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2533*Catalogues, Volume of, viz., books printed at Strawberry Hill,

Junot’s Vellum Library, Leigh and Sotherby, Garrick Library,

Eastburn, N.Y., 1822, in 1 vol. 8vo, half calf, 2534*Catalogues of the Mussel, Wood and Barber Libraries, of the

Boydell Sale of Shakespeare Paintings, etc., all priced. 8vo, calf,

London, V. D. 2535 Caxton. The Game of the Chesse, by William Caxton. Reproduced

in fac-simile from a copy in the British Museum, with a few remarks on Caxton's Typographical Productions, by Vincent Figgins. 4to, calf, antique, red edges,

London, 1860 2536 Censura Literaria, containing Titles, Abstracts, and Opinions of

old English books, with original disquisitions, articles of Biography, and other Literary Antiquities. 10 vols, 8vo, half mor., gilt tops,

London, 1805-9 “A work justly held in high estimation by all Antiquaries in Lite

rature.”—Lowndes. 2537 CLARKE, WILLIAM. Bibliographical Dictionary. 4 vols. 12mo,


account of the most celebrated British Libraries. 2 vols. large paper, 8vo, half mor., gilt edges. Proof illustrations on India paper,

London, 1819 Very fine large paper copy, extended to two volumes by the insertion of portraits, views, etc, etc., many of which are private plates and

proofs on India paper. 2539 COLLIER, J. PAYNE. A Bibliographical and Critical Account of

the Karest Books in the English Language, Alphabetically arranged, which during the last fifty years, have come under the observation of J. Payne Collier, F.S.A. 2 vols. 8vo, half morocco, uncut,

London, 1865 2540 CUNDALL, JOSEPH. On Ornamental Art applied to Ancient and

Modern Bookbinding. Illustrated with specimens of various dates and countries, by Joseph Cundall. 4to, boards,

London, 1848 2541*Curiosities Bibliographiques. Bibliotheque de Poche. 12mo, half morocco,

Paris, 1845 2542* DE BURE. Gil. Franc. Bibliographie Instructive. 7 vols. 8vo, calf,

Paris. 1763-8 2543 DE SAINT ALquan. Catalogue des Livres de la Bibliotheque, also the Catalogue of Varennes de Béost. 8vo, calf, gilt,

Paris, 1770 Interesting ; priced and annotated. 2544*DIBDIN, Thos. F. The Bibliomania, or Book Madness. 8vo, bds., uncut,

London, 1809 First edition, Scarce.

2545 DIBDIN, TROS. FROGNALL. Typographical Antiquities : or, the

History of Printing in England, Scotland, and Ireland, containing memoirs of our ancient printers, and a register of the books printed by them. Begun by the late Joseph Ames, considerably augmented by Wm. Herbert, and now greatly enlarged with copious notes, and illustrated with appropriate engravings, comprehending the history of English literature and a view of the progress of the Art of Engraving in Great Britain, &c., &c. 4 vols. 4to, hf. russia; neat ; uncut,

London, 1810 Scarce. Fine copy. 2546 Dibdin, Thos. FROGNALL. Ædes Althorpianae ; or, an Account of

the Mansion, Books, and Pictures, at Althorpe: the Residence of George John, Earl Spencer, K.G., to which is added a Supplement to the Bibliotheca Spenceriana. 2 vols. roy. 8vo; large paper; blue calf,

London, 1822 2547 DIBDIN, T. F._ A Set of Special Titles for an Illustrated Copy of

Dibdin's Tours, extending that in France and Germany to four volumes, and that in the Northern Counties of England, &c., to three; with bastard titles to each volume. The globe

and the motto, Dei omnia plena, on the titles. Large paper. 2548 DIBDIN, Rev. T. F. The Literary Companion, or Young Man's

Guide and Old Man's Comfort, in the Choice of a Library,

2d edition. 8vo, hf. blue mor., gilt edges London, 1825 2549 DIBDIN, Thos. FROGNALL. An Introduction to the Knowledge of

Rare and Valuable Editions of the Greek and Latin Classics. Fourth edition, greatly enlarged and corrected. 2 vols. imp. 8vo, cloth, uncut, hf. cr. lev. mor., gilt tops, by Pawson and Nicholson, Large paper,

London, 1827 2550 DIBDIN, D.D., T. F. Reminiscences of a Literary Life. 8vo, red mor. gilt ; plates and port.,

