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All 69 Stat. 478.

use of the premises and to public health and safety, as the Commission may deem appropriate, which restrictions and requirements shall not be valid beyond one year after the incorporation of the city at the community; and

e. may require that any payments in lieu of property taxes or assessments for local improvements made by the Commission with

respect to the property shall be equitably prorated. Sec. 56. OCCUPANCY BY EXISTING TENANTS.Upon application by any occupant of a single or duplex house made within the period of the first priority when such house is first offered for sale under this Act, the Commission shall execute a lease to such occupant for a period not to exceed one year from the date on which such property is first offered for sale, or for such period as he remains a project-connected person, whichever is shorter. In selling any house with respect to which a lease executed under this section is in effect, the Commission may provide that the purchaser shall assume any or all obligations of the lessor, but the Commission shall guarantee the lessee's performance under the terms of the lease. Sec. 57. Lots.

a. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Act, the Commission is authorized, immediately upon passage of this Act, or immediately upon the inclusion of the community within the provisions of this Act, to offer for sale to the lessees single residential lots, which were leased by competitive bid and which do not have a Government-owned building thereon, at a price equal to the initial valuation of the lot as stated in the lease.

b. The Commission is authorized to offer for sale, as soon as possible, other lots, to individual owners, upon which single family or duplex houses may be erected, taking into consideration the zoning restrictions the new city is likely to enact with respect to those lots.

CHAPTER 6. FINANCING Sec. 61. CONTRACT PURCHASE.—The Commission may, in the sale of any single-family or duplex house to a priority purchaser, enter into a contract to purchase which provides that the purchaser shall conclude his purchase within not more than three years after the date the contract is entered into. Such contracts to purchase shall provide for such periodic payments, including payments on account of principal, interest, or tax equivalents, as the Commission shall prescribe. SEC. 62. COMMISSION FINANCING.

a. In the event that the Commission finds that financing on reasonable terms is not available from other sources, the Commission may, in order to facilitate the sale of residential property under chapter 5 of this Act, accept, in partial payment of the purchase price of any house, apartment building, or dormitory notes secured by first mortgages on such terms and conditions as the Commission shall deem appropriate. In the case of houses and apartment buildings, the maturity and percentage of appraised value in connection with such notes and mortgages shall not exceed those prescribed under section 223 (a) of the National Housing Act, as amended, and the interest rate shall equal the interest rate plus the premium being charged (and any periodic service charge being authorized by the Federal Housing Commissioner for properties of similar character) under section 223 (a) of the National Housing Act, as amended, at the effective date of such notes and mortgages.

68 Stat. 605. 12 USC 1715n.

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All 69 Stat. 479. b. The Commission may sell any such notes and mortgages on terms set by the Commission. Sec. 63. COMMISSION INDEMNITY.-For a period of not more than fifteen years after the date of enactment of this Act, the Commission shall indemnify the purchaser (except a purchaser taking advantage of the provisions of subsection 36 (d)), and any successor in title, of

any such single family or duplex house as set forth in this chapter. This indemnity shall be deemed to be incorporated in the deeds given on the sale of Government-owned houses. One person may not invoke the indemnity in respect of more than one house.

Sec. 64. COMMUNITY EMPLOYMENT AND POPULATION.—The indemnity obligation specified in section 63 shall arise only if, for the six months just preceding the date on which it is invoked

(a) the total number of operating, maintenance, and administrative employees in the project area, as determined by the Commission, has been less than fourteen thousand three hundred and thirty-seven in the case of Oak Ridge or seven thousand six hundred and twenty-two in the case of Richland; and

(b) the population in the community has been less than twentynine thousand two hundred and fifty in the case of Oak Ridge or

twenty-five thousand two hundred in the case of Richland. For purposes of this section employment shall be determined on the basis of the pay period or periods ending nearest the 15th of each month.

