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cervix to control the hemorrhage, forceps or breech extraction being resorted to when the presenting part reaches the pelvic floor. Intrauterine irrigation after the extraction of the placenta and tamponing with iodoform gauze is then used. In cases where the cervix is sufficiently dilated and the membranes cannot be reached for rupture, Dr. Davis advises immediate delivery by abdominal Cesarean section. In cases of central placenta previa conducted outside of the hospital, perforation of the structure with the delivery of the foot after Braxton-Hicks version is advised, the delivery being conducted as slowly as possible. In view of the extensive experience of the author the section on obstetric operations should be regarded as authoritative. In the discussion on the use of the forceps attention is widely called to the necessity of making an application only where the head is well engaged and has molded and is moreover in a position and with a presentation favorable for vaginal delivery. In the chapter on Cesarean section Dr. Davis describes the classical operation with delivery of the uterus outside of the abdomen before incision and extraction of the child. The author warns against abdominal Cesarean section in septic cases followed by hysterectomy and then dropping the stump. He insists that the latter should always be anchored outside of the peritoneal cavity. He is convinced that two-thirds of the septic cases in which abdominal Cesarean section is indicated can be saved by hysterectomy with external treatment of the stump. Dr. Davis considers the abdominal Cesarean a satisfactory method in placenta previa where no vaginal manipulation has been done. As already stated he only favors it in eclampsia after conservative methods have been employed and the cervix is undilated. In the concluding chapter the medical legal aspects of obstetric practice are described. Attention is called to the legal responsibility for the occurrence of septic infection as it concerns the general practitioner who does not limit his practice to aseptic cases. It is assumed that the patient takes the risk in such instances. Dr. Davis believes that the practitioner who makes no effort to repair extensive lacerations should be held liable for damages although the fact that lacerations have occurred does not necessarily reflect upon him, nor should failure of union be considered evidence of negligence or incompetence. The questions of sterilization, therapeutic and criminal abortion, and infanticide are also discussed in concluding this chapter. The book is well made, the text is concise yet complete, the illustrations clear and appropriate, and the work as a whole worthy of its author.

THE PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE OF OBSTETRICS. By Joseph B. De Lee, A.M., M.D., Professor of Obstetrics at the Northwestern University Medical School; Obstetrician to the Chicago Lying-In Hospital and Dispensary, and to Wesley and Mercy Hospitals; Consulting Osbtetrician to Cook County and Provident Hospitals, etc. With

938 illustrations 175 of them in colors. Second Edition. W. B. Saunders, Philadelphia and London, 1915.

The second edition of Dr. De Lee's valuable book appears only two years after its original presentation. Considerable new matter and many new illustrations have been added, recent developments have required the enlargement of the chapters on the Abderhalden test, twilight sleep, dry labor, labor in old primiparae, blood pressure, and extraperitoneal Cesarean section. The subject matter is illustrated by a large number of very satisfactory pictures and in view of the mass of detail connected with obstetrics a great deal of the same is presented in smaller type. Operations are also largely described by means of explanatory legends under the illustrations. The many favorable criticisms which accompanied the appearance of the first issue of Dr. De Lee's book will undoubtedly be duplicated for the second thoroughly revised edition.


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