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decrease of $43,281,925 from the 1942 appropriation. No the Secretary, $137,891; Office of the Solicitor, $315,609; amount is carried under this head for military activities Library, $2,385; Office of Information, $147,212; and for 1943 since military construction is currently limited to Bureau of Agricultural Economics, $365,996. temporary structures directly connected with the imme Under the Office of Experiment Stations the decrease diate national defense program.

of $454,630 is comprised of a decrease in the subapproThere is included in the amount for civil functions priation, “Title I, Bankhead-Jones Act," of $463,708 and $20,629,000, a decrease of $7,239,600 in the amount of the increases of $1,968 for “Administration of grants to 1942 appropriation, for the prosecution of works for im States and coordination of research," and $7,110 for provement of rivers and harbors. The sum of $93,685,000, "Insular experiment stations." a net decrease of $5,095,000 from 1942 appropriations, is The special research fund was decreased by $56,300, included for prosecuting work for flood control on various the decrease being applied to the funds available to the rivers and waterways authorized under the Flood Control Secretary for special research projects. Act of June 22, 1936, as amended and supplemented. This The net decrease of $355,698 in the Extension Service amount includes $500,000 for transfer to and expenditure is accounted for by decreases of $352,000 in extension by the Department of Agriculture for continuing prelim- work, act of April 24, 1939, and $40,000 in extension ininary examinations and surveys for run-off and water-flow formation, and by increases of $28,000 for Puerto Rico, retardation and soil-erosion prevention on the watersheds $32 for Alaska, and $8,270 for administrative promotions. of flood-control projects. The net decrease reflects a de In the Bureau of Animal Industry, a decrease in the crease of $15,025,000 for general flood-control works ex direct appropriation of $796,517 is indicated, but taking clusive of hydroelectric power projects related to the into consideration reappropriated balances, there is a net defense power program and an increase of $9,930,000 for decrease of only $96,517 in available funds. Decreases in the national defense hydroelectric power projects of the funds for various activities totaling $391,488, and flood-control program.

increases of $30,073 for "Inspection and quarantine, In the total for War Department civil functions public $261,927 for “Meat inspection,” $2,791 for “Virus-Serum works there are also included the sums of $30,000,000 for Toxin Act," and $180 for “General administrative continuing flood-control work on the Mississippi River and expenses" account for the net decrease of $96,517 in tributaries, an increase of $8,000,000 over the 1942 appro- availability of funds. priation; $1,000,000 for continuing flood-control work on Under the Bureau of Dairy Industry, there is a net the Sacramento River, Calif., an increase of $901,675 over increase of $26,280. This is accounted for principally by the amount appropriated in 1942; and $4,166,000 for com increases for dairy-herd improvement work and withinpleting the construction of a powerhouse and installation grade promotions. of 10 hydroelectric generating units at Bonneville Dam, a For the Bureau of Plant Industry a decrease of $354,140 decrease of $3,004,000 in the amount appropriated in 1942. is accounted for by general reductions in amounts allowed

The net deviation in this entire category also reflects for research activities. decreases of $1,845,000 for the hydroelectric plant at The net decrease of $2,725,265 for the Forest Service is Fort Peck Dam, Mont., and $35,000,000 for an office made up of decreases of $1,100,000 in emergency forest-fire building and appurtenances in Arlington County, Va. control and $1,759,138 in forest-land acquisition (no pro

vision being made for new purchases of land for this purDEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE

pose), and increases of $75,000 for “Forest-fire coopera

tion" and $58,873 for "Salaries and expenses." The estimates of direct appropriation for the Depart Administrative promotions account for the increase of ment of Agriculture for the fiscal year 1943, exclusive of $10,218 under the Bureau of Agricultural Chemistry and public-works projects and trust accounts, amount to Engineering. $811,223,924, a decrease of $376,222,849 from the 1942 While $144,000 was provided for emergency dehydration direct appropriation. Reappropriations of unobligated investigations by the Second Supplemental National balances under various appropriations and of collections Defense Appropriation Act, 1942, no funds for this purpose of principal and interest on Farm Credit Administration were requested for 1943. loans are contemplated for 1943, and appropriation lan Under the Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine, guage submitted would give the Secretary, contract research activities and general administrative expenses authority for full parity payments. The principal items were curtailed to the extent of $247,955 and increases of increase and decrease are accounted for as follows: totaling $294,190 were allowed for control and regulatory

