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Consular office

Supervisory jurisdiction

Consular office

Supervisory jurisdiction

Amsterdam. All of the Netherlands.

Melbourne.... Antwerp All of Belgium and Luxemburg.

Mexico, D. F. Athens. All of Greece.


All of Spain and the Canary Islands. Naples..
All of Syria and the Lebanon.

All of Germany.

Budapest.. All of Hungary.

Panamá. Buenos Aires. All of Argentina.

Paris...... Calcutta.. All of India.

Rio de Janeiro. Callao-Lima. All of Perú.

Singapore. Cape Town. The Union of South Africa, Basutoland, Stockholm.

Swaziland, and Southern and Northern Tangier..

Constantinople..... The Republic of Turkey.

Valparaiso... Copenhagen... All of Denmark.

Vancouver.. Dublin.

The Irish Free State. Guayaquil. All of Ecuador.

Vienna.... Habang. All of Cuba.

Warsaw.. Halifax

The Maritime Provinces of Canada. Wellington. Lisbon.

All of Portugal, the Azores, Madeira, and Winnipeg.

Cape Verde Islands.
London.... All of the British Isles except the Irish Zürich..

Free State.

All of Australia,
All of Mexico.
The Province of Quebec.
All of Italy and Italian Libya.
All of Norway.
The Province of Ontario.
All of Panamá.
All of France.
All of Brazil.
Straits Settlements.
All of Sweden.
All of Morocco.
All of Japan.
All of Chile.
The Province of British Columbia and

the Yukon Territory.
All of Austria.
All of Poland.
All of New Zealand.
The Provinces of Manitoba, Saskatche-

wan, and Alberta. All of Switzerland.


(Revised to take effect November 1, 1908, as amended by act of Congress approved June 4, 1920, and the Executive orders or

June 28, 1926, March 17, 1927, and August 8, 1927] Tariff of fees prescribed by order of the President to be charged by consular officers of the United States. All consular charges must be in strict accordance with this tariff and be collected in gold or its equivalent. No fee or compensation will be collected for any service not covered by this tariff.

The fees in this tariff are not prescribed for American vessels and seamen, because they are exempted by law from the payment of consular fees. Consular agents will make the fees in this tariff a basis of collection from the Treasury for services to such vessels. Foreign-built vessels, unregistered, owned by American citizens, and vessels documented under the laws of the Philippine Islands are not exempt from the payment of the fees prescribed herein.

Nature of service


Nature of service





No lee

No fee

No feo

1. Certification of invoice in such number of copies

as will meet the requirements of the regulations
and instructions and provide the shipper with
one copy (in addition to duplicate) for his own
use, including any additional declaration or
certificate not otherwise provided for which is
required by law or regulations for use in con.
nection with the entry of the wares or the
forwarding of the same in bond 1.

$2.50 2. Invoice of returned American goods....

1.00 3. Certificates and declarations as above described,

when issued for a shipment not covered by a
consular invoice, including declaration of for.
eign shipper of articles exported for exhibition
and returned (Form 204) and immigrant's oath
regarding teams and vehicles (Form 128), but
excluding certificate for food and drug products
or Insecticides (Forms 197 and 217).

1.00 4. Certiñcate to extra copies of invoices, each.

1.00 6. Certificate of disinfection in such number of copies

as will meet the requirements of the regulations
and Instructions and provide the shipper with
one copy for his own use.......

2. 50 6. Discontinued. 7. Sealing cars coming from Canada or Mexico, for

each manifest in quintuplicate with the con-
sul's cortificate including sealing of each car,
vessel, bale, barrel, box, or package...-..

1.00 8. Executing passport application in every case (no exceptions)....

1.00 Issuing passport Form No. 9...

(a) Officers or employees of United States

traveling on official business or
members of their immediate fami.

No fee (b) Seamen

No fee (c) Widows, children, parents, brothers,

and sisters of American soldiers,
sailors, or m arines burled abroad,
whose journey is for purpose of vis-
iting graves of such soldiers, sailors,
or marines (affidavit of such pur-

pose must accompany application).. No foe Extension of passport....

