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world, and therefore shall god, which a little before they come shortly to an end. but honoured as

is for a father afflicted man. with untimely mourning,

21 And this was an occa. when he hath made an image fion to deceive the world; of his child soon taken away, for men serving either calanow honoured him as a god, mity or tyranny, did ascribe which was then a dead man, unto stones and stocks the and delivered to those that incommunicable name. were under him ceremonies 22 Moreover, this was and sacrifices.

not enough for them, that 16 Thus in process of time they erred in the knowledge an ungodly custom grown of God; but whereas they ftrong, was kept as a law, lived in the great war of and graven images were ignorance, those so great worshipped by the command plagues called they peace. ments of kings.

23 For whilst they flew 17

Whom men could not their children in facrifices, or honour in presence, because used secret ceremonies, or they dwelt far off, they took made revellings of strange the counterfeit of his visage rites; from far, and made an ex 24 They kept neither press image of a king whom lives nor marriages any longthey honoured, to the end er undefiled: but either one that by this their forwardness flew another traiterously, or they might flatter him that grieved him by adultery. was abfent, as if he were 25 So that there reigned present.

in all men without exception, 18 Also the fingular dili- blood, manslaughter, theft, gence of the artificer did and diffimulation, corruption, help to set forward the igno- unfaithfulness, tumults, perrant to more superftition. jury. 19

For he, peradventure, 26 Disquieting of good willing to please one in au- men, forgetfulness of good thority, forced all his skill turns, defiling of fouls, to make the resemblance of changing' of kind, disorder the best fashion.

in marriages, adultery, and 20 And so the multitude, shameless uncleanness, allured by the grace of the 27 For the worshipping work, took him now for a of idols not to be named, is


the beginning, the cause, and 4 For neither did the the end of all evil.

mischievous invention of men 28 For either they are deceive us, nor an image mad when they be merry, or spotted with divers colours, prophesy lies, or live unjust the painter's fruitless labour; ly, or else lightly forfwear 5 The fight whereof enthemselves.

ticeth fools to lust after it, 29 For insomuch as their and so they desire the form trust is in idols, which have of a dead image that hath no no life; though they swear breath. falsely, yet they look not to 6 Both they that make be hurt.

them, they that desire them, 30 Howbeit, for both and they that worship them, causes shall they be justly are lovers of evil things, and punished : both because they are worthy to have such thought not well of God, things to trust upon. giving heed unto idols, and 79 For the potter temalso unjustly swore in deceit, pering soft earth, fashioneth despising holiness;

every vessel with much la31 For it is not the


bour for our service : yea, of them by whom they swear, of the same clay he maketh but it is the just vengeance both the vessels that serve for of finners that punisheth al-clean uses, and likewise also ways the offence of the un-all such as serve to the congodly.

trary: but what is the use

of either fort, the potter himCHAP. XV.

self is the judge. UT thou, O God, art 8 And employing his la

gracious and true : bours lewdly, he maketh a long-suffering, and in mercy vain god of the fame clay, ordering all things.

even he which a little before 2 For if we fin, we are was made of earth himself, thine, knowing thy power : and within a little while afbut we will not fin, know- ter returneth to the same out ing that we are counted of the which he was taken, thine.

when his life which was 3 For to know thee is lent him shall be demanda perfect righteousness; yea, ed, to know thy power is the 9 Notwithstanding, his root of immortality.

care is not that he shall have Kk


much labour, nor that his 16 For man made them, life is short: but striveth to and he that borrowed his excel goldsmiths, and silver- own spirit fashioned them : smiths, and endeavoureth to but no man can make a god do like the workers in brass, like unto himself. and counteth it his glory to 17 For being mortal, he make counterfeit things. worketh a dead thing with

10 His heart is afhes, his wicked hands : for he himhope is more vile than earth, felf is better than the things and his life of less value than which he worshippeth:whereclay:

as he lived once, but they í Forasmuch as he knew nevér. not his Maker, and him that 18 Yea, they worshipped inspired into him an active those beasts also that are most foul, and breathed in a living hateful: for being compared fpirit.

