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Subtitle A-Department of Defense


CHAPTER VI—Department of the Air Force (Continued)

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(This book contains Parts 1000–1099)


Part 1000 [Reserved] 1001 General provisions. 1002 Procurement by formal advertising. 1003 Procurement by negotiation. 1004 Special types and methods of procurement. 1005 Interdepartmental procurement. 1006 Foreign purchases. 1007 Contract clauses. 1008 Termination of contracts. 1009 Patents, data, and copyrights. 1010 Bonds and insurance. 1011 Federal, State, and local taxes. 1012 Labor. 1013 Government property. 1014 Inspection and acceptance. 1015 Contract cost principles and procedures. 1016 Procurement forms. 1017 Extraordinary contractual actions to facilitate the national defense. 1030 Appendixes to air force procurement instruction. 1053 Contracts; general. 1054 Contract administration. 1055 Logistic support items. 1057 Reports. 1059 Aircraft and GFAE procurement. 1060 Ballistic missile and space system programs. 1061—1099 [Reserved]


Sec. 1001.201-71 Title I and Title II Architect

Engineer services. 1001.201–72 Breakout.


Subpart A-Introduction Sec. 1001.101 Purpose of subchapter. 1001.102 Applicability of subchapter. 1001.103 Arrangement of subchapter. 1001.103–1 General plan. 1001.103–2 Numbering. 1001.103–5 Dating of contract clauses. 1001.104 Content of subchapter. 1001.105 Amendment of AFPI and ASPR. 1001.106 Other Department of Defense

publications. 1001.106–1 Department of Defense direc

tives and instructions. 1001.107 Effective date of ASPR, AFPI,

and AFPC. 1001.109 Deviations from ASPR, AFPI and

Department of Defense publi

cations covering procurement. 1001.109-1 Applicability. 1001.109-2 ASPR deviations affecting one

contract or transaction. 1001.109-3 ASPR deviations affecting more

than one contract or con

tractor. 1001.109_4 Deviations required by Govern.

ment-to-Government agree

ments. 1001.109-51 Deviations, contract clauses. 1001.111 Reports of suspected criminal

conduct and non-competitive

practices. 1001.111-1 Suspected criminal conduct. 1001.111–2 Non-competitive practices. 1001.113 Code of conduct. 1001.113-1 Off installation contractual ne

gotiations. Subpart B-Definition of Terms 1001.201 Definitions. 1001.201-1 Change orders. 1001.201-3 Contracting officer. 1001.201–18 Sources of supplies. 1001.201–50 Contract change notification. 1001.201-51 Contractor. 1001.201-52 Chief officer responsible for

procurement. 1001.201-53 Appropriated funds. 1001.201-54 Base procurement. 1001.201–55 Central procurement. 1001.201-56 Base procurement activity. 1001.201–57 Foreign base procurement ac.

tivity. 1001.201-58 AMC field procurement activi

ties. 1001.201-59 Foreign central procurement

activity. 1001.201-60 Oversea commands. 1001.201-61 Continental United States

(Conus). 1001.201-62 Contract management regions


Subpart C-General Policies 1001.302 Sources of supplies. 1001.302–3 Production and research and de

velopment pools. 1001.302–4 Foreign purchases. 1001.302–50 Contracts between the Govern

ment and its employees, proposed subcontracts between Government prime contractors

and Government employees. 1001.305 Time of delivery or performance. 1001.305-2 General. 1001.305-3 Terms. 1001.305-4 Time of delivery clauses. 1001.305-50 Maximum delivery schedules. 1001.305–51 Establishment of delivery sched.

ules on basic ordering agree

ments. 1001.305-52 Amendment of delivery sched

ules in supply or research and

development contracts. 1001.309 Solicitations for informational

or planning purposes. 1001.310 Liquidated damages. 1001.312 Voluntary refunds. 1001.312–50 Other than voluntary refunds. 1001.313 Procurement of parts. 1001.313-50 Initial procurement. 1001.313-51 Replenishment procurement. 1001.313-52 Priorities. 1001.314 Contracting officer's decision un

der the disputes clause. 1001.314–52 Contractor's compliance

and withdrawal after appeal if filed. 1001.314-56 Delegation of authority to proc

ess contract appeals. 1001.314-57 Chief Trial Attorney. 1001.318 Contracts conditioned upon the

availability of funds. 1001.350 Forward purchasing policy. 1001.351 Policy on establishment of sec

ondary sources of aircraft pro

duction. 1001.352 Individuals authorized to ini.

tiate purchase requests. 1001.353 Utilization of funds. 1001.354 Discount-expedite. 1001.356 Tests of contractor manufac

tured equipment. 1001.357 Use of new contracts for follow

on procurements. 1001.358 Policy regarding the considera

tion of loyalty of scientific researchers on unclassified re

search contracts. 1001.360 Requests from foreign entities

for information as to acquisition of production and sales rights to United States mili. tary end items.

