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1913* SHAKESPEARE. Dramatic Works. Life and Essay by T. Campbell.

8vo, mor.,

London, 1838

Various readings on margins by the present possessor. 1914*SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM. THE PLAYS AND POEMS OF, WITH HIS ATTRIBUTED WORKS. PRIVATELY ILLUSTRATED COPY. 46 vols. imp. 8vo, London, V. D.







This copy is thus described in "The Private Libraries of New York: "An illustrated Shakespeare, formed by uniting the Pictorial [Knight's], the Illustrated [Kenny Meadows], and Routledge's [John Gilbert], the three impressions of each play being brought together, and hundreds of engravings of all periods and styles having been added. The illustrations have been selected for their beauty and interest, not collected indiscriminately, only a print or two having been sometimes taken from a set. They include a complete set of the illustrations to Rowe's edition, 1709, which show the costume, and in some cases the action, with which these plays were presented at that period."

The hundreds of prints mentioned in this description were many hundreds, and their number has been largely increased by important additions, and also by letters from eminent Shakespearian editors and scholars, since the publication of that volume. The selection mentioned refers only to compositions and imaginative heads; it would obviously be futile in the case of portraits, and views of places and buildings. This book is not yet ready for the binder.

The Works of. Charles Knight's Cabinet Edition. 12 vols. 16mo, uncut. London, 1843


The works of. The text formed from an entirely new collation of the old editions, with various readings, notes, a life of the Poet, and a history of the Early English Stage, by J. Payne Collier, Esq., F. S. A. 8 vols. 8vo, portrait,

London, 1844 Collier's best edition. Produced before the discovery of the notorious copy of the folio of 1632.

Dramatic Works with a Glossary. Stage directions and names of characters in red letters. Sm. 8vo, crim. mor., antique, by Matthews. Lansdowne edition, portraits inserted,

London, 1852

-The Works of. The text carefully restored according to the First Edition; with Introductory Notes and a Life of the Poet by the Rev. H. N. Hudson. 11 vols. 12mo, half sm. Boston, 1852-7


Dramatic Works. The Text regulated by the old copies and by the recently discovered folio of 1632, containing early Manuscript emendations. Edited by J. Payne Collier. Imp. 8vo, uncut, London, 1853

Dramatic Works. The Text carefully revised, with Notes by S. W. Singer, and the Life of the Poet and critical Essays, by W. W. Lloyd. 10 vols. post 8vo, large paper, London, 1856


The Works of, the text revised by the Rev. Alexander Dyce. 6 vols. 8vo, uncut, Portrait, London, 1857


Three letters from Mr. Dyce, all concerning the edition inserted.

1922*SHAKESPEARE. Plays, with marginal notes, Life and Introductions. Edited by Charles Knight, (Companion Edit.) 6 vols. uncut,

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Cr. 8vo, London, 1857-60

In this edition the notes are printed at the side on a broad margin, designed for manuscript additions.

The Works of. The Plays edited from the Folio of 1623, with various Readings from all the Editions and all the Commentators. Notes, Introductory Remarks, an Historical Sketch of the Text, an Account of the Rise and Progress of the English Drama, a Memoir of the Poet, and an Essay upon his Genius, by Richard Grant White. 13 vols. 8vo, large paper, half crim. mor., by Matthews, Boston, 1857-66

Editor's own copy, the Notes, Essays, Memoir, Historical Sketch and all other editorial passages interleaved. Vol. I, bound in two parts. Filled with MS. notes, memorandums used in the preparation of this edition, passages printed but suppressed, slips from newspapers and magazines, letters from distinguished authors and critics, matter not used in the preparation of this edition and intended for a second edition. Two signatures extended from an ordinary copy. The Works of. Edited by William G. Clarke, M.A., and John Glover, M.A. 9 vols. 8vo, London and Cambridge, 1863 Presentation Copy, with numerous letters from both editors to Mr. Grant White, and Autographs.

The Works of. Edited by copious Notes, Glossary, Life, etc.

