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1236c. Contracts for publication of Official Postal Guide.-Hereafter contracts let for the publication of the Official Postal Guide shall provide for the supply of such copies as may be required for public use by the several executive departments and other Government establishments at a price not exceeding the cost of such guides to the Post Office Department. Act of May 10, 1916 (39 Staf. 108).

1253a. Accused persons may testify. In the trial of all indictments, informations, complaints, and other proceedings against persons charged with the commission of crimes, offenses, and misdemeanors, in the United States courts, Territorial courts, and courtsmartial, and courts of inquiry, in any State or Territory, including the District of Columbia, the person so charged shall, at his own request but not otherwise, be a competent witness. And his failure to make such request shall not create any presumption against him. Act of Mar. 16, 1878 (20 Stat. 30),




Par. Sale of airplane war material to

foreign Governments, etc., en-
gaged with United States in
prosecution of war..

1255a Same-Proceeds to be credited

to appropriations for ----- 1255b Secretary of War to prescribe

regulations for accounting for

Army supplies or property--- 1259a Loan of tents, restrictions on -- 1259b Exchange of sewing machines,

etc., motor trucks, passenger-
carrying vehicles, and band
instruments on purchase of

1261a Exchange of motor-propelled ve

hicles, aeroplanes, engines,

etc., on purchase of new------ 1261b Exchange of motor-propelled ve

hicles, airplanes, and other
equipment --

1261c Soldiers' homestead, military

service on Mexican border,

etc., equivalent to residence-- 1272a Soldiers' homestead, military or

naval service equivalent to
residence, etc.; contests on
ground of abandonment pro-

1272b Same-One year's residence,

etc., required condition

precedent to patent------ 1272c Same-Widows and minor chil

dren of applicants, etc., for
homesteads dying in military
service, etc., right to home-

1272d Desert lands------- 1272e-1272h Requirements as to expenditures

on and cultivation of land suspended as to persons in military service, etc., during war with Germany-


Par. Same-Entry must have been

made by claimant prior to his

1272f Same--Notice of muster into service to be filed...

1272g Same-“ Enlisted man defined for purposes of act.

1272h Persons in armed forces of

United States, before whom
affidavits required by law af-
fecting application, entries,

etc., may be made----- 1272i Mining claims.--

1272j-1272n Provisions of R. S. 2324, as to

labor on, not applicable to
persons in military service,
etc., during war with Ger-

1272j Same-Notice of muster into

service to be filed------ 12721 Labor on mining claims, sus

pension of, during years 1917
and 1918

1272ın Same-Claimant to file notice of

desire to hold such mining claim

1272n Provisions relative to labor on

mining claims of persons in military service, etc., not affected by

12720 Lands for military purposes.- 1274a

1274p Donation of lands for aviation

field and remount station, acceptance of

1274a Purchase of lands for aviation

purposes, provided military

reservations are not available. 1274b Donation of lands for mobiliza

tion, training, and supply stations, acceptance of; also report as to additional needs for National Guard and Regular Army-




Per. Report as to land and buildings. Temporary buildings may be required for airships, etc., for

erected by Secretary of War seacoast defenses.

12740 in Smithsonian Grounds, DisAcquisition of sites for aviation

trict of Columbia ---

1279e schools, posts, and stations--- 1274e Sale of land purchased for tar

get Land-site funds available for

ranges for National Guard

1281a other purposes; leasing of aviation fields


Same-Appraisal and method
of sale

12815 Site for aviation station at North Island, San Diego, Cal.,

Expenses of sale and disposi

1281c taking possession of.--- 1271g

tion of proceeds.. Same-Procedure for determi

Right of way for highways over nation of rights of private

public lands

1283a parties in--

1274h | Report as to permanent military Same-Payment into court of

posts with plans and estimates

for quartering officers and envalue of such rights.------- 12741

listed men--

1289a Appropriation for payment of

Vocational training------ 1293a-12931 award and distribution by

Educational instruction, vocaorder of court----


tional education, employment Proving ground for testing ord

of civilian teachers, etc., for nance material

enlisted men.

1293a President authorized to take

Same-Secretary of War to preover necessary land, etc., on

scribe necessary rules and failure to purchase---- 12741

regulations, and suspend, inSame-Just compensation for

crease, or decrease amount of land, etc., taken, method to


1293b determine


Vocational training, instruction Same-Title to immediately

additional to military trainvest in United States.


1293c Examination of title by Attor

Same-Transfer of enlisted men ney General not required.--- 12740 Purchase of land, etc., for Ord

to organizations at regimental

posts for such instructions_-- 1293d nance Department exempt

Same-Hours of educational from provision of Revised

and vocational training--- 1293e Statute as to examination of

Same- Civilian instructors.---- 12931 title


Same Instructors and disciErection of Young Men's Chris

pline under jurisdiction of tian Association buildings on

military authorities.--- 12938 military reservations-------- 1279a

Vocational training for enlisted Revocable license to American

men, Aviation Section, Signal National Red Cross to erect

Corps --

1293h buildings on military reserva

Persons injured required to foltions for storage of supplies-- 1279b low courses of reeducation, Express authority for buildings,

vocational training, etc.----- 12931 etc., in parks, etc-------- 127951 Same-Enlistment in military Temporary buildings for Ameri

