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1533 Roxburghe Ballads. A Book of. Edited by J. P. Collier. 4to, green levant mor., edges red under gilt, by Riviere,

London, 1847 1534 Runic Poetry. Five Pieces of, translated from the Islandic Language. 16mo, calf, gilt,

London, 1763 Scarce.

1535 SABRINÆ COROLLA in Hortulis Regiae Scholae Salopiensis contex

uerunt tres viri floribus legendis. 8vo, in rich saffron mor., gilt, gilt edges. Frontispiece.

London, 1850

1536 SACKVILLE, THOMAS. Lord Buckhurst. The Works of. Edited by Hon. Rev. R. W. Sackville-West. 16mo, portrait,

London, 1859 1537 SAPPHO. Le Aventure di Saffo Poetessa di Mitelene. Traduzione dal Greco originale Nuovamente scopeto. 16mo, half

Vercelli, 1783


1538*Satrical Poems of the Last Century. An Epistle from Sempro

mia to Cethegus, etc. A Tale of Midas the King. The Congress, A poem, inscribed to the Right Reverend John Bishop of London. A preparative Address to a Certain Great Man, etc. 8vo, half mor.,

London, 1713–41 1539*SCARRON, Virgile Travestie.

12mo half mor.,

Havre, 1651 Original edition of this notorious and often re-printed and translated

book. 1540 SCHILLER. Poems and Ballads of. Translated by Sir Ed. Lytton, Bart. 16mo, portrait,

New York, 1864 1511 Scott, WALTER. Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border, consisting

of Historical and Romantic Balllads, collected in the southern countries of Scotland ; with a few of modern date, founded upon local tradition. Second edition. 3 vols., half mor., uncut,

Edinburgh, 1803 1542 Scott, WALTER. The Lord of the Isles. A Poem. 8vo, boards, uncut,

Edinburgh, 1815

1543 Scott, Sir Walter. Marmion. 8vo. Frontispiece,

New York, 1865

1544 Scott, Sir Walter. Poetical Works of. With a biographical and

critical memoir by F. T. Palgrave. 12mo, London, 1866 1545 SCOTTISH KINGS. The Poetic Remains of some of, now first col

lected by George Chalmers. Curious frontispiece. 16mo, half green mor., by Matthews,

London, 1824 1546 SEDLEY, Sir CHARLES. The Miscellaneous Works of. To which

is added the Death of Mark Antony, published from original manuscripts. 16mo, old calf,

London, 1702

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1547 SEDLEY SIR CHARLES. The Poetical Works of ; and his Speeches

in Parliament, with large additions never before made Pub
lick, and a compleat collection of Remarkable Speeches. 8vo,
half calf,

London, 1702 1548 SHELLEY, PERCY BYSSHE. Works : (Poetical Works, 3 vols:

Essays and Letters, 2 vols. : Relics, 1 vol.) 6 vols., green mor.,
gilt, by Matthews,

London, 1852-3-62 1549 SHENSTONE, WM. The Works in Verse and Prose of. With decorations. 3 vols., 16mo, old calf, neat, gilt edges. Portrait,

London, 1777 1550 SKELTON, JOHN. The Poetical Works of. With Notes and some

account of the author and his writings by the Rev. Alexander
Dyce. 2 vols., 8vo, half morocco, gill,

London, 1843 1551 SKELTON, JOHN. The Poetical Works of. Principally according to the edition of the Rev. Alex. Dyce. 3 vols., 16mo,

Boston, 1856 1552 SMITH, ALEXANDER. Poems of. Second Edition. 16mo,

London, 1853 1553 SMYRNÆUS, QUINTUS. Select Translations from the Greek of. By Alexander Dyce. 16mo, half calf, gilt tops, Oxford, 1821

Scarce. 1554 SOMERVILE, WILLIAM. The Chace :

a Poem.

Fifth Edition ;
illustrated. 16mo.
Old calf, neat,

London, 1767
Portrait of Somerville inserted.
1555 SOMERVILLE, WILLIAM. The Chace, a Poem. 6th edition, 16mo,
polished tree calf. Illustrated by many steel engravings,

London, 1773 1556 SOMERVILLE, WILLIAM. The Chase ; to which is annexed Field

Sports ; with a sketch of the author's life : including a preface
critical and explanatory ; and some annotations on the text
and Nature of the poem ; by Edward Topman. The Engrav-
ings by Mr. Scott, from the original paintings by Mr. Sar-
torius. 16mo, Roan,

Albion Press, 1804 1557 Songster, London ; or, Polite Musical Companion, containing

four hundred and fifty-four of the newest and most favorite
Songs, Catches, &c., to which is added, a genteel collection of
the various Toasts, Sentiments, and Hob Nobs, now in
fashion. 16mo, old calf neat,

London, 1747
Scarce and curious.


