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Adler. Elkan Nathan.

About Hebrew manuscripts.

(corr. price.)

Adler, Marcus Nathan.

*$3. Oxford.

(ed. and tr.) See Benjamin of Tudela. Itinerary. Administration and educational work of Ameri

can juvenile reform schools. Snedden, D: S. $2. Teachers college, Columbia univ., N. Y. Administrators and executors.

Giauque, F. Settlement of estates of deceased persons. 7th ed. buck. *$6. '07. Clarke, R. See also Probate law; Wills.

Admirable Davis. Legge, R. $1.50. Cassell. Admiral's granddaughter. Gould, E. L. +$1.


Admiral's light. Rideout, H: M. +$1.50. Houghton. Adopted son. Willard, J. H. hf. vel. 25c. Al

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Book of adventure. (Young folks' lib., v. 8.) ser. of 20v., $45; $60. Auxiliary educ. league. Smith, H. G., and others. Historic deeds of danger and daring. See author entry.

See also Explorers; Heroes; Voyages and travels. Adventure series. Lippincott.

Stead, R: Adventures on the high mountains. $1.50. Adventurer. Osbourne, L. $1.50. Appleton. Adventures in contentment. Grayson, D: **$1.20. Doubleday.

Adventures in great forests. Hyrst, H. W. G.

**$1.50. Lippincott.

Adventures of a brownie. See. Craik, D. M. Adventures of a doll. Smith, N. A. 75c. McClure.

Adventures of Deerslayer. Haight, M. N. *35c. Am. bk.

Adventures of Dorothy. Lewis, J. 75c. Macmillan.

Adventures of Gerard. Doyle, A. C. 50c. Burt.
Adventures of Merrywink. Whyte,
G. $2.

Adventures of the Peterkin family. Hale, L. P. 50c. Hurst.

Adventures of Uncle Sam's sailors, by R. E. Peary, A. V. Wadhams, Molly Elliot Seawell, Franklin Matthews, Kirk Munroe, and others. (Harper's adventure ser.) D. x, 231p. front. 7 pl. †60c. '07. Harper. 7-24286. Adventures of Uncle Sam's soldiers, by Gen. C: King, J: Habberton, Capt. C: A. Curtis, Lieut. C: D. Rhodes and others. (Adventure ser.) D. iii-xi, 3-243p. front. 7 fullpage il. †60c. (Ag.) '07. Harper.


Contents: Recaptured, by Gen. C: King; A very little fellow, by Lieut. C: D. Rhodes: How Reddy gained his commission, by Capt. C: A. Curtis; At the Helio station, by Frank L. Pollock; "Billy" of Battery B. by Colgate Baker: Floride's patient, by Bertha Watson: A relic hunter's strange experience, by J: Habberton; Clare's ride, by C: L. Hildreth; How Hoto-oto became a recruit, by Laura Fitch McQuiston; "Scapegrace," by Gen. C: King: The surrender of Cochise, by Julian Ralph; With Capron at El Caney, by Fletcher C. Ransome; On an Arizona trail, by Capt. C: A. Curtis.

Adventures on the high mountains. Stead, 'R: $1.50. Lippincott.

Adventures with Indians. Mighels, P. V., and others. †60c. Harper.

Adventuress. Stanton, C. $1.50. McBride, T. J. Advertisement. See Calderón de la Barca, P.

Eight dramas.


De Weese, T. A. Book on advertising. $3. '07. System co.

Eaton, S. Sermons on advertising. $1. '07. Frank A. Eaton, Brunswick bldg., N. Y. Fox, I. P., and Forbes, B. A. One thousand ways and schemes to attract trade. pa. $1. '07. Spatula. James, F. B. Advertising, and other addresses. *$1.25. '07. Clarke, R

Rowell, G: P., ed. Newspapers worth counting. $1. '06. Printers' ink pub. co. Sherman, S. A. Advertising in the United States. 75c. '01. Am. statistical assn. Thompson, W: A. Modern show card lettering, designs and advertising phases. 3d ed. $1. '06. W: A. Thompson, Pontiac, Mich. See also Mail order business; Newspapers. Advertising cards.

Strong, Č: J. Art of show card writing. $2.50; '07. Detroit school of lettering, Detroit, Mich. Advice to women on the care of their health before, during and after confinement. Stacpoole, F. *50c; pa. *35c. Cassell. (corr. price.)

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Ægean islands. See Islands of the Ægean.
Aegidius Assisiensis, d. 1262.

