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PAGE Failed or Retired Life Companies of U. S. 290-291 Financial Standing and Business in 1914 of United States Life Companies..

106-112 Florida: Life Insurance in..

310 Statutory Requirements...

17,88 Foreign Companies, Statistics of..

428-438 Foreign Countries, Insurance in.

439–452 Fraternal Orders: Directory of..

391-409 Statistics of

348-386 Statutory Requirements..

86, 105

4, 86

[blocks in formation]

PAGE Actuaries, List of.

293–295 Agents' List.

b-1-b-227 Alabama: Life Insurance in..

306 Statutory Requirements.

1, 86 Alaska. Statutory Requirements.

3 Analysis of the Assets of Life Companies.

255 Arizona: Life Insurance in...

307 Statutory Requirements.. Arkansas: Life Insurance in

306 Statutory Requirements.

5, 86 Assessment Life Companies: Directory of

.387-391 Statistics of

340-347 Statutory Requirements..

86-104 Assets of Life Companies, Analysis of the.

255 Assets, Policies and Claims of Life Companies in Canada

416-424 Attorneys and Counselors, Insurance. b-236-6-268 British Life Companies in Canada.

416-424 California: Life Insurance in.

307 Statutory Requirements.

7,87 Canada:

Assets, Policies and Claims of Life Companies.416-424
British Lise Companies..

421-422 Business and Standing of Canadian Life Companies...

412-416 Life Insurance in

335 Statutory Requirements..

83, 105, 411 United States Life Companies.

423-425 Canadian Insurance Officials..

A-169 Canada, List of Life, Fire and Miscellaneous Ins. Cos. Licensed to do Business.

426-427 Canal Zone, Statutory Requirements..

279 Colorado: Life Insurance in...

308 Statutory Requirements..

10,87 Connecticut: Life Insurance in.

309 Statutory Requirements..

12, 87 Counselors, Insurance Attorneys and. b-236-b-268 Delarare: Life Insurance in.

308 Statutory Requirements..

13,88 Directors and Trustees of United States Life Insurance Companies....

230-250 Directory of Life and Miscellaneous Companies in Great Britain....

428-435 Directory of Assessment and Fraternal Organizations...

387-391 Directory of Insurance Agents..

b-1-1-229 District of Columbia: Life Insurance in

309 Statutory Requirements.

14, 88 Dividends to Stockholders of Life Insurance Companies....

266-274 Expense Rat ent of Mean Insurance Force, The...


Life Insurance in ..

311 Statutory Requirements.

20,89 Illinois: Life Insurance in

312 Statutory Requirements.

21,90 Indiana: Life Insurance in

312 Statutory Requirements.

22, 90 Industrial Insurance in Great Britain.

409 Industrial Insurance in the United States.

262-265 Insurance Agents, List of..

b-1-6-227 Insurance in Force of United States Life Companies..

258 Insurance Officials, Canadian.

A-169 Insurance Officials, United States..

A-169 Interest Earned on Mean Invested Funds, Rate of 288 Iowa: Life Insurance in ..

313 Statutory Requirements.

24, 91 Issued and Terminated Policies..


[blocks in formation]

29 X169

Lapse and Surrender Terminations by..

289 Legal Reserve Fraternal Orders..

339 Legislatures, State and Territorial.

A-169 Liabilities of Life Ins. Companies.

251 Lise and Miscellaneous Companies Licensed to do Business in Canada, List of..

426 427 Life Insurance by States..


PAGE Payments to Life Policyholders in Twenty Years, Synopsis of.

259-26 Pennsylvania: Life Insurance in.

327 Statutory Requirements.

60, 100 Policies Issued and Terminated.


PAGE Life Insurance Compendium.

457-583 Aggregates.

571 Business of 1914...

457-565 Combined Aggregates.

572-573 Detailed Statements,

457-565 Foreign Companies.

570 Increase in Aggregates.

574-575 Industrial Business.

566-569 List of Companies.

458-465 Tabulated Results..

576-583 Life Insurance for Fifty Years.

252-254 Life Insurance History

113-229 Life Insurance Payments by States, Summary of 337 Life Underwriters Associations.

296-305 Louisiana: Life Insurance in..

316 Statutory Requirements.


Rate of Interest Earned on Mean Invested Funds

288 Record of the Year

453-456 Retired American Life Insurance Cos.

290-292 Retired Companies in 1914-1915..

455 Rhode Island: Life Insurance in

328 Statutory Requirements..

61, 100

33, 94


Life Insurance in..

317 Statutory Requirements.

31, 93 Managers of British Insurance Companies. 428-435 Maryland: Life Insurance in..

316 Statutory Requirements. Massachusetts: Life Insurance in..

317 Statutory Requirements.

34, 94 Mean Invested Funds, Rate of Interest Earned on Medical Examiners, List of.

b-228-b-235 Michigan: Life Insurance in..

