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tured fouls have erred,

8 For they that promised 2 For when unrighteous to drive away terrors and men thought to oppress the troubles from a fick soul, holy nation; they being shut were fick themselves of fear up in their houses, the pri- worthy to be laughed at. soners of darkness, and fet 9 For though no terrible tered with the bonds of a thing did fear them: yet belong night, lay [there] exiled ing scared with beasts that from the eternal providence. passed by, and hissing of ser

3 For while they supposed pents, to lie hid in their secret fins, 10 They died for fear, dethey were scattered under a nying that they saw the air, dark vail of forgetfulness, be- which could of no side be ing horribly altonished, and avoided. troubled with (strange) ap IIg For wickedness conparitions.

demned by her own witness, 4 For neither might the is very timorous, and being corner that held them, keep preffed with conscience, althem from fear: but noises, ways forecasteth grievous (as of waters) falling down, things. founded about them, and sad 12 For fear is nothing else, visions appeared unto them but a betraying of the fuca with heavy countenances. cours which reason offereth.

5 No power of the fire 13 And the expectation might give them light: nei- from within being less, countther could the bright Aames eth the ignorance more than of the stars endure to light- the cause which bringeth the en that horrible night. torment.

6 Only there appeared un 14 But they sleeping the to them a fire kindled of it-fame sleep that night, which self, very dreadful : for being was indeed intolerable, and much terrified, they thought which came upon them out the things which they saw to of the bottoms of inevitable be worse than the light they hell, faw not.

15 Were partly vexed 7 As for the illusions of with monstrous apparitions, art magick, they were put and partly fainted, their heart down, and their vaunting in failing them: for a sudden wisdom was reproved with fear, and not looked for, disgrace,

came upon them.

16 So

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that they

16 So then, whosoever there fell down, was straitly

CHAP. XVIII. kept, shut up in a prison

, without iron bars,

; 17 For whether he were whose voice they hearing, husbandman or shepherd, or and not seeing their shape, a labourer in the field, he because they also had not was overtaken, and endured suffered the same things, they that necessity, which could counted them happy. not be avoided: for they ? But for that they did were all bound with one not hurt them now, of whom chain of darkness.

they had been wronged be18 Whether it were a fore, they thanked them, and whistling wind, or å melo- besought them pardon, for dious noise of birds


had been enemies. the spreading branches, or a 3 Instead whereof thou pleasing fall of water running gavest them a burning pillar violently,

of fire, both to be a guide of 19 Or a terrible found of the unknown journey, and stones cast down, or a run-an harmless fun to entertain ning that could not be seen them honourably, of skipping beasts, or a roar 49 For they were worthy ing voice of most favage wild to be deprived of light, and beasts, or a rebounding echo imprisoned in darkness, who from the hollow mountains : had kept thy fons fhut up, these things made them to by whom the uncorrupt light (woon for fear.

of the law was to be given 20 For the whole world unto the world. shined with clear light, and 5. And when they had none were hindered in their determined to flay the babes labour :

of the faints, one child being 21 Over them only was cast forth, and saved, to respread an heavy night, an prove them, thou tookest aimage of that darkness, which way the multitude of their should afterwards receive children, and destroyedst them them: but yet were they un- altogether in a mighty water. to themselves more griovous 6 Of that night were our than the darkness,

fathers certified afore, that assuredly knowing unto what oaths they had given cre



dence, they might afterwards / upon the destruction of the be of good cheer:

first-born.they acknowledged 7 So of thy people was this people to be the sons of accepted both the salvation God. of the righteous, and deitruc 14 For while all things tion of the enemies.

were in quiet silence, and 8 For wherewith thou that night was in the midst didst punish our adversaries, of her swift course, by the same thou didit glo 15 Thine Almighty word rify us whom thou hadít cal-leapt down from heaven, out led.

of thy royal throne, as a fierce 9 For the righteous chil-man of war into the midst of dren of good men did facri- a land of destruction, fice secretly, and with one 16 And brought thine unconfent made a holy law, feigned commandment, as a that the saints should be like tharp sword, and standing up partakers of the fame good filled all things with death; and evil, the fathers now sing- and it touched the heaven, ing out the songs of praise. but it stood upon the earth.

