Department of Defense Appropriations for 1963: Hearings ... 87th Congress, 2d Session

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Page 206 - Advertising costs mean the costs of advertising media and corollary administrative costs. Advertising media include magazines, newspapers, radio and television programs, direct mail, trade papers, outdoor advertising, dealer cards and window displays, conventions, exhibits, free goods and samples, and the like.
Page 154 - It is insurance we trust will never be needed, but insurance which we could never forgive ourselves for foregoing in the event of catastrophe.
Page 127 - Training Corps, under the appropriation "Reserve Personnel, Navy" which we call "RPN." The estimates presented for these appropriations are based upon projections for naval force objectives and policies approved by the Secretary of the Navy and the Chief of Naval Operations. I shall treat each of the two appropriations separately, beginning with "Military Personnel, Navy.
Page 179 - Representatives. (b) The Department of Defense is authorized to incur, in applicable appropriations, obligations in anticipation of reimbursements in amounts equivalent to the value of such orders under subsection (a) of this section. Appropriations to the President of such sums as may be necessary to reimburse the applicable appropriation, fund, or account for such orders are hereby authorized.
Page 179 - Defense to any friendly country or international organization if such country or international organization agrees to pay not less than the value thereof in United States dollars. Payment shall be made in advance or, as determined by the President...
Page 1966 - ... for one or more meals. Also, includes subsistence in messes, cross-service feeding by other departments, emergency and operational rations, and payment for meals furnished under contract at commercial facilities. Subsistence supplies are provided by procurement from military stock funds or by local purchase from commercial sources. Excludes cost of subsisting civilian personnel or officers, or subsistence while in a travel status.
Page 503 - Thank you very much. (The information requested is classified and has been furnished for the committee's use.) SPACK BOMBARDMENT VEHICLES Mr.
Page 22 - WAR There has come into prominence, in the last year or two, a kind of war which Mr. Khrushchev calls wars of national liberation or popular revolts, but which we know as insurrection, subversion, and covert armed aggression. I refer here to the kind of war which we have seen in Laos and which is now going on in South Vietnam. It is sometimes called sublimited war because the scale and character of the hostilities are kept just below the threshold where the world would recognize it as overt military...
Page 290 - ... important consideration : As Secretary McNamara indicated earlier, the defense program is based — in part — on an arbitrary assumption that the special measures associated with the Berlin crisis will terminate at the beginning of fiscal year 1963, and that no unusual requirement will have developed elsewhere. Should this assumption prove invalid, the military considerations I am about to discuss would change radically, and reexamination of Army programs would become necessary.
Page 22 - Political assassination, robbery, arson, subversion, bribery — all are acceptable means to further their ends. They are quick to take advantage of any breakdown of law and order, of any resentment of people toward their Government, or of any economic or natural disaster. They are masters of mass psychology and of propaganda, having had many decades of experience in these fields. We have a long way to go in devising and implementing effective countermeasures against these Communist techniques.

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