Golden sayings of the Blessed Brother Giles of Assisi; newly translated and ed., together with a sketch of his life by the Rev. Fr. Paschal Robinson. D. 5p., vii-lxiii, 141p. front. il. 4 pl. *$1. '07. Dolphin press. 6-46746. Aeona, pseud. See Lucas, Mrs. Allie Isabel. Aerial navigation.

Aero club of America. Navigating the **$1.50. '07. Doubleday.


Chatley, H. Problem of flight. *$3.50. '07. Lippincott.

Moedebeck, H. W. L. Pocket-book of aeronautics. flex. lea. *$3.25. '07. Macmillan. Samuelson, A. Flight velocity. *50c. '07. Spon. Samuelson, A. Resistance of air and the question of flying. *50c. '07. Spon.

See also Balloons; Flying machines. Aero club of America.

Navigating the air; a scientific statement of the progress of aëronautical science up to the present time; il. with photographs and diagrams. O. 7p., ix, xli, 259p. front. il. pls. 7-20981. pors. **$1.50. '07. Doubleday.

Editorial note signed: Israel Ludlow, William J. Hammer, Augustus Post, publication committee. Aeronautics. See Aerial navigation. Aeschylus, 525-456 B. C.

Aeschylus; tr. by Lewis Campbell. (World's classics. no. 117.) S. 278p. *40c; venetian, $75c. '06. Oxford. Agamemnon: a

tragedy taken from Aeschylus by E: Fitzgerald. D., xii, 71 p., 2 p. front. pl. por. $2. '06. Elm tree press, Woodstock, Vt. 7-4797.

"Introduction by the editors of this edition" signed: C. L. D., J. C. D. i. e. Charles Loomis Dana and John Cotton Dana.

Agamemnon: the choral odes and lyric scenes; set to music by J: Ellerton Lodge. Q. 107p. pa. $2. (Mv. 10.) '07. C. W. Thompson & co., A and B Park st., Boston. Prometheus bound; tr. by G: Plumtre. (Ariel booklets.) 75c. '07. Putnam.

Aesop in rhyme. Thummel, M. L. G. 50c. M. L. G. Thummel, 4341 W. Belle pl., St. Louis. Aesthetics. See Esthetics.

Affair at Pine Court. Gilbert, N. R. $1.50. Lippincott.

Affirmations and denials. Del Mar, E. 25c. Progressive literature co.


Martin, F. A. Under the absolute amir. **$2.25. '07. Harper.

Afield with the seasons. Buckham, J. **$1.25. Crowell.

Aflalo, Frederick George, 1870

(comp.) Call of the sea: a prose anthology. O. xix, 236p. **$1.25. (O.) '07. Dutton. Sunshine and sport in Florida and the West Indies. G. 272p. 60 il. **$4. (O.) '07. Jacobs. Afoot and afloat. Burroughs, J: *25c; pa. *15c. Houghton.

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See Missions-Africa.

Africa, Central.

Alexander, B. From the Niger to the Nile. 2v. **$10. '07. Longmans.

Brode, H. Tippoo Tib: the story of his career in Central Africa. $3. '07. Longmans. Bulpett, C. W. L. Picnic party in wildest Africa. *$3.50. '07. Longmans.

In the heart of the African forest. (In "Round the world," v. 3.) 85c. '07. Benziger. Packard, J. F. Stanley and the Congo. $1.50. '07. Winston.

[blocks in formation]

See also Ashanti war.

African languages.

Sheane, J. H. W. Wisa handbook. *$1. '07. Oxford.

See also Bemba language; Hausa language; Ila language.

After earthquake and fire. $1. Mining and scientific press.

After life. Buckle, H: **$2.50. Jacobs. After noontide. 2d ed. White, M. E., comp. $1.25. Houghton.

$2. Duffield. After-supper songs. Coolidge, E. After the game. Barbee. L. pa. 25c. Denison. After the resurrection. Maclaren, A. $1.50. Funk. After twenty years. Booth, H. 15c. Penn. Agamemnon. See Aeschylus.

Agassiz, Alexander, 1835Tortugas and Florida reefs. (Am, academy of arts and sciences. Publications v. 11, pt. 2, no. 1.) 105-134p. 12 pl. $3. (Je.) '85. Am. acad. of arts & sciences.

Agassiz, Jean Louis Rodolphe, 1807-1873. Smithsonian inst. Louis Agassiz, by C: Doolittle Walcott. (Publication 1732. From Smithsonian miscellaneous collections, v. 50, pt. 2.) 216-218p. por. '07. Smithsonian inst. Agatha's husband. Craik, D. M. $1. Harper. (corr. price.)

Age of Justinian and Theodora. v. 2. Holmes,
W: G. $3.50. Macmillan.

Age of schism. Bruce, H. *$1. Macmillan.
Age of the Maccabees. Henderson, H. F. *30c.