Howard Staunton, with
Library ed., 4 vols. 8vo,

London, 1864

The Works of. Edited by W. G. Clarke and W. A. Wright. Globe Edition. 16m,

London, 1864

Rev. Alexander

The Works of. The Text revised by the
Dyce. Second Edition (with the Glossary.) 9 vols. 8vo,

London, 1864-7

This copy contains a photograph of Mr. Dyce, and two letters from him to Mr. Grant White in regard to the preparation of the edition also extracts from Reviews, etc.


Tempest. Edited with Glossarial and Explanatory Notes, by the Rev. J. M. Jephson. 16mo, London, 1864

The Tempest, Dryden and Davenant's alteration of, 4to, half vellum, London, 1690 Merry Wives of Windsor. The First Sketch of. Edited by J. O. Halliwell, Esq. 8vo,

Much Ado About Nothing; express permission, and under the H. Staunton, from the matchless Library of the Earl of Ellesmere. half mor. uncut,

London, Shak. Soc., 1842 Photo-Lithographed, by superintendence of Mr. original of 1600 in the R. Preston, Photo. 4to, London, 1864

1932 SHAKESPEARE. Merchant of Venice. Edited by Clark and Wright. .516mo,

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Oxford, 1848 Merchant of Venice. 8vo, gilt edges, beautifully illusNew York, 1860


King Richard the Second. An Historical Play adapted
to the Stage, with additions and alterations. By Richard
Wroughton. Published as it is performed at the Theatre
Royal, Drury-Lane. 8vo, half mor.,
London, 1815
Henry the Sixth. The First Sketches of the Second and
Third Parts of. Edited by James O. Halliwell. 8vo, calf,
London, Shak. Soc., 1843
Mitford's copy with his Autograph.

Coriolanus. Edited by F. A. Leo. With a Quarto Facsimile of the Tragedy of Coriolanus, from the Folio of 1623, and with extracts from North's Plutarch. 4to, uncut,

London, 1864

Romeo und Juliet. Ein kritische ausgabe des uberlieferten doppeltextes, etc., etc., von Tycho Mommsen. Royal Svo, half olive mor., gilt top, Oldenburg, 1859

The First Edition of the Tragedy of Hamlet, (1603). 8vo, half olive mor., by Matthews,

London, Shakespeare Press, 1825 An accurate reprint. It lacked originally the last page, but that having been discovered in 1856, and reprinted, it was added to this copy.

Hamlet by William Shakespeare, 1603. Idem, 1604. Being exact reprints of the first and second editions of Shakespeare's great Drama, from the very rare originals in the possession of his Grace, the Duke of Devonshire; with the two texts printed on opposite pages; and so arranged that the parallel passages face each other. And a Bibliographical Preface by Samuel Timmins. 8vo, blue levant mor., gilt tops, by Matthews, London, 1860

Known as


66 The Devonshire Hamlets." With a letter from the editor.

Hamlet, and As You Like It.

Caldecott. 8vo, large paper,

Privately printed.

Edited by Thomas C.
London, 1852

1941* King Lear and Cymbeline. Edited by Ambrose Eccles.

2 vols. 8vo, half mor.,

Scarce, very fine copies.



London, 1794

Othello. Charles Fechter's acting edition, in five acts. Sm. 8vo, half mor., Matthews,


Pericles, Prince of Tyre. The text from the third folio edition published in 1664, with notes of former editions. 4to uncut,

London, 1865

1944*SHAKESPEARE. Pericles, Prince of Tyre. Edited by Mommsen. 8vo, Oldenburg, 1857



1945 SHAKESPEARE's Sonnets; reproduced in fac-simile by the new process of Photo-Zincography in use at Her Majesty's Ordnance and Survey Office. From the unrivalled Original Edition in the Library of Bridgewater House, by permission of the Right Hon. the Earl of Ellesmere. 4to, half roan, uncut,




Poems with Gildon's Essays. 12mo, calf,

London, 1862

London, 1728

Poems, with Capell's History of the Origin of Shakespeare's Fables, Royal 8vo, calf,

Poems. 12mo, calf,

London, 1775

N. D.

Evan's Edition, with the Sonnets re-arranged, and furnished with Titles.

