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performed or of services already provided. § 307.74 Repayment.

The Secretary may in his discretion require the repayment of technical assistance and prescribe the terms and conditions of such repayment. $ 307.75 Additional information.

The Secretary may require such additional information and evidence supplemental to the request for technical assistance as he deems appropriate. Subpart G-Coordination of Federal

Cochairmen $ 307.80 Authority and purpose.

(a) The Secretary of Commerce is authorized by section 601(a) of the Act to “coordinate the Federal Cochairmen appointed heretofore or subsequent to this Act." The President, by letter dated June 17, 1966, asked the Secretary of Commerce to "assume the general supervision of the Federal Cochairmen, and otherwise take the lead within the Federal Government in providing a means for all Federal agencies concerned to present their views and exchange information as a basis for the development of such policies.” The President also has directed each of the Federal Cochairmen to seek the guidance of the Secretary and that of the Department of Commerce with respect to each proposal coming before their respective commissions.

(b) The purpose of this subpart is to outline a procedure for insuring that the requirements of policy coordination set forth in the Act and in the President's letter of June 17, 1966, are effectively carried out. § 307.81 Role of Federal Cochairmen.

Federal Cochairmen appointed by the President to regional action planning commissions represent Federal policies and interests on the commission. In carrying out this responsibility, Federal Cochairmen will actively present to the

commissions the policies and viewpoints of the executive branch. § 307.82 Procedures for coordination.

In carrying out their assigned responsibilities, the Federal Cochairmen shall maintain a close working relationship with the Secretary and, under his guidance, shall maintain continuous liaison with the departments and agencies of the Federal Government. Pursuant to this responsibility, each Federal Cochairman shall:

(a) Send minutes of all commission meetings to the Secretary;

(b) Provide a written monthly report to the Secretary, setting forth the major policy issues expected to arise in the course of the program and to be considered by the regional commission;

(c) Keep the Secretary advised of matters affecting the Federal interest in an important or novel way;

(d) Ascertain, in consultation with the Secretary, Federal policy regarding major matters to come before the commission.

Subpart H-Advisory Committee $307.90 Purpose.

In accordance with section 602 of the Act, the Secretary shall appoint a National Public Advisory Committee on Regional Economic Development to advise him relative to the carrying out of his duties under the Act. 8 307.91 Membership.

The Advisory Committee shall consist of 25 members and shall be composed of representatives of labor, management, agriculture, State and local government, and the public in general. From the members appointed to such Committee, the Secretary shall designate a Chairman. 8 307.92 Meetings.

The Advisory Committee shall hold not less than two meetings during each calendar year and otherwise at the call of the Chairman.


A list of current CFR volumes, a list of superseded CFR volumes, and a list of CFR titles, subtitles, chapters, subchapters and parts are included in the subject index volume to the Code of Federal Regulations which is published separately and revised annually.

Table of CFR Titles and Chapters
Alphabetical List of CFR Subtitles and Chapters
List of Sections Affected

Table of CFR Titles and Chapters

Title 1-General Provisions


I Administrative Committee of the Federal Register

Appendix A—Guide to record retention requirements
Appendix B—List of acts requiring publication in the Federal

Appendix C—Guide to Federal Register Finding Aids

Title 2—The Congress

Chapter I—Parallel Tables of Statutory Authorities and Rules

Title 3—The President
I Proclamations
II Executive Orders
III Presidential Documents other than Proclamations and Executive

IV Codified Text of Selected Presidential Documents
V Executive Office of the President

Title 4-Accounts

I General Accounting Office
II Federal Claims Collection Standards (General Accounting Of-

fice-Department of Justice)

Title 5—Administrative Personnel
I Civil Service Commission
III Bureau of the Budget
IV Civil Service Commission (Equal Employment Opportunity)

V International Organizations Employees Loyalty Board
VI Department of Defense
VII Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations
VIII National Capital Transportation Agency
IX Appalachian Regional Commission

X National Capital Housing Authority
XI United States Soldiers' Home
XII District of Columbia Redevelopment Land Agency

Title 6—[Reserved

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