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Smithsonian Institution

Export-Import Bank of Washington Estimates for the Smithsonian Institution, including The estimate of $270,535 for the administrative exthe National Gallery of Art, exceed by $22,083 the appro- penses of the Export-Import Bank of Washington for the priations for the fiscal year 1942, which increase is made fiscal year 1943 is $50,535 more than the amount made up entirely of the net cost of within-grade promotions. available in 1942. The operations of the bank have con

tinued to increase and it is anticipated that loans and Tariff Commission

commitments will aggregate approximately $600,000,000 In the estimates for 1943, $900,000 for general adminis- by the end of the fiscal year 1943. trative expenses and $15,000 for printing and binding,

Federal Home Loan Bank Board there is a decrease of $5,000 below the amounts appropriated for 1942.

The estimate of $1,750,938 for the administrative ex

penses of the Federal Home Loan Bank Board for the The Alley Dwelling Authority

fiscal year 1943 is $250,938 in excess of the amount made

available in 1942. The Federal home loan bank system The Authority contemplates continuing its slum

has increased both in assets and membership; conseclearance program under the United States Housing Act quently, it is necessary that the Board furnish increased of 1937, as amended, and has already approved loan con

supervision and guidance to the Federal Savings and Loan tracts totaling $13,572,000. These loan contracts cover 9 projects, 7 for Negro, and 2 for white occupancy, and

Insurance Corporation and perform additional examina

tions in the field. will provide in all more than 2,700 new dwelling units. The Authority will continue its management of com

Federal Housing Administration pleted projects, receipts from which in 1943 are expected to total some $700,000. In addition The Alley Dwelling The estimate of $15,041,343 for the administrative exAuthority, acting as agent for the Federal Works Agency penses of the Federal Housing Administration for the will manage three defense housing projects now under fiscal year 1943 is $286,890 more than the amount made construction in the District of Columbia, two of these available for 1942. Of the increase recommended, $153,projects being constructed by The Alley Dwelling Author- 343 is to provide for administrative promotions under the ity, and the third by The United States Housing Authority. Ramspeck Act. A decrease effected because of the ex

piration on June 30, 1942, of the title VI insurance acUnited States Maritime Commission

tivity is offset by an increase in activities under titles I

and II. The estimates for the Maritime Commission for the

The provisions of title I, and the provisions of title II Escal year 1943 total $980,380,000, of which $980,080,000 relating to the insurance of mortgages on existing strucs for the construction fund and $300,000 for State marine

tures which would have expired on June 30, 1941, were schools. The 1943 estimates provide a net increase of extended to June 30, 1943, and June 30, 1944, respectively. $121,540,000 over the amounts appropriated for 1942 due The amount included in the 1943 estimates for the primarily to the necessity for making progress payments renovation and modernization loans and insurance fund, on a considerably greater number of ships under con- which is available only for the payment of losses under struction. Provision is also made for an increase of title I insurance, is $8,000,000, of which $4,000,000 is to contract authorizations for ship construction in the be obtained from funds of the Reconstruction Finance amount of $90,000,000.

Corporation and $4,000,000 from title I funds of the

Federal Housing Administration. The amount recomFEDERAL LOAN AGENCY

mended is $1,410,000 less than the amount made available The Federal Loan Agency was created under authority $2,410,000 is payable from title I funds of the Federal

in 1942. Of the $9,410,000 made available for 1942, of the Reorganization Act of 1939 to supervise and

Housing Administration and $7,000,000 from funds coordinate the functions of the Electric Home and Farm

allotted from the Reconstruction Finance Corporation. Authority, Export-Import Bank of Washington, Federal Home Loan Bank Board, Federal Housing Administration, Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation, Home

Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation Caners' Loan Corporation, and the Reconstruction The estimate of $450,443 for the administrative expenses Finance Corporation with its subsidiary corporations. of the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation

The funds of the Federal Loan Agency are allocated to it for the fiscal year 1943 is $60,569 more than the amount
from the agencies which it supervises. The estimate of made available in 1942. The amount recommended is to
230,000 for administrative expenses for the Federal provide for supervision of the steadily increasing number
Luan Agency for the fiscal year 1943 is $50,000 more than 1 of insured institutions and also for supervision of the
be amount made available for 1942. The amount recom- rehabilitation or liquidation of an increasing number of
mended is to provide for increased supervision and problem institutions.
Yrdination of these agencies.

