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Title 41—Public Contracts

Property Management

(This book contains Chapters 19-100)



SYSTEM (Continued):

Part CHAPTER 19–International Communication Agency.......... 19-1 CHAPTER 20—Nuclear Regulatory Commission ...........

20-1 CHAPTER 22–Community Services Administration ....... 22-1 CHAPTER 23—United States Arms Control and Disarmament Agency ............


23-1 CHAPTER 24-Department of Housing and Urban Development ...........

24-1 CHAPTER 25-National Science Foundation.... CHAPTER 28–Department of Justice .......

28-1 CHAPTER 29-Department of Labor .............


CONTRACTS CHAPTER 50—Public Contracts, Department of Labor ............ 50

201 CHAPTER 51-Committee for Purchase From the Blind and Other Severely Handicapped.

51-1 CHAPTER 60—Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, Equal Employment Opportunity, Department of Labor ..............

60-1 CHAPTERS 61-100 [Reserved]



CROSS REFERENCES: Armed Services Procurement Regulations, 32 CFR, Chapter I, Subchapter A.

Army Procurement Procedure, 32 CFR, Chapter V, Subchapter G.

Department of the Navy Procurement, Property, Patents, and Contracts, 32 CFR, Chapter VI, Subchapter D.

Air Force Procurement Regulations, 32 CFR, Chapter VII, Subchapter W.


Note: Nomenclature changes affecting this Chapter appear at 43 FR 28493, June 30, 1978.

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Procurement by formal advertising ......
Procurement by negotiation....
Foreign purchases .............
Contract cost principles and procedures..
Procurement forms ............
Disputes and appeals ..........

rchases ................................................



Subpart 19-1.7—Small Business Concerns

Sec. Sec.

19-1.704 Agency program, direction and 19-1.000 Scope of part.

operation. Subpart 19-1.1-Introduction

Subpart 19-1.9-Reporting Possible Antitrust

Violations 19-1.100 Scope of subpart. 19-1.101 Establishment of ICA procure- 19-1.902 Documents to be transmitted.

ment policies and procedures. 19-1.102 Authority.

Subpart 19-1.13—Minority Business Enterprises 19-1.103 Relationship of Chapter 19 to the

19-1.1302 Agency program. FPR and other procurement instructions.

Subpart 19-1.53—Procurement Authority and 19-1.104 Applicability.

Responsibility 19-1.105 Method of issuance. 19-1.106 Exclusions.

19-1.5301 General. 19-1.107 Arrangement.

19.1-5302 Designation of Contracting Offi19-1.107-1 General plan.

cers. 19-1.107-2 Numbering.

19-1.5303 General authority of Contract19-1.107-3 Citation.

ing Officers. 19-1.108 Deviation.

19-1.5304 General responsibility of Con

tracting Officers. 19-1.108-1 Description.

19-1.5305 Contracting Officers' representa19-1.108-2 Procedure.


19-1.5306 Responsibility for assuring the Subpart 19-1.2-Definition of Terms

availability of funds. 19-1.201 Definitions.

19-1.5307 Standards of conduct. 19-1.206 Chief, Contract and Procurement AUTHORITY: Sec. 205(c), 63 Stat. 390; 40 Division.

U.S.C. 486(c). 19-1.250 Government. 19-1.251 Agency.

§ 19–1.000 Scope of part. 19-1.252 Director.

This part describes the method by 19-1.253 ICA.

which the International Communica19-1.254 Overseas Establishment.

tion Agency implements and supple19-1.255 AR/CO. 19-1.256 Subcontract.

ments the Federal Procurement Regu

lations, and contains procedures which Subpart 19-1.3-General Policies

implement and supplement Part 1-1 of

the Federal Procurement Regulations. 19-1.302 Procurement sources.

(27 FR 6044, June 27, 1962] 19-1.302-3 Contracts between the Govern

·ment and Government employees or
business concerns substantially owned Subpart 19-1.1-Introduction

or controlled by Government employees. 19-1.302-51 Contracts between the Govern SOURCE: 27 FR 6044, June 27, 1962, unless

ment and former Government employ- otherwise noted.

ees. 19-1.305-3 Deviations from Federal Speci- $ 19-1.100 Scope of subpart.

fications. 19-1.313 Records of contract actions.

