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2282 GARNETT, Rev. Rich. [of the British Museum). Philological

Essays. (Written chiefly for the Quarterly Rev., and the
Philological Society). Edited by his Son. 8vo,

London, 1859 2283 GASCOIGNE. GEORGE. I. Certayne Notes of Instruction in English

2. The Steele Glass. 3. The Complaynt of Philomene. preceeded by George Whetstone’s Remembrance of the well imployed life; carefully edited by Edward Arber. 16mo, uncut,

London, 1868 2284 Gate of Languages Unlocked; or, a Seed Plot of all Arts and Tongues, etc. Translated by Thomas Horn. Sm. 8vo, calf,

London, 1650
Curious and rare.
2285 GENT's, Thos. (Printer of York), Life. Written by himself. 8vo.

Printed on writing-paper ; very fine portrait ; proof before let-
ters; hf. mor., gilt tops, by Matthews,

London, 1832
Only 25 copies printed. A quaint and interesting piece of autobiog-
raphy, interspersed with many curious anecdotes of the literary public,

and state of the press, booksellers, &c. of his time.
2286 GERBIER, SIR BALTHAZAR. The Interpreter of the Academie for

forrain languages, and all noble sciences and exercises. To all
Fathers of Families and lovers of vertue. 4to.

London, 1648 In French and English. See Mr. Grant White's Shakespeare, Vol. XII., p. 2287 GETHINGE, RICH. Art of Faire Writing. Oblong 4to, half mor., uncut, by Matthews,

London, 1616
Filled with finely engraved examples of the various kinds of writ-

ing used in the Elizabethan period.
2288 GIRIER, Jos. Rudiments of a Grammar of the Anglo-Saxon
Tongue. 8vo,

London, Pickering, 1839 2289 Glossographia Anglicana. Nova ; or, a Dictionary, interpreting

such Hard Words of whatever Language, as are at present
used in the English tongue, with their Etymologies, Defini-
tions, etc.
Second edition. 8vo,

London, 1719 2290 Godson, RICHARD. A Practical Treatise on the Law of Patents

for Inventions and of Copyright. Illustrated by notes of the
principal cases, etc., etc. Second Edition.

8vo, uncut,

London, 1844 2291 GOULD, EDWARD S. Good English ; or, Popular Errors in Language. 12mo, uncut,

New York, 1867 2292 GOWER and CHAUCER, Illustrations of the Lives and Writings of.

Collected from authentick documents by the Rev. H. J. Todd.
4to, old vellum, gilt. Ports.,

London, 180 2293 GRAHAM, G. F. A Book about Words. 16mo, London,


2294 GRANT, CHAS. The Last Hundred Years of English Literature. 8vo,

London, 1868 2295 GRAY, WM. An Historical Sketch of the Origin of English

Prose Literature, and of its Progress till the Reign of James
I. 8vo, bds., uncut,

Oxford, 1835 2296 GROSE, FRANCIS. A Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue. 8vo, hf. calf,

London, 1785 Scarce; the first edition of this strange work. See fly-leaf for note. 2297 GROSE, CAPT. Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue. 8vo, hf. green mor.,

London, 1785 Reprint of first edition, containing matter omitted from subsequent editions. 2298 GROSE, FRANCIS. A Provincial Glossary ; with a collection of Lo

cal Proverbs and Popular Superstitions. 2nd edition. Svohf. calf, gilt, marbled edges,

London, 1790 2299 GROSE's F., Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue, -revised

and corrected ; with the addition of numerous Slang Phrases collected from tried authorities, by Pierce Egan. 8vo, hf calf. Port.,

London, 1823 2300 GUEST, EDWIN, M.A. A History of English Rhythms. 2 vols. 8vo, uncut,

London, Pickering, 1838 2301 HABRECHTO, Isaaco. Janua Linguarnm Trilinguis. Latina, Ger

manica, Gallica, Italica, Hispanica, Anglica, sive modus ad integritatem linguarum compendio cognoscendam maxime ac

comodatus, etc., etc. 12mo, old calf, Argentinæ, 1630 2302 HALLIWELL, JAS. O. A Dictionary of Archaic and Provincial

Words, &c. 2 vols. hf. calf, red edges, London, 1850 2303*HARDOUIN, Le Pere. Apologie d'Homére. 12mo, hf. old mor., gilt,

Paris, 1716 2304 HARRISON, Rev. MATTHEW. The Rise, Progress, and Present Structure of the English Language. 12mo, uncut,

