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Executive Office of the President.
Emergency sunds appropriated to the President:

Defense aid (lend-lease)..
Emergency funds for the President, national defense..
Emergency funds for the President, national defense housing.
Emergency funds for the President, defense housing, tem-

porary shelter.
Civil Service Commission...
Federal Communications Commission.
Federal Power Commission.
Interstate Commerce Commission.
Maritime Labor Board....
National Labor Relations Board
Selective Service System...
U.S. Maritime Commission.
Federal Loan Agency
Federal Security Agency:

National defense funds for the President
National Youth Administration.
Office of Education..
Public Health Service..

Social Security Board..
Federal Works Agency:

Defense public works, community facilities.
National defense housing...
Public Buildings Administration, national defense funds for

the President..

Public Roads Administration.. Department of Agriculture:

National defense funds for the President.

Surplus Marketing Administration....
Department of Commerce:

Bureau of the Census.
National Inventors' Council.

Office of Administrator of Civil Aeronautics..
Department of the Interior:

Bureau of Indian Affairs.
Bureau of Mines.
Bureau of Reclamation.
Geological Survey...
Government in the Territories.
National defense funds for the President.

Office of Petroleum Coordinator for National Defense.
Department of Justice:

Federal Bureau of Investigation.
National defense funds for the President.

Special national defense unit.
Department of Labor:

Office of the Secretary.
Bureau of Labor Statistics.

National defense funds for the President.
Department of State:

Office of the Secretary.

National defense funds for the President.. Treasury Department:

National defense funds for the President

Procurement Division.
War Department (civil functions):

Panama Canal, additional facilities.
Relief of the Philippine Islands (indefinite).

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The synopsis of appropriation estimates has been pre- for which $10,000 was appropriated. This nonrecurring pared for the purpose of setting forth in summary the 1943 item is offset by an increase of $1,450 for the Office of appropriation estimates and the comparison of such esti- Legislative Counsel, making a net decrease of $8,550 from mates with the appropriations for the fiscal year 1942 the 1942 appropriation. together with brief explanations of the major items of increase or decrease. More detailed information con

Architect of the Capitol cerning each estimate will be found in the section of this Budget entitled “Estimates of Appropriations in Detail.”

The estimates for the Architect of the Capitol, $2,535,

862, are $106,704 in excess of the appropriations for the WITHIN-GRADE PROMOTIONS

fiscal year 1942. These increases include $3,787 for sala

ries for the Architect's office, and repairs, maintenance, Prior to August 1, 1941, within-grade promotions for and improvements as follows: Legislative garage, $180; persons under the Classification Act were not based upon Capitol power plant, $222,325; Library of Congress, any uniform policy or in accordance with any standard of $131,821. These increases were partially offset by the procedure of equity and justice as between employees in following decreases in maintenance costs: Capitol Buildthe same agency or as between employees in different ing and grounds, $47,270; Senate Office Building, $68,699; agencies. This situation was corrected by Public Law 200, House Office Building, $ 132,440; and Senate folding room, approved August 1, 1941, which established an orderly $3,000. and systematic method of within-grade promotions for

Botanic Garden personnel falling within the purview of the Classification Act. Its scope was further extended by Executive Order The Botanic Garden estimate of $106,557 reflects an No. 8842, dated August 1, 1941, to employees whose increase of $1,320 over 1942 appropriations to cover the salaries are classified under the schedules prescribed by cost of within-grade promotions. Executive Order No. 6746 of June 21, 1934. It is estimated that during the fiscal year 1942 a total

Library of Congress of 223,332 employees will receive within-grade advancements. Of this number, it is estimated that 59,234 are in

The estimate of $4,187,156 for the Library of Congress the District of Columbia and 164,098 are in the field. It

is $286,290 in excess of the appropriations for the fiscal is also estimated that 65 percent of those receiving in

year 1942. Net increases appear as follows: $301,000 creases under the new law will be in salary grades of $2,000

for salaries and expenses for the Library (exclusive of or less. Provision is made in the Budget estimates for buildings), $14,600 for printing and binding, and $53,242 1943 for funds required in that fiscal year to care for pro

for Library buildings. Decreases appeared in the motions made during the fiscal year 1942, as well as

amounts of $39,730 for books and periodicals and $42,822 additional promotions that under the law will accrue

for contingent and miscellaneous expenses. Of this during the fiscal year 1943. The amounts required will

latter amount, $30,000 was a nonrecurring item. be found under the detailed estimates of appropriation

