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Tar. Officers' Reserve Corps --- 1532–1552 Composition and object of_---- 1532 Appointments in Officers' Re

Corps and National Army to certain grades in des

ignated stuff corps.--------- 1532a President alone authorized to

appoint and commission officers in, to all grades up to

and including major------ 1533 Appointment of former officers

of Regular Army, Volunteer Army, Organized Militia, or

National Guard to ---- 1533a Same-Proportion of officers in

any section not to exceed proportion of same grade in Regular Army--

1534 Persons registered as qualified

under act of January 21, 1903, to be eligible for appointment in for three years.

1535 Same-l'ersons qualified for

grade of lieutenant colonel or colonel to be appointed as such, but when they become separated from the corps the grades to cease and determine

1536 Commissions and rank of offi

cers who were qualified at date of act who had Feileral service with National Guard

or Organized Militin-------- 1536a Recommission of officer called

for service in lower grade... 1530b

Par. Age limit for appointment in

and discharge of officers after

having passed such limit---- 1537 No discharge of officers on

reaching age limit during ex

isting energency----- --- 1537a SameNot to apply to appoint

ment or reappointment of otficers in certain staff departments

1538 Medical Reserve Corps to cease

to exist one year after passage of act; officers of may be appointed to Officers' Reserve Corps.----

1539 Certain officers of the medical

section, Officers' Reserve Corps, may be assigned to active duty in time of peace; pay of----

1540 Commissions to be in force for a period of five years.

1541 Same_May be recommissioned for

successive periods in sa me or higher grades ------ 15-12 Rank of officers in various sec

tions to be according to
grades and length of service

1543 Assignment to duty in time of

war, rank, pay, etc.------- 1514 Restoration to positions of Fed

eral or District of Columbia
employees ordered to active
duty as members of Officers'
Reserve Corps..--..


Par. Prohibition against acceptance

of voluntary service not ap-
plicable to ----

1544b Same-Take temporary rank

among themselves according
to date of assignment to ac-
tive duty ; promotion to vacan-
cies in Volunteers and to
temporary vacancies in Regu-
lar Army--

1545 Officers of not entitled to retire

ment or retired pay ; pension-
able status ----

1546 Subject to rules and Articles of

War when ordered to active
service -

1547 May be ordered to duty with

troops, etc., for instruction -- 1548 Same-Period of instruction

may be extended with con

sent of reserve officers----- 1549 Leaves of absence to Federal or

District of Columbia employ-
ees who are members of Offi-
cers' Reserve Corps..

1549a In time of war all officers of

to be ordered into active serv-
ice before appointment of
Volunteer officers

1550 Same-Does not prevent ap

pointment of officers of Reg-
ular Army as officers of Vol-
unteers before all officers of

are ordered to active service 1551 Relative rank and right to re

tirement of officers of Regu-
lar Army not affected by ac-
tive service in...

1552 Reserve Officers' Training Corps--

1553-1572 Senior and junior divisions of

to be organized at certain

universities and colleges ---- 1553 First Corps Cadets, National

Guard of Massachusetts, desig-
nated as unit of Senior Divi-

-- 1553a Samen Subject to rules and

regulations prescribed for Re

serve Officers' Training Corps, 1553b Same-Waiving of drill and in

structions required from as a National Guard organization. 1553c

Par. Same-Ancient privileges recog

nized by national-defense act
to remain in full force and

15530 Same-One or more units may

be established on application
of any qualified State insti-
tution ---

1554 Same-Not to be established

until after officer of Army
has been detailed at the in-
stitution as professor of mili-

tary science and tactics ---- 1555 Establishment of units at quali

fied institutions, other than
State institutions, maintain-
ing a two years' course of
military training-----

1556 Same-Not to be established

until after officer of Army has
been detailed at institution as
professor of military science
and tactics -

1557 Secretary of War to prescribe

course of military training for
the units----

1558 Eligibility for membership in, as

to age, citizenship, etc-------- 1559 Detail of active or retired offi

cers as professors for; rank,

pay, term, conditions, etc---- 1560 Same-Detail of enlisted men,

active, retired, or Regular
Army Reserve; limit as to ac-
tive, who are to be additional,

1561 Issue of public animals, arms,

uniform, equipment, etc., to
institutions with established

1.562 Commutation for uniforms sup

plied by educational institu-

1562a Issue of military equipment and

detail of instructors at other
schools and colleges..

1.63 Camps for additional training

of members of; period of en

campment, equipment, etc---- 1564 President alone may appoint

qualified graduates of, in Offi-
cers' Reserve Corps; condi-



Par. Same-Qualified graduates not

eligible for appointment while
undergoing postgraduate

1566 Members who have completed

two years of training may be
furnished with commutation
of subsistence for remainder
of course of training--

1567 Same--Credit to be given for military training---

1568 Appointment of prior graduates

of institutions giving military
training to Officers' Reserve
Corps and as temporary addi-
tional second lieutenants; age

limit, citizenship, etc.---- 1569 Appointment by President alone

of reserve officers as tempo-
rary second lieutenants of
Regular Army in time of

peace for instruction.------- 1570 Reserve officers and temporary

second lieutenants not
titled to retirement or retired

pay; pensionable status ----- 1571 In time of war reserve officers

may be assigned to active
duty in any grades, not below
second lieutenant, and are
subject to rules and articles
of war.