[blocks in formation]

Sec. 1001.361 Hospitalization and medical caro

for contractor's employees at

oversea installations. 1001.362 Industrial type music. 1001.363 Responsibility of procurement

personnel to question procure

ments. 1001.364 Procurement of parts and acces

sories for commercial equip

ment. 1001.365 Advance procurement planning. Subpart D-Procurement Responsibility and

Authority 1001.400 Scope of subpart. 1001.401 Responsibility of each procuring

activity. 1001.402 General authority of contracting

officers. 1001.403 Requirements to be met before

entering into contracts. 1001.404 Special requirements to be met

before entering into negoti

ated contracts. 1001.450 Secretary. 1001.451 Representatives of contracting

oficers. 1001.452 Designation of contracting offi

cers and representatives of

contracting officers. 1001.452–1 Assignment of additional duties. 1001.453 Delegations of authority. 1001.454 Authority to designate contract

ing officers and representatives

thereof. 1001.455 General procurement authority. 1001.456 Authorities of the sole "head of

a procuring activity." 1001.457 Authority to enter into, execute

and approve contracts. 1001.458 Manual approval of contracts for

services of experts and con

sultants. 1001.459 Manual approval of architect

engineer contracts. 1001.460 Priorities authority; DO and DX

ratings; allotments, and re

scheduling deliveries. 1001.461 Contracts for public utility serv

ices extending beyond current

fiscal year. 1001.462 Approval of certain PR's and

MIPR's. 1001.464 Delegation to Commander, Air

Training Command. 1001.465 Release of program data and

procurement information. 1001.466 Participation by airlines repre

sentatives in flights of commercially adaptable military

aircraft. Subpart - Contingent or Other Fees 1001.506 Representation and agreement

required from prospective

contractors. 1001.507 Use of Standard Form 119. 1001.507–1 Statement in lieu of form.

Sec. 1001.507-2 Exceptions. 1001.508 Enforcement. 1001.508-1 Failure or refusal to furnish

Standard Form 119. 1001.508–2 Misrepresentations or violations

of the covenant against con

tingent fees. 1001.509 Preservation of records. 1001.550 Responsibility for protecting in

formation contained in com

pleted Standard Forms 119. Subpart F-Debarred, Ineligible and

Suspended Bidders 1001.601 Establishment and mainte

nance of a list of firms or individuals debarred or ineligi

ble. 1001.601-1 General. 1001.601-3 Joint Consolidated List. 1001.601-4 Protection of lists. 1001.602 Limitation. 1001.603 Grounds for listing and treat

ment to be accorded listed

concerns. 1001.603–50 Security clearances. 1001.604 Causes and conditions under

which departments may de

bar contractors. 1001.604-3 Notice of debarment. 1001.605 Suspension of bidders. 1001.605-3 Restrictions during period of

suspension, 1001.605 4 Notice of suspension. 1001.606 Limited debarment or suspen

sion. 1001.610 Use of overseas lists within the

United States. 1001.650 Reporting violations. 1001.651 Supplemental lists.

Subpart G-Small Business Concerns 1001.700 Scope of subpart. 1001.701-1 General definition. 1001.704 Small business officials. 1001.704–2 Departmental Small Business

Advisors. 1001.704–3 Small business specialists. 1001.705 Cooperation with the Small

Business Administration. 1001.705–5 Joint SBA-Defense small busi

ness set aside program. 1001.705–6 Certificates of competency. 1001.706 Set-asides for small business. 1001.706-1 General. 1001.706–2 Review of SBA set aside

proposals. 1001.706–3 withdrawal or modification of

set-asides. 1001.706–4 Reporting for Department of

Commerce Procurement Syn

opsis. 1001.706-5 Total set-asides. 1001.707 Subcontracting with small busi

ness concerns.

subcontracting program. 1001.707–4 Responsibility for reviewing the 1001.707-5 Reports on DD Form 1140.

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