Government Printing Office

The estimate of $7,497,510 for the Government Printing The estimates of appropriations for the legislative Office includes increases totaling $2,247,460 in excess of establishment for the fiscal year 1943 total $27,776,047, a

appropriations for the fiscal year 1942, of which $2,163,000 bet increase of $2,434,024 over the appropriations for the

is for public printing and binding and $84,460 for personal fiscal year 1942.

services in the Office of the Superintendent of Documents. Senate

JUDICIAL ESTABLISHMENT The estimate of $4,361,404 for the United States Senate słows a net decrease of $30,500, composed of $30,000 in

The estimates for the judicial establishment for the fiscal nonrecurring items and $500 for committee employees.

year 1943, exclusive of trust accounts, amount to $12,748,287, an increase of $379,632 over 1942 appropria

tions. This increase is to provide for anticipated expanHouse of Representatives

sion in the business of the United States courts, extension For the House of Representatives the estimate is of the Federal probation system, within-grade promotions $9.256,618, a net decrease of $168,700 as compared with authorized by Public Law 200, and reclassification of appropriations for the fiscal year 1942. Nonrecurring certain positions. iers include $50,000 for payments to dependents of

The estimates for the Supreme Court of the United Chceased Congressmen. The reduction of $129,600 for States involve an increase of $12,153 for salaries of emcontingent expenses is offset by an increase of $10,900 ployees of the Court, printing and binding, and care of the for salaries of officers and employees.

Supreme Court Building and grounds, and a decrease of

$50,000 for a nonrecurring item for preparation of rules Legislative miscellaneous

for criminal proceedings, resulting in a net decrease of

$37,847. The miscellaneous legislative group, for which the esti- For the remainder of the judicial establishment, excluTate is $262,940, includes the Capitol Police force, the sive of the Administrative Office of the United States doint Committee on Printing, the Office of Legislative Courts, there is a net increase of $385,761, involving inCounsel, and the cost of preparing appropriation state- creases of $10,600 for repairs and improvements to the Lects. For the fiscal year 1942 there is included in the District Court Building for the District of Columbia, group the Committee to Investigate Federal Expenditures, $27,082 for salaries and expenses of the Court of Claims,

$62,500 for salaries of circuit, district, and retired judges, and $75,013,012 was made available by the Third Supple$98,150 for salaries and expenses of clerks of courts, mental National Defense Appropriation Act, 1942. $149,409 for probation system, $74,685 for miscellaneous In addition to the cash appropriations above, an salaries, $44,800 for traveling expenses, and $9,535 for all amount of $3,000,000 was provided by the Second Defiother activities, resulting in a gross increase of $476,761, ciency Appropriation Act, 1941, for contract authorizawhich is offset by decreases of $2,000 for repairs and im tion for the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs. provements to the Court of Appeals Building for the The existing state of war will result in considerable District of Columbia and $89,000 for miscellaneous expansion of the present functions of the Office for Emerexpenses.

gency Management, which at this time cannot be proThe estimates for the Administrative Office of the jected into the fiscal year 1943. An estimate of the 1943 United States Courts provide for increases of $28,578 for requirements will be transmitted to Congress before the salaries and $3,140 for contingent expenses, a total increase close of the current fiscal year. of $31,718. The estimates for the judicial establishment have been

Office of Government Reports included in the Budget as submitted to the Bureau of the

For regular activities of the Office of Government Budget without revision, pursuant to section 201 (a) of the Budget and Accounting Act and the act of August 7,

Reports the estimates show an increase of $406,270 above 1939, providing for the administration of the United States

the appropriation for the fiscal year 1942, to enable the

Office of Government Reports to maintain offices in 48 courts.

States instead of the present 32 States and to provide EXECUTIVE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT

adequate staff in Washington and the field to handle the

activities related to the national defense. The White House For the White House office, there is a net decrease Emergency funds appropriated to the President of $3,750 in 1943. This consists of an increase of $1,350

The estimates submitted for the fiscal year 1943 include for personal services, offset by a decrease of $5,100 in the appropriation for the Executive Mansion and grounds.

