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TUESDAY, JUNE 12, 1973


Washington, D.C. The subcommittee met at 10:15 a.m., pursuant to call, in room 334, Cannon House Office Building, Hon. Olin E. Teague of Texas (chairman of the subcommittee) presiding.

Mr. TEAGUE of Texas. The subcommittee will come to order. We are meeting this morning to start several days of hearings on the subject of non-service-connected pensions for veterans and the dependents of veterans. I note that there are pending on the committee's calendar over 130 separate bills dealing with all aspects of the pension program, a large number of which, as you might suspect, endeavor to cope with the adverse impact of the 20 percent social security increase on the amount of pension payable by the Veterans Administration.

At the outset, we cannot predict specific actions that might stem from these hearings, But I can give assurance that this subcommittee, and I am sure subsequently the full committee, will give very careful and serious consideration to come up with reasonable answers that will be equitable toward the veteran and his dependents and yet keep in mind the responsibility we have to the taxpayer in general.

The Chair recognizes the gentleman from Arkansas, Mr. Hammerschmidt, the ranking Republican member of the Veterans Affairs Subcommittee.

Mr. HAMMERSCHMIDT. Mr. Chairman, I am pleased that hearings on the subject of pensions for veterans and dependents are now underway. As you have stated earlier, there are more than 130 bills relating to pensions. They have been referred to the subcommittee for consideration during these hearings. Many of these are cosponsored by several Members. This number of bills in itself indicates the great interest on the part of the Members of the House of Representatives in revising the pension program. I am hopeful that these hearings will result in the approval of a bill to alleviate the plight of the pensioner who is presently living on a very modest income.

I should also like to recognize the fact that we are very fortunate to have the leadership and guidance on this subcommittee of the longtime distinguished former chairman of the full Committee on Veterans' Affairs, the Honorable "Tiger” Teague, and I am confident that the knowledge and experience of the gentleman from Texas will be invaluable to the subcommittee in its deliberations.


Mr. TEAGUE of Texas. I appreciate the kind words of the gentleman from Arkansas and without objection all the bills pending will be placed in the record, along with the reports thereon, and other pertinent data.

[The data referred to follows:] Bill No.

Sponsor H.R. 100.

Mr. Fraser.
H.R. 304.

Mr. Bennett.
H.R. 321.

Mr. Bingham.
H.R. 439

Mr. Danielson.
H.R. 519.

Mr. Flynt.
H.R. 646_

Mr. Hosmer.
H.R. 647_

Mr. Hosmer.
H.R. 876.

Mr. Nichols.
H.R. 902.

Mr. Pettis.
H.R. 961.

Mr. Rarick.
H.R. 1038. Mr. Roe.
H.R. 1134.-- Mr. Roybal.
H.R. 1155. Mr. Saylor.
H.R. 1303. Mr. Young of Florida.
H.R. 1306---

Mr. Young of Florida.
H.R. 1471. Mr. Anderson of California.
H.R. 1492

Mr. Fraser.

Mrs.Abzug, Mr. Alexander, Mr. Badillo, Mr.. Boland,

Mr. Brademas, Mr. Brasco, Mr. Buchanan, Mr.
Burke of Mass., Mr. Carney, Mr. Clark, Mr. Conte,
Mr. Drinan, Mr. Edwards of Calif., Mr. Eilberg,
Mr. Flowers, Mr. Wm. D. Ford, Mr. Forsythe, Mr.
Gude, Mr. Hamilton, Mr. Jones of N.C., Mr. Koch,

Mr. Meeds, Mr. Morgan, Mr. Nedzi, and Mr. Obey.
H.R. 1493.--- Mr. Fraser.

