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GOSPEL. John xv. 12, 17.
T that time; Jesus said to his disciples : This is

my commandment, that you love one another, as I have loved you. Greater love than this no man hath, that a man lay down his life for his friends. You are my friends, if you do the things that I command you. I will not call you servants: for the servant knoweth not what his lord doth. But I liave called you friends; because all things whatsoever I have heard of my Father, I have made known to you. You have not chosen me; but I have chosen you; and have appointed you, that you should go, and should bring forth fruit; and your fruit should remain ; that whatsoever you shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you.

OFFERTORY. Psalm viii. Gloria é honore.
THOU hast crowned him with glory and honour,

and hast placed him over the works of thy hands, O Lord.




HILE full of respect for the Apostolic dignity,

we offer up to thee, O Lord, these sacred mysteries; grant, we beseech thee, by the intercession of blessed N. thy Apostle, whose triumphs we are preparing to celebrate, that thy people may ever put up their prayers to thee, and obtain their desires. Thro'.

COMMUNION. Psalm xx. Magna est. (REAT is his glory in being saved by thee, O Lord; thou wilt crown him with glory and great honour.


PostcoMMUNION. Sancti Apostoli.
EING appeased, O Lord, by the prayers of thy ho-

against all future relapses. Thro'.



I. VESPERS, The Psalms as on Sundays, p. 69. except the last, which is Psalm cxvii. Laudate Dominum omnes,

as p. 90. Anth. THIS is my com Ant.

OC est præcep

tum meum, ut you love one another, as I diligatis invicem, sicut dihave loved you.

lesi yos.

T mandment, that

Hoc est præcep

says the


Anth. No man hath a Ant. Majorem charitagreater love, than to lay tem nemo habet, ut anidown his life for his mam suam ponat quis pro friends.

amicis suis. Anth. You are my

Ant. Vos amici mei 25friends, if you do what I tis, si feceritis, quæ præcommand you,

cipio vobis, dicit Dominus. Lord.

Anth. Blessed are the Ant. Beati pacifici, beapeace-makers; blessed are

ti mundo corde : quoniam the clean of heart ; for they ipsi Deum videbunt. shall see God.

Anth. By your patience Ant. In patientia vestra you shall possess your soul. possidebitis animas vestras.

Little CHAPTER. Eph. 2.
RETHREN, you are not now strangers and foreign-

ers : but you are fellow-citizens with the saints, and the domestics of God, being built on the foundation of Apostles and Prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner-stone.


world let joys arise, diis, Let praises echo thro' the Cælum resultet laudibus :

skies : Heaven and earth with joy- Apostolorum gloriam

ful choir To praise th’ Apostles now Tellus et astra concinunt.

conspire. O you, true lights of hu- .

Vos sæculorum judices, man kind, And judges of the world. Et vera mundi lumina,

designed ; To you our hearty vows we Votis precamur cordium,

show, Hear your petitioners be- Audite voces supplicum.

low. The gates of heav'n by Qui templa Cæli clauyour command

ditis, Are fasten'd close, or open Serasque verbo solvitis :

stand; Grant, we beseech you Nos a reatu noxios,

then, that we From sinful slav'ry may be Solvi jubete, quæsumus.



EXISTET orbis gau


Sickness and health your Præcepta quorum proti

power obey; This comes, and that you Languor salusque sentiunt;


drive away :

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Then from our souls all Sanate mentes languidas ;

sickness chace,
Lel healing virtues take its Augete n'os virtutibus.

That when our judge re Ut cum redibit arbiter

turns, to weigh
Our actions at the dreadful In fine Christus sæculi,

day, We may with him again Nos sempiterni gaudii

ascend To live in joys that never

Concedat esse compotes. end. To God the Father, and 'Patri, simulque Filio,

the Son, And Holy Spirit, three in Tibique, Sancte Spiritus,

one, Be endless glory, as before Sicut fuit, sit jugiter, The world began, for ever Sæclum per omne, gloria. more. Amen.

Amen. V. Their sound hath V. In omnem terram exgone all over the earth. R.

ivit sonus eorum. And their words to the ut- in fines orbis terræ verba eomost bounds of the globe.

