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NOTE: The Area Redevelopment Act expired on August 31, 1965 and the Economic Development Administration succeeded to, among other things, certain responsibilities of the Area Redevelopment Administration, including liquidation thereof.

Part 301 302 303 305 306

Establishment and organization.
Designation of areas.
Economic Development District Program.
Grants, loans, and guarantees.
Technical assistance, planning and administrative grants-in-aid, and re-

Regional action planning commissions.


[blocks in formation]

PART 301-ESTABLISHMENT AND AUTHORITY: 1 The provisions of this Part #

301 issued under sec. 501, 65 Stat. 290, secs. ORGANIZATION

214, 302, 701, 79 Stat. 17, 19, 570, 81 Stat. 54; Subpart A-Introduction

31 U.S.C. 483a, 40 U.S.C. App. A 214, 302, 42 Sec.

U.S.C. 3211, 5 U.S.C. 552, Dept. of Commerce 301.1 Creation.

Orders 5A, 64, 31 F.R. 16728, 32 F.R. 9734. 301.2 Definitions.

Subpart A-Introduction 301.3 Purpose.

SOURCE: The provisions of this Subpart A Subpart B— Functions and Programs

appear at 31 F.R. 11287, Aug. 26, 1966, unless! 801.10 Direct and supplementary grants for otherwise noted.

public works and development fa-
cilities under the Public Works

8 301.1 Creation.
and Economic Development Act of The Economic Development Admin-

istration was created by order of the De801.11 Loans for public works and develop

partment of Commerce pursuant to the ment facilities. 801.12 Loans for industrial and commercial

authority vested in the Secretary of projects.

Commerce by the Public Works and Eco801.18 Guarantees for working capital loans. nomic Development Act of 1965 (P.L. 301.14 Technical assistance.

89–136, Aug. 26, 1965; 79 Stat. 552, 42 301.15 Grants-in-aid for planning and ad U.S.C. 3121). The authority delegated ministrative expenses.

by the Secretary to the Economic Devel301.16 Long-range study, training, and re

opment Administration is vested in the search. 301.17 Information.

Assistant Secretary for Economic De

velopment. The Secretary has also deleSubpart C-Description of Organization

gated certain functions under the Ap301.30 Washington office.

palachian Regional Development Act of 301.31 Economic Development Area Offices: 1965 (P.L. 89-4, Mar. 9, 1965; 79 Stat. 5, Locations.

40 U.S.C. App. A2) to the Economic De801.32 Assistant Secretary.

velopment Administration. 301.33 Deputy Assistant Secretary. 301.34 Deputy Assistant Secretary for Pol

(31 F.R. 18669, Dec. 30, 1966) icy Coordination.

8 301.2 Definitions. 301.35 Deputy Assistant Secretary for Economic Development Planning.

(a) Act. “Act" when used without 301.36 Deputy Assistant Secretary for Eco further designation means the Public nomic Operations.

Works and Economic Development Act of 301.37 Office of Program Plans and Analysis.

1965, cited in § 301.1. 301.38 Office of Economic Research.

(b) Administration. “Administraa 301.39 Office of the Chief Counsel. 301.40 Office of Public Affairs.

tion” when used without further designa. 301.41 Office of Congressional Relations.

tion means the Economic Development. 301.42 Office of Equal Opportunity.

Administration. 301.43 Office of Administration.

(c) Advisory Committee. "Advisory 301.44 Economic Development Area Offices: Committee” when used without furFunctions.

ther designation means the Advisory Subpart D [Reserved]

Committee on Regional Economic Devel

opment appointed by the Secretary in Subpart E—General Rules

accordance with section 602 of the Act. 301.50 Relocation and expansion.

(d) Area. “Area” when used without 301.51 Excess capacity.

further designation means a geographic 301.52 Applicable labor standards.

area which is being proposed or consid301.53 Nondiscrimination.

ered for designation by the Assistant 301.54 Records and audit.

Secretary under the Act and generally 301.55 Penalties. 301.56 Assignment or sale at public or pri

refers to a county, a "labor area” (as vate sale.

defined by the Secretary of Labor), or a 301.57 Employment of expediters and ad municipality with a population of over ministrative employees.

250,000, whichever the Assistant Secre301.58 Employment of local labor.

tary may determine to be appropriate. 301.59 Facilities for electricity and gas.

(e) Assistant Secretary. “Assistant 301.60 Sewer facilities.

Secretary” when used without further 301.61 Preapproval construction. 301.62 Record of application.

designation means the Assistant Secre301.63 Disclosure of information to the public.