Home Owners' Loan Corporation
Electric Home and Farm Authority

The estimate of $15,153,712 for the administrative The estimate of $402,150 for the administrative expenses expenses of the Home Owners' Loan Corporation for the the Electric Home and Farm Authority for the fiscal fiscal year 1943 is $4,246,288 less than the amount made ar 1943 is $197,850 less than the amount made available available in 1942. Since June 12, 1936, this Corporation **1942. The decrease is attributable to a reduced has been in the process of liquidating its assets, its operaolime of business estimated for 1943 and a reduction in tions being limited to the collection of outstanding loans iba number of outstanding accounts.

and the management and disposal of the real estate it has


acquired through foreclosure. During the fiscal year 1941 all requirements of the constituent parts of the Agency for there was a substantial reduction in the number of prop- this purpose except the Civilian Conservation Corps, the erties on hand, together with a downward trend in the eleemosynary institutions, and for defense purposes. It number of foreclosures and an improvement in the con- consists of $1,000,000 appropriated to this appropriation dition of outstanding accounts. This trend is continuing title in 1942, plus $71,750 appropriated to organizations in the current fiscal year and is expected to continue through in the Agency in 1942 and transferred to this appropriation 1943.

in 1943, minus a net decrease of $23,950. This net Reconstruction Finance Corporation

decrease comprises increases of $2,320 for the Office of the

Administrator, of $8,500 for the Office of Education, of The estimate of $10,335,292_for the administrative $5,500 for the Food and Drug Administration, of $42,903 expenses of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation and for the Public Health Service, and $990 for St. Elizabeths The RFC Mortgage Company for the fiscal year 1943 is Hospital; and a decrease of $84,163 for the Social Security $444,612 in excess of that made available in 1942.

Board. The Corporation is authorized by the act approved June For the Columbia Institution for the Deaf the estimate 25, 1940, to make loans to corporations for defense pur- of $168,000 represents an increase of $26,000 to provide poses or to create corporations for the purpose of engaging for: One new instructor at $2,000, salary increases amountin defense activities. Pursuant to this authority the Cor- ing to $2,100, the purchase of $4,000 worth of new textporation created the Defense Homes Corporation, Defense books, new boilers at $14,000, and $3,900 required owing Plant Corporation, Defense Supplies Corporation, Metals to increased prices of food and supplies. Reserve Company, and the Rubber Reserve Company. The estimate of $2,482,980 for the Food and Drug These subsidiary corporations are actively engaged in Administration represents an increase of $41,065 for acquiring strategic and critical materials and in making salary increases under the Ramspeck Act. loans for building or expanding defense plants.

The estimates for Freedmen's Hospital amount to The operations of the Corporation are steadily increas- $754,310, an increase of $47,305 over the 1942 appropriaing. Since inception to October 31, 1941, total authoriza- tions. This increased amount is necessary to permit the tions have aggregated $16,589,000,000 and disbursements full utilization of the bed capacity of this institution to have amounted to $9,859,000,000. Commitments out- meet growing needs. For "Salaries," the increase of standing at that date totaled $4,304,000,000.

$46,195 will provide for the full year staffing of all units of the hospital together with certain adjustments in the salaries of existing personnel, including promotions.

