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thorize boards of supervisors to issue bonds for the erection, repair and equipment of school buildings, to levy taxes for fuel and other incidental expenses in certain cases," so as to provide minimum valuation of district.......

173 (H. B. 288) AN ACT to amend section 4, of chapter 275, of the laws of 1914, providing a method of making assessments in sea wall districts

174 (S. B. 392) AN ACT to amend chapter 281 of the laws of Mississippi of 1914, entitled, "An act to amend an act entitled, "An act to repeal an act entitled "an act to authorize the board of Mississippi levee commissioners to issue certificates of indebtedness" approved February 8, 1898, and to authorize the board of Mississippi levee commissioners to issue certificates of indebtedness, approved March 12, 1900...

175 (S. B. 295) AN ACT to amend section 2, chapter 102, of the laws of 1916, so as to provide for victualing prisoners with compensation therefor

176 (S. B. 319) AN ACT to amend chapter 109, laws of 1916, which is an act providing for the establishment, maintenance and regulation of a state sanatorium for the prevention of tuberculosis, by striking out the words "through the state bureau of vital statistics" of section four, sub-division one...

177 (H. B. 59) AN ACT amending chapter 140 of the laws of 1916, entitled: "An act to require the boards of supervisors of the counties entitled to participate in the distribution of the thirty thousand, eight hundred and twenty-nine and 16-100 (30,829.16) acres of land in Hancock county received in lieu of sixteenth sections, to employ and contract with a competent person or persons to partition the said land of each county interested therein, the land of each county in severalty by proper description".

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178 (H. B. 116) AN ACT to amend Chapter 150, of the laws of 1916 of the state of Mississippi, entitled, "An act to authorize municipal authorities to borrow money during the fall months until taxes are collected"..

179 (S. B. 346) AN ACT to amend section 4 of house bill No. 161, chapter 186 of laws of 1916, so as to authorize the building of teachers' homes by municipal separate school districts.....

180 (S. B. 341) AN ACT amending section 7, chapter 186, laws of 1916, the same being a section entitled, "county children may attend a separate school district".











181 (H. B. 708) AN ACT to amend section 3 of chapter 186 of the laws of 1916 so as to make it mandatory upon the mayor and board of aldermen of any municipality of this state constituting separate school districts to release from such districts any part of the added territory lying outside of the corporate limits of the municipality



182 (H. B. 296) AN ACT to amend section 17, chapter 245 acts of 1916 as to staff officers, including officers of the pay, inspection, subsistence, and medical department thereafter to be appointed from officers and enlisted men from the national guard... .......... 199 183 (H. B. 261) AN ACT to amend chapter 26, of the laws of Mississippi of 1917, so as to exempt wood distillation plants from taxation for a period of five years..

184 (H. B. 449) AN ACT to amend chapter 35 of the laws of Mississippi, passed at the extraordinary session in 1917, entitled: An act to provide that soldiers and sailors in the service of the United States who are qualified to vote in any primary election, but are absent from their precincts at the time of said primary efection, may cast their ballots by mail in said election, and how same shall be cast, and further providing that the several county executive committees shall, in ascertaining the result of said election and making the returns thereof, include said ballots.......

185 (H. B. 485) AN ACT to amend chapter 43, laws 1917, entitled, “An act to authorize and empower boards of supervisors of any and all counties in the state of Mississippi to employ in their discretion, a timber estimator, or timber estimators, to estimate any timber or ascertain the quantity and quality of any timber, which may be subject to assessment for taxes under the laws of the state of Mississippi at any time that it may become necessary for boards of supervisors to have correct information as to estimates of timber, correct information as to the quantity and quality of any taxable timber, in equalizing assessments of property, or defending litigation in any court pertaining to the assessment of property, or the collection of taxes thereon; and providing for the payment of such persons so employed," so as to change the compensation of the timber estimator from a per diem basis to a per acreage basis.....

186 (H. B. 657) AN ACT to repeal section 2 of house bill No. 374, laws of 1918, the same being, "An act to appropriate money for summer normals"

187 (S. B. 376) AN ACT to amend senate bill number 130 of the laws of 1918, amending section 3 of chapter 194 of the laws of 1912, providing that banks may qualify as county depositories and designating the securities therefor...








188 (S. C. R. 19) A CONCURRENT RESOLUTION to amend section 112 of the constitution of the state of Mississippi so as to provide for a classified property tax.


189 (S. B. 190) AN ACT to make it unlawful to transport, ship or deliver in this state, whether from without or within the state, any spirituous, vinous, malt, fermented, or other intoxicating liquors; to make it unlawful to receive, have, control or possess intoxicating liquors in this state; to make it unlawful to order, purchase or cause intoxicating liquors of any kind to be shipped into or delivered in this state; to prohibit banks from collecting or paying drafts for liquor shipments; to provide that no property right exists in intoxicating liquors; to make it unlawful to solicit orders for liquors; to forbid liquors being kept in any place; to require common carriers to produce books; to provide that no person be excused from testifying; to provide where prosecutions may be held for violation of this act; to provide that the indictment need not negative exceptions under this act; to provide that certain exceptions under certain restrictions and limitations; to provide how excepted deliveries may be made; to require filing of statements of deliveries; to provide for the preservation of such statements; to require common carriers to keep record of intoxicating liquors delivered; to provide a penalty for the violation of this act; to make it unlawful to distill, manufacture or make any intoxicating liquors and providing a penalty therefor, and to provide for the repeal and the modification of all laws in conflict with the provisions of this act 210

190 (H. B. 364) AN ACT authorizing and regulating the exchange of reciprocal or inter-insurance contracts among individuals, partnerships and corporations; regulating process in suits on such contracts; fixing certain taxes and fees and providing penalties for violation of this act.