The Offices of the Secretary, Solicitor, and Information, work such as gypsy and browntail moth control, Dutch the Library, and the Bureau of Agricultural Economics elm disease, and phony peach and peach mosaic eradicaare financed largely by transfers from other appropriations, tion, barberry eradication, and foreign-plant quarantines, supplemented by direct appropriations. In the 1942 resulting in a net increase of $46,235 for the bureau. appropriation act amounts of transfers to the Office of An increase of $682,440 was allowed for white pine the Solicitor and to the Bureau of Agricultural Economics blister-rust control. were restricted by appropriate language. In the 1943 Under the Agricultural Marketing Service the net inBudget, restrictions of transfers have been extended to crease of $281,397 is composed of $77,664 for administrathe Office of the Secretary, the Office of Information, and tive promotions, $250,000 for gathering farm-labor statisthe Library. A total net increase of $384,512 for 1943 in tics, and $63,121 for regulatory work required by law, direct appropriations for these five units is indicated, but offset by decreases in research and other bureau activities this increase is offset by decreases in authorized transfers totaling $109,388. aggregating $1,353,605, or a net decrease in available The increase of $12,360 for the Bureau of Home Ecofunds for these units of the Department of $969,093. nomies is made up of $8,955 for nutrition studies and This amount is made up of decreases as follows: Office of $3,405 for administrative promotions.


In the estimate for the Soil Conservation Service there under the Farm Security Administration, and in redempis a decrease of $3,094,905. For conservation and use of tion of order stamps, Surplus Marketing Administration. agricultural land resources, there is a decrease of $49,388,671. No appropriation estimate for parity payments

DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE has been included in the 1943 Budget, but appropriation language submitted would give the Secretary contract The total amount of the estimates for 1943, exclusive of authority to make full parity payments.

trust funds, is $82,091,063. The amount is $177,593,115 The annual appropriation for the disposal of surplus less than the total of appropriations for the Department commodities is eliminated for 1943. The resulting de- for the fiscal year 1942, exclusive of public works. The crease of $125,150,000 is partially offset by an estimated major items of decrease are in the estimates for the Office increase of $34,270,411 in the permanent appropriation, of the Administrator of Civil Aeronautics and for the "Exportation and domestic consumption of agricultural Bureau of the Census. commodities”, the purpose of the two appropriations being The net increase under the Office of the Secretary is the same.

$159,695. An increase of $27,695 in the salaries item is The increase of $703,300 for the Federal Crop Insurance recommended for within-grade promotions and for addiCorporation is to cover expenses incident to the addition tional employees in several units of the Secretary's office. of cotton to the insurance program.

All expenses of the Bureau of the Census during the For the farm-tenancy loan program authorized by title I of the Bankhead-Jones Act, there is a decrease of $10,000,- payable from the appropriation for expenses of the 000 in the amount of loans authorized to be obtained from Sixteenth Census. The estimates contemplate resumpthe Reconstruction Finance Corporation and an increase tion on January 1, 1943, of payment of contingent, of $11,352 in administrative promotions under the sub- traveling, and printing and binding expenses of the appropriation "Salaries and expenses."

Bureau of the Census from general department approFor liquidation and management of resettlement proj- priations for those purposes. ects, the estimates provide a decrease of $247,453. A For traveling expenses of the Department, the major trust account for payments in lieu of taxes and for opera- items of increase are $30,000 for travel of Census Bureau tion and maintenance of resettlement projects is available personnel during the last half-year, and $19,850 for travel partly to offset this decrease.

of additional inspectors of the Bureau of Marine InspecThere is a decrease of $1,956,837 in the appropriation tion and Navigation incidental to the expanded shipestimate for land utilization and retirement of submarginal building program. land by reason of the proposed curtailment in the land- The principal increases in the estimate for printing and acquisition program.

binding are $60,000 for resumption of payment from this For loans, grants, and rural rehabilitation, the direct appropriation for such services for the Bureau of the appropriation estimate is decreased by $13,680,443 and Census in the last half-year, and $32,000 for the first year the authority to borrow from the Reconstruction Finance of a 5-year program for publication of a decennial climatic Corporation is decreased by $45,000,000 due to improved summary of the United States by the Weather Bureau. economic conditions.

