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18 equipment performance, which is practicable, which meets 19 the need for motor vehicle safety and which provides objec20 tive criteria on which the public may rely in assuring motor 21 vehicle safety. 22 (c) “Motor vehicle” means any vehicle driven or drawn, 23 by mechanical or other power, primarily for use on the 24 public roads, streets and highways, other than (1) a vehicle 25 subject to safety regulations under part II of the Interstate 1 Commerce Act, as amended (chapter 8, title 49 of the s 2 United States Code), or under the Transportation of Ex3 plosives Act as amended (sections 831-835 of chapter 39, 4 title 18 of the United States Code), and (2) a vehicle or 5 car operated exclusively on a rail or rails. 6 (d) “Motor vehicle equipment” means any system, part 7 or component of a motor vehicle as originally manufactured 8 or any similar part or component manufactured or sold for 9 replacement or improvement of such system, part or com10 ponent or as an accessory or addition to the motor vehicle. 11 (e) “State” means any State of the United States, the 12 District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or 13 any territory or possession of the United States. 14 (f) “Interstate commerce” means cominerce between 15 any place in a State and any place in another State, or be


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means any

Section 103

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