London, 1836 Presentation copy ; author's autograph. 2551 EDWARDS, E. Libraries. Memoirs of, including a Hand-Book of Library Economy. 2 vols. roy. 8vo ; plates and maps,

London, 1859 2552 EDWARDS, EDWARD. Libraries and Founders of Libraries. 8vo, uncut,

London, 1864 2553 FOWLE, Wm. F., of Boston, Mass., Catalogue of the Choice Col

lection of Books belonging to. Roy. 8vo, gilt tops, hf. mor. by Matthews. Large paper ; priced,

Cambridge, 1865 Presentation copy; only 60 copies printed. 2554*GARRICK. Catalogue of David Garrick's Library, 1823, and the

Merly Library (Ralph Willett's). Both priced, in 1 vol. 8vo, calf,

London, 1813 2556*GILPIN, WM. Essays on Prints. 12mo, calf, London, 1781

2557 GOODHUGH, WM. The English Gentleman's Library Manual ; or,

a Guide to the formation of a Library of Select Literature. Accompanied with original Notices, biographical and critical

of authors and books. 8vo, hf. mor., gilt tops, London, 1827 2258*Gordonstoun Library collected between 1610 and 1650), Cata

logue of. Scarce. Priced. 12mo, hf. calf, London, 1816 2529 HALLIWELL, J. O. A Brief List of some of the Rare and most

Curious old book rarities in the Library of J. O. Halliwell, Esq. Illustrative chiefly of early English Literature. Sq. 8vo, hf. mor., uncut. Scarce,

West Brompton, for private circulation only, 1862

Only 25 copies ; privately printed. Presentation copy. 2560 HARTSHORNE, Rev. C. H. The Book Rarities in the University of

Cambridge. Illustrated by original letters and notes, biographical, literary, and antiquarian. Imp. 8vo, hf. lev. mor., by Matthews, top gilt, edges uncut,

London, 1829 Large paper ; very few copies printed. illustrated. 2561 HEBER, RICHARD. A Catalogue of his Collection of Early Eng

lish Poetry, the Drama, Rare and Curious Books, etc. ; with Notices by J. Payne Collier, and prices and purchasers' names 8vo,

London, N. D Scarce, and very valuable and interesting. 2262 Johnson, John. Typographia, or the Printer's Instructor; including an Account

of the Origin of Frinting, with Biographical Notices of the Printers of England, from Caxton to the close of the 16th Century, a series of Ancient and Modern Alphabets and Domesday Characters, etc. Portraits of Caxton, vignettes and ornamental borders.

2 vols. 8vo, hf. mor., gilt tops, by Matthews,

London, 1824 Largest paper, 3d size. “Roxburghe Edition.” With the portraits

and engraved titles on india paper. Very few printed. 2563 Learned Societies and Printing Clubs of the United Kingdom ;

being an account of their respective origin, history, objects, etc. Compiled by Rev. A. Hune ; with a Supplement by R. J. Evans. Svo, hf. calf, red edges,

London, 1853 2564 LEWIS, GEO. A Series of Etchings portraying the Physiognomy,

Manners, and Character of the People of France and Ger many.

(To illustrate Dibdin's Tour). 3 parts. Roy. 4to. large paper, india proofs,

London, 1823 2566 LONDON CATALOGUE of Books, with their sizes, prices, and publish

Containing the books published in London, and those altered in price, since the year 1800 to March, 1827. 8vo, hf. calf,

London, 1827 2567 London Catalogue of Books published in Great Britain, with their

sizes, prices, and publishers' names.


1816 to 18 ondoh, 1851

2568* London Catalogue of Books, &c., &c., &c., published from 1814

to 1839, with sizes and prices. With Supplement to 1844. 8vo,

London, 1839 and 1844 2569 LOWNDES, William THOMAS. The Bibliographer's Manual of Engle

lish Literature, containing an account of rare, curious, and useful books published in, or relating to, Great Britain and Ireland, from the Invention of Printing. With bibliographical and critical notices, collations of the rarer articles, and the prices at which they have been sold in the present century. 4 vols. in 6. 8vo, hf. mor., gilt top, uncut, by Matthews,

London, Pickering, 1834 This copy is interleaved throughout with cold pressed laid paper, and extended to six vols. ; special title-pages having been printed for

Vols. 5 and 6. 2570 LOWNDES, WILLIAM THOMAS. The Bibliographer's Manual of Eng.