A decrease of $30,000 is contemplated by the estimate There is a decrease of $297,415 in the direct appropria- for the National Inventors Council Service Staff, and a tion estimate for water facilities, arid and semiarid areas, substantial saving is anticipated in the current-year apbut the decreased allowance will be supplemented by propriation for this staff. funds made available for rural rehabilitation.

For the Bureau of the Census, the amount recommended The $1,000,000 for orchard rehabilitation, Department for expenses of the Sixteenth Census is $3,993,000 less than of Agriculture, provided by a supplemental appropriation the current appropriation. The estimate contemplates act, was a special item in 1942 and no funds for this pur-completion of the decennial census by December 31, 1942, pose were requested for 1943.

and therefore covers only the first 6 months of the fiscal For the Rural Electrification Administration there are

year. decreases of $248,577 in salaries and expenses and of An increase of $446,140 for age and citizenship certifi$90,000,000 in authorized loans from the Reconstruction cation results from consolidation of these two classes of Finance Corporation in view of the anticipated curtail-certification, the cost of citizenship certification in the ment of rural electrification activities because of priorities current year being borne by the appropriation for expenses on materials.

of the Sixteenth Census.

A new item of appropriation for salaries and expenses The appropriation estimate for Beltsville Research Cen

of the Bureau of the Census, for which $1,067,000 is recomter is increased by $7,990 to cover administrative promo-mended for the last half-year, is for the regular current tions and necessary road-maintenance work.

activities of the Bureau following completion of the While there is a decrease of $719,569 in the direct ap-Sixteenth Census, and a new item of $58,000 for licensed propriation estimate for the Farm Credit Administration, exports statistics is for special statistical tabulations for there will be an actual increase in availability of funds for defense purposes. 1943 of $189,681, taking into consideration reappropriated

For the Office of the Administrator of Civil Aeronautics, balances and reimbursable funds.

$49,191,401 is recommended. This represents a reducSalaries and expenses of the Federal Farm Mortgage

tion from the total 1942 appropriation of $175,581,286, of Corporation are increased by $700,000 for 1943, but such

which $159,593,050 is due to the omission of an estimate expenditures are appropriated from funds of the Corpora

for the development of landing areas for national defense.

Items of net increase consist of $656,684 to provide for an tion and do not involve funds of the Treasury.

authorized reorganization and a consolidation of all airUnder the classification “Trust accounts” there is a net craft activities within the Office of the Administrator; decrease of $51,609,339, principally accounted for by de- $2,888,978 for the maintenance of air-navigation facilities, creases in State Rural Rehabilitation Corporation funds such as teletype circuits, radio ranges and markers, field aids and lighting, and for expansion of both airway and 1943, exclusive of items of public works, aggregate airport traffic control; $146,158 for increased activity $71,297,366, a net decrease of $8,253,009 from 1942 incident to the enforcement of safety regulations, and appropriations. In the

the figure of $71,297,366 is $89,904 for adequately operating the Washington National $62,779,866 for annual appropriations, which is $8,003,009 Airport. These increases are offset by decreases of below the annual appropriations for the current year. $361,238 due to the completion of specific technical The amount for permanent appropriations is $8,517,500, development projects; $14,186,325 in connection with the a decrease of $250,000 under 1942. In addition, the estiestablishment of air-navigation facilities; $4,930,081 for mates for 1943 under various trust accounts aggregate curtailment of the civilian pilot-training program, and the $6,802,071, an increase of $18,794 over the current year. above-mentioned $159,593,050 for the development of The estimates for the Department of the Interior carry landing areas.

a total of $571,290 for within-grade promotions authorized A net increase of $101,737 is recommended in the by the act of August 1, 1941. In the statements that estimates for the Civil Aeronautics Board, principally to follow references to the specific amounts for within-grade strengthen its safety activities.

