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0 Organization of the Department of Justice.

1 Executive clemency.

2 Parole, release, supervision, and recommitment of prisoners, youth offenders,

and juvenile delinquents.

3 Gambling devices.

4 Procedure governing applications for certificates of exemption.

5 Administration and enforcement of Foreign Agents Registration Act of

1938, as amended.

6 Traffic in contraband articles in Federal penal and correctional institutions.

7 Rewards for capture of escaped Federal prisoners.

8 Confiscation of wire or oral communication intercepting devices.

10 Registration of certain organizations carrying on activities within the United


11 Registration of Communist organizations and members thereof.
12 Registration of certain persons having knowledge of foreign espionage,

counterespionage, or sabotage matters under the Act of August 1, 1956.

14 Administrative claims under Federal Tort Claims Act.


Defense of suits against Federal employees arising out of their operation of

motor vehicles.

16 Production or disclosure of material or information.

21 Witness fees.

41 Designation of organizations in connection with the Federal Employee

Security Program.

42 Nondiscrimination; equal employment opportunity; policies and procedures.

43 Recovery of cost of hospital and medical care and treatment furnished by

the United States.

44 Employee-Management cooperation in the Department of Justice.

45 Standards of conduct.

46 Employee grievances.

47 Reconsideration and review of adverse actions in the Department of Justice.

49 Antitrust Civil Process Act.

50 Statements of policy.

Appendix-Memorandum re the conflict of interest provisions of Public Law

87-849, 76 Stat. 1119, Approved October 23, 1962.

Cross REFERENCES: Bureau of Customs, Department of the Treasury: See Customs

Duties, 19 CFR Chapter_I.
Internal Revenue Service, Department of the Treasury: See Internal Revenue, 26 CFR

Chapter I.
Employees' Benefits: See Title 20.
Federal Trade Commission: See Commercial Practices, 16 CFR Chapter I.
The Tax Court of the United States: See 26 CFR Chapter II.

Note: Other regulations issued by the Department of Justice appear in Title 8; Title 4. SUPPLEMENTAL PUBLICATIONS: The official opinions of the Attorneys General of the United

States. (Op. A. G.) Irregular, 1789—; Washington, v. 14, 1852—.

[blocks in formation]

Subpart I-Civil Division
0.45 General functions.
0.46 Certain civil litigation.
0.47 Alien Property matters.

Subpart 1-Civil Rights Division
0.50 General functions.
0.51 Assistance to other Federal agencies.

Subpart K-Criminal Division 0.55 General functions. 0.56 Exclusive or concurrent jurisdiction. 0.57 Delegation respecting authorization

to institute criminal prosecution

against a juvenile. 0.58 Delegation respecting payment of

benefits for disability or death of law enforcement officers not em

ployed by the United States. 0.59 Delegation respecting the approval of

certain applications by U.S. Attorneys to Federal Courts for orders compelling testimony or the pro

duction of evidence by witnesses,

Subpart - Internal Security Division 0.61 General functions. 0.62 Representative capacities. 0.63 Delegation respecting admission of

certain aliens. Subpart M-Land and Natural Resources Division 0.65 General functions. 0.66 Delegation respecting title opinions. 0.67 Delegation respecting conveyances for

public-airport purposes.

Subpart N–Tax Division 0.70 General functions. 0.71 Delegation respecting immunity


Subpart 0—Administrative Division 0.75 General functions and delegation of

0.76 Specific functions and delegations of

0.77 Additional functions.

Appendix to Subpart O
Subpart P-Federal Bureau of Investigation
0.85 General functions.
0.86 Seizure of gambling devices.

[blocks in formation]

Sec. 0.133 Designating officials to perform the

functions and duties of certain offices in case of absence therein or in case of inability or disqualification to act.

Sec. 0.87 Representation on committee for

visit-exchange. 0.88 Certificates for expenses of unforseen

emergencies. 0.89 Authority to seize arms and muni

tions of war.

Subpart Q—Bureau of Prisons 0.95 General functions. 0.96 Delegations. 0.97 Redelegation of authority. 0.98 Functions of Commissioner of Federal

Prison Industries. 0.99 Compensation to Federal prisoners.

Appendix to Subpart Q Subpart R—Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous

Drugs 0.100 General functions. 0.101 Redelegation of authority. 0.102 Applicability of departmental regula


