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editor received in relation to it from the eminent literary antiquarians of his day; and not only these, but all the collations and memoranda of any consequence which were made for him during its progress, frequently by men of literary distinction. To these are added all the announce ments of the Work, together with the impressions of twelve cancelled pages, printed four in one form and eight in another, apparently by way of experiment, with other cancelled matter; tracings of the fac-simile woodcuts of the title to Puttenham's Arte of English Poesie, with a proof of it on India paper, and three impressions of this title, one all in black, one with the letter in black and the device in red, and the third vice versa; tracings for, and proofs of, other woodcuts; an impression of a leaf printed to be put into a single copy of the work, &c., &c.; for we must stop, although we have but indicated the nature rather than the quantity of the matter, all of it unique, which gives this book its peculiar value. But it should be remarked besides that the editorial part of the work is interleaved for the purpose of receiving Mr. Hazlewood's explanations and corrections, and those that he received from literary friends, which alone would give this copy a singular interest. It is bound by Clarke, in maroon morocco."

2149 ANGUS, JOSEPH. The Hand-Book of English Literature. 12mo, 62 London 2150 ΑΡΙΣΤΟΤΕΛΟΥΣ περί ποιητικῆς. Textum recensiut, versionem refinxit, et animadversionibus illustravit. Thomas Tyrwhitt. 43 Greek and Latin texts, 4to, crim. mor, gilt, silk linings, mor. hinges, Oxford, 1794




Original edition. Large paper. From Lord Mountjoy's library. "This is a very elegant and accurate edition. The LARGE PAPER copies of this volume form one of the most attractive ornaments of a classical collection They are few in number, and costly in price. * * * The last copy of the kind which was sold at public auction was that of Dr. Randolph, Bishop of London, now in the library of the Duke of Devonshire, who gave 60 guineas for it.

2151, ARNOLD, MATTHEW. Essays in Criticism. 8vo,


Boston, 1865

21511,50 2152 ASCHAM, ROGER. The Schole Master, Or plaine and perfite way of teaching children, to understand, write, and speake the Latin tong, but specially purposed for the private bringing up of youth in Ientlemen and Noble mens houses, and commodious also for all such as have forgot the Latin tonge, and would, by them selves, without a Scholemaster, in short time, and with small paines, recover a sufficient habilite, to understand, write and speake Latin. Black Letter. Small 4to, green calf, stamped with arms,

London, Printed by John Daye, 1571 Rare. First edition, with the skeleton tail piece. To this copy is added " A Discourse and Affaires of the State of Germanie, by the same author."

2153 ASCHAM, ROGER. The Schoolmaster, edited with notes by John. $1.6E. Major. 8vo,

London, 1863

2154 ASCHAM, ROGER. Toxophilus 1545, carefully edited by Edward

Arber. 16mo, uncut,

stamped calf,

London, 1868

Cologne, 1533

2155 AULI GELII. Luculentisimi Scriptoris, Noctes Atticae. 16mo, old

2156 BAILEY, N.


An Universal Etymological English Dictionary;

125 and also a collection of Proverbs. 2 vols. 8vo, old calf, neat,

Best octavo edition.

London, 1763

2157 BANKS, WILLIAM. The English Master, or Student's Guide, etc. 1.25 2nd edition, 8vo, calf neat,

2158 DE BAVANTE, pair de France.

1.0 çaise au dix-huitième siecle.
calf, red edges,

London, 1826

Tableau de la Litérature Fran-
Sixieme edition. 16mo, French
Paris, 1842

2159 BARNES, WILLIAM. Tiu; or, A View of the Roots and Stems of the English as a Teutonic Tongue. 16mo, London, 1862

2160*BARTLETT, J. R. A Glossary of Words and Phrases, usually re garded as peculiar to the United States, Second Edition, greatly improved and enlarged. 8vo, uncut, Boston, 1859

Filled with manuscript notes, and with cuttings from Periodicals and Newspapers, by the present owner.

