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A New $100 Oliver Latest Model-for Only

We $57

Ship It to You for Free Trial. You Can Decide After Trying I

You may order direct b mailing the coupon below We ship the Oliver to you for free trial. You can then judge it yourself. Yo can compare its workman ship. At no time duringth trial are you under obliga tion to buy. You can keepi or return it. No eager sales man need influence you The Oliver must convinc through merit alone.

If, after trial, you agree that the Oliver is the finest typewriter, regardless of price, and you want to own it, merely pay us $3 per month until the $57 is paid. This is like renting it, ye you own it before you realize it. If you want to return it, ship it back express collect. We even refund the outgoing transportation charges.

We are able to make this unlimited free trial offer because of the Oliver's ability to prove its own case. Everyone appreciates the saving and the easy payment plan. Over 700,000 Olivers havebeen sold. There are satisfied users everywhere.

Mail Mail the coupon now for your Free Trial Oliver

Right Now or further information,

Canadian Price, $72 THE OLIVER TYPEWRITER COMPANY 1501 Oliver Typewriter Building Chicago, III. (102.03)

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O. R. T. GENERAL COMMITTEE DULUTH, MISSABE & NORTHERN RAILWAY CO. Left to right, sitting-T. A. Clark: W. W. Woodward, General Chairman: C. H. Thomas.

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