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1724 English Prologues and Epilogues. A Collection and Selection,

commencing with Shakespeare, and concluding with Garrick.
4 vols. old calf, neat 16mo, illustrated,

London, 1779 1725 English Drama Beauties of. Consisting of the most celebrated

Passages, Soliloquies, Similes, Descriptions, etc., with Index
to all the plays. 4 vols. 12mo, old half calf, uncut,

London, 1777 1726*English Stage, Representations of the Impiety and Imorality of. 8vo, half calf,

London, 1704 Scarce and curious. 1727*English Stage, Some Account of. (Chronicle of Performances.) 10 vols. 8vo,

Bath, 1832 1728 ETHEREGE, Sir GEORGE. Works, Poems and Plays, viz., Comical

Revenge, or Love in a Tub, She would if she could, and the
Man of Mode. 8vo, best edition, old red morocco,

London, 1704

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Fine copy

1729*EURIPIDES. Translated by the Rev. R. Potter. 3 vols. 16mo,

London, 1832 v 1730 EURIPIDES. Translated by the Rev. R. Potter. 3 vols. 16mo, half mor. marble edges, Portrait,

London, 1832 1731*FARQUHAR, GEORGE, The Works of. 2 vols. 12mo, calf,

Dublin, 1775 1732*FARQUHAR, GEORGE, The Twin Rivals. A Comedy. 4to, half calf,

London, 1703 1733*FOOTE's Vindication of a Right in the Public to a one shilling

Gallery. John Kemble's copy. See manuscript note. 8vo,

London, 1792 1734 FORD, JOHN. Dramatic Works. With Notes, critical and ex

planatory by W. Gifford, Esq., to which are added Fame's
Memorial, and Verses to the memory of Ben Jonson.
2 vols. 8vo, half calf,

London, 1827
Scarce. Clean, good copy.
1735 FORD, JOHN. Works. Edited by the Rev. Alexander Dyce.
3 vols. crown 8vo, large paper,

London, 1869
Already out of print and scarce,
1736 Four Old Plays, Three Interludes; Thersytes Jack Jugler and

Heywoods Pardoner and Frere : and Jocasta, a Tragedy by
Gascoigne and Kinwellmarsh, with an introduction and notes,
(By Prof. Francis James Child.) 8vo, half morocco, gilt,

Cambridge, 1848 1737*GARRICK, DAVID. Dramatic Works. 3 vols. 12mo, half calf,

London, 1848 1738*GILLILAND, THOMAS. Dramatic Mirror. 2 vols. 12mo, calf,

London, 1808


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1739 GOFF, THOMAS. Three Excellent Tragoedies, viz., The Raging

Turk, or Bajazet the Second. The Courageous Turk, or
Amurath the First. And The Tragoedie of Orestes. 16mo,
old calf, neat,

London, 1656 1740 Gosson, STEPHEN. The School of Abuse; containing a pleasant

invective against Poets, Pipers, Players, Jesters, etc. With
an Introduction regarding the Author and his Works. 8vo,

London, Shak. Soc., 1841 1741 GOULD, T. H. The Tragedian ; an Essay on the Histrionic Genius of Junius Brutus Booth. 16mo, Portrait,

New York, 1868 1742 GREENE, ROBERT, The Dramatic Works of. To which are added

his Poems. With some account of the Author, and Notes.
By the Rev. Alexander Dyce, B. A. 2 vols. post 8vo, uncut,

London, Pickering, 1831. 1743 Green Room, Secret History of. Containing Authentic and

Entertaining Memoirs of the Actors and Actresses in the

three Theatres Royal. 2 vols. 12mo, half calf, London, 1792 1744 HALLIWELL, J. O. A Dictionary of Old English Plays, existing

either in print or manuscript, from the earliest times to the

close of the seventeenth century. 8vo, London, 1840 1745 HAWKINS, T. The Origin of the English Drama, illustrated in

its various species, viz., Mystery, Morality, Tragedy, and
Comedy, by specimens from our earliest writers, with notes.
3 vols. sm. 8vo, calf, neat,

Oxford, 1773 1746 HAYWOOD and ROWLEY. Fortune by Land and Sea. A Tragi

comedy. As it was acted with great applause by the Queen's
Servants. 16mo,

London, N. D.
J. Mitford's autograph and notes.
1747 HEAVYSEGE, CHARLES. Saul; a Drama, in three parts. A new
and revised edition. 8vo,

