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Motion for calling up a Bill out of its turn. Appendix XVII Mr. — seconded by Mr. — moves, that the Order of the Day for the second reading of the Bill to (alter the mode of holding County Elections) be now read.

On a question for receiving the report of a Bill from
Committee, a member may move that it he received “ this
day six months,” or that " it be re-committed."
Motion for amending a Bill on the question for its third

Mr. — seconded by Mr. -- moves, that the Bill be
not now read a third time, but that it be re-committed
forthwith (or, on next,) for the purpose of amending
the same (by expunging the clause,-or, by adding
the following: (or otherwise, as the case may be),

Motion for throwing out a Bill. On the question for the second or third reading, recommittal, or passing.

Mr. — seconded by Mr. moves in amendinent, that the Bill be not read a second, (or third time, or cornmitted,-or do not now pass—as the case may be)-but that it (be read, & the case may be) this day three months.


After the passing of the Bill. Mr. — seconded by Mr. -- moves, that the bill be entitled “ An Act to alter the mode of holding County “ Elections, and to repeal the laws now in force for that “purpose."--(or as the case may be.) ...

. XVIII. Final Example of the Forms required in a Private Bill, in the Appendix XVIII.

Notice, Petition, and Allegations that must be proved before the Committee--in the case of a Road Bill).

Notice is hereby given, that application is intended to be made to Parliament in the next session, for an Act for making, and maintaining a turnpike road, to commence at or near to a certain place called in the parish of , and to pass from thence over , in the parish of aforesaid, through to' in the parish of —-, and

Appendix XVI. from thence through or near the town or village of

to- , and to terminate at, or near to a certain place called --, in the town of — ; all in the County of

A. B. Solicitor for the Bill.

Form of Petition.
To the Honourable the Commons of the United

Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, in

Parliament assembled.
The humble petition of the several persons whose names

are hereunto subscribed, being inhabitants of —

in the parish of — , in the county of Sheweth,

That the making and maintaining of a turnpike road, to commence at (insert from the notice,) would be of great benefit and advantage to the inhabitants of , and the adjacent country, and also to the public at large; but the same cannot be carried into execution without the aid and authority of Parliament.

Your petitioners, therefore, humbly pray that leave may be given to bring in a bill for effecting the purpose aforesaid, in such manner, by such ways and means, and under such regulations and restrictions, as to this Honourable House shall seem meet. And your petitioners shall ever pray.

[Signatures.] Form of statement of Proofs before Committee on Petition. 1. Produces newspapers entitled of --- (such a

date.] . 2. Produces and proves copy of notice, which he affixed

to the door of the Sessions House, at ; on the

- , at the Michaelmas Quarter Sessions. 3. Proves that he applied to the owners and occupiers

of property to be taken, and that the statements

set against their names, as entered in the list de. ...posited in the Private Bill Office, is correct. 4. Proves the estimate : he made it. 5. Proves that the list of the names of the subscribers,

, and of the sums set against their names, is correct. 6. Provės depositing in the Private Bill Office, plan,

section, and book of reference, list of owners and
'occupiers, estimate of expense, and subscription

7. Proves allegations of petition.

XIX. "*':'... Petition for a Divorce Bill. ; To the Right Honorable the Lords Spiritual and Tem- Appendix xix.

poral, in Parliament assembled. The humble petition of A. B. of - , Esq.

Sheweth, That on the day of your Lordships' petitivner was married to C. D. his now wife, (then of ) spinster.

That your Lordships' petitioner, and the said C. D. lived and cohabited together as man and wife, from the time of their said marriage, until sometime in the month of — , and had issue during that period, - children (viz, — sons and — daughters), all (or -) of whom are now living, (or, “but there has been no lawful issue of the "said marriage.”)

That in the month of — in the present year, your Lordships' petitioner discovered that his wife, the said C. D., had entered into, and carried on an unlawful famili. arity and criminal intercourse with E.F., Esq., commonly called the Honorable E. F., of , in the county of

That your Lordships' petitioner did, in Easter term, bring an action of trespass in Her Majesty's Court of Queen's Bench, at Westminster, against the said: E. F., Esq. &c. in order to recover damages for such criminal conversation with his said wife ; and obtained judgment in the said action for damages, besides costs.

