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11. Miscellaneous trust accounts:

Library of Congress trust fund, permanent loan account.
Library of Congress gift fund.
Library of Congress trust fund, investment account.
Deposits, unearned proceeds of sale of publications, Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office.
Deposits, Canal Zone Biological Area fund.
Civilian Conservation Corps, deposit fund.
Proceeds, estates of deceased and mentally incompetent enrolled members, Civilian Conservation Corps..
Relief and rehabilitation, and interest on investments, Longshoremen's and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act.
Deposits, unearned collections, title I, National Housing Act, as amended....
Deposits, unearned permit fees under sec. 224, Motor Carrier Act, 1935, Interstate Commerce Commission
Loan by U.S. Housing Authority for low-rent housing fund, District of Columbia Alley Dwelling Authority.
Deposits, Franklin D. Roosevelt Library Income Account, admission fees.-
Donations, National Archives gift fund.
Contributions and interest on investments, National Institute of Health, conditional gift fund..
Proceeds from effects and moneys of former patients, Public Health Service...
Deposits of personal funds and earnings of inmates, narcotic farms, Public Health Service..
Withholding from contractors for Wage Adjustments Acts, Aug. 30, 1935, and June 16, 1933.
Deposits, unearned fees, Securities and Exchange Commission.--
Deposits, general post fund, national homes, Veterans' Administration..
Deposits, funds due incompetent beneficiaries, Veterans' Administration.
Deposits, personal funds of patients, Veterans' Administration...
Receipts, Welfare and Recreational Association of Public Buildings and Grounds.
Receipts, international telecommunications settlements, Federal Communications Commission.
Deposits, Langston management, The Alley Dwelling Authority-
Deposits, completed projects, The Alley Dwelling Authority.
Deposits, drainage district assessments on acquired lands, Farm Security Administration.
Deposits, Farm Security Administration, assets of State rural rehabilitation corporations.
Deposits, resettlement and rural rehabilitation projects, Farm Security Administration...
Deductions from agricultural adjustment program payments, Farm Security Administration.
Deposits, reserve for maintenance and repair, lease and purchase agreements, Farm Security Administration.
Deposits toward purchase price, lease, and purchase contracts, Farm Security Administration..
Deposits, unearned grazing fees, Farm Security Administration..
Deposits to secure payments for reproductions of photographs, mosaics, and maps.
Deposits, indemnity fund, county associations.....
Deposits, unearned fees and other charges, sec. 8a (4). Commodity Exchange Act.
Surplus Marketing Administration:

Proceeds from sales of order stamps.

Transfers from general fund..
Deposits of undistributed cotton price adjustment payments.
Forest Service cooperative sund.
Deposits of miscellaneous contributed funds, Department of Agriculture.
Deposits by producers, expenses, classification of cotton for Commodity Credit Corporation, Agricultural Marketing

Service (sec. 302, Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938, as amended).
Deposits of fees, inspection and grading of farm products...
Deposits, sea-food inspection fees, Food and Drug Administration,
Deposits, coal-tar colors certification fees, Food and Drug Administration.
Deposits, special statistical work, Department of Commerce..
Deposits, unearned fees, Patent Office.
Tonnage tax, Philippine Islands.-
Advances, fox and fur seal industries, Pribilof Islands.
Deposits, recoveries on real properties acquired under insurance granted prior to July 1, 1939, title I, National Hous-

ing Act....
Personal funds of patients, St. Elizabeths Hospital.
Pension money, St. Elizabeths Hospital.
Deposits, public survey work.
Receipts, trustee, Alaska town sites.
Deposits, unearned proceeds, lands, etc., General Land Office..
Deposits, unearned proceeds, lands, etc., Grazing Service...
Funds contributed for improvement of roads, bridges, and related works, Alaska.
Contributions to reclamation fund.

Contributions, grazing districts... • Excess of credits, deduct.

18, 507. 25

3, 029.91 64, 462. 96 10, 479. 42 65, 022. 20 79, 344. 77 123, 367. 46 2, 938, 671. 19 3, 971, 595. 02

52, 351. 49 79, 531. 28 34, 319.38

14, 689. 12 2, 949, 461, 40 2, 232, 557.85 a 3, 163.07

9, 0:23. 23 67, 907. 49 . 38, 257. 24 61, 968.83

17.03 16, 40200

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153, 415, 457.00 90, 609, 957, 25

4,064, 63 1, 670, 444.24

55, 519.03

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11. Miscellaneous trust accounts-Continued.

