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What immunities prefaces confer, but for them we must be for ever unostentatious; still we boast not; nor are we inclined for snivelling. During the past twelve months we have made some friends; during the next we hope they will be “legion.Our hearts are in the work. Our defects we deplore. Our difficulties we defy. Wearyless we advocate world-wide weal. What we have done types our future. We anticipated no silver-slipper advance. We looked for lions in the way. We expected to grapple Goliaths. Our responsibilities are great but we eschew retrogression. The nineteenth century is not the time for going back. Our object, if we know it, is a noble one. Humanity demands such an enterprise. Life requires such an oblation. Conscience anathematises the craven. Truth and Right claim our championship-insure our suc

Shams and assumptions, conventionalisms and hypocrisies, sectarianisms and snobberies must bend and bow themselves back into their noisome caves. With these we wage a war of extermination. We begin to be jubilant as we hear their imbecile jibberings. What we have effected heralds mightier conquests. Mind will be emancipated. The true soul loathes shackles. Comprehensive spirits will not be subordinate.

Mental might and moral majesty are marching to sovereignty. Energies are husbanded for illustrious achievements. The day dawns with nobler triumphs for man than ever greeted the Imperial Cæsar in


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