promotions in individual estimate items are omitted. Increases aggregating $221,145 are recommended for Annual appropriations.-For the immediate Office of the Coast and Geodetic Survey. This amount consists the Secretary, $1,028,370 is recommended, a net increase of $29,000 for part-year operation of a new vessel to be of $63,800. Of this increase $31,320 is for strengthening completed within the year and for aerial photographic the newly created Division of Power, $9,780 is for the surveys; $4,705 for an additional field magnetic survey reallocation of positions approved by the Civil Service party; $30,000 for increased cost of vessel repairs; $5,000 Commission, and the remainder is required for additional for additional vessel crews; $22,000 for automatic pay personnel in several divisions of the office, and for withinincreases of commissioned officers and to fill vacancies, grade promotions. $31,090 for additional office personnel for hydrographic There is a decrease of $33,845 for the Division of Investichart revisions and for within-grade promotions, and gation as the result of the abolishment of nine positions $99,350 for additional personnel, chart paper and sup- aggregating $28,600 in salaries, plus travel allowance. plies, and an additional press for the revision of aero- This decrease is possible because of a reduced work load. nautical maps. Against these increases are reductions of The total amount recommended for this Division is $479,000 for nonrecurring vessel construction and items $435,255. of office expense in the 1942 appropriations, resulting in For the Grazing Service $806,125 is recommended, an a net reduction of $257,955 for the Survey in 1943. increase of $6,125. The removal of the headquarters of

For the Bureau of Marine Inspection and Navigation this Service to Salt Lake City, Utah, has made it necessary an increase of $144,175 is recommended for within-grade to rent quarters there. A small liaison office in the promotions and for full-year pay of additional field per- District of Columbia is being provided at a cost of $7,800. sonnel for which provision was made for the last half of While the within-grade promotions and the establishment the current year by supplemental 1942 appropriation. of the liaison office, together with a transfer of $2,000 This additional personnel is required in connection ith from the Department contingent fund and the increased the expanded shipbuilding program.

cost of the Salt Lake office, less a deduction of $18,450 The estimates for the Patent Office contemplate an on account of nonrecurring items, would require a net increase of $127,235, including $89,235 for full-year increase of $18,125, it is believed that this Service will be salaries of employees for the Patent Defense Committee, able to function efficiently within the amount of the pursuant to Public Law 239, Seventy-seventh Congress, estimate. approved August 21, 1941, for whom provision was made The difficulty of obtaining supplies and materials makes for 7 months of the current year in the Second Supple- possible a reduction in 1943 of $150,000 below the 1942 mental National Defense Appropriation Act, 1942, and appropriation of $250,000 in the Grazing Service item for for within-grade promotions; $25,000 for photolithograph- range improvements. ing and $13,000 for miscellaneous expenses.

A reduction of $60,000 under the 1942 appropriation of Exclusive of increases for within-grade promotions, $75,000 is recommended for "Leasing of grazing lands there is an aggregate increase of $223,820 in the estimates (receipt limitation)" authorized by the Pierce Act of for the National Bureau of Standards. Of this amount June 23, 1938, as a result of smaller acreage being available $69,460 is for operation and administration including for lease of other than federally owned lands within graz$30,000 for tool replacements, $109,400 is for increased ing districts, originally estimated by the Service. testing incidental to defense activities, and $44,960 is for A decrease of $212,220 below the 1942 appropriation of expansion of simplified practice and trade and export $247,500 is recommended for the Petroleum Conservation standards work for purposes of the defense program, Division due to the expiration of the Connally Hot Oil Reductions amounting to $319,061 are recommended for Act on June 30, 1942. An amount of $35,280 is recompurposes nonrecurring in 1943, of which the major item mended for the expenses of the Division in cooperating is $230,000 for construction of a station for broadcasting with the oil- and gas-producing States in the prevention of standard radio frequencies, resulting in a net decrease of waste in oil and gas production and in the adoption of $95,241 for this Bureau.

uniform oil conservation laws and regulations. Increases recommended for the Weather Bureau aggre- Because of the expiration of the Bituminous Coal Act of gating $170,645 cover additional surface and upper air 1937, on April 25, 1941, no estimate was submitted in the observations, primarily for military aviation weather regular Budget estimates for 1942 for the Bituminous Coal services inaugurated during the current year in Alaska, Division. This act was extended by the act of April 11, the Caribbean area, and on the oceans.

