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Title 46—Shipping

(This book contains Parts 146 to 149)


CHAPTER —Coast Guard, Department of Transportation (continued)

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(Parts 146 to 149)

SUBCHAPTER N-DANGEROUS CARGOES Part 146 Transportation or storage of explosives or other dangerous articles or sub

stances, and combustible liquids on board vessels. 147 Regulations governing use of dangerous articles as ships' stores and supplies

on board vessels. 148–149 [Reserved]



Subpart 146.01--Preface Sec. 146.01-1 Purpose of regulations. 146.01-2 Source of regulations. 146.01-8 Plan of regulations. 146.01-4 Classifications. 146.01-5 Changes in regulations. 146.01–8 Provision for notice and public

hearing. 146.01–7 Inflammable or combustible liq

ulds in bulk. 146.01–8 Effective date of regulations. 146.01–9 Supersedes existing rulings. 146.01-10 Supersedes existing regulations. 146.01–11 Other requirements under title 62

of the Revised Statutes. 146.01–12 Local regulations. 146.01–18 Penalties.

Subpart 146.02—General Regulations 146.02–1 Scope of regulations. 146.02–2 Application to vessels. 146.02–3 Application to shippers. 146.02-4 Application to others. 146.02-5 Complianco. 146.02–6 Enforcement. 146.02-62 Assignment and certifcation. 146.02-7 Military or naval forces. 146.02–8 U8. Government shipments. 146.02–9 Capadlan shipments, 146.02–10 Export shipments.

Sec. 146.02-11 Import shipments. 146.02-12 Inspection of cargo. 146.02-13 Report Ares. 146.02–14 Damaged packages. 146.02-16 Emergency shipments. 146.02–16 Shipments in violation. 146.02-17 Handling and stowage of cargo. 146.02–18 Shipments via common carrier

vessels. 140.02-19 Shipments via vessels other than

common carriers. 146.02–20 Repairs or work involving welding

or burning or other hazards. 146.02-21 Statements of characteristio

properties. 146.02-22 Preservation of records, 146.02-25 Conditions under which equiva

lent or alternative procedures

may be used. 146.02-30 Portable tanks-interpretive rul

ings. 146.02-35 Notice and reports of certain haz

ardous materials incidents. Subpart 146.03—Definitions of Words and Terme

Contained within the Regulations in this Sub

chapter 146.03-1 MIN. 146.03-8 Bulk. 146.03-4 Carfloat. 146.03-5 Cargo, 146.03-8 CTO. 146.03–7 Character of vessel. 146.03-8 Dangerous articles defined. 146.03-9 Flammable or inflammable.

goo. 140.08-10 Explosive rango. 140.03-11 Finely divided metals. 148.09-12 Finely divided organic material. 148.08-18 Fire point. 146.08-14 Flashpoint. 148.03-16 Hermetically sealed. 148.03-16 Holds gas tight. 146.03-17 ICC or DOT. 146.03-18 ICC and DOT regulations. 146.03-19 Inside packaging. 148.03-20 Label. 146.08-21 Marking. 148.03-22 Miscible. 148.03-29 Misolbulity with water. 148.03-94 Navigable watori. 146.09-96 N.0.8. 146.03-26 Not permitted. 146.03-27 Outside containers. 146.03-27& Packaging. 146.03-27b Package. 148.08-28 Prohibited. 148.08–29 Shipping papers, 148.03-80 Soluble. 146.03-31 STC and NRO. 148.03-32 Storage. 146.03-33 Stowage. 146.03-84 Stowage terms defined. 148.08-85 Vapor density. 146.03-86 Vessels deined. 146.03-87 Volatility. 146.03-88 W.T. 146.03-89 W or W/O. 146.03-40 Transport vehicle. Subpart 146.04List of Explosives or Other

Dangerous Articles Containing the Shipping Name or Description of Articles Subject to the

Regulations in this Subchapter 146.04-1 Proper shipping namo. 148.04–3 Dangerous articles not named. 146.04% Classifloation. 148.044 Signs and abbreviations. 146.046 List of explosives and other dan.

gerous articles and cornbustible

liquids. Subpart 146.05-Shipper's Requirements Re

garding Packing, Marking, Labeling and

Shipping Papers 148.05–1 Shipments in violation of the

regulations in this part. 146.06–2 Acceptablo shipments. 148.063 Prohibited packing. 148.06-4 Prescribed packaging.

DOT and IOC specifcation pack

aging. 146.06–0 MIN, spoctication containers. 146.06–7 O.F.C. specifcation containers. 146.06-8 Non-specification containers. 148.06–0 Speciñcation packaging for out

side packages. 146.06-10 Reuse of containers. 146.06-11 Certification.

Sec. 146.05–12 Originating shipping order, trans

fer shipping paper. 146.05–18 Originating export shipping paper. 146.08–14 Import shipping papers. 146.06-18 Marlong and laboling. 146.05–16 Labels for mixed packing. 146.05-17 Labels. Subpart 146.06--Vessel's Requirements Regard

ing Acceptance, Handling, Stowage, Etc. 146.06-1 Acceptance on board vessels. 146.06–2 Explosives prohibited on any vee

sel. 146.069 Articles not permitted on vessels. 146.064 Acceptance of permitted articles. 146.06-3 "Order-Notity" or "O.O.D." ship

ments. 146.08 Canadian shipments. 148.06-7 Emergency shipments. 148.06-8 Handling on board vessels. 148.06-9 Btowage on board vessels. 146.06-10 Labels. 146.06-11 "No smoking" signs. 146.06-12 Dangerous cargo manifest, Ist or

stowage plan required. 146.06-14 Source of information shown on

manitost, list, or stowage plan, 146.06-16 Information required on mani

fests, Ilsts, or stow&go plans. 146.06–20 Manifest; storage vessels. Subpart 146.07-Railroad Vehicles, Highway

Vehicles, Containers or Portable Tanks Loaded With Explosives or Other Dangerous Articles

and Transported on Board Ocean Vessels 146.07-1 Applicability and definitions. 146.07-5 Permitted shipments. 146.07-10 Tank containers. 148.07-15 Acceptance on board vessels. 146.07-20 Certification. 146.07-26 Marking and placarding. 146.07-80 Inspection. 146.07-35 Exemption of railroad and high

way vehicles, containor or porte able tank from dotailod ban

dling or stowage requiremonts. 146.07-40 Stowage on board vessels. Subpart 146.08-Railroad or Highway Vehicles

Loaded with Dangerous Substances and Trans

ported on Board Ferry Vessels 148.08-1 Applicability and definitions. 146.08-3 Prohibited articles. 146.08-5 Permitted articles. 148.08-10 Tank containers. 146.08-16 Acceptance of railroad vehioles on

board ferry vessels. 146.08-20 Acceptance of highway vehicles

on board terry vosgols. 148.08-26 Empty tank container. 148.08-80 exemption of railroad and high

way vehicles from detallod ban

dling or stowage requirements. 146.08-31 Exemptions concerning labeling

requirements. 146.08-86 Stowage of railroad or bighway


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