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Barkley came over and announced that this resolution had gone through the Senate, I wish you could have heard the rejoicing, as then you would have known that they are really using the day in a constructive way and that the passage of this resolution would please. I am sorry, Mr. McGrady, that there is any question in regard to the resolution being worded as it is.

Mr. FLETCHER. Did you people write the resolution?

Mrs. MilLER. No; it was written by the American Federation of Labor and a few changes were made at our suggestion. The only reason the various organizations would like to have it go through is to give an additional joy note to the celebration and obviate the need of any future propaganda for its use.

Mr. Robsion. I realize that one of the greatest problems of the country is the health of the children and I am for anything that will help to better the state of health. My only purpose was to elicit information that would make the resolution more effective and helpful.

Mr. FENN. Of course, the object is to get this through in agreement with the Senate, but if we should not, do you think it would be any great harm, if we got it through the House with a few minor changes suggested, because the conference would not take long.

Mrs. MILLER. No one would object to changes so the main purpose is sound.

Mr. GREENWOOD. As sponsor of the bill I have no objection from the pride of authorship. It has come from different organizations. I have no objection to amending it if we can make it better. There is this idea in leaving the matter open as to the reasons for it, because these various proclamations go out and the President puts some of his own ideas in them. It is true that the use of the flag means publicity as a patriotic proposition of calling attention of the citizenship to it, but the President would suggest the reasons for it much as he always does in the Thanksgiving Day proclamation. We leave the President at liberty to put that into the proclamation.

Mr. FLETCHER. How soon would it have to pass the House to be of service to you?

Mrs. MILLER. Just so we get it before May day.

Mr. FLETCHER. How long before do you send out your publicity? You have to get the cooperation of the State organizations.

Mrs. MILLER. They have all been working on it throughout the year.

Mr. FLETCHER. How soon would it have to pass the House to be of service to you this year?

Mrs. MILLER. If it passed the day before May day, the States could use it.

Mr. FLETCHER. They already have machinery set up to execute this at the suggestion of the President?

Mrs. MILLER. Yes,
Mr. Robsion. It is only 10 days away.

You could not get it through the House by May 1.

The CHAIRMAX. If there are no further questions of the witness, the committee will now go into executive session.

(Thereupon, following an executive session the committee adjourned at 12 o'clock noon, to meet again at the call of the chairman.)


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