For "Miscellaneous expenses," a net increase of only The estimates for the Federal Security Agency for the $1,110 over the 1942 appropriation is made possible by the fiscal year 1943 amount to $760,994,084, exclusive of trust curtailment of expenditures in other categories to offset accounts. This represents a net decrease of $268,192,492 necessary increases to meet rising costs of commodities. from the amounts appropriated for the various constit- The estimate of $764,000 for Howard University shows uent agencies for 1942.

a decrease of $21,600 because of nonrecurring items. Specific recommendations for the Civilian Conservation The estimate of $170,530,300 for the Office of Education Corps and the National Youth Administration are not in- represents an increase of $42,723,585 of which $42,318,000 cluded in the Budget at this time. This omission accounts is for defense training and $405,584 is for regular activities for a decrease of $398,727,000 below the 1942 appropria- including grants to the States. The net increase for tions for the Federal Security Agency, of which $246,960,- regular activities is composed of increases of $16,762 for 000 is due to the Civilian Conservation Corps and $151,- salaries for the Office of Education, $770 for general 767,000 is due to the National Youth Administration. A

expenses, $27,560 for the creation of a Forum Advisory decrease of $21,600 is shown for Howard University due Service, $300,000 for further development of vocational to a nonrecurring item of expenditure.

education, $150,000 for grants to States for cooperative The remaining activities of the Agency show a net rehabilitation of persons disabled in industry, a decrease increase of $130,556,108, of which $44,562,225 is for of $600 for cooperative vocational rehabilitation, District defense activities and $85,993,883 is for regular activities. of Columbia, and apparent decreases of $60,748 for salaries

The items of increase and decrease are distributed and expenses, vocational education, and $18,160 for through the various units of the Federal Security Agency salaries and expenses, vocational rehabilitation. These as follows:

latter two decreases are made up of decreases amounting The estimate of $1,702,800 for the Office of the Admin

to $65,100 and $19,050, respectively, for traveling existrator represents an increase of $177,968: $44,463 for penses and for printing and binding appropriated for in the Administrator's immediate office, $38,057 for per- 1942 in these appropriations but now provided for in sonnel management and supervision, $47,450 for the central appropriations, and of increases for salary adjustchief clerk's office, $37,498 for general counsel, and ments amounting to $4,352 and $890, respectively. $10,500 for miscellaneous expense.

further decrease of $10,000 results from expiration of the The estimate of $2,096,104 for travel for 1943 consists appropriation for study of higher education of Negroes. of $1,775,000 appropriated to this appropriation in 1942 The $42,318,000 net increase for defense training comand $842,220 as appropriated to constituent units of the prises increases of $41,600,000 for vocational courses of Agency in 1942 and transferred to this appropriation in Iess than college grade, $12,500,000 for short courses of 1943 minus a net decrease of $521,116. The net decrease college grade, and $218,000 for salaries and expenses in is made up of increases for the Office of the Administrator, connection with this work, offset by decreases of $2,000,000 $1,684; for the Office of Education, $8,840; for the Public for the acquisition of equipment and of $10,000,000 for Health Service, $40,500; offset by decreases of $21,140 vocational courses for young people employed on regular for the Social Security Board and $551,000 for the work projects of the National Youth Administration. National Youth Administration.

The estimate of $41,147,220 for the Public Health The estimate of $1,047,800 for printing and binding is for Service represents a net increase of $3,595,762 over the

total of the amounts appropriated for 1942. Defense Elimination of trust accounts for the Civilian Conservaactivities account for $1,289,000 of the increase and tion Corps accounts for a decrease of $20,030,000. Deregular activities for $2,306,762.

creases of $13,781 are estimated in Public Health Service Estimates of appropriations for the Public Health trust accounts, and $14,851 in the National Institute of Service for 1943 have been placed, so far as basic law will Health gift fund, partially offset by an increase of $1,070 permit

, on a functional basis. In doing this the following in personal funds and earnings of inmates of narcotic appropriation titles have been abandoned: “Pay of acting farms. A net increase of $18,000 is estimated for St. assistant surgeons," "Pay of other employees," "Control Elizabeths Hospital trust accounts, consisting of an inof biologic products," and "Maintenance, National In- crease of $23,000 in personal funds of patients, offset by stitute of Health.” A new appropriation, "Salaries and a decrease of $5,000 in pension money. expenses, National Institute of Health," has been introduced. Numerous transfers have been made among the

