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2350 MATTHEW, Aug. A Manual of the History of Greek and Roman

Literature. Translated from the last and third edition.
16mo, half calf, gilt edges,

Oxford 1841 2351 MAUGHAM, ROBERT. A Treatise on the Laws of Literary Property, etc., etc. 8vo, boards, uncut,

London, 1823 2352*MATTHIAS. Pursuits of Literature. 8vo, calf, London, 1798 2353 M’DERMOT, M. The Beauties of Modern Literature in verse

and prose ; to which is prefixed a preliminary view of the

Literature of the age. 8vo, half green calf, London, 1824 2354 M’DERMOT, M. A Critical Dissertation on the Nature and Prin ciples of Taste. 8vo, half calf,

London, 1823 2355 M’DERMOT, M. A Philosophical Inquiry into the source of the

Pleasures derived from Tragic Representations, etc. 8vo, half green calf,

London, 1824 2356 Men of Genius, Characteristics of. A Series of Essays. 2 vols. δυο,

Boston, 1847 2357 MENCKENII, Jo. BURCH, de Charlatanera Eruditorum declama

tiones duce cum Notis Variorum, accessit Epistola Sebastiani
Stadelii ad Janum Philomusum de circumforanea literatorum
Vanitate. Editio Quarta, cui addita sunt notæ interpretis.
Gallici et quodam alice. 16mo. half old vellum,

Amsterdam, 1727 2358 MENKEN. De La Charlatanerie des Savans ; Avec des Remarques

critiques de differens auteurs. Traduict en Francois. 16mo, calf, red edges, frontispiece,

1721 2359 MENZEL, WOLFGANG. German Literature. Translated from the German, with notes by Thomas Gordon. 4 vols. 12mo, uncut,

Oxford, 1860 2360 MERES, FRANCIS, Palladis Tamia, Witt's Academie, a Treasurie

of Golden Sentences, Similes, and Examples. 12mo, frontispiece by Droeshout, old calf, worn,

1635 This curious work, published originally in 1598, is particularly interesting; one of the chapters being “A comparative Discourse of our English Poets, with the Greek, Latin, and Italian Poets,” and in it Shakspeare is thus noted, “ As the soule of Euphorbus was thovght to live in Pythagorus, so the sweete wittie soule of Ovid lives in the mellifluous and hony-tongued Shakespeare, witness his Venus and Adonis, his sugred sonnets among his private friends, &c.” And again, “ As Plautus and Seneca are accounted the best for comedy among the Latines, so Shakespeare among the English is the most excellent

in buth kinds for the stage, &c.” (p. 623.) 2361 MICHEL'S, DAN., Agenbite of Inwit, or Remorse of Conscience, in

the Kentish dialect, 1340. Edited from the autograph MS. in the British Museum, with an Introduction on the peculiarities of the Southern dialect, and a Glossarial Index. 8vo, half russia, marbled leaves,

London, 1866 Published by subscription only.

2362 MIEGE, Guy. - Great French Dictionary, in two parts, the 1st

French and English, and the 2d English and French. Royal folio, old calf,

London, 1688 2363 MILLS, ABRAHAM. The Literature and Literary Men of Great Britain and Ireland. 2 vols. Svo,

New York, 1851 2364 MILTON, John. Areopagitica, a Speech to the Parliament of

, England for the liberty of unlicensed printing, with prefatory remarks, copious notes and extensive illustrations by T. Holt White, etc., etc., with “A Review of Johnson's Criticism on the style of Milton's English,” by T. Holt White. 8vo, calf,

London, 1818-19 2365 MINSHEN, John. Ductor in Linguas. The Guide into the įl

Tongues, etc., etc. Folio, old rough calf, London, 1617

An important and interesting etymological Lexicon. Title torn. 2366 MULLER, Max. Lectures on the Science of Language, delivered

at the Royal Institution of Great Britain, in April, May,

June, 1861. Third edition, 8vo, uncut, London, 1862 2367 MULLER, MAx. Lectures on the Science of Language, delivered at

the Royal Institution of Great Britain, in February, March, April, and May, 1863. With thirty-one wood-cuts, 8vo, uncut,

London, 1864 2368 MULLER, MAX. Chips from a German Workshop. Second edition, 8vo, uncut,

London, 1868 2369 MURRAY, LINDLEY. An English Grammar; comprehending the

principles and rules of the language, illustrated by appropriate exercises, and a key to the exercises. Second edition, 2 vols. 8vo, half calf,