1941 (Public Law 34), for a period of 2 years from April

26, 1941, and $3,200,000 was appropriated in the regular DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR

Interior Department Appropriation Act, 1942. An esti

mate of $2,620,500 is included for 1943 for this agency. The Budget estimates for the Department of the In- The 1943 estimates are approximately the same as the terior, general and special accounts, for the fiscal year appropriation for the Division for the current fiscal year, prorated on a 10-month basis, for the reason that the act several new positions and within-grade promotions. The expires on April 25, 1943.

1943 estimate carries an increase of $14,235 above the 1942 A decrease of $678,700 below the 1942 appropriation of appropriation of $712,000. $2,178,700 is recommended for soil and moisture conser- There is a reduction of $15,000 in the amount to be made vation operations on lands under the jurisdiction of the available for loans to Indians ineligible to participate in Department of the Interior. This reduction will be the revolving loan fund established pursuant to the Indian accomplished through the curtailment of the program Reorganization Act of 1934, and there is a reduction of during the present emergency.

$100,000 in the amount to be added to the capital of the The estimate for contingent expenses of the Depart- latter fund. The 1942 appropriations for these purposes ment reflect a reduction of $10,000 under the 1942 appro- were $150,000 and $250,000, respectively. priation of $160,000. This reduction is accounted for A new item of $22,500 is provided for the expenses of largely through the elimination of nonrecurring equip- the National Indian Institute. During 1942 the Institute, ment items.

established pursuant to article 10 of the conference creatA net increase of $12,265 over the 1942 appropriation of ing the Inter-American Indian Institute, ratified by this $329,735 is recommended for printing and binding. This country on June 7, 1941, has been financed through the increase is due principally to the transfer to this estimate allocation of funds for the coordination of activities of $25,000 carried in 1942 under the Bureau of Mines. between the American republics. During the emergency period there will be need for less In connection with the estimates for Indian education printing by the National Park Service and the Fish and in the States, a reduction of approximately $330,000 will Wildlife Service, and the estimates reflect savings in this be possible through savings accruing by closing four nonrespect. Provision is made, however, for beginning the reservation boarding schools and one reservation boarding standardization and coordination of the printing of forms school, and by numerous readjustments in the educational used by the various bureaus and offices of the Depart-program. The nonreservation schools to be closed are ment. It is expected that through the elimination of Pierre, S. Dak., and Euchee, Eufaula, and Wheelock, in duplication and the reduction of large stocks of similar Oklahoma. The nonreservation school is located at Fort forms maintained for the different bureaus substantial Wingate, N. Mex. Adjustments are proposed in the proeconomies will be possible in the printing bill of the De- gram of the Indian Service so that educational facilities partment in the future.

will not be denied any Indian children currently accomFor the General Land Office there is a net decrease of modated in these institutions. A portion of this saving is $289,410 under the 1942 appropriation of $2,259,800. offset by increases required for additional pupils in some The principal item of decrease is in the estimate for sur- schools and the amount necessary for within-grade promoveying the public lands. It is recommended that a reduc

It is recommended that a reduc- tions. The total appropriation for 1942 is $9,430,630 as tion of $250,000 be made in this item under the 1942. compared with $9,166,415 estimated for 1943. appropriation of $900,000, since it is believed that this There is an increase of $34,470 over the 1942 appropriaactivity can be curtailed during the present emergency. tion of $1,098,475 for the education of natives in Alaska, The amount remaining will permit the survey of areas caused principally by the necessity for paying commercial that

may be required for defense purposes. The other freight on supplies and materials required in the Territory. items of decrease are for transcribing records, $10,000; These costs were considerably less when the Indian Service binding records, $10,000; and nonrecurring and other was operating its two vessels. The largest of these vessels miscellaneous items under several other appropriations. has been requisitioned by the Coast Guard and the other Under normal conditions a new edition of the map of the is of such small capacity that it cannot bandle all of the United States would be printed during the fiscal year 1943. transportation. It is believed that this can be deferred for the present. For conservation of health among Indians there is a