1558 Songs, Collection of. Small 8vo, old calf, Edinburgh, 1762
1559 Songs. The Vocal Magazine ; or, Compleat British Songster

consisting of such English, Scotch and Irish songs, catches,
glees, cantatas, airs, ballads, etc., as are deemed most
worthy of being transmitted to posterity. Frontispiece and
portrait in costume of period. 8vo, half red calf, London, 1781

1560 Songs. A Collection of Songs, moral, sentimental, instructive,

and amusing, selected and revised by the Rev. James Plumptre. . 3 vols. 12mo, half mor. red edges, by Matthews,

London, 1806 1561 Songs of England and Scotland, edited by Peter Cunningham. 2 vols. half calf, 16mo,

London, 1835 1562 Songs, Madigrals and Sonnets. A gathering of some of the most

pleasant flowers of old English Poetry. Set in beautiful borders of colored ornaments and vignettes. 4to, gilt edges,

. 1849 1563 Songs and Ballads. A Little Book of. Gathered from Ancient

Music Books, MS., and printed by Edward Rimbault. Post 8vo, half mor.,

London, 1851 1564 Songs from the Dramatists. Edited by Robert Bell. 16mo, uncut,

London, 1854 1565 Songs of the Brave. The Soldier's Dream and other


and odes by Campbell, Wolfe, Collins, Byron, Tennyson and Mackay. Illustrated with 26 engravings from designs by Edward Duncan, Foster, Thomas, etc. Evo, orange mor., gilt border, gilt edges, by Hayday,

London, 1856 1566 Songs, The Golden Treasury of. The best songs and lyrical

poems in the English language. Edited by F. T. Palgrave. Engraved title, 16mo,

Cambridge, 1861 1567 Songs, Book of 1001. The Singer's Own Book, a well-selected

collection of the most popular sentimental, patriotic, naval,

and comic songs. 16mo, curiously illustrated. New York 1568 Sonnet, Book of the. Edited by Leigh Hunt and S. A. Lee. 3 vols. 8vo, half mor. gilt tops,

Boston, 1867 1569 South Songs, from the lays of later days, collected and edited by T. C. De Leon. 16mo,

New York, 1866 1570 Spanish Ballads, Ancient, relating to the Twelve Peers of

France, mentioned in Don Quixote, with English metrical versions, preceded by a history of Charles the Great and Orlando. By Thomas Rodd. 2 vols. 8vo, half mor., gilt tops,

London, 1821 1571 SPENSER, EDMUND. The Faerie Queene, disposed into XII Books,

Fashioning Twelue Morall Vertues. Printed by H. L. for Matthew Lounes. Small folio. Superbly bound in red levant morocco, antique, gilt edges, by Matthews,

London, 1609 First complete edition. Rare. 1572*SPENSER, EDMUND. Poetical Works. 5 vols. post 8vo, laid paper, uncut,

London, Pickering, 1825

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Sm. 8vo,

1573 SPENSER, EDMUND. The Poetical Works of. First American

edition, with introductory observations on the Faerie Queene,
and notes by the editor. 5 vols. 8vo, large paper, maroon mor.
antique, by Matthews,

Boston, 1839
The Jordan,” a poem in imitation of Spenser, inserted.
1574 SPEED, SAMUEL. Fragmenta Carceris, or The King's Bench Scuf-

fle, with the Humors of the Commonside. 4to, half calf, with
the curious engraved title, showing the scuffle and the debauch,

London, 1675
Scarce. Mitford's copy, with his autograph.
1575 STEDMAN, EDMUND C. Poems, Lyrical and Idyllic. 12mo,

New York, 1860 1576*STEADMAN, EDMUND C. The Prince's Ball. A Brochure from “Vanity Fair.” With illustrations by Stephens. 12mo,

New York, 1860
Presentation copy. Autograph.
1577 STEADMAN, EDMUND C. Alice of Monmouth, an Idyl of the Great
War, with other Poems. 16mo,

New York, 1864 1578 STEDMAN, EDMUND C. The Blameless Prince, and other Poems.