191 (S. B. 391) AN ACT to regulate dairies, creameries, milk and cream buying and skimming stations, and the sale and purchase of milk and cream and the by-products of same, in the state of Mississippi, placing same under the supervision of the commissioner of agriculture of the state; defining milk and cream; requiring sanitary methods; prohibiting the use of any foreign substance or coloring matter, except for certain purposes; providing for testing of milk and cream; requiring license to do same, prohibiting false testing and incompetent persons to test; providing for the manufacture and sale of bottles and pipettes for measuring milk and milk products; requiring a license of milk and cream buying and skimming stations; providing for the making of creamery butter; providing for the sale and use of renovated butter; . providing for the manufacture and sale of substitutes for butter




and cheese; providing against discrimination in the purchase and sale of milk and cream and the by-products of same; providing for inspection by the commissioner of agriculture; and prescribing penalties for violations of the provisions of this act........... 224 192 (S. B. 160) AN ACT authorizing and empowering municipalities in the state of Mississippi to own, construct, lease and operate electric street railways, interurban electric railways and electric lighting and power plants and hydro-electric power plants, and authorizing municipalities in this state to corporate and combine and make contracts with each other and with municipalities in other states in the ownership, construction, leasing and operation of electric street railways, electric interurban railways and electric lighting and power plants and hydro-electric power plants; authorizing municipalities to mortgage electric street railways and interurban railways and power plants and to pledge the revenues derived therefrom, and to issue bonds, secured by such mortgages and pledges; providing for a system of allotting and prorating the cost of electric interurban railways; providing for the election of commissioners by municipal governing bodies to represent such municipalities in the ownership, construction, leasing and management of interurban railways; providing that such commissioners shall keep a public record of their proceedings and publish the same, and providing for the exercise of the right of eminent domain by municipalities or by commissioners representing such municipalities. 231

193 (S. B. 272) AN ACT declaring all places in or upon which lewdness, assignation or prostitution is conducted or exists to be a nuisance; declaring who shall be guilty of maintaining same; providing a means for the abatement of same, the jurisdiction of such actions, the trial proceedings and punishment for violation as for contempt and the disposition of same...


194 (H. B. 568) AN ACT regulating and suppressing venereal diseases, providing penalties for violation of this act; and giving the state board of health power to assist in the enforcement thereof............ 240 195 (H. B. 149) AN ACT providing a method by which two or more counties, in connection with the state highway department, may build bridges or causeways, more than one and one half miles in length, over a body of water separating two or more counties, the method of issuing bonds therefor, defining the powers and duties of the joint body authorizing the collection and regulation of tolls and charges for passengers, vehicles, railroads, telephone, telegraph, electric light and other privileges over or on said bridge or cause-way, and granting the right to the people of the county to initiate the building of said bridge and to vote on same under certain conditions...



196 (H. B. 361) AN ACT authorizing the state live stock sanitary board, in its discretion, to pay G. T. McIntyre a sum of money not to exceed three hundred and thirteen dollars and fifty cents ($314.50) for balance salary due as county inspector of tick eradication work in Choctaw county......

197 (H. B. 380) AN ACT prohibiting the sale, or offering for sale any unlabeled paint, varnish, etc., anywhere within this state, prohibiting the sale, barter, trade or exchange of same and prescribing penalties for the violations of this act...

198 (H. B. 403) AN ACT to authorize municipalities to establish, maintain and operate municipal coal and wood yards for the purpose of providing fuel for the inhabitants of such municipality during the period of the present war and for one year thereafter, and to provide the funds necessary for the establishment, maintenance and operation thereof..


199 (H. B. 198) AN ACT to prohibit the killing, capturing or taking of game, during flood stages of water, in any county, in the state of Mississippi adjoining the Mississippi river, or which adjoins or contains within its boundaries any water tributary to the Mississippi river or subject to overflow by the water of the Mississippi river or any of its tributaries..

200 (H. B. 118) AN ACT to authorize and empower municipalities, in their discretion, to contribute, appropriate or donate money to fair associations






201 (H. B. 524) AN ACT providing for the preparation and publication of an historical roll of Mississippi soldiers and sailors, with the history of Mississippi organizations and commands serving in the war of 1812, war with Mexico, Confederate war, Spanish-American war, and world war, with all records relative thereto. 251 202 (H. B. 650) AN ACT to provide for determining the boundaries of privately owned riparian lands within this state, upon which are located any oyster reef or reefs........

203 (H. B. 136) AN ACT to authorize and empower board of supervisors and municipalities in their discretion to appropriate money to be used in the control, suppression and eradication of contagious infectious diseases and in the promotion of the betterment of public health..



204 (H. B. 123) AN ACT to prevent damage to the public road and bridges by overloaded vehicles, and to authorize the board of supervisors of the various counties in the state to regulate traffic thereon, and prescribing penalties for violation, etc...


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