No fee Verifying an American passport-Form No. 10... No foo

1 See itom 37.

MISCELLANEOUS SERVICES - continued 9. Visa services for aliens:

Preparing and acknowledging declaration or

application for passport or immigration visa, except where reciprocal agreements

for other fees have been made.. Issuing passport visa or immigration visa, ex

cept where reciprocal agreements for other

fees have been made... Exceptions(a) Any officer of any foreign Govern

ment or members of his immediate

family.... (b) Any officer of the armed forces of any

Government or members of his im

mediate family... (c) Any officer of any state, district, or

municipality of any foreign Government or members of his imme

diate family... (d) Any alien soldier who was a resident

of the United States, and who having served in the military or naval forces of any country cobelligerent with the United States or in the Czechoslovak, Polish, or other independent forces attached to the armed forces of the United States or its cobelligerent nations, who is entitled to reentry into the United States under public resolution of October 19, 1918 (See Circu

lar No. 650 of Jan. 17, 1919)...... Certifying to a copy of visa declarations or appli.

cation previously taken..... 10. Visaing a Chinese passport or certificate. (Except

no fee for persons included in a, b, and c of

Fee No. 9). 11. Marriage certificate, in duplicate, Form No. 87... 12.. For taking into possession the personal estate of

any citizen who shall die within the limits of a consulate, inventorying selling, and Anally settling and preparing or transmitting, accordIng to law, the balance due thereon, $2 for each $100 of value or fraction thereof. Il part of such estate shall be delivered over before inal settlement, $1 for each $100 of value or fraction

• Footnote at end of table.

No lee




[blocks in formation]

$2.00 3.00










thereof to be charged on the part so delivered

24. Noting marine protest-Form No. 37... over as is not in money, and $2 for each $100 of

25. Extending marine protest-Form No. 38... value or fraction thereof on the gross amount

If it exceeds 200 words, for every additional of the residue. Il among the effects of the de

100 words........ ceased are found certificates of foreign stock,

26. Protest of master against charterers or freighters-loans, or other property, $1 for each $100 of value

Form No. 39..... or fraction thereof on the amount thereol. No

27. Clearance when issued by the consul, as at free charge will be made for placing the official seal

ports........ upon the personal property or effects of such

28. Attending an appraisement of vessel's goods or deceased citizen, or for breaking or removing

effects, for each day's attendance..... the seals.

29. Attending sale of vessel's goods, for each day's 13. For each certificate of protection, semsar, or cer.

atteudance during which the sale continues.... tificate of employment issued at Tangier...... $2.00 30. Attendance at a shipwreck, or for the purpose of SERVICES TO VESSELS AND SEAMEN

assisting a ship in distress, or of saving wrecked 14. Bill of health, in duplicato.....


goods or property, over and above traveling er.

penses, whenever the consul's interposition is (Foreigo war vessels are exempt from payment of fees for bills of health.)

required by the parties interested, for each

day 16. Discontinued. 16. For receiving and delivering ship's register and papers, including consular certificates, as pre

NOTARIAL AND OTHER SERVICES scribed in Forms Nos. 13 and 14, $1 for each 100 tons or fraction thereof, registered measurement

31. Administering an oath and certificate thereof tt. (net), of the vessel for which the service is per

32. Administering oath and preparing passport apformed, is under 1,000 tons; but for American

plication tt...... vessels running regularly by weekly or monthly

33. Acknowledgment of a deed or power of attorney, trips, or otherwise, to or between foreign ports,

or similar service, including one or more signathis tonnage fee will not be charged for more

tures, with certificate thereof, for each copy... than four trips in a year; and tonnage fees shall

34. Administering any and all oaths required to be not be exacted for any vessel touching at or

made by pensioners and their witnesses in the near ports in Canada on her regular voyage

execution of their pension vouchers, or by perfrom one port to another within the United

sons presenting claims for pensions or increase States, unless some official service required by

of pensions, or claims for insurance or insurance law shall be performed.

allowances or allotments, or certifying to the 17. And for every additional 100 tons net or fraction

competency of a local official before whom said thereol......

.50 papers were executed, or for other services in 18 Shipping or discharging seamon, including the

relation thereto.---.. certificates thereof attached to crew list and

35. Acknowledgments connected with the transfer shipping articles and given to seamen..... 2. Ou of United States bonds...... 19. Authentication of copies of protests or other neces

36. Administering oaths or taking acknowledgments sary documents for vessels or seamen not

of officials or employees of the United States otherwise provided for..........

2 00 Government, or of any corporation in which 20. Preparation and acknowledgment for vessels or

the United States or its representatives shall seamen of any oath or declaration for which a

own the entire outstanding capital stock, in form is given in the Consular Regulations, or a

connection with their official business aco similar necessary service not otherwise provided

counts...... for

200 37. For rendering notarial services to officials of for21. Preparation and execution for vessels or seamen

eign Governments who render gratuitously of any certificate for which a form is given in

reciprocal courtesies to American diplomatic the Consular Regulations, or similar necessary

and consular officers, or for certification of inservice not otherwise provided for..

voices of shipments of official supplies and 22. Orders or letters for vessels or seamen for which

equipment from foreign Governments to their forms are given in the Consular Regulations, or

diplomatic and consular officers and of shipother similar necessary service not otherwise

ments of personal effects to such officers in the provided for....