London, 1848 2305 HART, JOHN S. An Essay on the Life and Writings of Edmund

Spenser ; with a Special Exposition of the Fairy Queen. 8vo, hf. sm'th blue mor., by Matthews, Portrait,

New York and London, 1847 2306 HAZLITT, WM., Works of. Viz: The English Stage ; The Round

Table; The Plain Speaker, 2 vols.; Table-Talk, 2 vols. ; Criticisms on Art, 1st and 2d series, 2 vols. ; Lectures on the Comic Writers; Winterslow-Essays written there ; Characacters of Shakespeare's Plays; Lectures on the English Poets, and Dramatic Literature of the Age of Elizabeth. All edited by his SonAnd the very scarce, suppressed

“ Liber Amoris, or, the New Rygmalion;" giving an account of an early love affair, with the girl's portrait. 17 vols. 16mo, uncut,

London, 1841-56

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2307 HEAD, E. W. “Shall” and “Will ;” or, Two Chapters on Fu

ture Auxiliary Verbs. Second edition. 16mo, London 2308 HEDERICUS, BENJAMINUS. Græcum Lexicon Manuale. Editio

nova cum notis. Petri Henr. Larcheri. 4to, polished calf, gilt border,

London, 1825 2309 HIPPISLEY, J. H. Chapters on Early English Literature. 8vo, new calf, gilt, marbled edges,

London, 1837 2310 HOLLOWAY, Wm. A General Dictionary of Provincialisms, writ

ten with a view to rescue from oblivion the fast-fading relics of by-gone days. 8vo,

London, 1839 2311 HOME, HENRY, LORD KAMES. Elements of Criticism. Eleventh edition. 8vo, hf. calf,

London, 1840 2312 HOWITT, WILLIAM and MARY. The Literature and Romance of Northern Europe. 2 vols. 8vo,

London, 1852 2313 HUNTER, WM. Anglo-Saxon Grammar and Derivatives ; with

Proofs of the Celtic Dialects being of eastern origin, and An
Analysis of the Style of Chaucer, Douglas, and Spenser. 8vo,

London, 1832 2314 IRVING, DAVID. The History of Scotish Poetry. Edited by J. A. Carlyle, with a memoir and a glossary. 8v, uncut, a

Edinburgh, 1861 2315 ITALIAN POETS. The Lives of. By the Rev. Henry Stebbing.

2nd edition with numerous additions. 3 vols. 8vo, neat, portraits, uncut,

London, 1832 2316 JAMIESON, JOHN. A Dictionary of the Scottish Language. Abridg

ed from the Dict. and Supplement, in 4 vols. 4to, by John Johnstone. Royal 8vo, portrait,

Edinburgh, 1846 2317 JERMYN, JAMES. Book of English Epithets, Literal and Figura

tive, with elementary remarks, and minute references to abundant authorities. 4to, uncut,

London, 1849 2318 JOHNSON, SAMUEL, LL.D. The Life of, comprehending an account of his studies and numerous works, etc., etc.

By James Boswell, Esqre., with copious notes and biographical illustrations by Edmund Malone, Esqr. 16mo, calf, neat, by Matthews,

London, 1836 2319 JOHNSON, SAMUEL, LL.D. The Lives of the English Poets, with

Critical Observations on their Works, and Lives of Sundry
Eminent Persons. 16mo, calf, neat, by Matthews,

London, 1831 The two volumes above are bound uniformly, and are handsome copies of this pretty Chiswick edition of the “ Boswell ” and the

Poets." 2320 JOHNSON, SAMUEL. A Dictionary of the English Language. Royal 8vo,

London, 1860

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2321 JONES, ROWLAND. The Circles of Gomer; or, an Essay towards

an investigation and intrɔ lustion of English. With an English Grammar. 12mo half red roan,

London, 1771 2322 JONES, (Dr. J.) Practical Phonography; or, the New Art of rightly Spelling and Writing Words by the Sound.

