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Criminal calendar rules — Rules 6, 7

its place on the Day Calendar until tried, unless otherwise ordered by the court.

Rule VI

Cases which have been reached upon the General Calendar and not disposed of at the term of the court will appear

for trial in their numerical order at the next term of the court, unless otherwise ordered.

Rule VII

The District Attorney may advance any bail case to the head of the calendar for trial.





Rule I

All cases noticed for trial at a Trial Term of the County Court will be taken up in their regular order upon the calendar; but a stipulation in writing may be filed before a case is on the Day Calendar, setting the same down for a particular day during said term. If, however, the term does not last until the day for which said case is set down, the same will be marked off the calendar. No cause shall be advanced out of its order by such a stipulation.

Rule II

The Court will sit each term until all cases marked ready are disposed of, and should any case, either by the Court or by stipulation be marked off the calendar, it can only be restored by serving a new notice of trial, filing a new note of issue with the County Clerk and paying the fee therefor.

Rule III

There will be no general call of the calendar on the first day of each term, but the clerk will make up a Day Calendar for each day, consisting of such number of cases as the Court shall direct, and in their regular order, and these cases must be disposed of when reached, unless it shall appear from an affidavit that reasons recognized by the rules of practice exist why a postponement should be granted.

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