$25,000,000 to liquidate contract authorizations under the

emergency funds granted to the President in the IndeBureau of the Budget

pendent Offices Appropriation Act, 1942, and provisions

that the unobligated portion of said contract authorizaFor regular activities of the Bureau of the Budget, the tion, together with any unobligated balance of the approestimates show an increase of $387,000 above the appro- priation of $100,000,000 under this head for the fiscal year priation for the fiscal year 1942. This increase is requested 1942, be continued available until June 30, 1943. It is to strengthen still further the staff of the Bureau engaged

to be noted that the Third Supplemental National Dein the consideration of estimates, in problems of adminis- fense Appropriation Act, 1942, approved December 17, trative management, in the study of fiscal policies and 1941, contained an additional appropriation of $100,programs, and in the coordination of statistical activities. 000,000 under this head for 1942, to remain available For national defense activities there is an increase of until June 30, 1943. $280,000 above the appropriation for the fiscal year 1942, to carry on the inspection of defense construction projects

INDEPENDENT ESTABLISHMENTS and to conduct many special studies dealing with the

American Battle Monuments Commission organization and operation of defense agencies.

The estimate of $50,000 for the American Battle MonuNational Resources Planning Board

ments Commission is $84,250 less than the appropriation For regular activities of the National Resources Plan

for the fiscal year 1942. The reduction is due to the

temporary discontinuance of the service in Europe. ning Board the estimate of $708,845 is $7,455 greater than the appropriation for the fiscal year 1942, the increase

Board of Tax Appeals representing within-grade promotions. For the planning activities of the Board in the interest of national defense The appropriation estimates of the Board of Ta the estimates show an increase of $300,705 above the Appeals for 1943 total $582,037, which is an increase o appropriation for the fiscal year 1942. This will provide $23,037 over 1942. This increase includes $16,500 fo personnel and other expenses for continuance of studies personal services, $3,500 for travel expenses, supplies, tas begun during the fiscal years 1941 and 1942, for additional reporting services, and contract stenographic services studies undertaken at the request of the President, and and $3,637 for within-grade promotions. for preparation of advance plans for defense and postdefense situations, in cooperation with Federal agencies Board of Investigation and Research--Transportation and with State, regional, and local planning agencies.

No estimate is provided for the Board in the Budget fo Office for Emergency Management


An appropriation of $100,000 was made in the Fir Appropriations of $121,513,012 for the fiscal year 1942 | Supplemental National Defense Appropriation Act, 194 were made for the various agencies within the framework to inaugurate the work of the Board during the fiscal ye of the Office for Emergency Management.

1942. Subsequently, an additional $246,500 was appr The funds provided have been made available in three priated in the Third Supplemental National Defen appropriation acts on the basis of need as the defense Appropriation Act, 1942, for the completion of certa program assumed broader horizons. The Second Defi- directive studies, to remain available during the fis ciency Appropriation Act, 1941, provided $36,500,000; an year 1943 through September 18, 1942, when the Boar additional $10,000,000 was provided by the Second Sup- tenure will have expired unless extended by President plemental National Defense Appropriation Act, 1942; | proclamation.

Canal Zone Biological Area

"Employees' compensation fund, emergency relief,” shows

an increase of $500,000, in addition to which the unThe act of July 2, 1940 (54 Stat. 724), established the expended balance of previous appropriations estimated at Canal Zone biological area on Barro Colorado Island in

$1,592,090 is continued available for the fiscal year 1943. Gatun Lake, C. Z., for preservation and equipment of the Under the special fund appropriations for the employees' area for scientific observations and investigations, and au compensation fund, civil works, the appropriation prothorized an annual appropriation of not to exceed $10,000 | vided, $137,000, is $38,000 less than the amount approas the Federal share in the expenses of the project. The priated for 1942. estimate of $10,000 for the fiscal year 1943 is for the pur The 1943 estimate of $535,000 for the employees' compose of carrying out the intent of the authorization act.

pensation fund, emergency conservation work, is $140,000

less than provided for 1942. Civil Service Commission

There is a small increase of $500 indicated in the trust The estimates of $120,346,925 for the Commission are

account for relief and rehabilitation, longshoremen's and

Harbor Workers' Compensation Act. $5,187,903 more than the appropriations made for the fiscal year 1942. Of this increase $4,346,438 is chargeable

Federal Communications Commission to the civil-service retirement and disability fund in accordance with the recommendations contained in the

The estimates of $4,991,219 for the Commission are twentieth annual report of the Board of Actuaries, which

