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2040*KEMBLE, J. P., On Macbeth and Richard the Third. 12mo, hf.

calf; neat,

London, 1817

[blocks in formation]

2044 LAMB, CHARLES and MARY. Tales from Shakespeare. 16mo,

London, 1861

2045*Landor, WALTER SAVAGE. Citation and Examination of William

Shakespeare, etc. Fcap. 8vo, half mor.

2046*LANSDOWNE's Plays. 1 vol. 8vo, calf,

Brooke Taylor's Copy, with his Autograph.

2047 LATHAM, REV. H. Sertum Shaksperianum, sub aliunde excerptis floribus. Uncut, 8vo,

London, 1834

London, 1713

nexis aliquot London, 1864

2048* LENNOX, MRS. CHARLOTTE. Shakspeare Illustrated. 3 vols. 12mo,


London, 1753–4

Scarce Original Edition. Mr. Burton's Autograph. 2049*Life of Shakespeare, with Odes and Verses. 12mo,

Author unknown.

N. D.

2050* LOFT, CAPEL. Aphorisms from Shakespeare. 18mo, worn half


Very scarce.

2051*MAGINN'S Miscellaneous Shakespeare Papers. 12mo,

2052*MADDEN, Sir FREDRICK. Observations on

Shakespeare. 1 vol. 8vo,

Bury, 1812

New York, 1856

an Autograph of

With article inserted from the Gentleman's Magazine, concerning another Autograph.

2053*MALONE, EDMUND. Authenticity of (Ireland's) Shakespeare Papers.

8vo, half calf,


London, 1796

2054*MALONE, EDMUND. Letter to Richard Farmer, D.D. 1 vol. 8vo,

[blocks in formation]

2055*CURLING, HENRY. The Merry Wags of Warwickshire, or the Early Days of Shakespeare. 8vo, half calf,

London, 1854

2056 Marriage of Wit and Wisdom. An Ancient Interlude. To which are added Illustrations of Shakespeare and the Early English Drama. Edited by James O. Halliwell. 8vo, calf, neat, London, Shak. Soc., 1846 Mitford's copy, with his autograph.

2057*MASON, JOHN MONCK. Comments on Shakespeare. 8vo, calf,

Dublin, 1807

2058*MITFORD, Rev. J. N. Cursory Notes on Beaumont and Fletcher, and on Dyce's Few Notes. 8vo, London, 1856

Only a few copies printed.

2059*MONTAGUE, Mrs. Essay on the Genius and Writings of Shakes London, 1769

peare. 8vo, calf,

With Burton's Autograph. 2060* MONTEMAYOR, GEORGE de. boards,

Los Siete Libros de la Diana. 12mo,
Venetia, 1585


Containing the Novel upon which Shakespeare' founded the Two Gentlemen of Verona." Very scarce.

2061*Morgan, MAURICE. An Essay on the Dramatic Character of Sir John Falstaff, with Hackett's "Falstaff, a Shakesperian Tract." 8vo, half calf, 2062*MORGAN, AARON A. The Mind of Shakespeare. 16mo, half calf,

London, 1825

London, 1860

2063 NOTES and EMENDATIONS to the Text of Shakespeare's Plays, from Early Manuscript Corrections in a Copy of the Folio, 1632, in the possession of J. Payne Collier. 8vo, uncut,


London, 1853 The first edition, containing matter suppressed in the second. This copy has on margin and fly leaves the memorandums and notes made by the present possessor during the preparation of "Shakespeare's Scholar," and is accompanied with the fac-similes thus mentioned in "The Private Libraries of New York;"

"It is in place to mention here a set of the privately printed facsimiles of eighteen passages in Mr. Collier's folio of 1632, and a set of the ten fac-similes also privately printed by Mr. Collier, of certain of the Bridgewater and Dulwich College MSS., to which the existing discussion as to the authenticity of their originals lends a special interest. These are a gift from the late Earl of Ellesmere."