FEDERAL WORKS AGENCY remaining and new appropriations. Comments following regarding changes between the 1942 and 1943 amounts

Exclusive of items in the General Public Works Program,

the 1943 estimates for the Federal Works Agency provide are on the basis of adjusted 1942 figures. The net increase for regular activities is made up of the

for the Office of the Administrator $350,000, an increase following increases: $88,331 for salaries, Office of the

of $38,000 over the amount appropriated in 1942. This Surgeon General; $49,800 for miscellaneous expenses;

increase provides for within-grade promotions, under the 890,890 for pay, etc., commissioned officers, including provisions of Public Law 200 and Executive Order No. $49,379 for within-grade promotions, $19,405 for waiting 8842, $2,000; for transfers from constituent agencies, orders pay, $9,474 for 3 commissioned officers, State

$10,000; for public works planning, $11,000; and to Relations Division, and $12,632 for 4 assistant' dental strengthen the organization and provide necessary addisurgeons for service to increased Coast Guard personnel; tional funds for other obligations in 1943, approximately

$15,000. $585,761 for pay of personnel and maintenance of hospitals; $18,384 for foreign quarantine service; $1,929,743

For the Public Buildings Administration, $25,504,410 is for expenses, Division of Venereal Diseases; and $231,020

recommended, a net increase of $2,301,405 over 1942 for salaries and expenses, National Institute of Health. appropriations. Within-grade promotions under the proThis total increase is partially offset by the following

visions of Public Law 200 and Executive Order No. 8842 decreases: $181,799 for preventing the spread of epidemic will require $333,750 of the proposed increase. An diseases; $1,000 for interstate quarantine service; $227,286

increase of $352,920 in general administrative expenses for expenses, Division of Mental Hygiene, made possible has been recommended to provide an organization that by the decline in illegal narcotic drug traffic; $246,606 for

can adequately perform the required inspection of public disease and sanítation investigations; and $30,476 for buildings during a period when new construction and

An maintenance, National Cancer Institute.

major repairs have been reduced to a minimum. The increase for defense activity comprises $489,000 for

increase of $1,719,100 is recommended for rent, operation, emergency health and sanitation activities and $800,000 maintenance, repair, and protection of rented or Federalfor nurse training.

owned space inside the District of Columbia, and $84,635 The estimate of $1,418,300 for St. Elizabeths Hospital

for operation, protection, and maintenance of space outside represents an increase of $135,695 over the appropriations of $218,000 recommended to meet additional labor costs

the District of Columbia. There is an additional increase for 1942. The increase is to provide for additional patient

and $50,000 for decoration of buildings outside the District The estimates for the Social Security Board for 1943

of Columbia, offset by a decrease of $457,000 for major amount to $529,207,270, a net increase of $83,439,825 over

repairs. the appropriation for 1942. Regular activities account

An amount of $75,000 is recommended for administrafor $82,484,600 of this increase, and defense activities for

tive expenses of the Public Works Administration from $955,225. Grants to States account for $81,710,000 of

funds available to the Administration. This is a decrease the increase for regular activities, leaving $774,600 for

of $545,000 under 1942. The work of this agency should salaries and expenses.

be completed by the end of the fiscal year 1943. The net increase for regular activities is made up of

For the United States Housing Authority $4,568,430 is the following increases: $650,000 for salaries for the Bureau

provided from funds of the Authority for administrative of Old-Age and Survivors' Insurance; an apparent increase

expenses. This is an increase of $198,430 over 1942. of $163,560 for salaries, Bureau of Public Assistance,