$77,510 below the amounts appropriated for the fiscal report was transmitted to the Congress on June 16, 1941.

year 1942. The decrease consists of a reduction of $15,229 Other increases are $435,017 for salaries and expenses and

in the appropriation for salaries and expenses for the $13,100 for printing and binding, to provide on a full-year regular work of the Commission under the Communicabasis for the expansion of activities because of the increased tions Act of 1934, $61,381 in the national defense activities work devolving on the Commission under the Ramspeck due to nonrecurring items of expenditure, and $900 for Act of November 26, 1940, and the Executive Order, No.

printing and binding. V43, of April 23, 1941, which created the Board of Legal Examiners in the Commission to provide for the develop

Federal Power Commission "ment of a merit system for the recruitment, selection, appointment, promotion, and transfer of attorneys in the The total recommended for the Federal Power Comclassified civil service; $75,000 for activities in connec mission is $3,067,520, an increase of $285,520 over the "on with the prevention of pernicious political activities; amount appropriated for the fiscal year 1942. The increase sed $1,099,908 in the appropriation for national-defense in the appropriation for salaries and expenses is occasioned suvities because of the increasing placements anticipated by an allowance of $24,600 to cover additional pay-roll

the defense agencies of the Federal Government during commitments through the reclassification of a number of 13.

employees of the Commission. The remainder of the The above increases are offset by a decrease of $781,560, increase is to permit compliance with the act authorizing par to the nonrecurring 1942 appropriation for extension within-grade promotions. The small increase in the item the civil service under title I of the Ramspeck Act. for flood-control surveys is solely for within-grade promo1 1942 appropriation for this purpose is available tions. Carigh the fiscal year 1943.

For national defense activities of the Commission

$519,255 is recommended, an increase of $234,255 over the Council of National Defense

1942 appropriation. This increase is to permit employ

ment on a full-year basis of personnel provided for through La the Budget for the fiscal year 1942, an estimate of 27.550,000 was included for the Council of National

a supplemental appropriation of $135,000 for the fiscal ofense. Because of the rapid changes in the defense

year 1942 on a part-time basis. witam, funds for the fiscal year 1942 were provided to

Federal Trade Commission Office for Emergency Management, instead of the

The estimates for the Commission total $2,302,474 cocil of National Defense, in the Second Deficiency propriation Act, 1941, and subsequent appropriation

which is a decrease of $57,526 below the amounts appro13. For details of funds available to the Council of priated for the fiscal year 1942. Decreases of $75,000 in Bonal Defense in the fiscal year 1941, see Office for

the salaries and expenses appropriation because of the Bergency Management.

completion of an investigation by the Commission on

production cost accounting methods and $9,750 in the Employees' Compensation Commission

printing and binding appropriation, are offset by an in

crease in the amount of $27,224 for administrative withinThe estimates for the Employees' Compensation Com- grade promotions. son for the fiscal year 1943 aggregate $10,989,705, site of appropriations from special funds and trust

Foreign Service Pay Adjustment * nts, an increase of $1,982,152 over the 1942 appro

The estimate for the fiscal year 1943 of $1,350,000 is an *ions for the same purposes. Included in the increase 28,652 additional for salaries and expenses of the

increase of $375,000 over the appropriation for the fiscal smission and $1,250,000 additional for the regular year 1942: This is brought about by reason of increases Threes' compensation payments and benefits. Both

in the assignment of personnel to foreign countries whose tuse unusual increases are necessary because of the

currency has appreciated in relation to the American

dollar. ally expanded enrollment of Federal employees under

General Accounting Office zational defense program. There is also an increase $50 for printing and binding.

The total of the annual estimates for the General E appropriation for compensation benefits and ad- Accounting Office for 1943 is $16,936,490, a net increase rative expenses pertaining thereto, under the title of $4,586,863. Increases totaling $5,917,371 are required

to perform the increased volume of work anticipated on The estimate also provides $200,000 for acquisition of
account of the national defense program, and $69,493 is land for the George Washington Memorial Parkway on
provided for within-grade promotions. These increases the Virginia side of the Potomac River.
are offset in part by the nonrecurring item of $1,400,000
for administrative expenses, emergency relief.