Anth. They shall deliv Ant. Tradent enim vos
er you up to their councils, in conciliis, et in synago-
and scourge you in their gis suis flagellabunt vos : et
synagogues : and you shall ante reges et præsides du-
be carried before kings and cemini propter me, in tes.
governors on my account, timonium illis et Gentibus.
for a testimony to them and
the Gentiles.

Anth. 'HE Lord hath Ant. URAVIT Domi-

sworn, and he will not repent it: thou nitebit eum : tu es sacerart a Priest for ever.

dos in æternum. Psalm cix. Dixit Dominus. p. 69. Anth. May the Lord Ant Collocet eum Doplace him with the princes minus cum principibus poof his people.

puli sui.

R. Et



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Psalm cxii. Laudate pueri. p. 72. Anth. Thou hast bro Ant. Dirupisti, Domine, ken, OLord my bonds asun vincula mea; tibi sacrificader ; to thee will I sacrifice bo hostiam laudis. a sacrifice of praise.

Psalm cxv. Credidi, propter p. 90. Anth. Going they went Ant. Euntes ibant, et fileand wept, when they cast bant mittentes semina sua. their seeds.

Psalm cxxv. In convertendo. p. 91. Anth. Mighty is their Ant. Confortatus est power, and thy friends are principatus eorum, et họhonoured, O God.

norati şunt amici tui, Deus. Psalm cxxxviii. Domine, probasti. p. 92. LITTLE CHAPTER and Hymn, as in the first Vespers,

p. xi.

V. They published the V. Annuntiaverunt opera works of God.

Dei. R And understood his R. Et facta ejus inteldeeds.


At the MAGNIFICAT. Anth. Be valiant in bat Ant. Estote fortes in bel. tle, and fight with the old lo, et pugnate cum antiquo serpent : and you shall re serpente; et accipietis regceive an everlasting king- num æternum, Alleluia. dom, Alleluia.






The Psalms as on Sundays, p. 69. Except the last

which is Laudate Dominum omnes, as p. 90. Anth. E that shallcon- Ant. UI mc.confessus fess me before

fuerit men, him will I also con hominibus confitebor et efess before

my Father. go eum coram Patre meo. Anth. He that followeth Ant. Qui sequitur me, mie, walkerb not in dark non ambulat in tenebris, ness, but shall have the sed habebit lumen vitæ, dilight of life, says the Lord. cit Dominus.

Anth. He that serveth Ant. Qui mihi minisme, let him follow me; trat, me sequatur; et ubi


VOL. 11.


and where I am, there ego sum, illic sit et minister also let

my servant be. Anth. If any one shall Ant. Si quis mihi miniserve me, my Father, who straverit, honorificabit eum is in heaven, will honor Pater meus, qui est in ccehim, says the Lord. lis dicit Dominus.

Anth. I desire, Father, Ant. Volo, Pater, ut ubi that where I am, there also ego sum, illic sit et minismy servant may be.

ter meus. Little CHAPTER. James i. 12. LESSED is the man that endureth temptation ; for

when he hath been proved, he shall receive the crown of life, which God hath promised to them that love him.

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God, the lot, the EUS, tuorum militum crown,

the gain, Of soldiers in thy service Sors et corona, præmium ;

slain ; Make us forsake our sinful Laudes canentes martyris

ways, Who meet to sing this mar. Absolve nexu criminis.

tyr's praise.
This saint, esteeming Hic


gau. worldly joys

dia, As pleasing cheats, deceit- Et blanda fraudum pubula, And bitter too with secret Imbuta felle deputans,

gall, Nobly for heaven scorn'd Pervenit ad cælestia.

them all. He bravely ran his pain Panas cucurrit fortiter

ful toys,

ful race,

And look'd his torments in Et sustulit viriliter ;

the face ; For theeshe fearless sheds Fundensque pro te sanguihis blood,

nem, And wades to heaven thro' Æterna dona possidet.

the flood. To thee, thou gracious Ob hoc precatu supplici

Lord, we fly, Beseeching thee with Te poscimus, Piissime, That, on this martyr's tri- In hoc triumpho martyris

humble cry,

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