1572 Adjutant General to keep re

vised list of civilians who
have had military training
qualifying them for appoint-

ment as commissioned officers 1573 Camps of instruction for train

ing civilians, equipment, etc., of

1574 Same-Rate of mileage for civil

ians attending, time of payment---

1574a Pay of civilians designated for

training as officers during period of training---

1574b Same-Secretary of War to pre

scribe course of instructions
at, and detail Regular officers
and enlisted men for duty 'in
connection with.----

1575 64208°—18 -28

Par. Appropriation for maintenance

of camps on military reserva-
tions, etc., for training

1576 Training camps for civilians.-- 1576a Same-Available for transpor

tation and subsistence of citi-
zens between certain ages who
have attended camps during

1577 Training camp for civilians on

military reservation at Fort
Douglas, Utah, maintenance

1578 Establishment and equipment of

indoor and outdoor rifle

ranges for training civilians -- 1579 Same.

1579a Same-Officer of Army or Ma

rine Corps may be appointed
director of civilian marks-

1580 Enlisted Reserve Corps.---- 1581-1599 Enlisted reserve for staff departments-----

1581 Regulations relating to enlist

ment of dental students in En-
listed Reserve Corps--

1581a Issuance of certificate of enlist.

ment to persons found quali.

fied, rights conferred by ----- 1582 Rosettes or knots to be issued

to members attending at least
one encampment for military

instruction of citizens.------ 1383 Same--Penalty for unauthorized wearing of

1584 Assignment of members to or

ganizations of Regular Army
or organization of, into units
or detachments of any arm,

1585 May be ordered to active serv.,

ice annually for purpose of

instruction or training---- 1.386 Same-Periods of active service

may be extended with consent
of enlisted rjen-----

1.587 Same--Pay and allowances

while in active 1588

Par. Not entitled to retirement or re

tirement pay ; pensionable status.-

1589 Uniform to be sa me as for en

listed men of Regular Army

and to be issued in kind-- 1590 SameClothing or other equip

ment to remain property of United States.--

1591 Same-Unserviceable to be replaced.-----

1592 Arms, clothing, and equipment

issued to be accounted for on discharge.---

1593 Enlisted men ordered to active

service subject to Rules and Articles of War


rar. May be discharged when serv

ice no longer required or for

1595 Certificate of enlistment for

feited, in addition to other
punishment, for failure to
obey order assiguing to active

1596 In time of actual or threatened

hostilities may be orderell to
active duty with Regular

1597 Sume--Jay be mustered into

the Volunteer service with

grades held in their corps---- 1593 Same-Certificate of eulistment

does not give vester right to
be so mustered.---


OFFICERS' RESERVE CORPS. 1532. Composition and object of.--For the purpose of securing a reserve of officers available for service as temporary officers in the Regular Army, as provided for in this Act and in section eight of the Act approved April twenty-fifth, nincteen hundred and fourteen,' as officers of the Quartermaster Corps and other staff corps and departments, as officers for recruit rendezvous and depots, and as ollicers of volunteers, there shall be organized, under such rules and regulations as the President may prescribe not inconsistent with the provisions of this Act, an Officers' Reserve Corps of the Regular Army. Said corps shall consist of sections corresponding to the various arms, staff corps, and departments of the Regular Army.?

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* See par. 1389. ante, or Stat. 349.

lell, that there iil'e no organizational gralles in the Veterinary Corps nor in the Dental Corps and that, therefore, veterinarians can be appointed in the Oficers' Reserve Corps only its assistint veterinarians with the rank of second lieutenant, und dental surgeons may be appointed therein only its first lieutenant, and that in neither case call the ollicer iftain it higher rank except thround active service for the time prescribed for the attainment of higher rank.

lloid further, that is to the Medical Deporument. the three corpus, Medical, Dental, and leterinary, are to be remmel ils separate and distinct corps for the purpose of determining the proportionate number of ollicers to be commissioneel in the Ollicer- Reserve (omps; in that the proportion of the grandes in the delical Section proper of the Ollicers' Reserve Corps should be determined by the proportion which the number in the corresponding grades in the verdial Corps of the Regular Army bear to the total number of oflicers in the veili. ( Corps of the Regular Amy. the grandes of cipta in anul first lieutenant in the Medical Corps of the Regular Army being considered one grate that of first lieutenant. in making the computation; and that the appointments to the lental and veterinary sections of the Officers' Reserve Corps, being only to the lowest ini mich, will be unlimited in that grade.

llelil further, that for purposes of appointment in the Omicers' Reserre Corps the lowest iluthorized grade in the Quartermaster Corpos is that of oilpitain, to Third grade in the Officers' Reserve Corps appointmenis may be unlimitel.

llele further, that the Signal Corps proper anıl the Aviation Section each constitutes a corps which should form the basis of au organization in the Offi

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