132 F.R. 10836, July 25, 1967.

tary of Commerce for Economic Develop- designation means loan or grant assis ment.

ance from the Administration in accord(f) Center. "Center" when used with ance with sections 101, 201, or 202 of the out further designation means any eco Act. nomic development center or redevel- (0) Local government. "Local govopment center designated by the Assist ernment” when used without further ant Secretary under section 403 of the designation means any municipality, Act. (See “Economic development cen county, town, parish, or other general ter” below.)

purpose political subdivision of a State or (g) Designated area. "Designated territory. area” when used without further desig (p) OEDP. “OEDP" when used withnation means any area or center which out further designation means an Overhas been designated by the Assistant all Economic Development Program (or, Secretary under sections 102, 401, or 403 plan of action) pertaining to an area, of the Act as eligible to apply for finan district, or region. Approval of an OEDP cial assistance.

by the Assistant Secretary is a pre(h) Designation. “Designation" as requisite for designation. used in this chapter generally refers to (q) Qualified (or, qualifying) area. the act of the Assistant Secretary in “Qualified area" when used without designating a geographic area, district, further designation means an area which economic development center, or region is qualified under the statistical or reas eligible to apply for Federal assistance lated criteria of the Act for designation under the Act. It may also refer to the as a "redevelopment area” or “Title I status of an area, district, center, or area," subject to the other provisions of region so designated. (See “Designated the Act. Qualification is a prerequisite area" above.)

for designation. (i) District. See "Economic develop- (r) Redevelopment area. Redevelment district" below.

opment area" when used without further (j) EDA. "EDA” when used without designation means any area which has further designation means the Economic been designated by the Assistant SecDevelopment Administration, a primary retary as a redevelopment area under constituent organization of the United section 401 of the Act. States Department of Commerce, created (s) Redevelopment center. “Redevelas set forth in § 301.1 above.

opment center" when used without fur(k) Economic development center. ther designation means any geographic “Economic development center" when area constituting all or part of a redevelused without further designation means opment area which has been identified in any geographic area within the United an approved district overall economic deStates having a population of 250,000 or velopment program as having suficient less which has been identified as an eco- size and potential to foster the economic nomic development center in an ap growth activities necessary to alleviate proved district overall economic de the distress of the redevelopment areas velopment program and which has been composing the district. specifically designated by the Assistant (t) Region. “Region” when used Secretary as such and as eligible to apply without further designation means an for financial assistance under section 403 economic development region designated of the Act.

by the Secretary of Commerce with the (1) Economic development district. concurrence of the States concerned, "Economic development district” when pursuant to Title V of the Act. used without further designation means (u) Secretary. “Secretary” when used any area within the United States com in this chapter without further designaposed of at least two cooperating redevel

tion means the Secretary of Commerce, opment areas and, where appropriate,

the Assistant Secretary for Economic designated economic development centers

Development when exercising authorities or neighboring counties or communities,

delegated by the Secretary of Commerce which has been designated by the Assistant Secretary as an economic develop

in Department Order 5-A, or any person

duly authorized to act for the Secretary ment district.

(m) Eligible area. See “Designated of Commerce in his name or stead. area" above.

(v) Title I area. “Title I area” when in) Financial assistance. "Financial used without further designation means assistance" when used without further any area which has been designated by


the Assistant Secretary under section 102 portunities for permanent employment of the Act.

or the alleviation of poverty, and that [31 F.R. 16670, Dec. 30, 1966, as amended at there is reasonable expectation of re32 F.R. 10365, July 14, 1967]

payment. § 301.3 Purpose.

& 301.12 Loans for industrial and comThe purpose of the Public Works and

mercial projects. Economic Development Act of 1965 and Loans up to a maximum of 65 percent the administration thereof is to establish of the aggregate cost of a project (as an effective program of Federal financial determined by the Assistant Secretary) assistance in order to create long-term are authorized for industrial and comemployment opportunities and to benefit mercial purposes in redevelopment areas the long-term unemployed and members and centers, but not in Title I areas. It of low-income families, or otherwise to must be established that the funds sought further the objectives of the Economic are not otherwise available on terms Opportunity Act of 1964, in economically which will permit the accomplishment distressed communities, areas, districts, of the project within the designated area and regions of the United States through and that the project will make a subeconomic planning, public works, indus- stantial contribution to opportunities trial and commercial loans, planning for permanent employment. grants, and technical assistance.

& 301.13 Guarantees for working capital Subpart B-Functions and Programs

loans. SOURCE: The provisions of this Subpart The Assistant Secretary may guarantee B appear at 31 F.R. 11288, Aug. 26, 1966; 31 loans for working capital made to private F.R. 16670, Dec. 30, 1966, unless otherwise borrowers by private lending institutions noted.

for projects assisted under $ 301.12. $ 301.10 Direct and supplementary

Such guarantees may not exceed 90 pergrants for public works and devel.

cent of the outstanding unpaid balance opment facilities under the Public of the working capital loan. Works and Economic Development 8 301.14 Technical assistance. Act of 1965.