2161 BARTOLI, GIUSEPPE. Osservazioni critiche sopra il Ditticio Quiri-
niano Divise in tre Parte. Tratte dalle lettere del Sig avate.
4to, half mor. gilt tops,
2162 BAXTER, WILLIAM. Glossarium Antiquitatum Britannicarum, sive
syllabus etymologicus antiquitatum veteris Britanniae atque
Iberniæ, temporibus Romanorum. Second edition. Port., 8vo,
old calf,
London, 1733

2163 BAYLE, PIERRE. Dictionaire Historique et Critique Augmentée
de Notes Extraits de Chaufepié, Joly, La Monnoie, Le-
duchat, L. J. Leclerc, Prosper Marchand, etc., etc. 16 vols.
8vo, calf, marble edges,
Paris, 1820

This, the best edition of Bayle's Dictionary, is now very scarce.
2164 BEATTIE, JAMES. Essays on Poetry and Music, as they affect the
mind; on Laughter and Ludicrous Composition; on the use-
fulness of classical Learning. A new edition. Royal 8vo,
half smooth maroon mor. gilt tops, portrait, Edinburgh, 1813

2165 BELL, ALEX. M. English Visible.


4to, uncut,


Speech for the million, etc

Essay on the Archæology of our Popular Phrases, Terms and Nursery Rhymes. 2 vols. sm. 8vo, half

choc. mor. gilt,


Andover, 1840
Anecdotes of Literature and Scarce Books. 6
vols. half mor., gilt tops,
London, 1808-14
A book full of valuable and interesting literary information.
Lowndes gives the date 1807-12.

2168 BLACKLEY, Rev. W. L. Word Gossip; a series of familiar

on words and their peculiarities.


essays London, 1869

2169 BLAIR, HUGH. Lectures on Rhetoric and Belles Letters. A new


edition, with an introductory essay by the Rev. Thomas Dale. calf, neat. Portrait, 8vo, London, 1845 Proverbs, chiefly taken from the Adagia of Erasmus, with explanations; and further illustrated by corresponding examples, from the Spanish, Italian, French and English. 2 vols. in 1, 8vo, polished calf, gilt, London, 1814 2171*BLOUNT, Sir THOMAS POPE. Remarks upon Poetry. 4to, old calf, London, 1694 2172 BLOUNT, T. Glossographia; or, a Dictionary interpreting the Hard Words in our English tongue. 5th edit. 8vo, calf, neat, London, 1681 Libri et Anglo-Saxonie Redditi ab Alfredo Inclyto Anglo-Saxonum Rege. Ad apographum Junianum expressos edidit Christophorus Wilson. Svo, sound old ca'f. Portrait of Junius, Scarce. Fine Copy.

2173 BOETHIUS. Consolationis Philosophiæ.

Oxford, 1698

2174 BOILEAU, D. The Nature and Genius of the German Language, displayed in a more extended review of its Grammatical forms than is to be found in any Grammar extant. 8vo, half caif, London, 1820

2175 BOOTH. D. English Grammar. 12mo,

London, 1837

2176*BOSWORTH, REV. J, A Dictionary of the Anglo-Saxon Language, etc., with a preface on the origin and connexion of the Germanic tongues; a map of Languages; and the essentials of Anglo-Saxon Grammar. 8vo, haif russia, marbled edges, London, 1838

Very scarce, with the invaluable preface or introduction. 2177 BRANDE and Cox. A Dictionary of Science, Literature, and Art. 3 vols. 8vo,

London, 1865

2178 BRAMFORD, SAMUEL. South Lancashire Dialect, or Tim Bobbin's Tummus and Meary, with his rhymes, etc. 16mo,

London, 1854 2179 BRYDGES, SIR EDGERTON (Lord Chandos of Suderley). The Autobiography, Times, Opinions, and Contemporaries of. 2 vols. 8vo, portraits, London 1834

2180 BURGESS, W. Roscoe. The Relations of Language to Thought. London, 1869

16mo, 2181 BURNETT, GEORGE. Specimens of English Prose Writers, from the earliest times to the close of the XVII. century, with Sketches, Biographical and Literary, etc., etc. 3 vols. crown 8vo, half mor., gilt, gilt tops, by Matthews, London, 1807

2182 BUTLER, CHARLES. ENGLISH GRAMMAR, or Institution of Letters, Fables, etc. 4to, half caif,

Oxford, 1633

Very scarce and curious. See Mr. Grant White's Notes on the Pronunciation of the English Language, etc., in the 12th volume of his edition of Shakespeare.