This subpart establishes Chapter 19

of the Federal Procurement Regula19-1.317 Noncollusive bids and proposals. 19-1.354 Execution of contracts.

tions System, and states its relation19-1.355 Violations of law.

ship to the Federal Procurement Reg

ulations (FPR), and to other instrucSubpart 19-1.6—Debarred, Suspended, and tions governing contracting and proIneligible Bidders

curement operations of the Interna

tional Communication Agency. 19-1.602 Establishment and maintenance of

a list of concerns or individuals de $ 19-1.101 Establishment of ICA procurebarred, suspended, or declared ineligible.

ment policies and procedures. 19-1.604 Causes and conditions applicable

to determination of debarment by an ex This subpart establishes Internaecutive agency.

tional Communication Agency (ICA)

procurement policies and procedures national Communication Agency Pro(Chapter 19) as prescribed by the Di- curement Regulations (IAPR). rector of ICA, to provide uniform poli

(27 FR 6044, June 27, 1962, as amended at cies and procedures applicable to pro

43 FR 28493, June 30, 1978) curement of personal property and nonpersonal services (including con 8 19-1.104 Applicability. struction) and the procurement of real

Chapter 19 applies to all purchases property by lease, for all ICA activi

and contracts made by the Internaties.

tional Communication Agency for the (31 FR 10789, Aug. 13, 1966)

procurement of personal property and

nonpersonal services (including con8 19-1.102 Authority.

struction) and the procurement of real The International Communication

property by lease, within the United

States. Agency Procurement Regulations are prescribed by the Director of the In (31 FR 10789, Aug. 13, 1966) ternational Communication Agency pursuant to the authority of the Reor. § 19-1.105 Method of issuance. ganization Plan No. 2 of December 13, (a) All Chapter 19 material deemed 1977, and Executive order 12048 of necessary for an understanding, by March 27, 1978, and the Federal Prop business concerns and others interesterty and Administrative Services Act ed, of basic and significant ICA poliof 1949 as amended.

cies and procedures, will be published [43 FR 28493, June 30, 1978)

in the FEDERAL REGISTER. Other relat

ed material also may be published in $ 19-1.103 Relationship of Chapter 19 to

the FEDERAL REGISTER when its incluthe FPR and other procurement

sion will provide a logical, compreheninstructions.

sive statement of ICA procurement

policies and procedures. (a) Chapter 19 implements and sup

(b) The Chapter 19 material pubplements the FPR. Material published

lished in the FEDERAL REGISTER will be in the FPR, which has Government

published in cumulative form in Chapwide applicability, becomes effective

ter 19 of Title 41 of the Code of Federthroughout the ICA upon the effec

al Regulations. The FEDERAL REGISTER tive date of the particular FPR materi

and Title 41 of the Code of Federal al. Such material generally will not be

Regulations may be purchased from repeated, paraphrased, or otherwise

the Superintendent of Documents, restated in Chapter 19.

Government Printing Office, Wash (b) Implementing material is that

ington 25, D.C. which expands upon related FPR material. It will treat a similarly num- $ 19-1.106 Exclusions. bered portion of the FPR in greater

(a) Certain policies and procedures detail or indicate the manner of com within the scope of this Chapter 19 pliance or deviation.

may be excluded when any of the fol(c) Supplementing material is that

lowing criteria are applicable: for which there is no counterpart in (1) Subject matter which bears a sethe FPR.

curity classification. (d) The absence of a corresponding (2) Policies or procedures which are part, subpart, section, etc. in Chapter expected to be effective for a period of 19 indicates that the FPR is applicable less than six months. as written.

(3) Policies and procedures which (e) Procurement instructions neces- are effective on an experimental basis sary to implement or supplement the for a reasonable period. FPR and Chapter 19, will be issued by (4) Policies and procedures pertainthe Chief of the Contract and Pro- ing to other functions of ICA as well curement Division, Office of Adminis- as to procurement functions and there trative Services (MGT/AC). These is need to make the issuance available instructions, together with the FPR simultaneously to all ICA employees and Chapter 19, constitute the Inter- concerned.




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