Chadman, C: E. Agency and bailments. sh. $2. Drake, F: J. (corr. price.) ed. Huffcut, E. W., Cases on the law of agency. 2d ed. buck. $3.50. 07. Littie. See also Attorneys..

Agger, Eugene E.

Budget in the American commonwealth. O. 218p. pa. *$1.50. '07. Macmillan. 7-16495. Bibliographical note: p. 13-14.

An extract from v. 25, no. 2, of Studies in history, economics and public law, ed. by the Faculty of political science of Columbia university, and issued by the Columbia university press. It is a book of decided value and interest to every one concerned with administration or theory of public finance. Agglutinants.


Standage, H. C. Agglutinants of all kinds for all purposes. *$3.50. '07. Van Nostrand. See also Cement; Glue.


Torrey, H. B., and Martin, A. Sexual dimorphism in aglaophenia. See Torrey, H. B. California shore anemone.

Aglionby, Francis Keyes.

Life of Edward Henry Bickersteth, D.D., poet and bishop, author of "Peace, perfect peace," "Yesterday, to-day, and for ever," bishop of Exeter, 1885-1900. O. xvi, 222p. por. il. $2.50. (O.) '07. Longmans.

Agnetti, Mary Prichard-.

(tr.) See Fogazzaro, A. The sinner. Agnew, George Harry Augustus, 1864-1903. Hogue, W. T: G. Harry Agnew, a pioneer missionary. 2d ed. $1. 07. Free Methodist. Agnosticism.

Johnson, E. H: Christian agnosticism as related to Christian knowledge. $1. '07. Am. Bapt.

See also Free thought; Positivism; Religion and science; Skepticism.

Agorophius pygmæus. True, F. W:

of Remarks on the type fossil cetacean agorophius pygmæus. gratis. '07. Smithsonian inst. Agoult, Marie de Flavigny, comtesse d'. Stern, Daniel, pseud.




Agricultural bacteriology. See Bacteriology, Agricultural.

Agricultural chemistry.

Church, A. H. Laboratory guide; a manual of practical chemistry for colleges and schools. $2.50. '06. Van Nostrand.

Lincoln, A. T:, and Walton, J. H:, jr. Exercises in elementary quantitative chemical analysis, for students of agriculture. *$1.50. '07. Macmillan.

Robertson, F. D. S.

Practical agricultural chemistry. *$2. '07. Keener,

U. S. Chemistry, Bureau of. Official and provisional methods of analysis, Association of olicial agricultural chemists; ed. by Harvey W. Wiley. (Bulletin 107.) O. xxiii, 230p. 11 il. pa. 20c. '07. Supt. of doc. Agr 7-2096.

U. S. Chemistry, Bureau of. Proceedings of 23d annual convention of Association of official agricultural chemists, Washington, D. C. Nov. 14-16, 1906; ed. by Harvey W. Wiley. (Bulletin 105.) O. 213p. pa. 25c. (Je. 29) '07. Supt. of doc. Agr 6-1303.

Agricultural chemistry. U. S. Chem. bur.-Cont. -Proceedings of 22d annual convention, Washington, D. C., Nov. 16-18, 1905. pa. 20c. '06. Supt. of doc.

See also Dairy chemistry; Fertilizers; Soils. Agricultural colleges.

U. S. Experiment stations office. Federal legislation, regulations, and rulings affecting agricultural colleges and experiment stations. (Circular 68.) O. 21p. pa. 5c. '06. Supt. of doc. Agr6-1841.

See also Agriculture-Study and teaching. Agricultural colonies.

Meline, F. J. Return to the land. *$1.50. '07. Dutton.

[blocks in formation]

Agricultural education. See Agriculture-Study and teaching.

Agricultural experiment stations.

C. S. Experiment stations office. Federal legislation, regulations, and rulings affecting agricultural colleges and experiment stations. (Circular 68.) O. 21p. pa. 5c. '06. Supt. of doc. Agr6-1841.

Agricultural implements. UJ. S. Census, Bureau of. Census of manufactures, 1905; Agricultural implements. (Bulletin 75.) Q. 31p. 4 il. pa. 10c. '07. Supt. of doc. 4-19052.

[blocks in formation]

Dickson's system of intensive farming. 2d ed. pa. 25c. '07. Cultivator pub. co., Atlanta, Ga.

Agriculture -Continued.

#Duggar, J: F: Crops for the southern states. Macmillan.

Earle, F. S. Text-book of southern agriculture. Macmillan.

Farming almanac. pa. 25c. '07. Doubleday. Gaye, S. Great world's farm. *50c. '06. Macmillan.

