Personnel Administration and Operations of Agency for International Development: Special Hearings Before the Committee on Appropriations, United States Senate, Eighty-eigth Congress, First Session

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Page 13 - It is important to bear in mind that we are here dealing not alone with an authority vested in the President by an exertion of legislative power, but with such an authority plus the very delicate, plenary and exclusive power of the President as the sole organ of the Federal Government in the field of international relations...
Page 248 - Naval Operations and the Commandant of the Marine Corps in overseas areas on attach.6 or mission aircraft.
Page 13 - Not only as we have shown is the Federal power over external affairs in origin and essential character different from that over internal affairs, but participation in the exercise of the power is significantly limited. In this vast external realm, with its important, complicated, delicate and manifold problems, the President alone has the power to speak or listen ns a representative of the Nation.
Page 12 - As a member of the family of nations, the right and power of the United States in that field are equal to the right and power of the other members of the international family. Otherwise, the United States is not completely sovereign.
Page 151 - Your statement will be inserted in the record at this point and you may proceed. (The statement referred to follows :) STATEMENT BY MAJ.
Page 12 - Enforcement, 2d ed., p. 102 and note 1,) none of which is expressly affirmed by the Constitution, nevertheless exist as inherently inseparable from the conception of nationality. This the court recognized, and in each of the cases cited found the warrant for its conclusions not in the provisions of the Constitution, but in the law of nations.
Page 12 - With the inception of the revolving fund accounting system in fiscal year 1954, all billings for each fiscal year are based on the orders received during the respective fiscal year.
Page 52 - Law 763 provides that the compensation of such employees shall be fixed and adjusted from time to time as nearly as is consistent with the public interest in accordance with prevailing rates. A general survey of Government and industrial employees...
Page 341 - Subsection 2304(a) is amended to read as follows: "(a) Purchases of and contracts for property or services covered by this chapter shall be made by formal advertising in all cases in which the use of such method is feasible and practicable under the existing conditions and circumstances.
Page 543 - Thanking you and with best personal wishes, I am Sincerely yours, MIKE MANSFIELD.

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