London, 1809 2370 Moon, G. WASHINGTON. The Dean's English. A Criticism on

the Dean of Canterbury's Essays on the Queen's English. Fourth edition, 16mo,

New York 2371 Moon, G. WASHINGTON. The Bad English of Lindley Murray

. and other writers on English Language, a series of criticisms. 16mo,

London, 1868 2372 MONBODDO, LORD. The Origin and Progress of Language. 6 vols. bright calf, red edges, by Grieve, of Edinburgh,

London, 1774–92 Fine complete copy of this scarce book. Two leaves of “ Contents”

in Vol. I. mended. Elegantly bound. 2373 NARES, R. Elements of Orthoepy. Containing a distinct view

of the whole analogy of the English language, etc. 8vo, calf, neat, red edges,

London, 1784 2374 NARES, ROBERT. A Glossary of Words, Phrases, Names, Allu

sions to Customs, Proverbs, etc., illustrating English Authors, particularly Shakespeare and his Contemporaries. A new


edition, with considerable additions, both of words and examples. By James 0. Halliwell, F. R. S., etc., and Thomas Wright, M, A., F. S. A., etc. 2 thick vols. 8vo, closely printed in double columns,

London, 1859 2375 National Proverbs in the Principal Languages of Europe. By Caroline Ward. Small 1.2mo,

London, 1842 2376*NEVE's Cursory Remarks on the Ancient English Poets. 8vo, half mor.,

London, 1789 2377 NISARD, CHARLES. Historie des Livres Populaires ou de La Litterature du colportage, etc.,

etc. 2d Edition. 2 vols. 8vo, half blue mor., red tops, uncut,

Paris, 1864 Best edition. Full of curious cuts, fac-similes, etc. 2378 NISARD, CHARLES. Curiosités de l'Etymologie Française. Avec

l'explication de quelques Proverbes et dictions populaires. 16mo, half mor., gilt tops,

Paris, 1863 2379 NORTON, CHARLES ELIOT. A Review of a Translation into Italian

of the Comentary by Benvenuto Da Imola, on the Divina Comedia. 4to, uncut,

Cambridge, 1861 Privately printed. 2380 NOVEL WRITING AND NOVELISTS. 16mo, half roan, London, 1810

This book is unique. 2381 OGILVIE, JOHN. Imperial Dictionary, English Technological, and

Scientific, With Supplement. 2 vols. imperial 8vo, illustrated by over 2500 engravings,

London, 1865 2382 Owl and the Nightingale. Old English Poem of. Edited by F. H. Strattmann. 8vo,

London, 1868 2383 OLLENDORFF, H. G. A New Method of Learning to Read,

Write, and Speak a Language in Six Months. Adapted to the German. 6th edition, 8vo,

London, 1847 2384 OLLENDORFF, H. G. A New Method of Learning to Read and

Write a Language in Six Months. Adapted to the French. 8vo,

London, 1854 2385 PARKER, RICHARD GREEN. Aids to English Composition. Pre

pared for students of all grades. 16mo, New York, 1865 2386*PAULIN. Le Romancero Francois. Histoire de Quelques Anciens

Trouveres. 16mo, half levant mor., gilt top, Paris, 1833 2387 PEGGE, SAMUEL. Anecdotes of the English Language, chiefly re

garding the local dialect of London. 3d Edition. Edited by the Rev. Ilenry Christmas. Svo, half calf antique,

London, 1844 Scarce portrait of Pegge inserted-a private print. 2388 PEILE, JOHN. An Introduction to Greek and Latin Etymology.

London, 1869


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2389 PERCIVAL, RICHARD. A Dictionarie in Spanish and English, first

published into the English Tongue by Ric. l'erciuale, Gent.

Now Enlarged and Amplified with many thousand words, etc., by John Minsheu, Professor of Languages in London, etc. Fol., old calf,

London, 1599 Very valuable in the study of Elizabethan English. 2390 PELHAM, WILLIAM. A System of Notation. Representing the

sounds of alphabetical characters by a new application of the accentual marks in present use, etc. 12mo, uncut,

Boston, 1808 2391 PETHERAM. An Historical Sketch of the Progress and Present State of Anglo-Saxon Literature in England. 8vo, uncut,

London, 1840 Scarce. With MS. notes by R. M. White, professor of Anglo-Saxon at

Oxford. 2392 PHILLIPPS', E., New World of Words, or Universal English Dic

tionary. Fol., frontispiece containing 10 portraits of English authors, Chaucer, Spenser, &c., fine impression from the edition of 1670 old calf,

London, 1720 Best edition of this useful work, containing the original and various significations of all hard words, derived from other languages, &c., &c.