Deposits, contributed funds, Fish and Wildlife Service
Deposits, unearned proceeds, sale of furs, Fish and Wildlife Service.
Contributions to national park trust fund.
Income on investments, national park trust fund.
Donations, National Park Service, for lands, etc.
Interest on endowment fund, preservation of birthplace of Abraham Lincoln.
Receipts due Indians under Grazing Act, June 28, 1934, Indian ceded lands..
Proceeds of licenses under Federal Power Act from Indian reservations, act June 10, 1920, and Aug. 26, 1935 (49 Stat.

845) ----
Deposits of commissary funds, Federal prisons.
Deposits of funds of Federal prisoners.
Deposits of collections, clerks of United States district courts
Deposits of collections, United States marshals.
Deposits of collections, clerks of United States circuit courts of appeals..
Deposits of collections, clerk of United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia.
Deposits, unearned immigration (registry), fees, Department of Justice.
Deposits, unearned naturalization fees, Department of Justice.-----
Deposits, unearned immigration (reentry) permit fees, Department of Justice-
Deposits to secure payment of fines and passage money, Immigration and Naturalization Service
Deposits of funds of aliens who become public charges.-
Bequest of Dudley F. Wolfe to U. S. Naval Academy..
Interest on investments, bequest of Dudley F. Wolfe to U. S. Naval Academy.
Navy fines and forfeitures..
Naval hospital fund...-
Profit from sales of ships' stores, Navy.
Pay of the Navy, deposit fund.
Pay of the Marine Corps, deposit fund.
Proceeds, civic fund, naval reservation, Olongapo, P. I.
Deposits by American republics, the Philippines, and Liberia for expenses of detail of United States employees.
Deposits, unearned passport and application fees, Department of State..
Estates of decedents..
Settlement of claims, Special Claims Commission, under art. 2 of convention, Apr. 24, 1934, between the United States

and Mexico....
Settlement of claims, Special Claims Commission, under art. 1 of agreement, Oct. 25, 1934, between the United States

and Turkey.
Settlement of agrarian claims against Mexico since 1927.
Wages due American seamen, Department of State.
Internal revenue, Puerto Rico collections..
Internal revenue, Philippine Islands collections.
Customs duties, Philippine Islands...
Import duties on fish, animal, and vegetable oils, Philippine Islands.
Deposits, Philippine trust fund, Customs Service
Deposit, unearned fees and costs, United States Processing Tax Board of Review
Proceeds from redemption of undelivered Liberty Loan bonds belonging to subscribers whose whereabouts are un-

Pay of the Army, deposit fund.
Soldiers' Home, permanent fund.
Proceeds from estates of deceased soldiers..
Proceeds from estates of deceased personnel. War Department.
Proceeds from estates of deceased Regular Army reserves..
Proceeds from estates of mentally incompetent soldiers.
Interest on investments, bequest of Maj. Gen. Fred C. Ainsworth to Walter Reed General Hospital..
Deposits from redemption of Government bonds, interest coupons, etc., found and owners unknown..
Contributions foi river and harbor improvements..
Contribution of funds for flood control..
Contributions for sewerage system, etc., Fort Monroe, Va.
Deposits of funds advanced for improvement of rivers and harbors
Deposit of funds advanced for flood control, rivers and harbors.
Deposits of unclaimed moneys of individuals whose whereabouts are known.
Unclaimed moneys of individuals whose whereabouts are unknown.
Deposits, miscellaneous and excess collections..
Coclassified items....

333, 913.05 657, 253. 94 395, 355. 47 247, 490.40 213, 854. 25 35, 493. 41

4, 850.00 77, 094. 15

84, 80

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524, 480. 20

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Total, miscellaneous trust accounts..

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12. Increment resulting from reduction in the weight of the gold dollar. 11. Srimiorage.

250,000 15,000,000

250,000 15, 000, 000

398, 606. 27 20, 190, 852.24

• Excess of credits, deduct.

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