lish Literature, &c., &c. New edition. Revised, corrected,

and enlarged. 6 vols. 16mo, hf. russia, London, 1864 2571*MacCarthy Catalogue. 2vols. 8vo, hf. mor., gilt, Paris, 1815

A fine uncut copy of this famous catalogue. 2572*MARTIN, JOHN, F. L. S. A Bibliographical Catalogue of Books,

-privately printed, -and including those of the Bannatyne, Maitland, and Roxburghe Clubs, and of the Private Presses of Darlington, Auchinleck, Lee Priory, Newcastle, Middle Hill, and Strawberry Hill. 8vo, uncut,

London, 1834

Scarce. 2573 NICHOLSON, J. B. A Manual of the Art of Book-Binding ; con

taining full instructions in the different branches of forwarding, gilding, and finishing ; also, the Art of Marbling Bookedges and Paper. The whole designed for the practical workman, the amateur, and the book-collector. Illustrated, 8vo, hf. calf,

Philadelphia, 1854 Mr. Nicholson is of the firm of Pawson & Nicholson, of whose ex

cellent binding this library contains many specimens. 2574 NOTES and QUERIES. General Index to Series the First. Vols. 1. to XII. 4to,

London, 1856 2575 OLDYS, Wm. The British Librarian. Exhibiting a compendious

review or abstract of our most scarce, useful, and valuable books, &c. &c. 8vo, old calf,

London, 1738 2576*Pegg's Book Catalogue. 8vo,

London, 1792 2577*PICKERING, WM. Catalogue of Biblical, Classical, and Historical Manuscripts, and of Rare and Curious Books. 12mo, cloth,

London, 1835 2578 PHILOBIBLION. A monthly bibliographical journal, containing

critical notices of and extracts from, rare, curious and valuable old books. 4to, half mor. uncut,

N. Y., 1842–3 Of some bibliographic interest from being printed entirely on India paper.

2579 POOLE, W. F. An Index to Periodical Literature. Royal 8vo, uncut,

New York, 1853 2580 Private Libraries of New York. By James Wynne. Royal 8vo, large paper, half cr. Levant mor. gilt, gilt tops by Matthews,

New York, 1860 Scarce. 100 copies printed. Fine copy. 2581*ROORBACH, O. A. Bibliotheca Americana from 1820 to 1852 1 vol. 8vo, cloth,

New York, 1852 2582 ROORBACH, O. A. Supplement to the Bibliotheca Americana, a

catalogue of American publications, (reprints and original

works) Oct., 1852, to May, 1855. 8vo, New York, 1855 2583*Roxburge Library, Catalogue of, priced. 8vo, London, 1812 2584 RIMBAULT, ED. F. Bibliotheca Madrigaliana, a Bibliographical ac

count of the Musical and Poetical Works published in England during the 16th and 17th Centuries. 8vo,

London, 1847

2585*Scott, Sir WALTER. Catalogue of his Library at Abbotsford. Very thick 4to, bds. uncut,

1837 A very well compiled catalogue, by Mr. Cochrane, of the London Library, at the expense of the late Major Sir Walter Scott, and presented by him to the Bannatyne Club. In some instances Sir Walter's MS. notes to the various books have been extracted, but there are numberless references to his works where the books have been used or quoted.

Only one hundred copies privately printed. Very scarce. 2586 Sims, RICHARD. Hand-book to the Library of the British Museum. 16mo,

London 2587 SPILSBURY, WILLIAM H. Lincoln's Inn, its Ancient and Modern

Buildings, with an account of the Library. Fcap. 8vo, frontispiece,

London, Pickering, 1850 2588*STEVENS, HENRY. Catalogue of My English Library. 18mo, cloth,

London, 1853 2589*STOWE. The Stowe Catalogue, by Foster Henry Rumsey, priced and annotated. 4to, half roan,

London, 1848 2590*THORPE's Catalogue of Books. 8vo, half morocco, London, 1842 2591 TIMPERLEY, C. H. Encyclopedia of Literary and Typographical

Anecdote, from the earliest age to the present time, etc., etc. Compiled by C. H. Timperley. 2nd edition a continuation to the present time. Thick royal 8vo, half morocco, gilt tops,

London, 1852 2592 TRICOTEL, EDOUARD. Varietés Bibliographiques. 16mo, half green mor., gilt tops,

Paris, 1863 2593 TRUBNER, F. Bibliographical Guide to American Literature. A

Classified List of Works published in the United States of

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