Select Journal of Foreign Periodical Literature, Volume 1

Front Cover
Andrews Norton, Charles Folsom
Charles Bowen, 1833

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Page 182 - Subsecivae; being a connected series of notes respecting the Geography, Chronology, and Literary History of the principal codes ťand original documents of the Grecian, Roman, Feudal, and Canon Laws.
Page 159 - It passed not, though to him the grave Had yielded up its dead ; But there was sent him, from on high, A gift of strength, for man to die.
Page 21 - He was rather of reputation in his own country than of public discourse or fame. in the kingdom, before the business of ship-money ; but then he grew the argument of all tongues, every man inquiring who and what he was that durst, at his own charge, support the liberty and property of the kingdom, and rescue his country, as he thought, from being made a prey to the court.
Page 45 - The loss of Colonel Hampden goeth " near the heart of every man that loves the good of his king " and country, and makes some conceive little content to be at " the army now that he is gone. The memory of this deceased " colonel is such, that in no age to come but it will more and " more be had in honor and esteem; — a man so religious, and of " that prudence, judgment, temper, valor, and integrity, that he " hath left few his like behind him.
Page 42 - ... sharp ; and of a personal courage equal to his best parts ; so that he was an enemy not to be wished wherever he might have been made a friend, and as much to be apprehended, where he was so, as any man could deserve to be ; and therefore his death was no less pleasing to the one party, than it was condoled in the other.
Page 92 - Anatomy," in which are explained the preparations in the Hunterian Collection, illustrated by 171 engravings; " Hunterian Oration" in honor of surgery, and in memory of those practitioners by whose labours it has been advanced, delivered in the theatre of the College, February, 14, 1814; " Practical Observations on the Treatment of Stricture in the Urethra and in the (Esophagus,
Page 182 - Succinct History of the geographical and political revolutions of the empire of Germany, or the principal states which composed the empire of Charlemagne, from his coronation in 800 to its dissolution in 1806, With some account of the Imperial House of Hapsburgh, and of the six secular Electors of Germany ; and of Roman, German, French, and English nobility.
Page 169 - And the shapes of the locusts were like unto horses prepared unto battle ; and on their heads were as it were crowns like gold, and their faces were as the faces of men.
Page 184 - The Book of the Roman Catholic Church ; in a series of Letters addressed to Robert Southey, Esq. on his
Page 45 - State — the valor and energy of Cromwell, the discernment and eloquence of Vane, the humanity and moderation of Manchester, the stern integrity of Hale, the ardent public spirit of Sydney. Others might possess the qualities which were necessary to save the popular party in the crisis of danger ; he alone had both the power and the inclination to restrain its excesses in the hour of triumph. Others could conquer ; he alone could reconcile.

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