Cosponsors :

Mr. Addabbo, Mr. Bevill, Mr. Denholm, Mr. Duncan,

Mr. Esch, Mr. Evins of Tenn., Mr. Fish, Mr. Fuqua,
Mr. Green of Pa., Mr. Hechler of W. Va., Mr. Mc-
Dade, Mr. Podell, Mr. Pepper, Mr.. Preyer, Mr.
Rarick, Mr. Reuss, Mr. Roe, Mr. Rosenthal, Mr.
Sarbanes, Mr. Jas. V. Stanton, Mr. Steele, Mr.
Tiernan, Mr. Waldie, Mr. Chas. H. Wilson of

H.R. 1505. Mrs. Griffiths.
H.R. 1545_---- Mr. Helstoski.
H.R. 1550. Mr. Helstoski.
H.R. 1610_ Mr. Quillen.
H.R. 1646_ Mr. Roberts.
H.R. 1753. Mr. Fraser.

Cosponsors :

Mr. Bell, Mr. Byron, Mr. Burke of Fla., Mr. Corman,

Mr. Cronin, Mr. Dan Daniel, Mr. Dominick
Daniels,, Mr. De Lugo, Mr. Frey, Mrs. Hansen of
Wash., Mr. Hastings, Mr. Howard, Mr. Lehman,
Mrs. Mink, Mr. Minish, Mr. Moorhead of Pa., Mr.
Moss, Mr. Murphy of Ill., Mr. Nelsen, Mr. Podell,
Mr. Randall, Mr. Rhodes, Mr. Shipley, and Mr.

H.R. 1754.---- Mr. Fraser.

Cosponsors :

Mr. Davis of Ga., Mr. Fountain, Miss Jordan, Mr.

Kemp, Mr. McCormack, Mr. McKinney, Mr. Mal-
lary, Mr. Moakley, Mr. Nichols, Mr. Taylor of N.C.,

Mr. Thompson of X.J., Mr. Vanik, and Mr. Yates.
H.R. 1866.--- Mr. Rogers.
H.R. 1913_. Mr. Saylor.

Bill No.

H.R. 2009.- Mr. Fraser.

Cosponsors :

Mrs. Chisholm, Mr. Breckinridge, Mr. Hawkins, Mr.

Leggett, Miss Holtzman, Mr. Macdonald, Mr. Ran-
gel, Mr. Seiberling, Mr. Slack, Mr. Widnall, Mr.

Won Pat, and Mr. Zwach.
H.R. 2016---- Mr. Hillis.
H.R. 2312_- Mr. Fraser.

Cosponsors :

Mr. Roy and Mr. Nix. H.R. 2313_--- Mr. Fraser.

Cosponsors :

Mr. Bergland, Mr. Breaux, Mr. Gonzalez, Mr. Grover,

Mr. Mann, and Mr. Owens.
H.R. 2357_- Mr. Mathis.
H.R. 2366_ Mr. Miller.
H.R. 2367_ Mr. Miller.
H.R. 2400--- Mr. Railsback.
H.R. 2421. Mr. Scherle.
H.R. 2484. Mr. Wyatt.
H.R. 2659. Mr. Collier.
H.R. 2673_-- Mr. Fraser.

Cosponsors :

Mr. Melcher. H.R. 2686_---- Mr. Hillis.

Cosponsors :

Mr. McDade, Mr. Johnson of Calif., Mr. Thone, Mr.

Young of Fla., Mr. Edwards of Calif., Mr. Kemp,
Mr. Jones of N.C., Mr. Waldie, Mr. Shipley, Mr.
Green of Pa., Mr. Sikes, Mr. Ullman, Mr. Harvey,
Mr. Quie, Mr. Mollohan, Mr. Clark, Mr. Erlenborn,
Mr. Eshleman, Mr. Zion, Mr. Blackburn, Mr. Latta,

Mr. Powell of Ohio, Mr. Podell, and Mr. Won Pat. H.R. 2687----- Mr. Hillis.


Mr. Matsunaga, Mr. Mayne, Mr. Murphy of N.Y., Mr.

Fascell, Mr. Zwach, Mr. Williams, Mr. Guyer, Mr.
Johnson of Pa., Mr. Hudnut, Mr. Myers, Mr. Han-
sen of Idaho, Mr. Baker, Mr. Hastings, Mrs.
Chisholm, Mr. Sisk, Mr. Flood, Mr. Whitehurst,
Mr. Veysey, Mrs. Burke of Calif., Mr. Rinaldo, Mr.
Downing, Mr. Cleveland, Mr. Yatron, and Mr.