4to, old calf, neat, curious,

London, 1701 2323 Josse, M. Nouvelle Grammaire Espagnole. 16mo, calf,

Paris, 1824 2324 KEMBLE, J. M. A Translation of the Anglo-Saxon Poem of

Beowulf, with a copious glossary, preface and philological

notes by. Fcap. 8vo, half calf, London, Pickering, 1837 2325 KENNET, BASIL. The Lives and Characters of the Ancient Grecian

Poets, with their Heads curiously engraved on Copper-plates. 8vo, old calf,

London, 1735 2326 KEY, T. H. "The Alphabet ; Terentian Metres ; good, better,

best, well, etc. Second issue with a paper on the pronouns of
the third person.
12mo, uncut,

London, 1849 2327 KING, DR. WILLIAM. Political and Literary Anecdotes of his own times. 8vo, half morocco,

London, 1818 2328 KLIPSTEIN, Louis. Grammar of the Anglo-Saxon Language. 8vo,

New York, 1859 2329 KNOWLES, JAMES. A Pronouncing and Explanatory Dictionary of

the English Language, to which is added a vocabulary of Greek, Latin, and Scripture Proper Names. 8vo, half calf,

London, 1835 2330 KRAITSIR, CHARLES, M. D. Significance of the Alphabet. 16mo, half maroon mor., gilt edges, by Matthews. Interleaved,

Boston, 1846 2331 KRAITSIR, CHARLES. Glossology : being a treatise on the Nature

of Language and on the Language of Nature. 2nd edition, 16mo,

London, 1854 2332 KUHNER, Dr. RAPHAEL. An Elementary Grammar of Greek

Language. Translated from the German by J. H. Millard. 12mo, half red calf, speckled edges,

London, 1864 2333 LATHAM, ROBERT G. A Hand-Book of the English Language. 8vo, calf, gilt, marble edges,

London, 1851 2334 LATHAM, R. G. The Germania of Tacitus with Ethnological Dissertations and notes. 8vo, uncut, map,

London, 1851 2335 LATHAM, ROBERT G. The English Language. 4th edit. 2 vols.

. 8vo, uncut,

London, 1835 2336 LATHAM, ROBERT G. The Nationalities of Europe. 2 vols. 8vo,

London, 1863 2337 Latin Tongue unlocked. 16mo, old calf Portrait,

London, 1665 2338 LAVEAUX, J. Ch. Dictionnaire raisonné des Difficultes Gramma

ticales et Litteraires De La Langue Francoise. 8vo, ha'f calf, red edges,

Paris, 1818 2339 Lilly, WILLIAM. A Short Introduction of Grammar Generally

to be used : complied and set forth for the bringing up of all those that intend to attaine to the knowledge of the Latin tongue. 16mo, old calf, red edges,

Cambridge, 1621 2340 LINGY, M. Le Roux de. Le Livre des Proverbes Francais pré

cédé de Recherches Historiques sur les proverbes Francaise et leur emploi dans la littérature du moyen age et de la renaissance. 2 vols. 12mo, uncut,

Paris, 1859 2341 LITTLETON, ADAM. Latin-English, English-Latin Lexicon. 4to, old calf

London, 1684 A very valuable aid in the study of English. Binding broken, title

page mended. 2342 Liturgia Anglicana Polyglotta, seu liber precum communium,

Anglice. Gallice, Neo Graece, Italice, Germanice, Hispanice,
Latine et Graece. 16mo, half morocco, red edges,

London, Bagster, 1831 2343 LEMON, GEORGE WILLIAM. English Etymology, or a Derivative

Dictionary of the English Language ; in two Alphabets. Tracing the Etymology of those English words that are derived, I. from Greek and Latin. II. from the Saxon and

other Northern Languages. 4to, hf. russia, neat, London, 1783 2344 LEO, PROF. HEINRICH. Treatise on the Local Nomenclature of

the Anglo-Saxons, as exhibited in the “Codex Diplomaticus Ævi Saxonici.” Translated from the German by Williams, with additional examples and explanatory notes. 12mo,

London, 1852 2345 MADVIG, J. N. A Latin Grammar.

Translated from the German by George Woods. 8vo, half russia, marble edges

London, 1849 2346 MARCEL, G. The Study of Language brought back to its true

Principles, or the Art of Thinking in a Foreign Language. 12mo,

New York, 1869 2347 MARSH, GEORGE P. Lectures on the English Language. 8vo, calf, gilt edges, by Matthews,

New York, 1860 With letter from the author in regard to this book, and Mr. Grant

White's Shakespeare. 2348 MARSH, G. P. The Origin and History of the English Language, and of the early literature it embodies. 8vo,

New York, 1867 2349 MARSH, G. P. Man and Nature, or Physicial Geography as modified by human action. 8vo,

New York, 1867

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