Poems. Vol. 10 of Malone's edition, containing Poems,
Notes, etc. 8vo, old tree calf,



London, 1790
Poems. With illustrative Remarks, original and select,
etc., etc., by W. C. O[ulton.] Illustrated.
Illustrated. 2 vols. fep. 8vo,

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London, 1804


London, 1830








and MILTON, Sonnets by. 12mo, half morocco,

Songs of. Illustrated by the Etching Club. Folio, crim-
son mor. antique, gilt,
London, 1843

Songs. Beautifully illustrated by the Etching Club.
Large 4to, half mor. gilt edges, India paper, London, 1843

Doubtful Plays and Poems. Edited by W. Hazlitt, Jr.
1 vol. 16mo, calf,

London, 1852

Poems. Edited with Notes, by Robert Bell. 12mo,

London, 1855 Poems and Sonnets. Traduits en vers avec le texte anglais au bas des pages. Précédé d'une notice et suivi des notes, par Ernest Lafond. 16mo, half mor. by Matthews,

Privately printed. Scarce.

Paris, 1856

Sonnets. Traduits pour la premiere fois entiére par
François Victor Hugo. 16mo, half mor. gilt, by Matthews,


Paris, 1857

Sonnets. Re-arranged and divided into four parts. 12mo,
London, 1859

1959 SHAKESPEARE. Songs and Sonnets. Edited by Francis Palsgrave. Square 16mo, mor. gilt,

London, 1865


1960 ABBOTT, E. A. A Shakespearian Grammar. illustrate some of the differences between Modern English. 8vo,

An attempt to Elizabethan and London, 1869

1961*Alteration of Shakespeare, "The Fairies," and "Katharine and Petruchio." 8vo, old calf,

London, 1755-6 1962 AYSCOUGH, SAMUEL. An Index to the remarkable Passages and Words made use of by Shakespeare. 8vo, old calf,

London, 1790 1963 BACON, DELIA. The Philosophy of the Plays of Shakespeare unfolded, with a preface by N. Hawthorne. 8vo, Boston, 1857 1964*BADHAM, C. Criticism applied to Shakespeare. 3 vols. half calf, London, 1846 1965 BAILEY, SAMUEL. On the Received Text of Shakespeare's Dramatic Writing and its Improvement. 8vo, London, 1862 1966* Beauties of Shakespeare, and "Rays English Proverbs." 12mo, London, 1811

half calf,

1967*BECKETT, ANDREW. Shakespeare's Himself Again.

2 vols. 8vo, London, 1815

half calf, neat, 1968 BELL, WILLIAM. Shakespeare's Puck and his Folkslore. Illustrated from the superstitions of all Nations. Frontispiece, 12mo, London, 1852 1969*BELLEW, J. C. M. Shakespeare's Home at New Place, StratfordUpon-Avon. With genealogies and frontispiece. 8vo, uncut, London, 1863


1970* BIRCH, W. J. Inquiry into the Philosophy and Religion of Shakespeare. 8vo, uncut, London, 1848 1971 BOADEN, JAMES. An Inquiry into the Authenticity of various Pictures and Prints, which, from the decease of the Poet to our own times, have been offered to the public as Portraits of Shakespeare. (Forming an introductory volume to every octavo edition of Shakespeare), with five portraits. half calf, by Mackenzie, large paper, India Proofs.


Letter from George Wm. Curtis, inserted.


1972 BROWN, CHARLES ARMITAGE. Shakespeare's Autobiographical Poems, being his Sonnets clearly developed, with his charac ter, drawn chiefly from his Works. 8vo, half green_morocco, gilt, gilt edges, London, 1838

1973 BUCKNILL, JOHN CHARLES. The Mad Folk of Shakespeare. Psychological Essays. Second edition revised.


London, 1867

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