Appendix to Subpart R
Subpart SImmigration and Naturalization

Service 0.105 General functions. 0.106 Certificates for expenses of unfore

seen emergencies. 0.107 Representation on committee for

visit-exchange. 0.108 Redelegation of authority. 0.109 Implementation of the Treaty

of Friendship and General Relations Between the United States and

Spain. 0.110 Implementation of the Convention

Between the United States and

Subpart X-Authorizations With Respect to Per

sonnel and Certain Administrative Matters 0.134 Applicability to Law Enforcement As

sistance Administration. 0.135 Deputy Attorney General. 0.136 Assistant Attorney General for Ad

ministration. 0.137 Federal Bureau of Investigation. 0.138 Bureau of Prisons, Federal Prison In

dustries, Immigration and Naturalization Service, Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, and Law Enforcement Assistance Ad

ministration, 0.139 Procurement matters. 0.140 Authority relating to advertisements,

and purchase of certain supplies and

services. 0.141 Audit and ledger accounts. 0.142 Per diem and travel allowances. 0.143 Incentive Awards Plan. 0.144 Determination of basic work week. 0.145 Overtime pay. 0.146 Seals. 0.147 Certification of obligations. 0.148 Certifying officers. 0.149 Disbursing employees. 0.150 Collection of erroneous payments. 0.151 Administering Oath of Office. 0.152 Approval of funds for attendance at

meetings. 0.153 Selection and assignment of em

ployees for training. 0.154 Advance and evacuation payments

and special allowances. 0.155 Waiver of claims for erroneous pay

ments of pay. 0.156 Execution of U.S. Marshal's deeds or

transfers of title. 0.159 Redelegation of authority. Subpart Y—Authority To Compromise and Close

Civil Claims and Responsibility for Judgments,

Fines, Penalties, and Forfeitures 0.160 Offers which may be accepted by As

sistant Attorney Generals. 0.161 Recommendations to Attorney Gen

eral of acceptance of certain offers. 0.162 Offers which may be rejected by As

sistant Attorney Generals. 0.163 Approval by Solicitor General of ac

tion on compromise offers in certain

cases. 0.164 Civil claims which may be closed by

Assistant Attorney Generals. 0.165 Recommendations to Attorney Gen

eral that certain claims be closed. 0.166 Memorandum pertaining to closed

claim. 0.167 Submission to Attorney General by

Director of Office of Alien Property of certain proposed allowances and disallowances.

Subpart T-Law Enforcement Assistance

Administration (Reserved] Subpart U-Board of Immigration Appeals 0.115 General functions. 0.116 Decisions subject to review by Attor

ney General. 0.117 Finality of decision. 0.118 Delegation of authority.

Subpart V-The Board of Parole 0.125 General functions. 0.126 Delegations. 0.127 Youth Correction Division.

Subpart W—Additional Assignments of Functions

and Designation of Officials To Perform the Duties of Certain Offices in Case of Vacancy, or Absence Therein or in Case of Inability or

Disqualification To Act 0.130 Functions common to heads of orga

nizational units. 0.131 Designation of Acting U.S. Attorneys. 0.132 Designating officials to perform the

functions and duties of certain offices in case of vacancy therein.

Sec. 0.168 Redelegation by Assistant Attorney

Generals. 0.169 Definition of "gross amount of origi

nal claim". 0.170 Interest on monetary limits. 0.171 Judgments, fines, penalties, and for

feitures. 0.172 Authority; Federal tort claims.

Appendix to Subpart Y-Redelegations of Authority to Compromise and Close Civil Claims

Subpart 2–Orders and Memoranda 0.180 Orders of the Attorney General. 0.181 Department memoranda. 0.182 Distribution of orders and memo

randa. 0.183 Documents issued by heads of orga

nizational units. 0.184 Documents of a temporary nature or

limited effect. 0.185 Submission of proposed orders to Of

fice of Legal Counsel. 0.186 Requirements for documents.

Subpart AA-Sections and Subunits 0.190 Changes within organizational units. 0.191 Continuance in effect of the existing

No. 331-65 of February 18, 1965, except for section 1 thereof; No. 334–65 of April 19, 1965; No. 335-65 of April 22, 1965; No. 339-65 of May 26, 1965; No. 343-65 of June 8, 1965; No. 347–65 of September 20, 1965; No. 348–65 of October 8, 1965, insofar as applies to 28 CFR Part 0; No. 352–66 of January 13, 1966; No. 353–66 of January 26, 1966; No. 354–66 of February 21, 1966; No. 355–66 of March 25, 1966; No. 356-66 of March 25, 1966; No. 360–66 of April 20, 1966; No. 361-66 of April 22, 1966; No. 362–66 of May 6, 1966; No. 367-66 of August 31, 1966; No. 370-66 of November 10, 1966; No. 374-67 of January 20, 1967; No. 377–67 of April 28, 1967; No. 378–67 of May 29, 1967; No. 381-67 of June 29, 1967, insofar as it amends 28 CFR Part 0; No. 382–67 of July 24, 1967; No. 385–67 of October 30, 1967; No. 386– 67 of November 28, 1967; No. 387–67 of November 29, 1967; No. 395–68 of May 28, 1968; No. 397–68 of July 2, 1968, insofar as it amends 28 CFR Part 0; No. 400-68 of July 29, 1968; No. 402–68 of August 8, 1968; No. 405-68 of November 4, 1968; No. 406-68 of November 18, 1968; No. 412-69 of March 21, 1969, insofar as it amends 28 CFR Part 0; No. 415-69 of May 12, 1969; No. 417–69 of June 5, 1969; No. 418-69 of June 30, 1969; No. 419-69 of July 7, 1969. Any existing delegation of authority made pursuant to the foregoing superseded orders shall continue in force and effect until modified or revoked: Provided, That nothing in this section shall be construed to modify the provisions of any other part of this title, or to modify any orders or regulations of the Attorney General issued pursuant to Executive Order No. 10450 of April 27, 1953, or No. 10501 of November 5, 1953, as amended.