or naval service of such percan Red Cross in District of

sons unable to follow gainful Columbia--


1293) Same--Removal within three

Same-Pay during such enlistyear's 1279d ment ---


Par. Same - Punishment for com

municating such information, etc., to foreign Governments, etc



Par. Same-Suspension of compensa

tion on failure to take course
or enlist------

12931 Post offices at military posts--- 1294a Alcoholic liquors-

1295a-12950 Regulation of sale, etc., in or

near military camps or to of

ficers and enlisted men ----- 1295a Same-Sale prohibited at any

military station, camp, fort,
etc., except for medicinal pur-

1295b Same-Sale of to officers or en

listed men while in uniform - 12950 Same--Punishment.------- 1295d Suppression, etc., of houses of ill

fame, etc., near military
camps, etc

129Je Same-Punishment for violation of regulations

1295f Trespass upon or injury to

mines, torpedoes, fortifica-
tions, etc., or violation of reg-
ulations as to defensive sea

1315a Same Jurisdiction of offenses

committed within Canal Zone

or defensive sea areas.. 1315b Regulations for use and naviga

tion of navigable waters to
prevent injury from Coast Ar-
tillery fire, etc

13150 Same-Detail of vessels to enforce

1315d Offenses within admiralty, mari

time, and territorial jurisdic

tion of United States-------- 1316a Laws of States adopted for punishing wrongful acts..

1316b Espionage

1317fa-131711 National defense - Punishment

for unlawfully obtaining information as to, etc------- 13171a

Same - Punishment for

municating, collecting, etc., in

formation in time of war---- 131710 Same-Making, etc., false re

ports, etc., with intent to interfere with operations of military forces while at war; causing, etc., insubordination, disloyalty, mutiny, etc.; obstructing recruiting or enlist

ment, punishment.--. 131710 Conspiracy to violate two pre

ceding sections, punishment.- 1317de Punishment for other conspir

acies committed under this title

131711 Harboring or concealing persons

violating provisions of title, punishment

--- 13171g Designation by proclamation of

prohibited places under title. 1317 h Jurisdiction of general courts

martial, etc., not limited by title

1317fi Places subject to provisions of title

131713 Repeal of national defense se

crets act of March 3, 1911.- 13174k Possession or control of prop

erty or papers in aid of foreign Government designed or intended, etc., for violating penal statutes, treaty rights, or obligations of United States, or rights, etc., under law of nations, punishment. 1317}i


1255a. Sale of airplane war materials to foreign governments, etc., engaged with United States in prosecution of war.—The President, during the present emergency, is authorized, through the head of any department of the Government, to sell any war materials used in the construction of airplanes which may have been or may hereafter be acquired by the United States for the purpose of the Army or Navy,



or for the prosecution of war, to any person, firm, or corporation, or to any foreign state or government engaged with the United States Government in the prosecution of war against a common enemy or its allies, in such manner and upon such terms, at not less than cost, as he in his discretion may deem best. Act of Oct. 6, 1917 (40 Stat. 356).

1255b. Same-Proceeds to be credited to appropriations for.-Any moneys received by the United States hereunder shall become available as part of the appropriation by which said property was purchased by the United States. I.

1259a. Secretary of War to prescribe regulations for accounting for Army supplies or property.--Hereafter the accounting for Army supplies or property and the fixing of responsibility therefor shall be according to such regulations as may be prescribed by the Secretary of War. Act of Aug. 29, 1916 (39 Stat. 635).

1259b. Loan of tents, restrictions on.-Hereafter no loan of tents shall be made except to the Grand Army of the Republic and the United Confederate Veterans. Joint resolution No. 11, Mar. 2, 1913 (39 Stat, 1025).

1261a. Exchange of sercing machines, etc., motor trucks, passengercarrying vehicles, and band instruments on purchase of new.—Hereafter sewing machines and other labor-saving machinery used in the manufacture of clothing and equipage, motor trucks and passengercarrying vehicles, and band instruments may be exchanged in part payment for new machines, vehicles, and instruments used for the same purpose as those proposed to be exchanged. Act of Aug. 29, 1916 (39 Stat. 6.35).

1261b. Exchange of motor-propelled vehicles, acroplanes, engines, etc., on purchase of new.--Hereafter motor-propelled vehicles, aeroplanes, engines, and parts thereof may be exchanged in part payment for new equipment of the same or similar character, to be used for the same purpose as those proposed to be exchanged. Act of May 12, 1917 (40 Stat. 43).

1261c. Exchange of motor-propelled vehicles, airplanes and other equipment.-Subject to the approval of the Secretary of War, motorpropelled vehicles, airplanes, engines, parts thereof, and appurtenances may be exchanged in part payment for new equipment of the same or similar character to be used for the same purpose as those proposed to be exchanged. Sec. 9, Act of July 24, 1917 (40 Stat. 247).

(For the provisions of this section immediately preceding and following this paragraph see pars. 889xx and 889yy, ante.)

1272a. Soldiers' homestead, military service on Merican border, cte., equivalent to residence. The provisions of the Act approved Jue sixteenth, eighteen hundred and ninety-eight, chapter four hundred and fifty-eight (Thirtieth Statutes at Large, page four hundred and seventy-three), shall be applicable in all cases of military

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