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Action originated within field activity.
SAN processing action.
Fiscal of the funds
4 position serial number.

$9-52.204 Assignment of numbers.

(a) Each activity identified in $9-52.101(b) shall be responsible for the coordination and issuance of procurement request numbers for offices under its cognizance.

(b) The office of the senior procurement official, Headquarters, will be respons ible for issuing procurement request numbers for all other Headquarters offices not separately identified in 9-52.101(b). $9-52.205 Modifications to procurement requests.

(a) Modifications to procurement requests shall be numbered by adding three additional characters to the basic PR number as follows:

(1) The tenth position shall contain a decimal point.

(2) The eleventh and twelfth positions shall be the serial number of the modification and shall commence with the number 01.


Below is an illustration of a modification to a








Basic PR number.
Modification No. 1 to basic PR.


PART 9-53


9-53.000 9-53.001 9-53.002 9-53.003 9-53.004 9-53.005 9-53.006

Scope of part.
Definition of procurement action.
Reports required.
Submission and frequency of reports.
Preparation of reports.

$9-53.000 Scope of part.

This part sets forth the policies and procedures established for uniform reporting of essential data on procurement actions to Headquarters. Such data will be used for management purposes, for informational reports and to furnish procurement information required by congressional committees, the General Accounting Office', General Services Administration, Small Business Administration, Renegotiation Board, and the Office of Federal Contract Compliance, Department of Labor.

$9-53.001 Applicability.

(a) The head of the procuring activity shall submit reports for procurement actions taken by the activity and shall require quarterly reports from each prime contractor under the cognizance of the activity when the prime contract contains the provisions described in FPR subsections 1-1.710-3(b) and 1-1.1310-2(b).

(b) If a contractor has more than one procurement office, data will be reported separately for each office. Also, if a contractor has more than one contract subject to these reporting requirements, data will be reported separately for each contract.

$9-53.002 Responsibility.

(a) The senior procurement official, Headquarters, is responsible for maintaining a central file of contract data and for issuing all reports and analyses of procurement actions on a ERDA-wide basis.

(b) Heads of procuring activities are responsible for preparing:

(1) all reports covering direct procurement actions by their activities and the collection, summarization and review of all contractor reports under contracts administered by their activities; and

(2) reports on Headquarters-designated contracts, and contracts directed by other activities under procurement directives. (The activity which executes and administers the contract, regardless of where' funds are obligated, shall report that contract as one of its procurement actions.) $9-53.003 Definition of procurement action.

(a) "Procurement action" as used in relation to the contract reporting system for prime contracts and subcontracts include:

(1) all contracts and subcontracts (including both new contracts and contracts superseding preliminary instruments), purch as e orders, grants, cooperative agreements, and interagency agreements;

(2) all preliminary contractual instruments such as letter contracts;

(3) all amendments, supplements, modifications, changes, cancellations, and terminations including letters changing the contract amount;

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(5) all orders placed against other Government agencies (such as orders on Federal Supply Centers or working fund agreements covering work or services performed for ERDA by other Government agencies);

(6) all payments to utility companies. Payments against such contracts are to be reported on the basis of estimated annual expenditures, with an adjustment made semi annually (based on fiscal year) to indicate actual payments under the contract during the fiscal year;

(7) all orders against existing open-end or indefinite quantity contracts, including contracts with any other Government agency, such as job orders, task orders, or delivery orders (orders against such contracts should be reported under the basic contract). Blanket purchase orders or requirement orders whose cumulative obligations are estimated to reach or exceed $10,000 are to be reported, with an adjustment made semi annually (based on fiscal year) to indicate actual payments under the contract during the fiscal year;

(8) contracts for the acquisition of uranium bearing ores, concentrates, and other source materials.

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(4) orders placed against other ERDA procuring activities, contractors, or Government agencies involving transfers of excess equipment or surplus material;

(5) transportation by Government bill of lading and transportation of personnel by Government travel order; and

(6) contractual arrangements falling within object classifications: 10, Personal Services and Benefits; 33, Investments and Loans; 42, Insurance Claims and Indemnities; and 44, Refunds.

$9-53.004 Reports required.

(a) Form ERDA-328A, Contract Data Worksheet, shall be prepared by each ERDA procuring activity for each of the following:

(1) Any procurement action when the initial procurement action is for $10,000 or more or when the accumulated amount of a series of procurement actions under a previously unreported contract, grant, SRSA, cooperative agreement, interagency agreement, or purchase order totals $10,000 or more.

(2) Letter contracts which meet reporting requirements shall be reported. Conversions of letter contracts to definitive contracts shall be reported on Form ERDA-328B.

(b) Form ERDA-328B, Prime Contract Change Worksheet, shall be prepared by ERDA procuring activities to report changes in ERDA contracts.

(c) Form ERDA-330A, Supplemental Report of Procurement Actions Work sheet, shall be prepared in accordance with paragraph $9-53.005(b) by each ERDA procuring activity and contractor unless excepted in $9-53.001(a).

(d) Form ERDA-330B, Supplement al Report of Procurement Actions Work sheet Labor Surplus Area Report, shall be prepared in accordance with paragraph $9-53.005(c) by each ERDA procuring activity.

$9-53.005 Submission and frequency of reports.

(a) ERDA activities which administer contracts shall furnish reports in the required CIS format of Forms 328A and 328B by SACNET or by tabulating machine cards to the Division of Communications and


Reporting offices without ADP facilities may furnish the completed worksheets identified above to the senior procurement official or designee, Headquarters, for further handling.

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