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11 and necessary. 12 SEC. 202. There is hereby authorized to be appropri13 ated, out of the highway trust fund, not to exceed $3,000,000 14 for the planning of the facility or facilities authorized by sec15 tion 201 of this Act, including necessary feasibility studies. 16 Any funds so appropriated shall remain available until ex17 pended. 18 SEC. 203. There is hereby authorized to be appropri19 ated, out of the highway trust fund, so much as may be 20 necessary for the construction of the facility or facilities 21 authorized by section 201 of this Act. Any funds so appro

priated shall remain available until expended.

Section 401

As Enacted

TITLE IV-NATIONAL DRIVER REGISTER Sec. 401. The Act entitled “An Act to provide for a register in the Department of Commerce in which shall be listed the names of certain persons who have had their motor vehicle operator's licenses revoked”, approved July 14, 1960, as amended (74 Stat. 526; 23 U'.S.C. 313 noto), is hereby amended to read as follows: "That the Secretary of Commerco shall establish and maintain a register identifying each individual reported to him by a State, or political subdivision thereof, as an individual with respect to whom such State or political subdivision has denied, terminated, or temporarily withdrawn (except a withdrawal for less thn six months based on a series of nonmoving violations) an individual's license or privilege to operate a motor vehicle.

"Seo. 2. Only at the request of a State, a political subdivision thereof, or a Federal department or agency, shall the Secretary fur. nish information contained in the register established under the first section of this Act, and such information shall be furnished only to the requesting party and only with respect to an individual applicant for a motor vehicle operator's license or permit.

“Sro. 3. As used in this Act, the term 'State' includes each of the several States, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia, Guam, the Virgin Islands, the Canal Zone, and American Samoa."

Conference Report

Contains nothing helpful.

House Passed Act Same as enacted Act.

House Debate

Congressional Record-House
August 17, 1966, 19653


In addition, the National Traffic and jurisdiction once they have been denied Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1966 will that privilege in their own. greatly expand the existing National This legislation does a great deal more. Drivers Register. It will include the It is a logical step following other acts names of all those anywhere in the coun- taken by the Congress of the United try who have been denied, for one reason States to increase the safety of Amerior another, a license or had his license cans on the highway. revoked or suspended. It is too easy !or I strongly support passage of the Nathose who should not have the privilege tional Tramc and Motor Vehicle Safety of driving to obtain a license in another Act of 1986. It is needed now.

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