2183 Buttmann, Phillip.

A Greek Grammar, revised by his son, and translated from the German, edited by E. Robinson. 8vo, half calf, gilt, red edges, New York, 1851

2184 BYRON, Conversations of, complete. 1mo, uncut.

with Thomas Medwin. 2 vols. in 1, Portrait and Fac-simile,

London, 1832

2185 CDMON. Metrical Paraphase of Parts of the Holy Scriptures in Anglo-Saxon; with an English Translation, Notes, and a verbal Index, by Benjamin Thorpe, F. S. A. Roy. 8vo, bds., unLondon, 1832



Histoire Critique des Journeaux. 2 vols. 12mo, calf,

Paris, 1734

2187 CARPENTER, WM. A Comprehensive Dictionary of English Synonymes. Fourth edition, revised, with upward of 1000 new words added. 16mo, London, 1853

2188 CIBBER, Mr. COLLEY. A Letter to Mr. Pope, inquiring into the motives that might induce him in his Satyrical Works to be so frequently fond of Mr. Cibber's name. 8vo, blue calf gilt, edges, London, 1742

2189*CIBBER, Theophilus.

Lives of the Poets. 5 vols. 12mo, hf, calf
London, 1753

2190 CHRISTIAN, EDWARD. A Vindication of the Right of the Universities of Great Britain to a Copy of every new Publication. Second Edition. 8vo, hf. mor.,

Cambridge, 1814

2191 Claris Virgiliana; or, a Vocabulary of all the Words in Virgil's Bucolics, Georgics, and Enid. 8vo. uncut,

2192 Clenardi Institutiones. 4to, old calf,

Oxford, 1819

Paris, 1572

2193 CLEVELAND, C. D. Adam's Latin Grammar; with numerous additions and improvements. 12mo, old calf,

Philadelphia, 1836 elphia,

2194 COBBETT, WILLIAM. A Grammar of the English Language in a series of Letters, &c. 16mo, hf. calf,

London, 1831

2195 CODE DE LA CONVERSATION. Manuel complet du langage élégant et poli, contenant les lois, règles, applications et exemples de l'art de bien parler. 16mo,

Brussells, 1839

2196 COLERIDGE, SAMUEL TAYLOR. The Friend; a series of Essays to aid in the Formation of Fixed Principles in Politics, Morals and Religion. With Literary Amusements interspersed. Third Edition, edited by H. N. Coleridge. 3 vols. fcap. 8vo, uncut, London, Pickering, 1837


I. On the Constitution and the Church. II. Lay Sermons.

Edited from the author's corrected copies with notes by H.
N. Coleridge. Fcap. 8vo, uncut, London, Pickering, 1839

2198 COLERIDGE. The Poems of. Fcap. Svo, uncut,


London, Pickering, 1844

Biographia Literaria, or Biographical Sketches of my literary life and opinions. Second edition prepared for publication in part by the late H. N. Coleridge, completed and published by his Widow. (2 vols.) in 3 vols. fcap. 8vo, London, Pickering, 1847


Aids to Reflection. Edited by H. N. Coleridge. 2 vols.
fcap. 8vo, uncut,
London, Pickering, 1848

Notes and Lectures upon Shakespeare and some of the
Edited by Mrs. H. N. Coleridge.
London, Pickering, 1849



old Poets and Dramatists.

2 vols. fcap. 8vo, uncut,











Essay on his own Time. 3 vols. fcap. 8vo, uncut,

London, Pickering, 1850

Confessions of an Inquiring

Spirit Edited from the

author's MS. by Henry Nelson Coleridge. Third edition. Fcap. 8vo, uncut,

London, Pickering, 1853

The Dramatic Works of. Edited by Derwent Coleridge. A new edition. Fcap. 8vo, uncut, London, 1852

Notes, Theological, Political, and Miscellaneous. Edited by Rev. Derwent Coleridge, M.A. Fcap. 8vo, uncut,

London, 1863

Specimens of the Table Talk of. Fourth edition. Feap. 8vo, uncut, London, 1851

Seven Lectures on Shakespeare and Milton. A List of all the MS. Emendations in Mr. Collier's Folio, 1632, and an Introductory Preface, by J. Payne Collier. 8vo,

London, 1856 Sketches of My

Biographia Literaria, or Biographical
Literary Life and Opinions. 2nd edition. 12mo,

London, 1847

On the Unpublished Manuscripts of. By S. Ingleby. 8vo, uncut, London, 1859

Presentation copy.

Letters, Conversations and Recollections of. By Thomas Allsop. 2 vols. 8vo, London, 1836

Early Recollections, Chiefly Relating to the Late Samuel T. Coleridge, during his long residence in Bristol, by Joseph Cottle. 2 vols. 8vo, London, 1837

2212 COLERIDGE, HERBERT. Glossarial Index to the Printed English Literature of the Thirteenth Century. 8vo, London, 1859

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