10 But on the other side 17 Then suddenly visions there founded an ill accord- of horrible dreams troubled ing cry of the enemies, and them fore, and terrors came a lamentable noise was car- upon them unlooked for. ried abroad for children that 18 And one thrown here, were bewailed.

and another there half dead, II The master and the Thewed the cause of his servant were punished after death. one manner; and like as the 19 For the dreams that king, so suffered the common troubled them did foreshew person.

this, left they should perish, 12 So they all together and not know why they were had innumerable dead with afflicted. one kind of death ; neither 20 Yea, the tasting of were the living fulficient to death touched the righteous bury them: for in one mo also, and there was a destrucment the noblest offspring of tion of the multitude in the them was destroyed.

wiiderness : but the wrath 13 For whereas they would endured not long: not believe any thing, by 21 For then the blameless reafon of the inchantments, man made hafte, and stood


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forth to defend them, and 2 How that having given
bringing the shield of his them leave to depart, and
proper ministry, even prayer, sent them hastily away, they
and the propitiation of in- would repent and pursue
cense, set himself against the them.
wrath, and so brought the 3 For whilft they were
calamity to an end, declaring yet mourning, and making
that he was thy servant. lamentation at the graves of

22 So he overcame the the dead, they added another
destroyer, not with strength foolish device, and pursued
of body, nor force of arms, them as fugitives, whom
but with a word subdued he they had entreated to be
him that punished, alledging gone.
the oaths and covenants 4 For the destiny, whereof
made with the fathers. they were worthy, drew

23 For when the dead them unto this end, and were now fallen down by made them forget the things heaps one upon another, that had already happened, standing between, he stayed that they might fulfil the the wrath, and parted the punishment which was wantway to the living.

ing to their torments : 24 For in the long gar

5 4 And that thy people ment was the whole world, might pass a wonderful way: and in the four rows of the but they might find a strange stones was the glory of the death. fathers graven, and thy ma

6 For the whole creature jesty upon the diadem of his in his proper kind was fahead.

fhioned again anew, ferving 25 Unto these the destroy the peculiar commandments er gave place, and was afraid that were given unto them, of them: for it was enough that thy children might be that they only tasted of the kept without hurt: wrath.

7. As namely, a cloud (ha, CHAP. XIX.

dowing the camp; and where

water stood before, dry land S for the ungodly, wrath appeared; and out of the

came upon them with Red sea, a way without imout mercy unto the end : for pediment; and out of the he knew' before what they violent stream, a green field: would do;

8 Wherethrough all the


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people went that were de 15 And not only so, but, fended with thy hand, seeing peradventure, some refpect thy marvellous strange won ihall be had of those, because ders.

they used strangers not 9 For they went at large friendly. like horses, and leaped like

16 But these very grjeva lambs, praising thee, O Lord, ously amicted them, whom who hadst delivered them. they had received with feast

10 For they were yetings, and were already made mindful of the things that partakers of the same laws were done, while they fo- with them. journed in the strange land, 17 Therefore even with how the ground brought blindness were these strickforth Aies instead of cattle, en, as those were at the and how the river cast up doors of the righteous man: a multitude of frogs instead when, being compassed about of fishes.

with horrible great darkness, II But afterwards they every one sought the passage faw a

new generation of of his own doors. fowls, when being led with 18 For the elements were their appetite, they asked de- changed in themselves by a licate meats.

kind of harmony, like as in 12 For quails came up a psaltery notes change the unto them from the sea, for name of the tune, and yet their contentment.

are always founds, which 13 And punishments came may well be perceived by the upon the sinners, not with fight of the things that have out former signs by the force been done. of thunders; for they suffer 19 For earthly things were ed justly, according to their turned into watery, and the own wickedness, insomuch things that before swam in as they used a more hard and the water, now went upon hateful behaviour towards the ground. ftrangers.

20 The fire had power in 14. For the Sodomites did the water, forgetting his own not receive those whom they virtue, and the water forgat knew not when they came : his own quenching nature. but these brought friends into 21 On the other side, the bondage, that had well de- fames wasted not the Aeth ferved of them.

of the corruptible living


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