Boston, 1869 Presentation copy. 1579 STENHOUSE, WILLIAM. Illustrations of the Lyric Poetry and Music of Scotland, etc. 8vo, uncut,

London, 1853 1580 STORY, WILLIAM W. Graffiti d'Italia.

London and New York, 1869 1581 SURREY, HENRY HOWARD, Earl of. Poems of. Fcp. 8vo, uncut. Portrait, with autograph,

London, Pickering, 1837 1582 SUCKLING, SIR JOHN. Fragmenta Aurea. A Collection of all the

Incomparable Pieces written by Sir John Suckling, and pub-
lished by a friend, to perpetuate his memory.

Sm. 8vo, green
mor., edges red under gilt, by Riviere,

London, 1646
Scarce. Very fine copy, elegantly bound. Brilliant proof impression

of the scarce portrait by Marshall. Title and portrait louse.
1583 SUCKLING, Sir John. The Works of. Containing his Poems,

Letters, and Plays. 2 vols. 16mo, green cr. levant mo., by

London, 1770 Very fine, with a good copy of Marshall's scarce portrait of Suckling. 1584 SUCKLING, SIR JOHN. Selections from the Works of. To which,

is prefixed a Life of the Author, with Critical Remarks on his
Writings and Genius. By the Rev. Alfred Suckling. Royal
8vo, portrait, uncut,

London, 1836 1585 SWEET, HOMER D. Twilight Hours in the Adirondacks. The

Daily Doings and Several Sayings of Seven Sober, Social,
Scientific Students in the Great Wilderness of Northern New

Sm. 8vo,


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York, variously versified in Seven Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventy Seven Lines. By Homer L. D. Sweet, Farmer and Chronicler. Frontispiece, engraved title, 8vo, mor. gilt,

Syracuse, 1870

A curious book. 1586 SWINBURNE, A. C. Atlanta in Calydon. A Tragedy. 16mo,

Boston, 1866 1587 SWINBURNE, A. C. Chastelard A Tragedy, 16mo,

New York, 1866 1588 SWINBURNE, ALGERNON C. Poems and Ballads. 16mo,

London, 1866 1589 Syntax, Dr. Tours in Search of the Picturesque. A Poem.

By William Combe. 3 vols. royal 8vo, half russia, gilt, gilt tops, 72 colored plates by Rowlandson,

London 1590 Tasso. Godfrey of Boulogne; or the Recouerie of Jerusalem.

Done into English historical verse by Edward Fairfax. And now for the second time imprinted and dedicated to His Highness, together with a life of the said Godfrey. Royal 8vo, engraved title, old calf, red edge,

London, 1624 1591 Tasso, TORQUATO. Godfrey of Bulloigne. Translated by Edward Fairfax. 8vo, calf antique,

London, 1687 1592 TENNYSON, ALFRED. Poems by. 2 vols. 8vo, gilt tops, portrait and frontispiece, Farringford edition,

Boston, 1865 1593 TENNYSON, ALFRED. The Holy Grail, and other Poems. 12mo,

Boston, 1870 1594 THEOCRITE, Idylles de. Traduites en Francais par J. B. Gail.

Nouvelle edition. Ornée de Figures gravées d'apres les
Dessins de Barbier and Borchot. 2 vols. in 1, 4to, half calf,

Paris, 1796 1595 THOMSON, JAMES. The Seasons. 16mo, mor., gilt, by Matthews,

Chiswick, 18:22 1596 THOMSON, JAMES. The Works of. With his last corrections and

improvements. With life of author by P. Murdoch. 3 vols. sm. 8vo, tree marble calf, gilt, portrait, illustrated with plates

London, 1788 1597 THOMSON, JAMES. The Seasons. A new edition. Adorned with

a set of engravings from original designs. To which is prefixed an Essay on the Poem, by J. Aikin. 8vo, old green calf, gilt,

London, 1794 1598 THOMSON, JAMES. Seasons and Castle of Indolence. With Life

and Critical Remarks by Allan Cunningham; and 48 illustrations by Samuel Williams. Half mor., uncut, gilt tops,

London, 1841 1599 TRISTAN. Receuil de ce qui reste des poëms relatifs a ses aven

tures. Composes en Français et Anglo Normand et en Grec dans les XII. and XIII. Siecles. Publie par Francisque Michel. 2 vols. fop. 8vo, half vellum, red edges, by Matthews,

London, Pickering, 1835

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