Boston, 1869 1748*Hedelin, Francis. Whole Art of the Stage. 4to, London, 1700 1749 HENSLOWE, PHILIP, The Diary of. From 1591 to 1609. Printed

from the original manuscript preserved at Dulwich College,
edited by J. Payne Collier. 8vo,

London (Shak. Soc.), 1845 1750 HERRICK, ROBERT. Hesperides, or the Works both Humane and Divine of. Uncut, fcap. 8vo, 2 vols. Portrait,

London, Pickering, 1846 1751 HEYWOOD, THOMAS. King Edward IV., 1st and 2nd Parts ; The

Fair Maid of the Exchange; Fortune by Land and Sea ;
The Fair Maid of the West, 1st and 2nd Parts ; The Loyal
Subject; A Woman Killed with Kindness.

Edited by
Barron Field and J. P. Collier. 8vo, half calf,

London (Shak. Soc.) 1842–50

1752 HEYWOOD, THOMAS. The First and Second Parts of King Edward

IV. Histories. Reprinted from the unique black letter first edition of 1600, collated with one other in black letter, and with those of 1619 and 1620, with an introduction and notes by Barron Field. 8vo, polished calf, gilt,

London (Shak. Soc.), 1842 Mitford's copy with his autograph. 1753 Iacke Drum's Entertainment; or the Comedie of Pasquill and

Katherine. As it has been sundry times plaide by the
Children of Powles. 4to, half blue calf, interleaved,

London, 1601

Scarce. 1754*Ignoramus Comædia. 12mo,

London, 1737 1755 INGEBLY, C. M. Sor account of an Italian Miracle Play of the XVI century, on the Legend of St. Cecilia. 8vo, uncut,

London Presentation copy. 1756 JEFFERSON, The Youth of. 8vo,

New York, 1854 1757 JONSON, BEN., The Workes of. 2 vols. folio, old calf,

London, 1616–31 Jonson's own edition. See mem. of slight imperfection. 1758 JONSON, BEN. Works collated with all the former editions and

corrected, with Notes Explanatory and Critical, by Peter Whalley. 7 vols. 8vo, old calf, neat,

London, 1756 1759 Jonson, Ben. The Works of, with Notes Critical and Explana

tory, and a Biographical Memoir, by W. Gifford, Esq. 9 vols. 8vo, calf, marbled edges, large paper,

London, 1816 Large paper copies are very scarce. Mitford's memoranda copied.

Newspaper slip inserted. 1760*JORDAN, MRS., Life by J. Boaden. 2 vols. 8vo, half calf,

London, 1831 Additional portraits inserted. 1761 KEAN, EDMUND, The Life of. 2 vols. 12mo, boards, uncut. Portrait,

London, 1835 1762 KIRKMAN, Francis.

Nichomede, a Tragi-Comedy, translated.

-, 4to, uncut, 1763 KILLIGREW, Tho. The Prisoners and Claracilla, Two TragaComedies. 16mo, calf, neat,

London, 1641 1764 KNOWLES, JAMES SHERIDAN. The Dramatic Works of. 2 vols. 8vo. Portrait,

London, 1856 1765 LAMB, CHARLES. Specimens of English Dramatic Poets, who

lived about the time of Shakspeare. With notes. 16mo, half calf,

London, 1808 Original edition.


1766 LANGBAINE, GERARD. An account of the English Dramatic Poets. 16mo, half morocco, red edges, fine copy,

Oxford. 1691 1767 LAOU-SENG-URH ; or, “An heir in his old age.” A Chinese Drama' Half calf, 16mo,

London, 1817 1768 Laya LEON. Les Jeunes Gens, comedie en trois actes' en prose. 12mo,

Paris, 1855 1769*LEWES, CHARLES LEE. Memoirs. 4 vols. in two, half calf,

London 1805 1770 LILLY, JOHN. The Dramatic Works of. (The Euphuist). With

notes and some account of his life and Writings, by F. W.
Fairholt. 2 vols., half blue morocco, gilt, by Matthews. Large

London, 1858 1771 Lingua; or, The Combat of the Tongue and the Five Senses for Superiority. A pleasant comedy. 4to, half old calf,

London, ? Probably first edit. printed. See note by J. O. Halliwell, and supplementary note to Mr. Grant White's edition of “ All's Well that Ends

Well.” Act IV. Sec. 2. 1772*LODGE, THOMAS. A Defence of Poetry, Music and the Stage Plays. Svo, cloth,