The Assistant Secretary may provide Public works, public service, and devel

technical assistance, including project opment facility projects which directly

planning and feasibility studies, manor indirectly contribute to long-range

agement and operational assistance, and economic growth or benefit long-term

studies evaluating an area's needs and unemployed and members of low-income

potentialities for economic growth, to families in designated areas are eligible

redevelopment areas and other areas for direct grants not exceeding 50 percent

which he finds have substantial need for of the aggregate cost of the project as

such assistance. Technical assistance determined by the Assistant Secretary.

may be provided by the Administration Such projects in severely distressed

staff, by other Federal departments or areas may receive supplementary grants

agencies on a reimbursable basis, by into augment basic grants received under

dividuals, firms, or institutions under this Act or under other Federal grant-in

contract with the Assistant Secretary, or aid programs, provided the total Federal

by grants-in-aid to appropriate public financial assistance for any project does

or nonprofit organizations. The Assistnot exceed 80 percent of the aggregate

ant Secretary is authorized to require project cost.

repayment of technical assistance, when § 301.11 Loans for public works and de appropriate, and to set the terms and velopment facilities.

conditions of such repayment. Loans are authorized for public works, & 301.15 Grants-in-aid for planning and public service, and development facility

administrative expenses. projects in redevelopment areas and cen

The Assistant Secretary may provide ters, but not in Title I areas. It must be established that the funds requested for

grants-in-aid to defray up to 75 percent any such project are not otherwise avail

of the allowable administrative expenses able on terms which will permit the ac of appropriate State, area, district, or complishment of the project within the local public or private nonprofit ecodesignated area, that the project will nomic planning organizations. To asmake a substantial contribution to op- sure adequate and effective planning and economical use of funds, these grants- $ 301.31 Economic Development Area in-aid must, where practicable, be used Offices: Locations. in conjunction with other available Fed (a) North Eastern. Sheraton-Easteral planning assistance, such as urban

land Motor Hotel, 157 High Street, Portplanning grants authorized under the

land, Maine. Serving Connecticut, Housing Act of 1954, as amended, and Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, highway planning and research grants New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont. authorized under the Federal Aid High

(b) Mid Atlantic. Veterans Adminisway Act of 1962.

tration Building, 19 North Maine Street, § 301.16 Long-range study, training, and

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Serving Delaware, research.

Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, The Assistant Secretary is authorized

Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. to establish and conduct a continuing

(c) Mid Eastern. Chafin Building,

517 Ninth Street, Huntington, W. Va. program of study, training, and research to (a) assist in determining the causes of

Serving Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, unemployment, underemployment, un

Virginia, and West Virginia. derdevelopment, and chronic economic

(d) South Eastern. Acuff Building, depression in the various areas of the

904 Bob Wallace Avenue, Huntsville, Nation; (b) assist in the formulation

Ala. Serving: Alabama, Florida, Georand implementation of national, State,

gia, Mississippi, South Carolina, and and local programs which will raise in


(e) North Central. 505 Sellwood come levels and otherwise produce solutions to the problems resulting from

Building, 200 West Superior Street, these conditions; and (c) assist in pro

Duluth, Minn. Serving: Illinois, Inviding the personnel needed to conduct

diana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Mis

souri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South such programs. This program may be carried out by the Administration staff,

Dakota, and Wisconsin. by other Federal departments and agen

(f) South Western. 314 West 11th cies on a reimbursable basis, by others

Street, Austin, Tex. Serving: Arizona, under contract with the Assistant Secre

Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana,

New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and tary, through grants authorized by the Act, or through conferences and similar

Utah. meetings. The results of such research

(g) Western. Queen Anne Post Of

fice Statiori, First and Republic Streets, may be made available to interested in

Seattle, Wash. Serving: Alaska, Amerdividuals, and organizations.

ican Samoa, California, Guam, Hawaii, § 301.17 Information.

Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, WashThe Assistant Secretary is authorized

ington, and Wyoming. to aid redevelopment areas and other 8 301.32 Assistant Secretary. areas by furnishing to individuals, com (a) The Economic Development Admunities, industries, and enterprises ministration is headed by the Assistant technical information, market research, Secretary for Economic Development, and other forms of assistance, informa who directs the programs and is respontion, and advice which would be useful sible for the conduct of all activities of in alleviating or preventing conditions

the Administration subject to the policies of excessive unemployment or underem

and directives prescribed by the Secre

tary of Commerce. ployment within such areas.

(b) He will assist the Secretary in the Subpart C—Description of general supervision and coordination of Organization

the Federal Cochairmen and in effecting

à resolution of policy questions between SOURCE: The provisions of this Subpart C

the Regional Commissions, their Federal appear at 31 F.R. 16670, Dec. 30, 1966; 32 F.R.

Cochairmen, the Federal Development 10836, July 25, 1967, unless otherwise noted.

Committees, and other Federal agencies. $ 301.30 Washington office.

[32 F.R. 10365, July 14, 1967] The central and principal office of the § 301.33 Deputy Assistant Secretary. Economic Development Administration

The Deputy Assistant Secretary directs is in the Department of Commerce, 15th and coordinates the Area Offices, assists Street at Constitution Avenue NW., the Assistant Secretary in all matters afWashington, D.C. 20230.

fecting the Economic Development Ad

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