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It will be observed that many of the Letters here headed in the usual manner

have a different Address in the text; a circumstance arising from the shorthand having been exactly copied in such particulars. It may also be remarked, that where the dates of Letters, in the same year, were unimportant, they have in this volume been sometimes transposed to obtain advantages in point of arrangement.


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RECORDS of the Family, and Circumstances attending the

Birth of Dr. Doddridge; with a Consideration of some
Causes which had an Influence on the early Develope-

ment of his Character...
Richard Doddridge, notice of .
Sir Jobn Doddridge, his great legal work, “The Touchstone,” fraudu-

lently assumed by Sheppard Pentecost Doddridge John Doddridge, Member for Barnstable in the Long Parliament, opposes

the Independent Party, his Works, &c. .... The Rev. John Doddridge ejected from the living of Shepperton ... Daniel Doddridge, the Doctor's Father, a man of genuine piety, his mar

riage, &c. ..... The Rev. John Bauman, the Doctor's maternal Grandfather ; hazards to

which he was exposed in his flight from Prague, on account of the

persecution against the Protestant religion
Birth of Dr. Doddridge, June 26, 1702
His reflections on the death of his Father
His introduction to his invaluable friend Dr. Clark
Suffers a total loss of property by the failure of his guardian
Noble offer of patronage from the Duchess of Bedford ...
His view of becoming a Nonconformist Minister discouraged by Dr. Calamy
Paternal offer from Dr. Clark .

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1719. Becomes a student at the Academy at Kibworth, under the care of the

Rev. John Jennings......







March 26. To Miss Farrington


Tenderly upbraids her silence, and relates the incident of having

composed verses in a dream.

April 17. To Miss Rebecca Roberts ...


Having been informed that ladies had resigned their claim to formal

salutations on visits of ceremony, he advances some shrewd queries on
the subject in general, and relates, as a casual incident, his introduc-

tion to Catharine Freeman.

April 17. To Mr. Whittingham ...


Private theatricals at Kibworth! and, as the old writers would

affirm, a right jocose and witty letter."

To the Rev. Samuel Clark, D. D. ..

... 115

On the proposed removal of the Academy to Hinckley; and of

Mr. Downe's plan for supplying London with water from St. Albans.

April 18. To Mrs. Nettleton, Sen. ...


Some particulars relative to Sir Harry Houghton and Lady Russell.

To Mr. Hughes


The advantage of a clear conscience when unjustly accused, and

the news of the Academy.

May 3. To Miss Roberts ....


Consolation under the tribulation of deserved praise ; sage advice;

and a curious reading from the Hebrew.

May. To the Rev. Samuel Clark, D. D.


Observations on the Rev. Mr. Watson's style of preaching, and the

removal of the Academy.

May 9. To Miss Hannah Clark ....


Friendly condolements on the illness of her brother.

May. To Mr. Hughes .....

... 133

A specimen of the eccentric, or an odd fish at the Academy; criti-

cal remarks upon the homilies of some of his fellow students, &c.

July 6. To the Rev. Samuel Clark, D. D.......


Hampstead grown wearisome !

July 30. To his Sister, Mrs. Nettleton ....


Journey to Hinckley and stage-coach companions; account of his

first sermon ; particulars of the academical course, and minute direc-

tions for the safe transfer of a most precious consignment from town.

Aug. 2. To Miss Hannah Clark ...

.. 144

Circumstances relative to his first appearance in the pulpit.

Aug. 27. To Miss Farrington .....

Complains that Hinckley is more like Egypt than Canaan.





Sept. 18. From his Sister, Mrs. Nettleton..


Pious and affectionate.

Sept. To the Rev. Samuel Clark, D. D. .


Regrets the want of the rural retirements for study which were en-

joyed at Kibworth ; course of reading then pursued, &c.

Sept. 22. To Mr. Hughes

... 157

A concert without harmony! and remarks on his fellow students.

Oct. 13. To Mrs. Lewis .....


Introducing some sermons.

Oct. To Miss Hannah Clark ....


Thoughts on demonology; friendship victorious over love !

To Mr. Hughes


Remarks on pulpit eloquence.

Oct. 20. To his Sister, Mrs. Nettleton ...


A sketch from the life, painted con amore; with anticipations of a

"dangerous companion."

Dec. 1. To the Rev. Samuel Clark, D. D. ....


Examination of students; important queries, and an account of

the academical course.

Dec. 8. To Miss Roberts ...


A secret !-reason and philosophy put to the rout.


Jan. 5. To Miss Hannah Clark .....


Tender and pathetic.

Jan. 26. To his Sister, Mrs. Nettleton ...


Hint relative to Catharine Freeman, domestic arrangements, and

an extraordinary report !


Jan. 28. To the Rev. Samuel Clark, D. D. ....


Pious reflections, and necessary details.

Feb. 11. To Miss Hannah Clark ....


Affectionately sympathizing with her on the death of her father.

Feb. 18. To Mr. G-

The momentous nature of the ministerial duties a proper incentive
to diligence in study.

Feb. 27. To his Brother-in-law, the Rev. John Nettleton . 197

Important particulars relative to the theological course of Mr. Jen-

nings; his great care to instil CATHOLIC sentiments, &c.

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