2064*NOTES and EMENDATIONS to the Text of Shakespeare's Plays, from Early Manuscript Corrections in a Copy of the Folio, 1632, in the possession of J. Payne Collier, Esq., F.S.A. Second Edition. 8vo, London, 1853

2065 PATTERSON, ROBERT. The Natural

History of the Insects men, tioned in Shakespeare's Plays. 80 illustrations. 16mo, half mor. gilt tops,

London, 1841

London, 1843

2066* PEMBERTON, CHARLES R. Life and Remains. 8vo,

Contains some noticeable Dramatic and Shakesperian Criticisms. 2067*PLUMPTRE, JAMES. Observations on Hamlet, with Appendix. 8vo,

half russia,

2068* PRICE, REV. HENRY. Wisdom and Genius of Shakespeare. 16mo,

London, 1796

London, 1853

Svo, half London, 1807

2069*PYE, H. J. Comments on the Commentators, etc.


2070* Relics of Shakespeare. Various Miscellaneous Items (Unique).

8vo, half green roan,

N. D.

2071 Richard the Third, the True Tragedy of; to which is appended the Latin Play of Richardus Tertius, by Dr. Thomas Legge, both anterior to Shakespeare's Drama. With an Introduction and Notes by Barron Field. 8vo, calf, neat,

London, Shak. Soc., 1844

Mitford's copy and autograph.

2072*RICHARDSON, W. A Philosophical Analysis and Illustration of some of Shakespeare's Remarkable Characters, to which is added an Essay on the Faults of Shakespeare. 12mo, old calf, Boston, 1808 2073 RITSON, JOSEPH. Remarks. Critical and Illustrative, on the Text and Notes of the Last Edition [Johnson and Steeven's, 1778] of Shakespeare. 8vo, half crimson morocco, uncut,

London, 1783

2074 RUGGLES, HENRY J. The Method of Shakespeare as an Artist deduced from an analysis of his leading tragedies and comedies. 16mo, New York, 1870

2075*RUSHTON, WILLIAM L. Shakespeare a Lawyer. 12mo,

London, 1858

2076*RUSHTON, WILLIAM L. Shakespeare's Legal Maxims.

London, 1859

London, 1805

2077*SEYMOUR, E. H. Remarks on the Plays of Shakespeare, etc. 2 vols., 8vo, half russia,

2078*SHAKESPEARE'S Will, Copied from the Original, etc., with fac-similes of the three autographs and preliminary observations, by J. O. Halliwell. 8vo, half mor., London, 1838

2079 Shakespeare Novels. The Youth of Shakespeare. By R. F. Williams. 3 vols., 8vo, uncut,



A Novel. London, 1839

Golden Age of

Shakespeare and his Friends; or, the
Merry England. A Novel. By R. F. Williams. 3 vols., 8vo,
London, 1839

The Secret Passion; A Novel. By R. F. Williams, the
Author of Shakespeare and his Friends. 3 vols., 8vo, uncut,
London, 1844

Illustrated with engraved by A. London, 1868

2082 SHAKSPERE, W. A Midsummer-Night's Dream. 24 silhouettes, by P. Konewka, woodcuts Vogel. Folio, boards, uncut, 2083*Shakesperian Miscellany. Containing a collection of scarce and Valuable Tracts. Biographical Anecdotes of Theatrical performers, with portraits of Ancient and Modern Actors, of many of whom there are no prints extant. Scarce and original Poetry and curious Remains of Antiquity. A concise history of the Early English Stage. Printed chiefly from the MS. of, and occasional notes, by F. G. Waldron, 4to, half mor., gilt, gilt tops, London, 1804

2084 Shakespeare, W. Marie Stuart, et L'Aretin. Etudes sur. Le Drame et Les Meucurs et la Religioa. Par M. P. Chasles. 8vo, half mor., gilt tops, Paris, v. D. 2085 SHAKESPEARE, New Exegesis of. Interpretation of His Principal Characters and Plays on the Principle of Races. 8vo, uncut, Edinburgh, 1859

2086 SHAKESPEARE Illustrated in a Series of Landscape and Architectural Designs, by G. F. Sargeant. With notices of the Several Localities, by various authors. Royal 8vo. Exquisitely bound by Wright, in dark green mor., broad gilt bands,

Fine early impressions.

2087 Shakespeare Society Papers. 4 vols., 8vo,

London, 1842

London, 1844

2088 Shakespeare's Jest Book. Tales and Quicke answers, very mery and pleasant to rede. A C mery tayls; Mery Tales, Wittie questions and Quicke Answeres, very pleasant to be Readde. [Edited by S. W. Singer.] 3 vols., f'cap 8vo, half calf, red edges, Chiswick, 1815

Very scarce.