together some are worse than 12 But they counted our others. life a pastime, and our time 19 Neither are they beau, here a market for gain: for, tiful, so much as to be defay they, We must be getting fired in respect of beasts: but every way, though it be by they went without the praise evil means,

of God, and his blessing. 13 For this man that of

CHAP. XVI. earthly matter maketh brittle vessels, and graven images, Herefore by the like knoweth himself to offend were they punished above all others.

worthily, and by the multi14 9 And all the enemies tude of beasts tormented. of thy people that hold them 2 Instead of which puin subjection are most foolish, nishment, dealing graciously and are more miserable than with thine own people, thou very babes.

preparedst for them meat of 15 For they counted all a strange taste, even quails to the idols of the heathen to be stir up their appetite; gods: which neither have 3 To the end, that they the use of eyes to see, nor deliring food might, for the moses. to draw breath, nor ugly sight of the beasts fent ears to hear, nor fingers of among them, loathe even hands to handle; and as for that which they must needs their feet, they are now to desire; but these suffering go.




penury for a short space, gons overcame : for thy mermight be made partakers of cy was ever by them, and a strange taste.

healed them. 4 For it was requisite, that 11 For they were pricked upon them exercising tyran- that they should remember ny, should come penury, thy words, and were quickly which they could not avoid : faved, that not falling into but to these it should only, be deep forgetfulness, they might shewed how their enemies be continually mindful of were tormented.

thy goodness. 59 For when the horrible 12 For it was neither fierceness of beasts came up- herb, nor mollifying plaister on there, and they perished that restored them to health: with the stings of crooked but thy word, O Lord, ferpents, thy wrath endured which healeth all things. not for ever.

13 For thou hast power 6 But they were trou- of life and death : thou teadbled for a small season, that eft to the gates of hell and they might be admonished, bringest up again. having a sign of salvation, to 14 A man indeed killeth put them in remembrance of through his malice: and the the commandinent of thy spirit, when it is gone forth, law.

returneth not; neither the 7 For he that turned him- soul received up, cometh felf towards it, was not saved again. by the thing that he saw: 15 But it is not possible but by thee that art the Sa- to escape thine hand. viour of all.

16 For the ungodly that 8 And in this thou madelt denied to know thee, were thine enemies confess, that it scourged by the strength of is thou who deliverest from thine arm :

with strange all evil:

rains, hails, and showers were 9 For them the bitings of they persecuted, that they grashoppers and Aies killed, could not avoid, and through neither was there found any fire were they consumed. remedy for their life : for 17 For, which is most to they were worthy to be pu- be wondered at, the fire had nished by such.

more force in the water, that 10 But thy sons not the quencheth all things : for very teeth of venomous dra- the world fighteth for the

K k 2 righteousa


serveth thee who art the Mak18 For sometime the flame er, increaseth his strength awas mitigated, that it might gainst the unrighteous for not burn up the beasts that their punishment, and abate were fent against the ungod-eth his strength for the bely: but themselves might see nefit of such as put their trust and perceive, that they were in thee. persecuted with the judg 25 Therefore even then ment of God.

was it altered into all fa. 19 And at another time it fhions, and was obedient to burneth even in the midst of thy grace that nourisheth all water, above the power of things according to the defire, that it might destroy the fire of them that had need: fruits of an unjust land. 26 That thy children, O

20 Instead whereof thou Lord, whom thou loveft, feddest thine own pecple with might know, that it is not angels' food, and didst send the growing of fruits that them from heaven bread pre- nourilheth man: but that it pared without their labour, is thy word, which preservable to content every man's eth them that put their trust delight, and agreeing to every in thee. taste.

27 For that which was 21 For thy sustenance de- not destroyed of the fire, beclared thy sweetness unto thy ing warmed with a little sunchildren, and serving to the beam, foon melted away: appetite of the eater, tem 28 That it might be pered itself to every man's known, that we must prevent liking.

the fun to give thee thanks, 22 But snow and ice en- and at the day-spring pray dured the fire, and melted unto thee. not, that they might know 29 For the hope of the that fire burning in the hail, unthankful shall melt away and sparkling in the rain, did as the winter's hoar frost, destroy the fruits of the ene- and shall run away as unmies.

profitable water. 23 But this again did even forget his own strength, that

CHAP. XVII. the righteous might be nou OR great are thy judge rished.

ments, and cannot be 24 For the creature that expressed: therefore unnur



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