London, 1853 1773 LOGAN, OLIVE. Apropos of Women and Theatres, with a paper or two on Parisian Topics. 16mo,

New York, 1869 With Letter and Autograph of Author. ; 1774*MACKLIN, CHARLES. Memoirs, by J. J. Kirkman. 2 vols., 8vo,

London, 1799 1775*MAFFEI, SCIPIO. Degli Amfiteatri, etc. I vol., 12mo, calf,

Verona, 1728 1776*MAFFEI, SCIPIO. History of Ampitheatres at Verona Trans

lated by Alex. Gordon. 1 vol. 8vo, half calf, London, 1700 1777*MANNING. The Generous Choice. A Comedy. 4to,

London, 1730 1778 MARLOWE, CHRISTOPHER. Works, with Notes and some Account

of his Life and Writings by Rev. A. Dyce, 3 vols., 8vo, half
mor., gilt edges, by Matthews, London, Pickering, 1850

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1779 MARSTON, JOHN. The Works of, reprinted from the orignal edi

tions, with notes, and some account of his life and writings,
by J. 0. Halliwell. 16mo, 3 vols., uncut, London, 1856


1780 Sir Martin Mar-all, or the Feigned Innocence; a Comedy. 4to uncut,

London, 1668 1781*MASON, J. MONK. Comments on Beaumont and Fletcher. 1 vol., 8υο,

London, 1798

1782*MASSINGER, PHILIP. The Plays of. With Notes, Critical and Ex. planatory, by W. Gifford. Portrait. 4 vols., 8vo, bright calf,

London, 1805 1783*MATTHEWS, CHARLES. Life and Correspondence of Charles Mat

thews, by Edmund Yale. 12mo, cloth, London, 1860 1784*MATTHEWS, MRs, Anecdotes of Actors. 8vo, half calf,

London, 1844 1785 MEILHAC, HENRI AND L. HALEVY. Le Train de minuit. 16mo,

Paris, 1863 1786 MEILHAC, HENRI AND L. HALEYY. La Vie Parisienne, musique de

Jaques Offenbach. Tenth edition. 16mo, Paris, 1867 1787 Metamorphoses of Melpomene and Thalia, or Dramatic Charac

ters of the French and Italian Comedies. 4to, calf. 30 fine and elegantly executed portraits in character,

London 1788 MIDDLETON, THOMAS, and ROWLEY, W. The Changeling. 4to, uncut,

London, 1653 1789*MIDDLETON, EDDA. Sappho. A Tragedy, in Five Acts. Royal 8vo, cloth,

New York, 1850 1790 MIDDLETON, THOMAS. The Works of. Now first collected, with

some account of the author, and notes, by the Rev. Alex. Dyce. 5 vols. Svo, beautifully bound in half blue mor., gilt, gilt edges, by Matthews. Portrait,

London, 1840 1791*Mirror of Taste. Three odd volumes filled with interesting dramatic matter, perfected in itself. Portraits. 8vo,

Philadelphia, 1810 1792 MOLIÉRE, JEAN BAPTISTE POQUELIN DE. Les Euvres de Monsieur

Moliére. 5 vols. 12mo, exquisitely bound in crim. crushed levant mor., by Capé, Amsterdam, chez Jacques le Jeune, 1674–5

A beautiful tall copy of this rare edition, 4 inches, 10 lines in height,

and all the plays dated 1674 or 1675. 1793 MOLIERE, CEUVRES DE. Avec des remarques grammaticales, des

avertissements, et des Observations sur chaque piéce, par M. Bret. 6 vols. 8vo, old French calf, gilt, edges marbled under gilt, beautifully illustrated with line engravings, Paris, 1773

Edition de luxe. Very attractive old copy. It was formerly the property of Dr. John Mason, and of Laughton Osborne, and has their auto

graphs. 1794 Moralite des Blasphemateurs de Dieu, à dix-sept personnages. Narrow fol., crim. levant mor.,

1831 1795 Moralite de Mundus,Caro,et Demonia,à cinq personnages. Farce

des deux Savavetiers, à trois personnages. Narrow fol. crim. levant mor.

1838 1796 Moralite de la Vendition de Joseph, à quarante-neuf personnages. Narrow fol., crim. levant mor.

1835 The above three works are beautifully executed in Gothic characters, with woodcuts, in imitation of the rare originals. Only ninety copies of

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