H.R. 2688

Mr. Hillis.
Cosponsors :

Mr. Coughlin, Mr. Davis of Ga., Mr. Roe, and Mr.

H.R. 2793_--- Mr. Biaggi.
H.R. 2794. Mr. Biaggi.
H.R. 2823. Mr. Dorn.
H.R. 2907

Mr. Teague of Texas.
H.R. 2941. Mr. Wylie.
H.R. 2975.

Mr. Dorn.
H.R. 2992

Mr. Hillis.

Mr. Bennett, Mr. Sarasin, Mr. Froelich, and Mr.

H.R. 3015.--- Mr. Teague of Texas.
H.R. 3016. Mr. Teague of Texas.
H.R. 3134. Mr. Gaydos.
H.R. 3173

Mr. Sikes.
H.R. 3246

Mr. Clawson, Del.
H.R. 3267_ Mr. Fraser.

Mr. Harrington, Mrs. Burke of Calif., Mr. Veysey,

and Mr. Mosher.

Bill No.

H.R. 3288_ Mr. Melcher.
H.R. 3352 Mr. Brinkley.
H.R. 3360. Mr. Clancy.
H.R. 3389

Mr. Devine.
H.R. 3415

Mr. Grasso.
H.R. 3451. Mr. Long of Maryland.
H.R. 3495. Mr. Rogers.
H.R. 3501.

Mr. St Germain.
H.R. 3549 Mr. Delaney.
H.R. 3559. Mr. Hunt.
H.R. 3576

Mr. Waggonner.
H.R. 3581

Mr. Anderson of California.
H.R. 3651.

Mr. Holifield.
H.R. 3740.

Mr. Thomson of Wisconsin.
H.R. 3745.

Mr. Wyatt.
H.R. 3845_

Mr. Perkins.
H.R. 3851.

Mr. Randall.
H.R. 3855.

Mr. Ruppe.
H.R. 3864

Mr. Talcott.
H.R. 3976_. Mr. Giaimo.
H.R. 3982_ Mr. Gray.
H.R. 3997-

Mr. Hungate.
H.R. 4002.. Mr. Jones of Alabama.
H.R. 4072_

Mr. Sandman.
H.R. 4112_

Mr. Studds.
H.R. 4158_--- Mr. Young of Florida.
H.R. 4231.

Mr. Horton.
H.R. 4329_ Mr. Andrews of North Dakota.
H.R. 4331. Mr. Ashley.
H.R. 4382

Mr. Hawkins.
H.R. 4388

Mr. Kyros.
H.R. 4572_ Mr. Wyman.
H.R. 4603

Mr. Blatnik.
H.R. 4608_ Mr. Carter.
H.R. 4631.

Mr. Harsha.
H.R. 4632

Mr. Harsha.
H.R. 4657_

Mr. Nedzi.
H.R. 4665_

Mr. Perkins.
H.R. 4693. Mr. Wilson, Bob.
H.R. 4694_

Mr. Wilson, Bob.
H.R. 4750.

Mr. Cronin.
H.R. 4037.

Mr. Natcher.
H.R. 4751.---- Mr. Danielson.


Mr. Brown of California, Mr. Corman, Mr. Del

lums, Mr. Hanna, Mr. Hawkins, Mr. Johnson of California, Mr. Leggett, Mr. Moss, Mr. Rees, Mr. Roybal, Mr. Sisk, Mr. Stark, Mr. Van Deerlin, Mr. Waldie, Mr. Charles H. Wilson of

California, Mr. Montgomery, and Mr. Wolff.
H.R. 4803.

Mr. Karth.
H.R. 4817_

Mr. McDade.
H.R. 4868_

Mr. Shriver.
H.R. 4899_

Mr. Baker.
H.R. 4911. Mr. Carey.
H.R. 4965.

Mr. Mayne.
H.R. 5027_ Mr. Davis of South Carolina.
H.R. 5037

Mr. Foley.
H.R. 5065.