SEC. 65. AMOUNT OF INDEMNITY.-The indemnity obligation of the Commission specified in section 63 shall be for such amount, less the sales price of the property, as would have remained unpaid under a loan entered into on the date of the execution of the original deed by the Commission

(1) which was in the amount of the purchase price from the Commission and provided for equal monthly payments of principal and interest over a period of twenty years computed on the basis of the average interest and other charges recorded for property of the same class at the community; and

(2) on which all payments due to the date when notice was received by the Commission had been made. Sec. 66. CONDITIONS OF INDEMNITY.—The Commission shall make the indemnity payment specified by section 65 only if the Commission receives a notice from the then owner of the property that he is about to sell the property for a sum less than the unpaid balance of the real or hypothetical loan calculated pursuant to section 65. Such payment shall be made only if

a. notice is given to the Commission at a time when the conditions of section 64 are satisfied;

b. the sale is made within such time as the Commission may prescribe and in a manner which the Commission determined to afford adequate assurance of a fair price without excessive costs; and

c. the Commission is given such prior notice of the sale and

such opportunity to become a purchaser as it shall prescribe. In such circumstances the Commission is hereby authorized to purchase the property. Sales pursuant to this section and payment by the Commission of such amount, if any, as is owing pursuant to sections 63 through 66 shall end the obligation of the Commission under sections 63 through 66 with respect to that property.


All 69 Stat. 480.


Sec. 71. AUTHORIZATION TO TRANSFER UTILITIES.—The Commission is authorized to transfer to one or more of the entities specified in this chapter such utilities as in the judgment of the Commission will be appropriate to enable the transferee to meet the needs of the residents of the community for adequate utility services of the kind to be transferred.

Sec. 72. DATE OF TRANSFER.—Transfers of utilities shall be made as soon as possible, but in any event, not later than five years after the date of enactment of this Act. SEC. 73. ENTITY RECEIVING TRANSFER.

a. Transfer may be made to one or more of the following, if the transferee has the legal authority to receive and operate the utility.

(1) the city at the community;
(2) the State in which the community is located;
(3) any political subdivision or agency of that State; or

(4) any person, firm, corporation, or other legal entity.
b. In determining the transferee for any utility, the Commis-
sion may consider the following:

(1) the pattern of ownership of the comparable ucilities in the State in which the community is located;

(2) the ability of the transferee to operate the utility; (3) the probable price of the sale of the utility, the ability of the transferee to pay that price, and any probable expense;

(4) the desires of the eligible voters of the community as directly expressed in any vote in any officially recognized procedure or in any procedure established by the Commission; and

(5) the benefit to the United States in reducing possible requirements for local assistance as authorized in chapters

8 and 9 of this Act. Sec. 74. UTILITIES TRANSFERABLE.—All utilities are authorized to be transferred under this chapter, but shall not include property which the Commission determines to be needed for its own use.

SEC. 75. CHARGES FOR UTILITIES TRANSFERRED.— The Commission may give the utility to the city incorporated at the community; and must charge in selling the utility to any other transferee. The charges and terms for the transfer of any utility may be established by advertising and competitive bid, or by negotiated sale or other transfer at such prices, terms, and conditions as the Commission shall determine to be fair and equitable.


Sec. 81. ASSISTANCE IN ORGANIZATION.—The Commission is authorized, for a period not to extend beyond five years after the date of enactment of this Act to cooperate with and assist the residents of the community in preparation for and establishment of local selfgovernment and in the transfer of municipal installations and responsibilities to local entities. Such assistance may include payment of any amounts reasonably necessary to meet expenses incident to the establishment and organization of a city government and other local entities at the community, until such time as the municipal installations are transferred in accordance with the provisions of this chapter.

Sec. 82. AUTHORIZATION TO TRANSFER MUNICIPAL INSTALLATIONS.The Commission is authorized to transfer to one or more of the entities specified in this chapter such municipal installations as in the judgAll 69 Stat. 483. the Commission in the operation of the communities to such other agencies of the United States Government that are reasonably qualified to perform those duties and responsibilities. The Commission shall retain no financing duties and responsibilities.

Sec. 102. Review.—The Commission shall present to the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy of the Congress a full review of its activities under this Act every three years in addition to any other presentation which may be required or requested by the Joint Committee.

Sec. 103. JOINT COMMITTEE ON ATOMIC ENERGY.—The provisions of chapter 17 of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954 shall be applicable to all matters under this Act.


Sec. 111. POWERS OF THE COMMISSION.--The Commission shall have all powers conferred by the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, including the 68 Stat. 919. power to make, promulgate, issue, rescind, and amend such rules, 42 USC 2011 regulations, and delegations as may be appropriate to carry out the note. provisions of this Act and shall be subject to the limitations contained in chapter 14 of that Act. Nothing contained in this Act shall impair 68 Stat. 948. the powers vested in the Commission by the Atomic Energy Act of 42 USC 22011954, as amended, or any other law.

