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(2) Offices which issue and administer their own procurement instruments such Interagency Agreements should have their own individual codes. If a code is required for an office not listed in this part, it should be requested from the Office of the Senior Procurement Official, Headquarters.

(f) The eighth through eleventh positions shall be the serial number of the instrument or solicitation. A separate series of serial numbers may be used for any type of instrument or solicitation listed in $9-52.101(d). However, separate series are not required. Each of numbers for the same procurement office shall be consecutively such series numbered through 9999 before returning to 0001.

$9-52.102 Assignment of numbers.

(a) Each office identified in $9-52.101(e) which issues solicitations or executes instruments shall assign numbers to such actions. The office of the senior procurement official, Headquarters shall assign numbers as necessary to offices not identified in 59-52.101(e).

(b) Area offices may utilize the number assigned to the operations office to which they report, in which case the operations office shall assign instrument numbers (or blocks thereof) to each of its area offices.

(c) Transfer of an instrument from one procurement activity to another shall be effected by a modification which renumbers the contract with the number assigned to the gaining activity.

$9-52.103 Illustration of number.

The following illustrates the configuration of the instrument number as prescribed in 59-52,101:

[blocks in formation]

1..... ..ERDA instrument 2...

..Conservation action 3-4.. ...Fiscal year of funds authorized 5....

Type of instrument (contract) 6-7... Instrument processed by procurement operations 8-11.........4 position serial number

$9-52.104 Exceptions to basic number.

(a) All active contracts entered into prior to June 1, 1944, will retain the number presently assigned.

(b) All active instruments entered into prior to October 1, 1977 which have been reported as required by Part 9-53, except those meeting the requirements of $9-52.104(a), shall be re numbered as necessary in the second position by assigning a "Y" for field instruments or assigning an "x" for Headquarters instruments.

(c) All active instruments not included in 9-52.104(b) shall not be renumbered.

$9-52.105 Numbering modifications.

Modification numbers used in conjunction with basic instrument numbers shall be used to identify amendments to solicitation documents and modifications of contracts, grants, agreements, etc.

(a) Amendments to each solicitation document shall be sequentially numbered by use of a three position numeric serial number, separate from the solicitation number, commencing with 001.

(b) Modifications to each instrument shall be sequentially numbered by use of a four position alpha numeric number separate from the instrument number, as follows:

(1) The first position shall be a capital letter identifying the type of action as iollows:

A - Any modification which results in an increase or decrease in

obligated funds;

M - Any modification which has no effect on the obligation of funds.

(2) The second through fourth positions shall contain the sequential serial number of the modification, commencing with 001. A separate series of serial numbers for each type of modification shall not be used.

(c) Illustration of modification numbers.

M002 - Modification to contract with no change in funding obligation. A003 Modi fication to contract with changes in funding obligation.

$9-52.106 Exceptions to modification numbers.

Modification numbers to be assigned to contracts described in $9-52.104(b) shall be sequentially numbered as described in $9-52.105 (b) for all modifications executed after October 1, 1977 commencing with the next successive number to the previous modification. All previous modification numbers shall remain unchanged.

$9-52.107 Task orders/project agreements (TO/PA).

TO/PA numbers used in conjunction with basic instrument number: shall be sequentially numbered by use of a three position numeric serial number commencing with the next successive number to the previous number used with the basic instrument. Alí previous TO/PA numbers shall remain unchanged.

$9-52.108 Distribution of instruments.

(a) Basic distribution. Procurement activities which execute or administer instruments are respons ible for making the following minimum distribution of instruments:

(1) One original signed copy to the files of the office administering the instrument, except when such copy is required for distribution to the General Accounting Office under paragraph (a)(3) of this paragraph. In the latter case a reproduction of the signed copy will be furnished to the activity administering the instrument;

(2) One signed copy to the contractor. However, in the case of formally advertised supply contracts, a purchase order or notice of award may be furnished in lieu of a signed copy of the contract.

(3) One original signed copy to the General Accounting Office when required by GAO Manual, Title 7-4510.50. This regulation provides in part as follows:

The original of all contracts with common carriers of all types for linehaul freight or passenger transportation services, including passenger charter agreements but excluding contracts for local storage, drayage, and hauling, shall be transmitted promptly, to the General Accounting Office, Service Subdivision, Transportation Division, Washington D.C. 20548.

(4) One signed copy to the ERDA finance office servicing the procurement activity.

(b) Additional distribution of instruments. Each procurement activity shall make the following additional distribution of conformed copies of instruments including modifications and amendments thereto within its jurisdiction:

(1) To the Office of the General Counsel, one copy of:

(i) Each contract or instrument, and each subcontract under a cost-reimbursement type contract, where the proposed contract action was submitted for Headquarters approval;

(ii) Each engineering or architect-engineering prime contract, and each engineering or architect-engineering subcontract under an operating contract, involving an expenditure (actual or estimated) of $500,000 or more.

(2) To the appropriate audit office one copy of each costreimbursement type contract.

(3) To the requiring Headquarters activity, two copies of each instrument.

(4) To the office of the senior procurement official, Headquarters, one copy of each instrument where the proposed action was submitted for Headquarters approval.

$9-52.109 Responsibilities.

The activities receiving a copy of instruments pursuant to $9-52.108(b), shall maintain a file of such instruments and shall be responsible for making the file available upon request.

$9-52.110 Maintenance of files.

Heads of procurement activities shall maintain the official file of all instruments awarded and administered thereby. The location and distribution of files in an activity are the respons ibility of the head of that activity.

90-136 O -77 - 42

Subpart 9-52.200

Procurement Request Numbers

$9-52.201 Policy on use.

(a) The PRN system shall apply to all requests to enter into, extend, modify or terminate contracts, agreements (excluding interagency agreements), grants, or other forms of financial assistance.


(b) Modifications to instruments which are not the result of procurement requests with a discrete PRN from a Headquarters office shall be initiated procurement procuring activity utilizing a discrete PRN (i.e., modifications as the result of approved financial plans are to be initiated by the appropriate field activity, which will assign its own PRN).

(c) Transfers of procurement actions in process from one procurement activity to another will be done by cancelling the PR and reissuing with a new number assigned by the initiating office.

(d) If the plan is to fund an action with funds from more than one fiscal year, individual Procurement Requests (PR) are required for each year's funding, each with its own unique number as specified in $9-53.202.

$9-52.202 Elements of basic number.

The basic number shall consist of nine alpha numeric characters positioned as follows:

(a) The first position shall contain a capital letter which identifies the office originating the PR using ident ification letters assigned in $9-52.101(b).

(b) The second and third positions shall be the number of the procurement office assigned to process the PR using those identification numbers assigned in $9-52.101(e).

(c) The fourth and fifth positions shall be the last two digits of the fiscal year of the funds authorized in item 16 of the PR form.

(d) The sixth through ninth positions shall be the serial number of the PR and shall commence with the number 0001 at the start of each fiscal year.

A single series of serial numbers will be used by each initiating office.

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