Mr. Nix,
H.R. 5243_

Mr. Patman.
H.R. 5324.

Mr. Dellenback.
H.R. 5408. Mr. Goodling.
H.R. 5620.

Mr. Moakley.
H.R. 5797-

Mr. Madigan.
H.R. 5851.

Mr. Donohue.

Bill No.

H.R. 5864.- Mr. Holt.
H.R. 5922. Mr. Broyhill of North Carolina.
H.R. 6063

Mr. Perkins.
H.R. 6064.--- Mr. Perkins.
H.R. 6083.- Mr. Won Pat.

Cosponsors :

Mr. Matsunaga
H.R. 6257.---- Mr. Melcher.
H.R. 6361. Mr. Robinson of Virginia.
H.R. 6456

Mr. Quillen.
H.R. 6457_ Mr. Quillen.
H.R. 6754. Mr. Towell of Nevada.
H.R. 6769_

Mr. Burke of Florida.
H.R. 6942. Mr. Pepper.
H.R. 6949

Mr. Pepper.
H.R. 7311.. Mr. Gonzalez.
H.R. 7464..---. Mr. Fraser.


Mr. Zablocki.
H.R. 7598

Mr. Fulton.
H.R. 7761

Mr. Steelman.
H.R. 8003. Mr. Dorn.
H.R. 8159_---- Mr. Whalen.

Authors and cosponsors of bills considered by Subcommittee on

Compensation and Pensions Mrs. Abzug----

H.R. 1492 (cosponsor). Mr. Addabbo.-

H.R. 1493 (cosponsor).
Mr. Alexander...

H.R. 1492 (cosponsor).
Mr. Anderson of California - H.R. 1471, H.R. 3581
Mr. Andrews of North Dakota. H.R. 4329.
Mr. Ashley-

H.R. 4331.
Mr. Badillo.

H.R. 1492 (cosponsor). Mr. Baker.

H.R. 4899, H.R. 2687 (cosponsor). Mr. Bell..

H.R. 1753 (cosponsor). Mr. Bennett

H.R. 304, H.R. 2992 (cosponsor). Mr. Bergland.

H.R. 2313 (cosponsor). Mr. Bevill.

H.R. 1493 (cosponsor). Mr. Biaggi.

H.R. 2793, H.R. 2794. Mr. Bingham.

H.R. 321. Mr. Blackburn.

H.R. 2686 (cosponsor). Mr. Blatnik.--

H.R. 4603. Mr. Brademas..

H.R. 1492 (cosponsor). Mr. Brasco--

H.R. 2688 (cosponsor), H.R. 1492 (cosponsor). Mr. Breaux.

H.R. 2313 (cosponsor).
Mr. Brinkley-

H.R. 3352.
Mr. Brown of California.-. H.R. 4751 (cosponsor).
Mr. Broyhill of North Carolina H.R. 5922.
Mr. Buchanan...

H.R. 1492 (cosponsor).
Mrs. Burke of California.. H.R. 2687 (cosponsor), H.R. 3267 (cosponsor).
Mr. Burke of Florida---- H.R. 1753 (cosponsor), H.R. 6769.
Mr. Burke of Massachusetts... H.R. 1492 (cosponsor).
Mr. Byron ----

H.R. 1753 (cosponsor).
Mr. Carney of Ne York.- H.R. 4911.
Mr. Carney of Ohio.

H.R. 1492 (cosponsor).
Mr. Carter

H.R. 4608. Mr. Chappell.

H.R. 2992 (cosponsor). Mrs. Chisholm.

H.R. 2009 (cosponsor), H.R. 2687 (cosponsor). Mr. Clancy---

H.R. 3360. Mr. Clark.-

H.R. 1492 (cosponsor), H.R. 2686 (cosponsor). Mr. Clawson, Del.

H.R. 3246. Mr. Cleveland.

H.R. 2687 (cosponsor). Mr. Collier.

H.R. 2659. Mr. Conte

H.R. 1492 (cosponsor). Mr. Corman.--

H.R. 1753 (cosponsor), H.R. 4751 (cosponsor).

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