2209. Sec. 112. QUALIFICATION TO PURCHASE.—No officer or employee of the Commission or of any other Federal agency (including officers and members of the Armed Forces) shall be disqualified from purchasing any property or exercising any right or privilege under this Act, but no such officer or employee shaỈl make any determination as to his own eligibility or priority, or as to valuation, price, or terms of sale and financing of property sold to him.

Sec. 113. CONTRACT FORM.-Contracts entered into pursuant to this Act and other instruments executed pursuant to this Act shall be in such form and contain such provisions, consistent with this Act, as the Commission shall prescribe; and shall be as simple and concise as possible. Any mortgage shall contain terms which will place the United States in the same position, with respect to any mortgages it may hold under the provisions of chapter 6, as that occupied by a private lender under the applicable State laws for the relief of mortgagors with respect to deficiency judgments.

Sec. 114. EVIDENCE.-A deed, lease, contract, or other instrument executed by or on behalf of the Commission purporting to transfer title or any other interest in property disposed of pursuant to this Act shall be conclusive evidence of compliance with the provisions of this Act and rules and regulations promulgated thereunder, insofar as concerns title or other interest of any bona fide grantee or transferee for value without notice of lack of such compliance, and his successors in title.

Sec. 115. ADMINISTRATIVE REVIEW.—Determinations authorized by this Act to be made by the Commission as to classification, priorities, prices, and terms and conditions of sale of property disposed under this Act shall be subject to review only in accordance with such provisions for administrative review or reconsideration as the Commission may prescribe.

Sec. 116. REPOSSESSION.— The Commission is authorized to repossess any property sold by it in accordance with the terms of any contract to purchase, mortgage or other instrument, and to sell or make


other disposition of any property so repossessed and any property purchased by it pursuant to section 66.

Sec. 117. NET PROCEEDS.--The net proceeds derived by the Commission from the disposal of property pursuant to this Act, after defray

All 69 Stat. 484.

ing expenses incident to appraisal, sale or other transfer and any
financing under section 62, shall be covered into the Treasury.
Annually, upon advice of the Commission, there shall be transferred
to miscellaneous receipts of the Treasury such portion of such net pro-
ceeds as may no longer be needed to meet the contingent obligations
provided for in subsection 118 c.

a. There are hereby authorized to be appropriated such sums as may be necessary and appropriate to carry out the provisions and purposes of this Act.

b. There are authorized to be appropriated the sum of $518,000 at Oak Ridge and the sum of $2,165,000 at Richland for construction, modification, or expansion of municipal installations authorized to be transferred pursuant to chapter 8 of this Act.

c. As much as may be necessary of net proceeds from section 117 are hereby appropriated and made available for use by the Commission (without fiscal year limitations) to pay any costs, losses, expenses, or obligations incurred by the Commission in connection with obligations entered into pursuant to section 37 or section 63, with repossession or repurchase, rehabilitation, and further disposition pursuant to sections 63 through 66 and section 116, and with the defense and payment of any claims for breaches of warranties and covenants of title of any property disposed of pur

suant to this Act. SEC. 119. SEPARABILITY OF PROVISIONS.—If any provisions of this Act, or the application of such provision to any person or circumstances, is held invalid, the remainder of this Act or the application of such provision to persons or circumstances other than those as to which it is held invalid, shall not be affected thereby.


68 Stat. 605.

Sec. 201. Section 223 (a) of the National Housing Act, as amended, 12 USC 1715n. is further amended as follows:

(a) After paragraph (3) thereof there is added the following new paragraph:

“(4) executed in connection with the sale by the Government, or any agency or official thereof, of any housing (including any property acquired, held, or constructed in connection therewith or to serve the inhabitants thereof) pursuant to the Atomic Energy Community Act of 1955, as amended: Provided, That such insurance shall be issued without regard to any preferences or priorities except those prescribed by the Atomic Energy Community Act

of 1955, as amended; or”.
(b) The paragraph numbere 1 (4) is renumbered (5).

The paragraph numbered (5) is renumbered (6) and is revised to read as follows:

“(6) executed in connection with the first resale, within two years from the date of its acquisition from the Government, of any portion of a project or property of the racter described

in paragraphs (1), (2), (3), and (4) above; or”. (d) The paragraph numbered (6) is renumbered (7) and the last proviso therein is amended by striking “(4) or (5)” and inserting #(4), (5), or (6)” and by striking “(3), or (5)” and inserting “(3), (9), or (6)".

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