2089 Shakespeare's Jest Booke. Comprising Merie Tales of Skelton Jests of Scogin, Sackfull of Newes, Tarlton's Jests, Merrie Conceited Jests of George Peele, Jack of Dover.


with Introduction and Notes, by W. Carew Hazlitt. 16mo, half roan, uncut,

London, 1844

2090 Shakespeare's Jest Book. A Hundred Mery Tayls. From the only perfect copy known. Edited with introduction and notes, by Dr. Herman Osterly. 16mo, half mor., gilt tops, London, 1866

2091 Shakespeare's Library. A Collection of the Romances, Novels, Poems, and Histories, used by Shakespeare as the foundation of his Dramas, with Notes, by J. P. Collier. 2 vols., 8vo. Thick paper copy, only twelve so printed London, 1843 2092*Shakspeare Society Publications. 18 vols., 8vo, uncut,

London, 1841-53

This Collection, published only for Members of the London Shakspeare Society, and indispensable to the Shaksperian Student, is now out of print.

2093*SHAKESPEARE's Seven Ages of Man. Illustrated. 4to. India

paper, proofs,

2094*SHAKESPEARE's Seven Ages of Man. Illustrated, 8vo,

London, 1840

London, 1848

2095*SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM.. Religious and Moral Sentences, etc.


London, 1843

With an engraving of Jansen. Portrait. 2096*SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM. Not an Imposter. 12mo, London, 1857

2097*SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM. Traditionary Anecdotes of. 8vo,

London, 1838

2098*SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM. Annotations. (Selected from various commentators). 2 vols., in 1, 16mo, calf

2099 Shakspeariana. The Prefaces and Esays, and the Notes and

1,25 Comments to Bensley's Edition of Shakespeare, forming vols.

9 and 10 of that edition, bound up as one work. 2 vols., 8vn, half sm. mor., gilt, by Matthews,

London, 1805

Unique. Contains all the prefaces, and from 1623 to 1800, with Malone's Prolegomena and a copious selection from the notes variorum.

2100 SIMPSON, RICHARD. An Introduction to the Philosophy of Shakespeare's Sonnets. 16mo, London, 1868


2101 SINGER, SAMUEL WELLER. The Text of Shakespeare Vindicated from the interpolation and corruptions advocated by John Payne Collier, Esq., in his Notes and Emendations. 8vo, half London, Pickering, 1853 2102 Six Old Plays, on which Shakespeare Founded his Measure for Measure, Comedy of Errors, Taming of the Shrew, King John, King Henry IV. and V., King Lear. Edited by Nichols. vols., 16mo, half old calf,

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London, 1779

2103*SKOTTOWE, AUGUSTINE. Life of Shakespeare, Enquiries and Essays. 2 vols., 8vo, half roan,

2104*SMITH, WILLIAM H. Bacon and Shakespeare. 12mo,

London, 1826

London, 1857

2105 SPALDING, WILLIAM. A Letter on Shakespeare. Authorship of the Two Noble Kinsmen, (a drama commonly ascribed to John Fletcher.) 8vo, half mor., gilt top, Edinburgh, 1833

2106 Spirit of the Plays of Shakespeare. Exhibited in a series of 2.75 Outline Plates, drawn and engraved by Frank Howard. With Quotations and Descriptions. 6 vols., 4to, half morocco, gilt. Large paper, India proofs, London, 1833 2107*STRACHEY, EDWARD. Hamlet, Attempt to Find the Key, etc. 8vo, half calf, London, 1848 2108*STEEVENS, GEORGE. Catalogue, the Shakesperian Commentator. Uncut, priced, interleaved. 8vo, half calf, London, 1800 2109 TAYLOR, EDWARD. Cursory Remarks on Tragedy, on Shakespeare and on certain French and Italian Poets, principally Tragedians. 12mo, half mor., uncut, London, 1774

Copiously annotated on the margin by the present owner. 2110*TEMPEST-MALONE, GILCHRIST, and CHALMERS. Malone's account of the incidents from which the title and part of the story of Shakespeare's Tempest were derived, presentation copy from Malone to Dibdin, and from the latter to Haslewood, only 80 printed, all for presents.

London, 1808

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