Hall, B., and Powell, R. F. Three acres and liberty. **$1.75. '07. Macmillan. Hatch, K. L., and Haselwood,

J: A. Elementary agriculture with practical arithmetic. 2d ed. *60c. '07. Row.

Hunt, T: F. Forage and fibre crops in America. $1.75. '07. Judd.

Keffer, C: A. Nature studies on the farm. *40c. '07. Am. bk.

#Lipman, J. G. Bacteria in relation to agriculture. '07. Macmillan.

Massey, W. F. Practical farming. *$1.50. '07. Outing pub.

Roberts, I: P. Farmstead. 4th ed. **$1.50. '07. Macmillan.

Roosevelt, T. Man who works with his hands. 5c. '07. Supt. of doc.

Shepperd, J: H., and McDowell, J: C. Elements of agriculture. $1. Webb pub. Thomas, T. G. Modern guide for fruit and truck shippers and poultry raisers in the southern states. $2. '07. Thomas-Willson pub. co., P. O. box 298, Houston, Tex. U. S. Agric., Dept. of. Annual reports of Department, 1906. 65c. [also H. doc. 6, 59th Cong. sess.] '07. Supt. of doc.

U. S. Agric., Dept. of. Yearbook, 1906. $1. '07. Supt. of doc. Seeds U. S. Plant industry, Bureau of. and plants imported, Dec. 1903-Dec. 1905. (Bulletin 97.) O. 255p. pa. 30c. '07. Supt. of doc. Agr 7-1331. Voorhees, E: B. Forage crops. **$1.50. '07. Macmillan.

#Warren, G: F. Agriculture for high schools. Macmillan.

Welty, I. C. Farmers' friend. $1.35. '07. Ira C. Welty, Nevada, Ia.

Woll, F. W. Handbook for farmers and dairymen. 4th ed. [bibl., p. 460-468.] $1.50. 07. Wiley.

See also Alfalfa; American society of equity; Bacteriology, Agricultural; Beans; Bees; Botany; Butter; Cattle: Cattle trade; Celery; Cheese; Coffee; Corn; Cotton: Cow; Cucumber; Dairy chemistry; Dairy products; Dairying; Domestic animals; Domestic economy; Drainage: Farm buildings; Farin houses; Farm life; Farm produce: Farmers' institutes; Feeding and feeding stuffs; Fertilizers; Floriculture; Forestry; Fruit; Fruit culture; Gardening; Ginseng; Grain; Grasses: Greenhouses: Horse; Horticulture; International institute of agriculture; Irrigation; Land; Landscape gardening, Legumes; Live stock; Meadows; Market gardening;

Milk: Oats: Peasantry; Plant breeding: Poultry; Seed testing; Sheep; Soils: Stables; Sugar; Sugar cane; Tea; Tobacco; Tomato: Traction engines; Trees; Vegetable gardening: Vegetables; Wheat; Wool; also headings beginning Agriculture.


Roberts, I: P. Farmer's business handbook. **$1.25. 03. Macmillan. (corr. price.) Thompson, J. T. Farmer's rapid calculator and account book. 25c; mor. 50c. '07. For sale by McClurg.

Whelpley, C. S: Whelpley's money maker for farmers. buck. $3. '06. Big maple truck co., Kingsville, O.

Economic aspects.

Atkinson, E:, and Powers, L. G. Farm ownership and tenancy in the United States. 50c. '97. Am. statistical assn.

Meline, F. J. Return to the land. *$1.50. '07. Dutton.


Stone, N. I. Comparative study of the statistics of agriculture of the tenth and cleventh census. (In Am. statistical assn. Publications, v. 6, no. 46.) 75c. '99. Am. statistical assn.

U. S. Statistics, Bureau of. Cost of producing farm products. (Bulletin 48.) O. 90p. il. pl. pa. 15c. '06. Supt. of doc. Agr 6-1842.


Study and teaching.
Collings, J. Land reform. *$4.20. '06. Long-


Crosby, D. J. Exercises in elementary agri-
culture (plant production). 10c. '07. Supt. of

Davis, C: W. Rural school agriculture. $1.
'07. Judd.

Ellis, A. C. Teaching of agriculture in the pub-
lic schools. 25c. '06. Univ. of Texas.
Jewell, J. R. Agricultural education includ-
ing nature study and school gardens [with
bibliography]. pa. 15c. '07. Supt. of doc.
Minnesota. Univ. Dept. of agric. Rural school
agriculture. '07. Univ. of Minn., Agricul-
tural experiment station.

Roosevelt, T. Man who works with his hands.
5c. '07. Supt. of doc.

