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Page 125 - One copy for each general officer on active duty with the US Air Force and Air Reserve Forces. One copy for every five (or fraction thereof) active duty US Air Force officers in the ranks second lieutenant through colonel. One copy for each US Air Force or Air Reserve Forces office of public affairs. Three copies for each Air Reserve Forces unit down to squadron level. Three copies for each air attache or advisory group function.
Page 3 - Dr. Charles Krupnick US Army War College Dr. Benjamin S. Lambeth RAND Lt Col David Maclsaac, USAF, Retired Montgomery, Alabama Dr. Karl P. Magyar Montgomery, Alabama Col Edward Mann, USAF, Retired Colorado Springs, Colorado Dr. Jerome V. Martin Peru State College Col Phillip Meilinger, USAF, Retired Science Applications International Corporation Prof.
Page 128 - The total cost of my order is $_ _. Price includes regular shipping and handling and is subject to change. Company or personal name (Please type or print) Additional address/attention line...
Page 128 - ZIP code (Includes regular shipping and handling.) For privacy check box below: Q Do not make my name available to other mailers Check method of payment Q Check payable to Superintendent of Documents...
Page 46 - It's a means for one pilot topass on current, potentially useful information to other pilots. In the same fashion, we intend to use this department to let readers know about air and space power items of interest.
Page 3 - Dowdy Alabama State University Col Dennis M. Drew, USAF, Retired USAF School of Advanced Air and Space Studies Brig Gen Charles Dunlap Jr., USAF Staff Judge Advocate USAF Air Combat Command Dr. Stephen Fought USAF Air War College Col David M.
Page 3 - Corporation Prof. John H. Morrow Jr. University of Georgia Dr. Daniel Mortensen USAF College of Aerospace Doctrine, Research and Education Prof. James Mowbray USAF Air War College Dr. Karl Mueller RAND Dr. Richard R. Muller USAF Air Command and Staff College Col Robert Owen, USAF, Retired Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Dr. Reina J. Pennington Norwich University Dr. James Smith USAF Institute for National Security Studies Col James Spencer, USAF USAF Academy Col Richard Szafranski, USAF, Retired...
Page 3 - Col Matthew Caffrey, USAFR Operations Directorate Headquarters USAF Brig Gen Phillip D. Caine, USAF, Retired Monument, Colorado Dr. Don D. Chipman USAF Squadron Officer College Dr. Clayton KS Chun US Army War College Dr. Mark Clodfelter National War College Dr. James Corum USAF School of Advanced Air and Space Studies Dr. Conrad Crane Strategic Studies Institute US Army War College Dr. Dik A. Daso National Air and Space Museum Smithsonian Institution Dr. Lee Dowdy Alabama State University Col Dennis...
Page 3 - USAF Academy Col Richard Szafranski, USAF, Retired Toffler Associates Dr. James Titus USAF Academy Col Mark Wells, USAF USAF Academy Dr. Kenneth P. Werrell Christiansburg, Virginia Dr. Harold R. Winton USAF School of Advanced Air and Space Studies Senior Leader Perspective What I Believe GEN HAL M.
Page 17 - Joint Publication 1-02: Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms, 12 April 2001 (As amended through 5 June 2003), 444.

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