Of this increase $71,430 will be required for within-grade which after adjustment for transfers and for promotion promotions and $127,000 is for additional administrative allowances results in a net increase of $9,087; $59,000,000

expenses due to an increased program. For annual confor grants to the States for old-age assistance; $12,000,000

tributions $17,000,000 is provided from Treasury funds. for grants to the States for aid to dependent children;

It is estimated that a balance of $2,000,000 of the 1942 $11,000,000 for grants to the States for unemployment appropriation will be available for annual contribution compensation administration; $16,740 for salaries, Bureau

payments expected to reach $19,000,000 in 1943. of Employment Security; and $63,500 for miscellaneous

No defense estimate for the Public Roads Administrapipenses. Offsetting these increases are an apparent

tion was provided in 1943. In 1942 $5,000,000 was decrease of $119,200 for salaries, offices of the Board appropriated for flight strips and $74,600,000 for access which after adjustment for transfers resolves to a net

roads. In addition, a contract authorization of $50,ricrease of $51,893; and a decrease of $290,000 for grants

000,000 was granted for access roads for which no 1943 to the States for aid to the blind.

estimate is submitted. The increase for defense activities consists of one item,

VETERANS' ADMINISTRATION 8955,225 for selecting, testing, and placement, defense

The estimates for the Veterans' Administration, exTrust accounts.—The 1943 estimates totaling $354,- clusive of trust funds and construction projects included 500 represent a net decrease of $20,025,781 from 1942. in the General Public Works Program, amount to $596,



638,088, a decrease of $9,197,199 from appropriations for the construction of projects under the normal program in the fiscal year 1942.

order to meet as quickly as possible power demands. A An amount of $110,909,088, representing an increase of relatively small amount of the funds for 1943 will be used $5,540,051 over appropriations for the fiscal year 1942, for nondefense purposes, and these have been limited to has been included under “Salaries and expenses” to the minimum necessary to preserve the results of previous provide for all expenses of administering and operating investments. the central office in Washington, regional offices, hospital The financing of the Authority's program is not limited and domiciliary facilities, and other field activities of the to annual appropriations. Other funds are derived from Veterans Administration. This increase has been found power revenues, the sale of fertilizer, proceeds of bond necessary to care for an increased number of beneficiaries sales, reappropriated balances of earlier appropriations, in veterans' facilities, to meet the rising cost of com- and miscellaneous receipts. A more extended statement modities, to permit adjustments in salaries and within- of the Authority's operations and means of financing grade promotions of employees, and to provide for appears in the Annexed Budget. additional insurance activities in connection with the expansion of the armed forces.

Federal Works Agency, Public Works For “Printing and binding," "Army and Navy pensions," and "Military and naval insurance” decreases The estimates for 1943 for public works under the from the 1942 appropriations in the amount of $6,250, Federal Works Agency total $91,000,000, a reduction of $8,597,000, and $3,419,000, respectively, are reflected in $69,720,000 under 1942. Included in the 1943 estimates

No amounts are included for "Adjusted is $88,500,000 for the Public Roads Administration, a net service and dependent pay" and "Adjusted-service decrease of $37,500,000 from 1942. This decrease results certificate appropriated fund," as funds now available for from an effort to restrict so far as possible the constructhese purposes will be sufficient to meet the obligations tion of highways to those immediately essential to the arising in the fiscal year 1943. This represents further

national defense. The following tabulation shows the decreases from appropriations for 1942 amounting to amounts recommended for 1943 and the 1942 appropria$10,485,000. An increase of $7,770,000 for "National

tions therefor: Service Life Insurance" is necessary to meet the additional obligations arising from the extra hazards of


Appropriamilitary or naval service.

Under trust funds, there is an increase of $14,560,000, due to increased activities under the "National Service Federal-aid highway system


Federal-aid secondary or feeder roads. Life Insurance trust fund." The obligations anticipated Elimination of grade crossings.