2.00 United States when such foreign Government 23. Recording. whon necessary, for vessels or seamen

renders gratuitously reciprocal services to the any document covered by the provisions of the

United States Government...... Consular Regulations, for every 100 words or

38."Certifying to official character of a foreign notary fraction thereof

60 or other official... Footnotes at ond of table

No fee

No see

No loc


No lee


[blocks in formation]


. 50



No fee

No lee


39. For taking depositions, executing commissions

or letters rogatory, where the record of testimony including caption and certificate, does

not exceed 500 words... For each additional 100 words or fraction thereof..

The foregoing fee shall cover the administration of the oath and all services of the consul as commissioner, but shall not include services of clerk, stenographer, or typewriter, wbich shall be additional at the rate prescribed here

in for copying. 40."Copies (carbon copies to be charged for at the

same rate as originals):

For the first 100 words or fraction......

For every additional 100 words or less. 41. Discontinued... 42.* Additional fee for all services contemplated by

fees numbered 31, 32, 33, 38, 39, when rendered elsewhere than at the consular office at the request of the interested parties, for each hour or fraction thereof.....

In connection with any service rendered outside of the consular office at the request of private individuals, the exact amount of the expenses actually and necessarily incurred by the person rendering the service shall be collected from the persons for whom the service is performed in addition to the fee or fees prescribed therefor, but no amount in excess of the

fee or fees prescribed and such actual and neces.

sary expenses shall be charged or accepted. 43. Recording unofficial documents in consulate

upon request:

For the first 100 words or fraction.....

For every additional 100 words or less.. 44. Any and all services indicated in the tariff of fees

and performed upon written orders of the Department of State for the official use of the

Government of the United States..... 45. Any and all services in connection with the exe

cution of income-tax returns, federal, state, and

municipal... 46. License for the practice of pharmacy and the

sale of poisons in the consular districts of the

United States in China..... 47 Certificate of registration.. 48. Presenting a bill of exchange or other negotiable

instrument for acceptance, payment, or protest, for each hour or fraction thereof outside

of the consular office....49. Noting and certifying to protest of a bill of ex.

change or other negotiable instrument and giving notice thereof to drawer and indorsers

when requested to do so.. 50. Affidavit of temporary stay of owner of sealskin

garment entering the United States from Canada...

. 25






No fee

Services performed under items 12, 31, 33, 38, 39, 40, 42, and 43 of the foregoing tariff shall be rendered free of charge when performed in connection with the settlement of the estate of any employee of the United States dying abroad while on official duty, and services performed under items 31, 33, 38, 39, 40, 42, and 43 shall be rendered free of charge when performed for the use of any person in the collection of claims from the United States or from any State for compensation, pensions, back pay, bounty, bonus, property loss in the service of the United States, or for obtaining the return of property held by the Alien Property Custodian.

1 Covers service of visa of alien crew list for foreign ship. ft Executing an affidavit in regard to American birth in connection with application for passport or for registration, no lees.

Consular officers must require all fees to be paid in advance and before the stamps are canceled, except in case of attendance out of office or of commissions, when the amount can not be determined until the service is performed. Advance deposits to cover fees in such latter cases may be accepted, but in no other cases.


The act for the reorganization of the consular service of the United States, approved April 5, 1906, provides:

Sec. 8. That all fees, official or unofficial, received by any officer in the consular service for services rendered in connection with the duties of his office or as a consular officer, including fees for notarial services, and fees for taking depositions, executing commissions or letters rogatory, settling estates, receiving or paying out moneys, caring for or disposing of property, shall be accounted for and paid into the Treasury of the United States, and the sole and only compensation of such officers shall be by salaries fixed by law; but this shall not apply to consular agents, who shall be paid by one-half of the fees received in their offices, up to a maximum sum of one thousand dollars in any one year, the other half being accounted for and paid into the Treasury of the United States.

The act for the reorganization and improvement of the Foreign Service of the United States, approved May 24, 1924, amends the act of April 5, 1906, as follows:

Sec. 11. That the provisions of sections 8 and 10 of the act of April 5, 1906, relative to official fees and the method of accounting therefor shall include both branches of the Foreign Service.

The act for the reorganization and improvement of the Foreign Service of the United States approved May 24, 1924, amends section 1685 of the Revised Statutes as amended by the act entitled “An act for the improvement of the Foreign Service, approved February 5, 1915," to read as follows:

Sec. 1685. That for such time as any Foreign Service officer shall be lawfully authorized to act as chargé d'affaires ad interim or to assume charge of a consulate general or consulate during the absence of the principal officer at the post to which he shall have been assigned, he shall, if his salary is less than one-half that of such principal officer, receive in addition to his salary as Foreign Service officer compensation equal to the difference between such salary and one-half of the salary provided by law for the ambassador, minister, or principal consular officer As the case may be.


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