That on the day of — your Lordships' petitioner instituted a suit in the Consistory Court of the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop -, against the said C. D. Iris wife, and obtained against her in the said Court a definitive sentence of divorce from bed and board and mutual cohabitation, for adultery committed with the said E.F.

That the said C. D. hath, by her criminal and adulterous behaviour, as aforesaid, dissolved on her part the bond of marriage; and your Lordships' petitioner is, thereby deprived of the comforts of matrimony, and may be liable to have a spurious issue imposed upon him, unless the said marriage be declared void, and annulled by the authority of Parliament. * Your petitioner, therefore, most humbly prays your Lordships, that leave may be given to bring in a bill to



Appendix XIX. dissolve his marriage with the said C. D. and to enable

him to marry again, and that he may have such other relief in the premises as this Right Honorable House shall think proper.

And your petioner, &c.

XX. Appendix XX. Petition to dispense with the attendance of a person suing

for a Divorce, and with the service of Order and Bill.
To the Right Honorable the Lords Spiritual and

Temporal, in Parliament assembled.
The humble petition of E. F., of — , the attorney (or

agent) of A. B. of — , (in the East Indies or else-
where,) Esq. .

Sheweth, That on the day of instant, your Lordships' petitioner did, on the behalf of the said A. B., present a petition to this Right Honorable House, praying your Lordships that leave might be given to bring in a bill to dissolve the marriage of the said A. B. with C. D.

That the second reading of the said bill is appointed for the day of

That your Lordships by your order of the day of - , have been pleased to require that the said A, B. should attend this Right Honorable House, on the said

- day of —, for the purpose of being examined touching the said bill.

That the said A. B. is at present residing at in the East Indies, (or elsewhere,) and from the circumstance of his absence from England is unable to attend this Right Honourable House on the matter of the said petition and bill.

[It also may be necessary to petition their Lordships to dispense with a personal service of an order and copy of the bill, on the party against whom the divorce is sued for. After reciting the order, proceed :}

That your petitioner hath made every diligent search and enquiry after the said C. D. without effect, and that he is credibly informed and believes, that she is now resing in or in some parts beyond the seas, so that personal notice cannot be served upon her, agreeably 10 the said order of this Right Honourable House.

Your petitioner, therefore, humbly prays, that the ser. Appendix xx: vice of the said order, and also an attested copy of the said bill, signed by the Clerk of this Right Honourable House, upon G. H. trustee of the said C. D., may be deemed as good, sufficient, and effectual notice to the said C. D. of the order of your Lordships', and of the time of the second reading of the said bill, as if she had been personally served with the said order and bill.

And your petitioner, &c.


Appendix XXI.
Form of Judges' Report on a Private Petition.
To the Right Honourable the Lords Spiritual and

Temporal in Parliament assembled :
In pursuance of Your Lordship's order of reference of
the -- day of -- last, hereunto annexed, we have
considered the petition of A. B. & C. D. in the said order
mentioned, and hereunto also annexed; and we find that
under and by virtue of certain indentures, (quote the

And we further find (quote the petition).
And it was proved before us (quote the petition). -

And it was also proved before us, that the said petition hath been signed by the said petitioners, the said A. B. & C. D., who we conceive are all the parties beneficially interested in the consequences of the Bill.

And we have perused and signed the Bill hereunto
annexed, which we conceive to be proper for effectuating
the purposes aforesaid ; and that it is reasonable that the
same should pass into a law, if your Lordships should so
Given under our hands, this —- day of

Form of Petition to receive Judges' Report.
To, &c.
The humble Petition of in

That on the — day — last, your petitioners presented
a petition to this Right Honorable House praying for leave
to bring in a bill to effect the purposes therein mentioned,
which petition your Lordships were pleased to refer for
their consideration, to Mr. Justice , and Mr. Justice
- ; and that the said Judges met on the day of one

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