Fine impression of the frontispiece inserted. 2393 PHILLIPS, EDWARD. Theatrum Poetarum Anglicanorum. Con

taining brief characters of the English Poets down to the year 1675. Reprinted at the expence, and with the notes, of Sir Egerton Brydges, Bart. 8vo, half green mor., gilt tops, large paper, Geneva, from the Press of Branant, 1824

One hundred copies printed. 2394 Philobiblius. History and Progress of Education from the ear

liest times to the present. With an Introduction, by Henry Barnard. Port. 12mo,

New York, 1860 2395 Philological Museum. 2 vols. 8vo, half russia,

Cambridge, 1836 2396 Pictorial French Dictionary. Illustrated with seven hundred and

sixty characteristic engravings on wood. 4to, London, 1839 2397 PORSON, RICHARD. Tracts and Miscellaneous Criticisms of. Col

lected and arranged by Thomas Kidd. Second edition. 8vo, calf, speckled edges,

London, 1824 2398 Proverbs of Scotland. Collected and arranged with notes, ex

planatory and illustrative, and a glossary, by Alex. Hislop. 16mo,

Glasgow, 1862 2399 Proverbs. A Hand-Book of. By Henry G. Bohn. 16mo,

London, 1855 2400 PULLEYN, William. The Etymological Compendium, or Portfolio of Origins and Inventions. 16mo, half calf,

London, 1828

old calf,

2401*PYCROFT, Rev. James. A Course of English Reading. Fcp. 8vo, calf,

London, 1854 2402 QUINTILIANI, N. FAB. Declamationes Undeviginti. M. Fabii avi

et Calpurnii Flacci Declamationes. Auctoris Incertis Dialoguis de causis corruptae Eloquentiæ. Cum variorum Notis. . 2 vols. 8vo, old calf, curious engraved title,

Lugdunum Batavoruna, 1665 2403 RAMAGE, C. T. Beautiful Thoughts, from Greek Authors, with

translations and lives of the authors, an English index of subjects analytically arranged 12mo, half roan,


Liverpool, 1864 2404 RAMAGE, C. T. Beautiful Thoughts from Latin Authors, with English Translations and a Latin Index. 12mo, half roan,

Liverpool, 1864 2405 RAMAGE, C. T. Beautiful Thoughts from the French and Italian

Authors, with English translations and lives of the authors, an English index of subjects analytically arranged. 12mo, half roan. Portrait,

Liverpool, 1866 246 Ray, J. Collection of English Proverbs. Secund edition. 16mo,

Cambridge, 1676 2407 RAY, JOHN. A Collection of English Words not general, with

their significations and original, etc. The second edition, augmented, etc. 16mo, calf,

London, 169 1 2408 Rask, ERASMUS. A Grammar of the Anglo-Saxon Tongue, with a Praxis

; a new edition, translated from the Danish, by B. Thorpe. 8vo, half calf, marbled edges, Copenhagen, 1830 2409 RÉMUSAT M. CHARLES DE. Chenning. La vie et ses ouvres, avec une nouvelle prebace. 12mo,

Paris, 1861 2410 RELIQUIÆ Antiquæ ; Scraps from ancient MS. illustrating chiefly

Early English Literature and the English Language. Edited by Wright and Halliwell. 8vo, half vellum, gilt by Matthews, 8vo,

London, 1845 A very valuable and instructive collection, long out of print. 2411 Reliquiæ Antiquæ ; Scraps from Ancient Manuscripts, illustrat

ing chiefly Early English Literature and the English Language. Edited by Thomas Wright and James 0. Halliwell. 8vo,

London, Pickering, 1841 2412 Retrospective Review. First Series. 9 vols., (1-9) 8vo, half calf,

London, 1820–24

Scarce. 2413 RICHARDSON, CHARLES. A New Dictionary of the English Lan

guage; Combining Explanation with Etymology, and illustrated by Quotations from the best authorities. The wordswith those of the same Family in German, Dutch, and Sw-, dish, or in Italian, French, and Spanish, are traced to their Origin. The Explanations are deduced from the primitive

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