National Labor Relations Board
Interstate Commerce Commission

The estimates of the National Labor Relations Board

for the fiscal year 1943, amounting to $3,771,470, provide The estimates for the Commission, which amount to an increase of $375,760 over the appropriations for the $9,557,809, exclusive of trust accounts, provide for an fiscal year 1942. The increase includes $47,920 for regular increase of $235,059 over the appropriations for the fiscal salaries of the Board, and $327,840 in the appropriation year 1942. Increases provided are: $5,900 to provide for for extraordinary expenditures involved in performing additional inspectors for signal safety systems; $2,500 for duties in connection with labor disputes in industries the Bureau of Valuation for the rantal of field office space

under the national defense program. occasioned by giving up office space to other offices of the Federal Government; $128,165 for the Commission's

National Mediation Board emergency work in preventing car shortages in connection with national defense exigencies, the latter fund to become

The 1943 estimates for the National Mediation Board, immediately available; and $130,294 for administrative which includes the National Railroad Adjustment Board, within-grade promotions which is properly allocated to the

total $420,415, representing a net decrease of $31,273 various bureaus of the Commission. These increases are under the appropriation for 1942. This comprises inoffset by decreases of $800 in printing and binding and

creases of $1,197 for the National Mediation Board, and $31,000 under the Bureau of Motor Carriers, the latter $25,530 for salaries and expenses of the National Railroad being occasioned by nonrecurring items of expenditure.

Adjustment Board, offset by decreases of $55,000 in the

appropriation for Arbitration and Emergency Boards and Maritime Labor Board

$3,000 in printing and binding of the Adjustment Board. No estimate is submitted for 1943 for the Maritime Protection of Interests of the United States in Matters Labor Board. The Board was established for a period of

Affecting Oil Lands in Former Naval Reserves 3 years expiring June 22, 1941. The act of June 23, 1941, extended the Board for 1 year, and $30,000 was appro

No estimate is submitted for the fiscal year 1943 as it priated by the First Supplemental National Defense

is anticipated that final disposition of these matters will Appropriation Act, 1942, "to be used for winding up and

be made during the current fiscal year within the limits terminating the affairs of the Board.”

of the appropriation of $25,850 available.

Railroad Retirement Board
National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics

The estimate of $3,041,000 for the general expenses of The estimate for the general administrative expenses of

the Board for administration of the Railroad Retirement the Committee, amounting to $9,018,328, represents an Act is $109,000 less than the amount appropriated in 1942. increase of $2,797,863 over the appropriations for 1942.

A nonrecurring item of $80,981 in connection with the The recommended estimate will provide for the continuance of two, and in some laboratory units three, tion of this decrease.

prior service records project accounts for the major por

tion of this decrease. The remainder is made up of shifts of operating personnel which were inaugurated decreases of $262 for salaries; $10,757 for miscellaneous during the current fiscal year. This will permit the necessary testing of the new military aircraft in accordance

expenses comprised of a decrease for rents amounting to with the planned schedules of the military services.

$16,517 offset by an increase of $5,760 for transfer to the Treasury; and $17,000 for printing and binding.

For the railroad retirement appropriated account the National Archives

estimate of $214,801,000 is an increase of $73,951,000 Estimates totaling $1,146,725, a net increase of $68,503

over 1942.

For the railroad unemployment insurance administraover the appropriations for the current fiscal year, are tion fund, the estimate of $9,500,000 represents an estisubmitted. Additional personnel, supplies, and equip

mate of 10 percent of contributions under the Railroad ment to enable the agency to care for increased accessions

Unemployment Insurance Act, and an estimate of baland provide adequate service, particularly with reference

ances of amounts collected on account of railroad emin agencies, are included in the gross increases of $95,838 ployees under title IX of the Social Security Act and which are offset by $27,335 in nonrecurring items.

transferred to this appropriation.

Securities and Exchange Commission National Capital Park and Planning Commission

The estimate of $5,440,000 for the Commission, excluThe estimate of $900,000 for the National Capital Park

sive of the trust account, is the same as the amount and Planning Commission includes $700,000 for contin-appropriated for the fiscal year 1942. uance of the program of land acquisition for the park, parkway, and playground system of the District of

Selective Service System Columbia, as authorized by section 4 of the CapperCramton Act of May 29, 1930. Section 4 of the act For the operation and maintenance of the Selective authorizes a total appropriation of $16,000,000, of which, Service System, there is provided the sum of $34,745,000 including the present estimate, there will have been made which is an increase of $1,245,000 over the appropriatior available $9,878,700.

for the fiscal year 1942.

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