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Gilchrist's Examination of the charges maintained by Malone, Chalmers, and others, of Ben Jonson's Enmity, etc.. to Shakespeare,. London, 1808 Chalmers, G. Another Account of the Incidents from which the title and a part of the story of Shakespeare's Tempest were derived, only 40 printed, all for presents, London, 1815 Dirrill's Remarks on Shakespeare's Tempest, containing an Examination of Mr. Malone, cut from a Review. All in 2 vols., 8vo, portrait of Malone inserted, calf extra, gilt edges,

London, 1797

Unique Collection of extremely rare publications. To Malone's Tract is added an Appendix, pp. 37-52, which being printed subsequently, is not found in all the copies. Only twenty copies of this appendix were printed. Autographs, and Malone's request in his own hand, that the contents of the first tract shall not be made public; and his memorandum, p. 36, that they were divulged by Archdeacon Nares. A copy of Gilchrist's Tract, says Mr. Knight (ictorial Shakespeare), "costs as much as a manuscript in the days before printing."

2111*THEOBALD, LEWIS. Shakespeare Restored. 1 vol., 4to, calf,

London, 1726 2112 THIMM, FRANZ. Shakesperiana from 1564 to 1864. Account of the Shakespearian Literature of England, Germany and France, during three centuries. With Bibliographical InLondon, 1865

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2113 THORNBURY, WALTER. Shakspere's England, or Sketches of our Social History in the Reign of Elizabeth. By G. W. Thornbury. 2 vols 8vo, uncut,

London, 1856

2114*Tour in Quest of Genealogy through Wales, Somersetshire, and Wiltshire. 8vo, half calf, London, 1811

This Shakspearian volume is not common.

2115*Tracts on Shakspeare and Milton. This volume contains Whalley (Peter) Enquiry into the Learning of Shakespeare. 8vo, London, 1848

Edwards' Canons of Criticism Addressed to Warburton,

The Pipe of Tobacco,


London, 1750

London, 1774

Conversations and Conjectures respecting some Passages of Shakspeare, with Whiter's Commentary. 8vo, half calf,

London, 1766

2117*UPTON, JOHN. Critical Remarks on Shakespeare. 8vo, calf,

London, 1746

First edition of this very learned and acute commentary. 2118*UPTON, JOHN. Critical Remarks on Shakespeare. Second edition with alterations and additions. 2d edition, calf,

These two editions vary materially throughout.

London, 1748

2119*ULRICI, HERMAN. Shakspeare's Dramatic Art, Translated. 8vo, half calf, neat,

London, 1766

2120*Vortigern and Rowena, or Passages selected by distinguished Personages, etc. 4 vols. in 2, 16mo, calf,


An exceedingly clever book, founded upon Ireland's Forged Play. 2121*WALBRAN, J. C. Quotations from Shakespeare. 8vo, half calf,

London, 1849

2122*WALKER, WILLIAM S. Shakespeare's Versification. 12mo,

London, 1854

2123* WALKER, WILLIAM S. A Critical Examination of the Text of Shakespeare, with Remarks on his Language and that of his Contemporaries, together with Notes on his Plays and Poems. 3 vols. 8vo, London, 1860

Lithographed Index to vols. 1 and 2, by G. A. Leo, with Note from him inserted.

2124 WARD, Rev. JOHN, Diary of. Extending from 1848 to 1879

.75 from the Original MSS. preserved in the Library of the

Medical Society of London, arranged by Charles Severn.
Published by the permission of the Council. 8vo,

London, 1839

2125*WARNER, R. Letter to David Garrick concerning a Glossary.




Very scarce.

London, 1768

Remarks on some of the Characters of
Shakespeare. Second edition. 16mo, calf, neat,

Oxford, 1808

Stratford, 1806

2127*WHELER, R. B. History of Antiquities of Stratford-Upon-Avon. 12mo,

2128 WHITE, RICHARD GRANT. Truths from Shakespeare. Manuscript. Passages from all of Shakespeare's Plays and Poems, embodying moral or intellectual truth. Sm. 8vo, half roan.




Shakespeare's Scholar, being Historical and Critical
Studies of his Text, Characters and Commentators, with an
examination of Mr. Collier's Folio of 1632. 1 vol. in 2, 8vo,
half mor., uncut,
New York, 1854
Author's own copy, interleaved and extended to two volumes, filled
with manuscript memorandums, notes, letters, extracts, etc., etc.

The same. 8vo, uncut,

New York, 1854

The MS. Notes on the margins and fly-leaves of this copy are by William Lettsom, the distinguished Shakespearian Critic, lately deceased, whose opinions are cited so often by Mr. Dyce in the 2d edition of his Shakespeare.









