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X. Foreign Service of the United States...

Albania, 38; Argentina, 38; Austria, 38; Belgium, 39; Bolivia, 39; Brazil,

39; Bulgaria, 40; Canada, 40; Chile, 42; China, 42; Colombia, 43; Costa

Rica, 44; Cuba, 44; Czechoslovakia, 45; Danzig, Free City of, 45; Den-

mark, 45; Dominican Republic, 45; Ecuador, 45; Egypt, 46; Estonia,

46; Ethiopia (Abyssinia), 46; Finland, 46; France and Possessions, 46;

Germany, 48; Great Britain and Northern Ireland, British Dominions
beyond the Seas, India, 49; Greece, 53; Guatemala, 53; Haiti. 53; Hon-

duras, 54; Hungary, 54; Iraq (Mesopotamia), 54; Irish Free State, 54;

Italy, 54; Japanese Empire, 55; Latvia, 56; Liberia, 56; Lithuania, 56;

Luxemburg, 57; Mexico, 57; Monaco, 58; Morocco, 58; Netherlands and

Possessions, 58; Nicaragua, 59; Norway, 59; Palestine, 60; Panamá, 60;

Paraguay, 60; Persia, 60; Perú, 60; Poland, 61; Portugal and Possessions,

61; Rumania, 61; Salvador, 62; San Marino, 62; Serbs, Croats and

Slovenes, Kingdom of the, 62; Siam, 62; Spain, 62; Sweden, 63; Switzer-

land, 63; Syria, 64; Turkey, 64; Uruguay, 64; Venezuela, 64.

Foreign Service officers detailed as inspectors.--.

Foreign Service officers assigned temporarily to the Department.

XI. Consular districts....

XII. Supervisory consular offices and the limits of their jurisdiction..-

XIII. Tariff of United States consular fees

XIV. Disposition of fees and compensation of consular agents and vice consuls....

Fees collected at consular agencies for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1927.

XV. Officers of the Department, chiefs of mission, and diplomatic agents promoted

from the ranks of the Foreign Service...

XVI. Classification of Foreign Service officers..

XVII. Foreign Service officers retired from active service under the provisions of the

acts of May 24, 1924, and July 3, 1926.-

XVIII. Biography: Persons serving under appointment of the Department of State,

at home or abroad, and Diplomatic and Foreign Service officers who have

retired from the service during the year 1927----

XIX. Obituary: Biography of Diplomatic and Foreign Service officers who have died

during the year 1927--

XX. Biographical reference: List of Diplomatic, Consular, and Foreign Service offi-

cers who have died in or retired from the service since January 1, 1906, showing

date of the Register in which their biography last appeared.--

XXI. List of principal diplomatic agents of the United States, March 4, 1789–

January 1, 1928.--.

XXII. Regulations concerning precedence of diplomatic agents..

XXIII. Organization of the Foreign Service.----

XXIV. Board of Examiners for the Foreign Service..

XXV. Dispatch agents---

XXVI. International commissions, committees, institutes, offices, and tribunals--

United States Court for China...

International Boundary Commission, United States and Mexico..

Alaskan Boundary Delimitation Commission and Canadian Boundary

Delimitation Commission...

International Joint Commission, United States and Canada --

Mixed Claims Commission, United States and Germany.

Tripartite Claims Commission, United States, Austria, and Hungary.

General Claims Commission, United States and Mexico...

Special Claims Commission, United States and Mexico.

Inter American High Commission, United States Section..

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