(b) Existing delegations or assignments to U.S. Attorneys or U.S. Marshals. Unless otherwise indicated herein this part shall not be construed as superseding any part of any document making an assignment or delegation to U.S. Attorneys or U.S. Marshals.

(c) All references to sections of these regulations in departmental memoranda and directives are changed to conform to the section designations in this part.

organization of departmental units. Subpart BB-Jurisdictional Disagreements 0.195 Procedure with respect to jurisdic

tional disagreements. 0.196 Procedure for resolving disagreements

concerning mail or case assign

ments. AUTHORITY: The provisions of this Part 0 issued under 5 U.S.C. 301; 28 U.S.C. 509, 510.

SOURCE: The provisions of this part O contained in Order No. 423-69, 34 F.R. 20388, Dec. 31, 1969, unless otherwise noted. $ 0.0 Supersedure of prior documents

and exceptions. (a) Supersedure of documents relating to departmental organization and functions. The following-described orders are incorporated in this part and are hereby superseded: No. 271-62 of May 29, 1962; No. 273-62 of June 14, 1962; No. 274-62 of June 14, 1962; No. 275–62 of July 10, 1962; No. 276-62 of July 11, 1962; No. 281–62 of September 28, 1962; No. 291-62 of December 13, 1962, except for section 5 thereof; No. 299-63 of July 19, 1963; No. 303–63 of August 20, 1963; No. 308–63 of December 12, 1963; No. 310–64 of January 28, 1964; No. 315–64 of June 1, 1964; No. 316–64 of June 23, 1964; No. 319-64 of July 31, 1964; No. 327–64 of November 24, 1964; No. 329–65 of January 12, 1965;

1 Such changes and other conforming changes have been made in references in memoranda and directives set forth in this part.

Subpart A-Organizational Structure

of the Department of Justice $ 0.1 Organizational units.

The Department of Justice shall consist of the following principal organizational units:

Office of the Attorney General.
Office of the Deputy Attorney General.
Office of the Solicitor General.
Office of Legal Counsel.
Community Relations Service.
Office of the Pardon Attorney.

Antitrust Division.
Civil Division.
Civil Rights Division.
Criminal Division.
Internal Security Division.
Land and Natural Resources Division.
Tax Division.
Administrative Division.

Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Bureau of Prisons.
Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs.
Immigration and Naturalization Service.
Law Enforcement Assistance Administration.

BOARDS Board of Immigration Appeals. Board of Parole. Subpart B-Office of the Attorney

General $ 0.5 Attorney General.

The Attorney General shall:

(a) Supervise and direct the administration and operation of the Department of Justice, including the offices of U.S. Attorneys and U.S. Marshals, which are within the Department of Justice.

(b) Represent the United States in legal matters generally.

(c) Furnish advice and opinions, formal and informal, on legal matters to the President and the Cabinet and to the heads of the executive departments and agencies of the Government, as provided by law.

(d) Appear in person to represent the Government in the Supreme Court of the United States, or in any other court, in which he may deem it appropriate.

(e) Designate, pursuant to Executive Orders No. 9788 of October 4, 1946, and No. 10254 of June 15, 1951, officers and

agencies of the Department of Justice to act as disbursing officers for the Office of Alien Property.

(f) Perform or supervise the performance of other duties required by statute or Executive order. $ 0.6 Executive Assistant.

The Executive Assistant to the Attorney General established in the Office of the Attorney General shall:

(a) Assist the Attorney General in the review of opinions, interpretations, decisions of the Board of Immigration Appeals, applications for pardon and other forms of Executive clemency, antitrust complaints, contracts, agreements, and proposed offers in compromise, and other matters submitted for the Attorney General's action.

(b) Perform such other duties and functions as may be specially assigned from time to time by the Attorney General. $ 0.7 Director of Public Information.

There shall be in the Office of the Attorney General a Director of Public Information who shall:

(a) Handle matters pertaining to relations with the public generally.

(b) Disseminate information to the press, the radio and television services, the public, members of Congress, officials of Government, schools, colleges, and civic organizations.

(c) Coordinate the relations of the Department of Justice with news media.

(d) Serve as a central agency for information relating to the work and activities of all agencies of the Department.

(e) Prepare public statements and news releases.

(f) Coordinate departmental publications. $ 0.8 Incentive Awards Board.

The Incentive Awards Board shall consist of the Deputy Attorney General, who shall be the chairman, and four members selected by the Attorney General from among the Assistant Attorney Generals, bureau heads or persons of equivalent rank in the Department. The duties of the Board shall be:

(a) Consider and make recommendations to the Attorney General concerning honorary awards and cash awards in

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