318 Statutory Requirements.

35, 94 Minnesota: Life Insurance in..

318 Statutory Requirements.

37,95 Miscellaneous Companies in Great Britain, Directory of Life and..

428-435 Mississippi: Life Insurance in..

319 Statutory Requirements.

38, 95 Missouri: Life Insurance in....

320 Statutory Requirements.

40, 96 Montana:

Life Insurance in..
Statutory Requirements..



[blocks in formation]

South Carolina:
Life Insurance in..

328 Statutory Requirements..

63, 100 South Dakota: Life Insurance in...

329 Statutory Requirements..

66, 101 State and Territorial Legislatures..

A 169 State Officials Having Authority in Insurance Matters..

A-169 Statistics of Foreign Companies.

428-438 Statistics of Life Insurance for Fifty Years. 252-254 Statistics of United States Life Insurance Companies for Twenty Years.

113-227 Ætna Life..

114 Afro-American, Alabama.

114 Amarillo National, Texas.

114 American Assurance.

114 American Bankers, Illinois.

114 American Central.

116 American Life, Iowa.

116 American Mutual Life.

116 American National, St. Louis.

116 American National, Galveston,

118 Amicable, Waco, Tex...

118 Atlantic..

118 Baltimore Life.

118 Bankers International, Denver

120 Bankers International, Austin, Tex.

120 Bankers Life, Iowa..

120 Bankers of Nebraska.

120 Bankers Reserve..

122 Bank Savings National Life.

122 Beacon Life, Indiana.

122 Beneficial Life, Utah.

122 Berkshire..

122 Boston Mutual..

124 California Standard.

124 California State Life.

124 Canada Life.

226 Capitol Life, Denver.

124 Carolina, South Carolina,

126 Cedar Rapids Life..

126 Central Life, Illinois

126 Central Life, Iowa.

126 Central Life of Kansas.

128 Central Life, Kentucky.

128 Central National, Nebraska.

128 Central States, Indiana.

128 Central States, Missouri..

128 Cherokee..

128 Citizens National, Kentucky.

130 Cleveland Life.

130 Colonial Life.

130 Columbia Life, Nebraska.

132 Columbia Life, Ohio.

132 Columbia Life and Trust.

132 Columbian National Life.

132 Columbus Mutual..

132 Commonwealth Life, Kentucky

134 Commonwealth, Nebraska.

134 Connecticut General.

134 Connecticut Mutual.

136 Conservative Life, Indiana.

136 Conservative West Virginia.

136 Continental Assurance.

136 Continental Life, Utah,

136 Continental Life, Delaware.

138 Cosmopolitan, Georgia.

138 Cotton States..

138 Dakota Life.

138 Dakota Western

138 Detroit Life

138 Elkhorn Life and Accident.

140 Empire Life, Georgia..

140 Equitable, New York.



275 409


Life Insurance in..

Statutory Requirements.

Life Insurance in..

Statutory Requirements. New Business Issued by Life Companies. New Insurance Associations of Great Britain. New Hampshire:

Life Insurance in....

Statutory Requirements. New Jersey:

Life Insurance in..

Statutory Requirements. New Mexico:

Life Insurance in..

Statutory Requirements.
New Organizations....
New York:

Life Insurance in

Statutory Requirements.. North Caroline :

Life Insurance in..

Statutory Requirements.
North Dakota:

Life Insurance in ..
Statutory Requirements.

323 45, 97

322 46,97

323 48, 98


324 49, 98

325 52,98

324 53, 99

Officers, Directors and Trustees of Life Insurance
Companies in the U. S.......

230-250 Official Changes.

453 Officials Having Authority in Insurance Matters, State...

A 169 Ohio: Life Insurance in

325 Statutory Requirements.

55, 99 Oklahoma: Life Insurance in

327 Statutory Requirements.

57,99 Oregon: Life Insurance in

326 Statutory Requirements.

58, 100

“The Largest Fire Insurance Company in America"

Organized 1853

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FREDERIC C. BUSWELL, Vice-President.
CLARENCE A. LUDLUM, Vice-President.
CHARLES L. TYNER, Vice-President and Secretary.
HENRY J. FERRIS, Assistant Secretary.
HOWARD P. MOORE, Assistant Secretary.

VINCENT P. WYATT, Assistant Secretary.

The Equitable Life Insurance Co.



Great Agency Opportunities


Men of Experience and Ability

During Forty-nine Years It Has Maintained

A Record of Low Net Cost

High Interest Earning Low Mortality

Persistency of Business

[blocks in formation]

Fidelity and Surety Bonds, Liability, Workmen's Compensation, Automobile and Teams Property Damage, Personal Accident, Health, Burglary and Plate Glass Insurance.

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