo, half roan,

Brussells, 1838 2671*Sexes, De L'Égalite Des Deux. Discours physique et moral ou

l'on voit l'importance de se défaire de préjugez. Second edition. 12mo, calf.

Paris, 1676 2672 Social Evil in Edinburgh, Glimpses of the, and elsewhere, by the Editor of the “North Briton.” 8vo, Edinburgh, 1814

Very scarce. 2673* STAHL, P. J. Théorie de L'Amour et la Jalousie, 16mo, half calf, gilt tops,

Paris, 1853

2674 Venus Unmasked, or an inquiry into the nature and origin of

the Passion of Love, interspersed with curious and entertaining accounts of several modern amours. 2 vols., in one, half calf, red edges, by Matthews,

London, 1759 2675 Virgin Saints, Annals of. By a Priest of the Church of England. 16mo, with chart.

London, 1846 2676 Virginitate, Virginum statu et juve Tractus, novus et jucundus,

etc. Portatus per Herncum Kommanuna. 16mo, calf, gilt edges,

Francor, 1610 2677 VINTRAS, A. The Repressive Measures adopted in Paris, com

pared with the uncontrolled Prostitution of London and New York. 8vo,

London, 1867 2678*Walker, Alexander. Woman Physiologically considered, as to

mind, morals, Marriage, matrimonial Slavery, infidelity and

divorce. Second edition, 8vo, boards, uncut, London, 1840 2679 Wedlock, or the Right Relation of the Sexes. By S. R. Wells. 18mo,

London, 1869 2680 Woman; The whole Duty of. By a Lady, written at the desire of a Nobleman. 16mo,

New York, 1821 2681 Woman. What Men have said about. A collection of Choice

sentences, edited by Henry Southgate. 8vo, gilt edges, illustrated,

London, 1866 2682 Woman's Work and Woman's Culture. A series of


edito ed by Josephine E. Butler. 8vo,

London, 18.9 2683 Women. Essays in Defence of. 8vo,

London, 1868 2684 Woman, The Laws respecting, As they regard their Natural

Rights, or their connections and conduct, etc., etc. Also the obligations of parents and child and the condition of Minors, etc. In 4 books, 8vo, tree calf, gilt,

London, 1771 2685 WOOLSEY, THEODORE D. Essay on Divorce and Divorce Legislation. 8vo,

New York, 1869 2686 WOOLSTONECRAFT, MARY. Appeal to the Men of Great Britain

in behalf of Women. 8vo, calf, gill,

London, 1798 2687 WOOLSTONECRAFT, Mary. A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, etc. 3rd edition, 12mo,

London, 1844 2688 Young Lady Conducted. The Young Lady conducted, from

her leaving the school to her entering upon the world. A series of Familiar Dialogues. 16mo, calf London, 1754

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BELARD ET HÉLOISE. Leurs Amours, leurs malheurs,

et leurs ouvrages, par Villenave. Dvo, half Levant mor., gilt tops,

Paris, 1831

2690* ABOUT-DORÉ. Le Rois des Montagnes. Par Edmond About *

Cinquième édition. Illustrée par Gustave Doré. Half morocco, Roxburghe,

Paris, 1861 2691 ADDISON, JOSEPH, The Works of; with Notes by Richard Hurd.

A new edition, with large additions, chiefly unpublished, collected and edited by Henry G. Bohn. 6 vols. portrait, half calf,

London, 1854 2692 ADVENTURER, The. 4 vols. 12mo, dark blue mor. gilt. Sharpe's edition, with Westall's illustrations beautifully engraved,

London, 1806 An elegant little book. 2693*AFFAIRE CASTAING. Accusation d'empoisonment. Recueil des

Pièces de la procédure, des debats et des plaidoiries; précédé des notices biographiques sure les deux frères Ballet et le Dr. Castaing. Publie par un temon. 8vo, half calf, gilt tops,

Paris, 1823 26936AIKIN, ARTHUR. The Natural History of the Year. Being an

enlargement of Dr. Aikin’s Calender of Nature. Second edition, 16mo, French calf,

London, 1799 2694 Anecdotes of Distinguished Persons, chiefly of the last two preceding Centuries. Fifth edition, plates, 4 vols. calf,

London, 1798 2695 Angler's Souvenir. By P. Fisher assisted by several eminent

Piscatory Characters. Profusely illustrated with fine engravings by Beckwith & Topham. Borders. 18mo, half green mor., gilt tops, by Matthews,

London, 1845 2696 Angling and Chess. Maxims and Hints for an Angler, and the

miseries of Fishing. To which are added Maxims and Hints for a Chess Player. Illustrated with drawings on stone, 12mo,

London, 1833 2697 Angling, Hints on. With suggestions for Angling Excursions

in France and Belgium, to which are appended some brief notices of the English, Scottish and Irish waters, by Hackle Palmer. 8vo, half mor., gilt tops,

London, 1846 2698 APOLLODORI. Atheniensis Bibliotheces. Sive Deoroum origine,

tam græce, quàm latinè luculentis pariter, ac doctis annotationibus illustrati, et nunc primum in lucem editi libri tres, etc., etc. Sm. 8vo, plain old crim. mor., dull gilt edges,

Romae in aedibus Antoni Bladi, 1555

A fine copy of this very rare book. 2699* ARNOLD's Chronicle. The Customs of London. 4to, old calf,

London, 1811
Re-print, edited by Francis Douce.
A publication of great and well-known interest. It contains the
earliest known Version of the beautiful old ballad the Nut Brown

Maid. 2700 ATWELL, Rev. B. W. Principles of Elocution and Vocal Culture. 12mo,

Providence, 1867 2701*AUBREY, JOHN, Life of. By John Britton. 4to, half calf,

London, 1845 Privately printed by the Wiltshire Topographical Society. 2702 AUSTIN, ARTHUR. Lights and Shadows of Scottish Life. A 'selection from the papers of the late. 12 mo, half culf,

Edinburgh, 1822 2703 ARGYLE, DUKE of. The Reign of Law. 12mo, London, 1868 2704 ARGYLE, DUKE OF. Primeval Man. An Examination of some Recent Speculations. Svo, ,

New York, 1869 2705 BABOU, HIPPOLYTE. Les Amoureaux se Madame De Seriginé des femmes Vertueuses d'un Grand siécle. 8vo,

Paris, 1862 2706*Bacon, ROGER. The Mirror of Alchymy. 4to, London, 1597

Extremely scarce. The title page and last leaf in fac-simile. 2707*Bacon, SIR FRANCIS. On the Advancement of Learning. 4to,

Oxford, 1633 Bound up with this is the Geography of Oliver, Illustrated with many Maps, showing the World as known to Shakespeare. See the Map of the Hemispheres with California as an island, and the great

Continents in the Southern Seas. 2708*Bacon, FRANCIS. On the Advancement of Learning. Small folio, boards of binding gone,

Oxford, 1640 2709 Bacon's Essays, with Annotations by Richard Whatley. 4th edition, 8vo, uncut,

London, 1858 2710 Bacon, FRANCIS. (Lord St. Albans). Essay and Colours of

Good and Evil. With Notes and Glossarial Index by W.
Aldis Wright. Sm. 8vo, large paper, half green mor., gilt tops,

London, 1862

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