The total estimate for the Bureau of Indian Affairs, net increase of $157,570 over the 1942 appropriation of exclusive of trust funds and public-works projects, is $5,918,320. It is proposed to close several Indian hos$26,714,236, a net decrease of $569,132 below the appro- pitals, either because of poor patronage or unsatisfactory priations for the current fiscal year.

accommodations. The closing of these facilities, however, Exclusive of funds for within-grade promotions no will not deny Indians necessary hospitalization inasmuch major increases are provided for the Bureau of Indian as areas involved are served by good highways permitting Affairs. For the office of the Commissioner five new the quick transportation of Indian patients to other instipositions with salaries aggregating $7,380 are provided in tutions. The savings accruing through the closing of these addition to one position with a salary of $1,800 transferred | institutions is offset by an increase of $150,000 for perfrom the appropriation for salaries, Office of the Secretary. sonnel, equipment, and initial inventory for operation of

For the acquisition of land for Indian use there is a de- the new hospital now under construction at Tacoma, crease of $160,000. The amount recommended, $165,000, Wash. Some funds are also provided for strengthening is to meet obligations incurred during the present year the administrative organization in some of the larger under a contractual authority carried in the 1942 appro- hospitals where nurses and physicians are now required to priation act.

perform a large amount of clerical work. There is eliminated from the Budget $40,800 for obtain- There is a decrease of $50,000 under the 1942 approing employment for Indians. It has been determined that priation of $1,150,000 for the support and rehabilitation this activity can be suspended during the emergency, but of needy Indians. This reduction contemplates a curtailIndian superintendents and other employees will continue ment in the construction portion of this activity. to assist Indians, whenever possible, in obtaining employ- There is a reduction of $25,000 in the amount estimated

as being necessary to make payments to the Indians of Under the heading of “Agriculture and stock raising the Sioux reservations under provisions of old treaties. among Indians” it is proposed to eliminate $15,000 of the The 1942 appropriation for this purpose is $225,000. expense in connection with the operation of experiment In general, the estimates for the Indian Service carry stations on Indian reservations and $5,000 for expenses of no increase on account of rising costs of food, clothing, Indian fairs. These decreases are offset by allowances for and other commodities.


For the Bureau of Reclamation a net increase of $132,050 The principal items of decrease are: $290,000 for the over the 1942 appropriation of $934,600 is recommended Alaska fur-seal investigation, which has been discontinued for the operation and maintenance of existing irrigation as a result of the war with Japan; $292,820 for the mainsystems paid from the reclamation fund. These increases tenance of mammal and bird reservations; $158,840 for are distributed as follows: $5,000 for operation and main- propagation of food fishes; $65,000 for restoration of the tenance of the new Pine River project, Colorado; $31,000 lower Klamath migratory water-fowl refuge; $184,300 for the Boise project, Idaho, to be used for repairs to the for control of predatory animals and injurious rodents; Black Canyon Dam power plant and for the purchase of $38,500 for construction of fish screens; $25,000 as a result special equipment; $2,400' for the Minidoka project, of the completion of the Alaska crab investigation; Idaho, for repairs to the American Falls Dam; $34,000 for $89,255 for inquiry respecting food fishes, and other small the Owyhee project, Oregon, for making repairs in the reductions in miscellaneous items. There is an increase main north canal, lining of canals and the purchase of of $31,700 for Alaska fisheries necessary for more adequate equipment; $45,000 for the Klamath project, Oregon- enforcement of rules and regulations for the protection of California, for the operation and maintenance of the new Alaska fisheries. Modoc unit; $8,000 for replacing siphons on the Tieton The estimates for Government in the Territories show division of this project and contributions to the CCC a net decrease of $117,650 exclusive of the Alaska Railroad program; $6,000 for the Kendrick project, Wyoming, for and special accounts. This decrease is principally due to maintenance of new drains and improvements to canals, a comparison in the amounts appropriated for construction and $19,400 for operation and maintenance administra- of the Palmer-Richardson Road in Alaska of $500,000 in tion. There are offsetting decreases of $3,000 for salaries the current fiscal year, and an estimated amount of and expenses, which covers the salaries of two positions $300,000 for 1943, a net decrease of $200,000. Other transferred to the Office of the Secretary; $750 for the items of decrease are in the Virgin Islands, $15,000 for Yuma project, Arizona-California; and $15,000 for the defraying deficits of the municipal treasuries of St. Thomas Rio Grande project, New Mexico-Texas. Other items for and St. John; $7,910 in the appropriation for the agriculthe Bureau of Reclamation will be found under the tural experiment station and vocational school; $2,825 for General Public Works Program.