Public-lands highways.. under other trust accounts reflect decreases amounting to $539,000


Amount in

cluded in 1943 Budget

tion, 1942



6,000,000 22, 000.000





An item of $2,500,000 is included for the Public Build

ings Administration, a decrease of $32,220,000 from 1942. The estimates for the General Public Works Program

The decrease is accounted for mainly by supplemental for 1943 total $511,646,875, a decrease of $204,742,565 appropriations in 1942 for public buildings to supply office from 1942 appropriations. The estimate for contract authorizations in 1943 is $671,000, a decrease of $26,786,500

space required in connection with defense activities. The

$2,500,000 for 1943 includes $2,000,000 for continuation from the 1942 authorizations. While the General Public

of the acquisition of site and construction of a building Works Program excludes items directly connected with the

for the General Accounting Office, and $500,000 for a site military part of the national defense program, the great pre

for the Army Medical Library and Museum. ponderance of the items included are recommended as

It is estimated that the $2,000,000 for the General essential to the national defense program, such as power

Accounting Office will substantially complete this buildfacilities and defense connected highways. Estimates for military connected items of the national defense program

ing. Under a limit of cost of $9,850,000, a total of

$6,992,000 has been appropriated. The $500,000 for the such as construction of naval vessels, military posts, etc.,

Army Medical Library and Museum is under a limit of are provided elsewhere in the Budget.

cost of $4,750,000 for a site and construction of a building. National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, Public

Veterans' Administration, Public Works

The amount included for hospital and domiciliary The estimate totaling $6,000,000 recommended for 1943

facilities is $4,557,000, an increase of $1,057,000 over 1942 includes $3,000,000 for continuing the construction of appropriations. This estimate provides funds for a new the Ames Aeronautical Laboratory authorized in the facility in the Pennsylvania area; additional beds at Third Deficiency Act, fiscal year 1939; and $3,000,000 for Marion, Ill., and Dearborn, Mich.; plans and preparation the continued construction of the Aircraft Engine Re- of a site for a new facility at Saratoga Springs, N. Y.; search Laboratory at Cleveland, Ohio, which was author

and such major reconditioning, replacements, and alteraized in the First Supplemental National Defense Appro- tions as are necessary at existing facilities. priation Act, 1941.

Department of Agriculture, Public Works
Tennessee Valley Authority, Public Works

The only item in the Department of Agriculture approThere is included in the 1943 Budget $136,100,000 under priation estimates for public works is $6,500,000 for nathe above heading, or $30,700,000 less than 1942 appro- tional forest roads and trails, a decrease of $3,490,165 priations. The 1943 estimate is required to carry forward under 1942, accounted for by a proposed curtailment in the national defense power programs and to accelerate the construction program. This estimate will leave an




Boanerille Power Administration.
Bureau of Indian A tfairs.
Buresu of Reclamation.
National Park Service.

$52, 858, 500

6, 446, 905 99, 667, 000 9, 346, 000

$22, 750,000

2, 102, 275 90, 885, 000

609, 600


168, 318, 405

116, 346, 875

unappropriated balance of $4,519,835 in the 1942 authori- ington; Boulder Dam project, Nevada; and Colorado-Big zation of $10,000,000, provided in the act of September 5, Thompson, Colorado; all of which are regarded urgent 1940.

for preventing power deficiencies in the areas which they Department of the Interior, Public Works

will serve. There are other items of increase or decrease,

depending upon how essential are the requirements of the The estimates for 1943 for public works under the respective projects. Department of the Interior aggregate $116,346,875, a Work on the Central Valley project contemplates condecrease of $51,971,530 below the 1942 appropriations. tinuation of construction on the Shasta Dam which will All items in the public-works program have been studied

be about 92 percent completed at the end of 1943. Work closely and the recommendations made are principally for in the power plant will consist of placing penstocks and projects which have a definite national defense significance installing electrical machinery. It is expected that the in furnishing additional electric power, completion of high first four 75,000 kilowatt generating units will be compriority projects under way, or meeting obligations of the pleted by the end of the calendar year 1943. Work will be current fiscal year in 1943.

continued on the Keswick Dam and power plant and the Public-works items of the Department compared with construction of transmission facilities will also be conthe 1942 appropriations and the estimates for 1943 are tinued during the year. Work will begin on the construclisted below:

tion of the Antioch steam plant. It is proposed to complete construction on the Friant Dam.