An Essay on the authorship of the three parts of King Henry the Sixth. 8vo, half mor., gilt tops, Riverside Press, Cambridge, 1859

Twenty-five copies privately printed. 12 copie to public libraries and editors of Shakespeare; one reserved by the Author and twelve sold. Memorandum and letter from Charles E. Norton, inserted. "The question of authorship is, I think, settled, so far as criticism can do it, in Mr. Grant White's admirable Essay."-James Russell Lowell in Among my Books."

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Pirated Edition of his Historical Sketches of the Text


and Notes and Comments from 'Shakespeare's Scholar." Royal 8vo, half mor., red edges,

Unique in this country.

all copies issued here.

London, 1859

With publisher's note directing return of

Memoirs of Shakespeare; An Account of the English Stage; an Essay on Shakespeare's Genius; with an Historical Sketch of his Text. 8vo, large paper, in sheets,

Cambridge, 1863 ONLY TWO COPIES Privately Printed. The other being in the Barton Library.

Memoirs of the Life of William Shakespeare, with an Essay toward the Expression of his Genius, and an Account of the Rise and Progress of the English Drama. Post 8vo, Boston, 1865

Memoirs of the Life of William Shakespeare, with an Essay toward the Expression of his Genius, and an Account of the Rise and Progress of the English Drama. 8vo, large paper, gilt tops, India proof impression of the Portrait,

Boston, 1865

Only one hundred copies printed. This copy has proofs of two pages (290-91) of the Essay, containing a passage which was suppressed while the work was in printing, on account of its "Unitarian" tendency, and of which only three impressions were taken.

The same. 8vo, large paper, etc.

Boston, 1865 Author's own copy. With letters from Mr. Seward, manuscript

memoranda, notes, etc. etc.

2137*WILSON, THOMAS. Analysis of Illustrated Shakespeare. 4to, uncut,


2138* WILSON. Shakesperiana. Fcp. 8vo,

Wm. Pickerings autographs and notes.

2139*WIVELL, ABRAHAM. Historical Account of the

London, 1820

London, 1827


Bust of Shakespeare, at Stratford-Upon-Avon. 8vo,

London, 1827

2140 WIVELL, ABRAHAM. An Enquiry into the History, Authenticity and Characteristics of the Shakspeare Portraits, in which the criticisms of Malone, Stevens and others are examined, con

firmed or refuted. Embracing the Fenton, the Chandos, the Duke of Somerset's Pictures, the Droeshout print, and the Monument of Shakespeare at Stratford, etc. 8vo, half maroon mor., gilt tops, London, 1827

Very fine copy.

2141 WORDSWORTH, CHARLES. On Shakespeare's Knowledge and Use 1.62 of the Bible, 12mo,

London, 1864 2142* WYATT, MATTHEW. Comparative Review of the Opinions of Boaden, etc. 8vo,



Language, Literary History, and Criticism.

B. C. VAGY Betutfogalló's Slvasó Könyvecseke a nemzeti oskolák számára. 8vo, bds., uncut, Budann, 1834

2144 ADLER, G. J. A Dictionary of the German and English Languages. Compiled from the works of Hilpert, Flugel, Grieb, Heyse, and others. In two parts: 1st, German and English, and, 2d, English and German. Royal 8vo, half russia, red edges, New York, 1859 2145*AIKIN, JOHN. Vocal Poetry, and History of Song Writing.

12mo, half mor.,

London, 1810 2146 ALFORD, HENRY, D. D. A Plea for the Queen's English: Stray Notes on Speaking and Spelling. 2d edition, 16mo,

London, 1865 2147 ALLIBONE, S. AUSTIN. A Critical Dictionary of English Litera ture, and British and American Authors, Living and Deceased, etc., etc. Royal 8vo, Philadelphia, 1858


This work is yet incomplete. Presentation copy. Note from author, and autograph.

2148 ANCIENT CRITICAL ESSAYS upon English Poets and Poesy.

22.0 Edited by Joseph Hazlewood. [Containing the Essays of

Puttenham, Gascoigne, Harvey, Spenser, King James, Webb,
Harington, Meres, Campion, Daniel, and Bolton.] 2 vols.
4to, mar. mor., gilt, by Clarke. Portrait of Queen Elizabeth,
London, 1814-15

Only 200 copies of this work were printed, and nearly all the copies of the second volume were destroyed by fire. Scarce in any condition. Published at £6 6s.

This is the editor's OWN COPY, to which Mr. John Hill Burton directed attention in the "Book-Hunter, etc.," Part III., The Roxburghe Club. It is thus described in "The Private Libraries of New York":

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'This is Hazlewood's own copy, and it is enriched and decorated by him in the most extravagant style of the bibliomaniac school in which he held so eminent a position. It is illustrated throughout with portraits, some of which are very rare; it contains all the letters which the

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