salaries and expenses, Government of the Virgin Islands, For the Geological Survey a net decrease of $1,244,980 and $5,000 for a survey of public works needs as a non

recurring item. The items of increase offsetting these is $

decreases are $50,000 for legislative expenses for the recommended in this estimate for the topographic mapping Territory of Alaska and $47,000 likewise for legislative program. It is proposed to augment this appropriation expenses for the Territory of Hawaii, which amounts are in 1943 by a transfer of funds from the War Department biennial appropriations; $24,900 for the construction and for the mapping of strategic areas. The 1942 appropria- maintenance of roads, bridges and trails in Alaska, largely tion is $1,962,500. There is a decrease of $17,370 for as a result of Army and Navy bases established in the stream gaging. An increase of $26,300 is provided for Territory; $10,000 for defraying the deficit for the municprinting and binding, and $10,000 for strengthening the ipality of St. Croix in the Virgin Islands, and $595 for water and power division in the classification of lands unit. contingent expenses in the Territory of Alaska.

For the Bureau of Mines a net decrease of $2,049,880 under the appropriation of $8,390,370 for 1942 is recom

DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE mended. This decrease is due mainly to nonrecurring items in connection with helium investigations and plant Estimates for the Department of Justice for the fiscal construction and equipment amounting to $1,600,000. year 1943, exclusive of items in the General Public Works Reductions are also recommended of $322,235 for investi- Program and trust accounts, amount to $80,863,269, gation of domestic sources of mineral supply; $160,000 which constitute a net increase of $7,062,169 when comfor investigation of raw material resources for western pared with total appropriations of $73,801,100 for the steel production; $77,400 for investigation and research fiscal year 1942. The net increase is composed of a gross on processes for production of potassium carbonate and increase of $8,015,452, offset by decreases amounting to sodium carbonate from trona and wyomingite rock, and $953,283. The additional work devolving upon the De$46,715 in the appropriation for mineral mining investiga-partment from the national defense program, realignment tions. Against the items of decrease are several offsetting of certain functions, and recent legislative enactments, increases, the principal items of which are for coal-mine including the requirement for administrative within-grade inspections and investigations $61,000, for placing this promotions, are reflected throughout the estimates. activity on a full-year basis; and $85,000 for bauxite and For the Federal Bureau of Investigation the estimates alunite ores investigations.

include an increase of $3,886,787 over appropriations for The 1943 estimates for the National Park Service, the current fiscal year to provide for additional special exclusive of items in the General Public Works Program, agents, fingerprint classifiers, clerical employees, and misshow a net decrease of $410,120 under the 1942 appropri- cellaneous expenses. Investigations and other matters ations of $5,263,775. This reduction has been made pertaining to national defense are multiplying with such possible by deferring the purchase of equipment, eliminat- rapidity that it is anticipated a supplemental appropriaing seasonal employees, providing for the minimum of tion will be required to permit employment during the supplies and materials, and reducing the maintenance fiscal year 1942 of the additional personnel contemplated costs of improvements and utilities to bare necessities. by these estimates. Savings are contemplated in operating expenses for all The increase of $2,561,625 for the Immigration and areas under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service. Naturalization Service will provide funds for the additional

There is a net decrease of $1,712,140 under the 1942 activities directly resulting from the present national appropriations of $9,583,915 for the Fish and Wildlife emergency. The necessity of providing and maintaining Service. This decrease is accounted for through non- detention camps for alien seamen, and of augmenting the recurring items, discontinuance of certain activities and force of immigrant inspectors and border patrol officers to a general over-all reduction in the program of this agency. | enforce regulations prescribed pursuant to the act of

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