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NOW THEREFORE, the parties hereto have entered into this

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Agreement this 7th day of July 1982.

Section I


This Agreement is made under the authority of Executive

Order No. 12369, 15 U.S.c. 1525, and 13 U.S.c. 161.

Section II

Secretary of Commerce

The Secretary at no cost to the Foundation agrees:

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Federal agencies which are to be reviewed.


liaison will be performed through the Secretary's

designee, Janet Colson, and other Federal personnel

as the Secretary shall designate.


To arrange with the General Services Administration

to make available for use by the Foundation during

the term of this Agreement such surplus furniture

and other office equipment as may be available.

Section III

The Foundation

The Foundation at no cost to the Federal Government



To provide such support as may be requested by the

Chairman of the Committee to assist the Committee

in carrying out its responsibilities, including but

not limited to:

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sign a statement in the form approved by the Secretary (attached as Exhibit A to this Agreement)

relating to the disclosure of information to

unauthorized persons.


To establish such controls as shall be prescribed
by the Secretary (attached as Exhibit B to this:
Agreement) to prevent the disclosure by the Foundation

of information to unauthorized persons.

Section IV

Status of Foundation

The parties hereto acknowledge and agree that the status


of the Foundation under this Agreement, and in all of its and its employees agents and representatives dealings and relations with the Secretary, the Department of Commerce and other

Federal agencies shall be that of an independent entity providing services under a joint project and not as one involving employment, no statutes governing Federal employment shall apply to the Foundation, and the Foundation shall not have any obligation of financial accountability to the

Department of Commerce.

Section v


This Agreement, will terminate upon the expiration of the charter of the Committee, provided, however, that either party may terminate upon thirty (30) days written notice to the other. Upon such termination, the Foundation shall turn over to the Secretary all materials, data and information then in the possession of the Foundation which pertains to the work done by the Foundation for the Committee pursuant to Executive Order No. 12369

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned have hereto set their hands and seal, this _7th day of July 1982.

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I agree that I will abide by the controls established by the Foundation to prevent the unauthorized disciosure of information collected under the Agreement between the Secretary of Commerce and the Foundation, dated July 7, 1982. I also will abide by any special restrictions on hạndling information imposed by a particular Federal agency with regard to speciiic information furnished by that agency.

I further agree that I shall:


Hold in confidence information provided to me in

the course oi my examination of Federal agencies
and shall not disclose any such information, or
portions thereof, to anyone outside the Foundation
other than the Executive Committee of the President's

Private sector Survey on Cost Control in the

Federal Government (the "Executive Committee");


Collect only that information that is necessary to perform the iunctions assigned to me by the Foundation

or the Executive Committee;


Disclose such information within the Foundation

only to those individuals who have a need to know
in the performance of their assignments for the

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Executive Committee;


Promptly report, to my supervisor, any uses of

information which do not comply with this Agreement;


Consult with my supervisor before taking any action

if I have any doubt or question as to whether it

would be in accordance with this Agreement;


Disqualify myself if I feel I have any financial
interest or any relation with a third party which
might be deemed likely to affect the integrity or

impartiality of the performance of a task assigned

to me.


Exhibit B

Controls to be Established

by the Foundation to Prevent

Unauthorized Disclosure of Information


Pursuant to Section III (d) of the Agreement between the Secretary of Commerce and the Foundation dated July 7, 1982 the Secretary of Commerce in order to prevent the unauthorized



disclosure of information collected under the Agreement requests


the Foundation to establish controis:


To assure that information obtained from an agency
will not be disclosed outside the Foundation, other
than to the Executive Committee, without the prior
written consent of the agency furnishing the

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To assure that all individuals engaged in the
collection of information will be instructed to

collect only the minimum amount of data necessary

to perform their assigned functions.
To assure that information will be disclosed within


the Foundation only on a strict need-to-know basis

and so as not to contravene the conflict of interest

safeguards governing the members of the Executive,


to handle and safeguard all information of a


security classified nature in a manner satisfactory
to the Federal agency supplying the information.
To store all information of a proprietary nature or
pertaining to the personal privacy of individuals
in locked file cabinets. Such cabinets when open

will not be left unattended.


To abide by special restrictions on handling

information imposed by a Federal agency.

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