The work on the Grand Coulee Dam project consists primarily of the installation of additional generating capacity and power-plant construction for furnishing power to the Bonneville Power Administration. The work on the Boulder Canyon project is mainly for installing additional generating equipment to supply power for the new magnesium plant located in the vicinity of Las Vegas, Nev.

The estimate recommended for the National Park The amount recommended for the Bonneville Power Service is $609,600, or $8,736,400 below the 1942 apAdministration is necessary for the continuation of con- propriations. The roads and trails item has been reduced struction of transmission facilities required for serving from $3,000,000 to $200,000. New construction on the existing and prospective national defense industries. The

Blue Ridge, Natchez Trace, and George Washington onginal appropriation for 1942 under this item has been

Memorial Parkways has been reduced from $6,000,000 augmented by two supplemental appropriations during the

to $300,000, and the item for physical improvements has current fiscal year to meet the growing demands for power been reduced from $346,000 to $109,600. The amount in this area and to provide for the placing of orders for

recommended is considered essential for the most urgent equipment and materials which require a long period of items under the public works program. time for their manufacture, delivery, and installation. The amount recommended for the Bureau of Indian

Department of Justice, Public Works Affairs is $2,102,275, a net decrease of $4,344,630 below the 1942 appropriation. The principal decrease of The estimates for public works under the Department $1.398,950 is in the item for the construction of irrigation of Justice for the fiscal year 1943 total $390,000, an insystems on Indian reservations, the large items of de- crease of $43,000 over appropriations for the fiscal year crease being for the Colorado River project, Arizona;

1942. Flathead project, Montana; and Navajo, Arizona and The 1943 estimates include $90,000 for construction and New Mexico projects where funds are provided only for repair at the United States Penitentiary, McNeil Island, completing contract requirements for construction now Wash., of which $30,000 is for extension of existing facili

ties and $60,000 for continuing the development of the For the construction or major repairs of buildings and island area; and $300,000 for extension or improvement of utilities there is a decrease of $1,510,180. The amount existing facilities at other penal and correctional institurecommended, $393,275, is for the most urgent and essen

tions. tial items of construction and repair, including final pay

Department of State, Public Works ment on the Tacoma, Wash., hospital and sanatorium.

The estimates of public works appropriations of the A decrease of $1,250,000 is recommended for road construction on Indian reservations which leaves a balance of $1,273,000, a decrease of $598,500 from the 1942 appro

Department of State for the fiscal year 1943 amount to $1,200,000 for 1943. A larger amount for this item would

priations. normally be desirable since this type of work affords relief

The 1943 estimates provide $233,000 for public buildto Indians who otherwise would require gratuities or other ings for diplomatic and consular establishments abroad, means of support.

a decrease of $217,000. The principal building projects The estimates for the Bureau of Reclamation total

to be constructed in 1943 will be located in the other $40,885,000, or $8,782,000 less than the total appropriation American republics and Australia. The estimates profor 1942. The estimates contemplate an expenditure of vide $950,000 for continuing construction of the Lower $$34,000 from the reclamation fund and $90,051,000 from the general fund of the Treasury. The amount

Rio Grande flood-control project, the same amount that recommended is for the continuation of construction on

was appropriated for 1942. An estimate of $90,000 is

included for the construction of the United States portion power projects essential to national defense, to meet obligations incurred during the current fiscal year and for

of the Douglas-Agua Prieta sanitation project at Douglas,

Ariz. completion of projects which are necessary in preventing losses of construction works already under way. The

War Department, Public Works mejor expenditures contemplated are for the Central There is included a total of $149,480,000 for public Valley project, California; Grand Coulee project, Wash- | works of the civil functions of the War Department, a net

under way.

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