Somerville, W: Place of rural economy in a
university curriculum. pa. *35c. '07. Ox-

U. S. Experiment stations office. Four-years'
college course in agriculture. (Circular 69.)
O. 36p. pa. 5c. '06. Supt. of doc. Agr7-15.
U. S. Experiment stations office. Institutions
in United States giving instruction in agri-
culture. O. 5p. '07. U. S. Office of experiment

U. S. Experiment stations office. Introduction
of elementary agriculture into schools, by
A C. True. From Yearbook, 1906.) O. ii,
151-164p. pa. 5c. '07. Supt. of doc. Agr 7-1928.
U. S. Experiment stations office. Progress in
agricultural education, 1906 [with list of
text-books and works of reference], by Dick
J. Crosby. (Publication 1025; from report,
1906.) v, 213-300p. 1 il. 3 pl. pa. 10c. '07.
Supt. of doc.

U. S. Experiment stations office. Use of il-
lustrative material in teaching agriculture
in rural schools. O. p. 257-274. il. pl. '06. U.
S. Sec'y of agric.

See also Agricultural colleges; Farmers' institutes;
International institute of agriculture.

[blocks in formation]

Agriculture -Continucd.


Waliace, D. A. Hardwood timber lands; the pe-
culiarities, the characteristics, and the pos-
sibilities of hardwood timber land heretofore
overlooked as suitable for agriculture. pa.
25c. '06. Webb pub.

New York.

Fullerton, E. L. Lure of the land: the his-
tory of a market-garden and dairy plot de-
veloped within eight months upon Long
Island's idle territory. pa. gratis. '06. The
Long Island railroad co., Long Island City,
N. Y.


U. S. Insular affairs, Bureau of. Bulletins
and circulars on agriculture in Philippines.
(From Philippine commission report, 1906,
v. 3.) O. 361-470, 779-788p. pa. 15c. '07. Supt.
of doc.

Porto Rico.

U. S. Experiment stations office Report on
agricultural investigations in Porto Rico, 1905.
(Bulletin 171.) O. 47p. pl. pa. 10c. '06. Supt.
of doc.

United States.

See general heading, Agriculture.

Western Australia.

Western Australia. Registrar general's office.
Land settlement, agriculture, and live stock.
(Western Australia. Statistical register for
the year 18, pt. 5.) F. fold. maps. tables.
Western Australia. Registrar general's office,


Wallace, D. A. Hardwood timber lands: the pe-
culiarities, the characteristics, and the pos-
sibilities of hardwood timber land heretofore
overlooked as suitable for agriculture. pa.
25c. '06. Webb pub.

Aguilar, Grace, 1816-1847.

Works. 7v. D. $5; ea. 75c. '07. Bloch.

Contents: Days of Bruce; Mother's recompense; Home
scenes and heart studies; Home influence; Vale of
cedars; Woman of Israel; Woman's friendship.
Ahn, Johann Franz, 1796-1895.
Praktischer lehrgang zur schnellen und leich-
ten erlernung der englischen sprache; nebst
angabe der aussprache mit deutschen buch-
staben und deutschen lauten von J. C. Oehl-
schlaeger. 2d course. 3d rev. ed. D. iv, 136p.
45c. '07. Herder.

Ahnfrau. Grillparzer, F. *80c. Holt.
Aids and secretaries to George Washington. U.
S. Lib. of Congress. 60c. Supt. of doc.
Aids to dental surgery. 2d ed. Underwood, A.
S., and Gabell, D. *$1. Wood.
Aids to medical diagnosis. Whiting, A. *$1.

Aids to pathology. Campbell, H. *$1. Wood.
Aids to the diagnosis and treatment of diseas-
es of children. 3d ed. McCaw, J: *$1.25.

Aikens, Charlotte Albina, 1868-
Hospital training-school methods and the
head nurse. O. 267p. forms. *$1.50. '07. Saun-
Alley Moore. 4th ed. O'Brien, R: B. $1. Pustet.
Aim and achievements of scientific method.
Nunn, T. P. *$1.10. Macmillan.

Aimes, Hubert Hillary Suffern.

History of slavery in Cuba, 1511-1868. O. xi,
298p. **$2. (Jl. 13) '07. Putnam. 7-23727.
Bibliography: p. 270-291.

Aims and ideals in art. Clausen, G. *$1.50. Dut-

Ainger, Alfred, 1837-1904.
(ed.) See Lamb, C:

and M. Tales from

[blocks in formation]

Art of railroading. v. 3. complete set, hf. mor. $16. 06. Railway publications society, 508511 Security bldg., Chicago. Blackall, R. H: Up-to-date air brake catechism. 21st ed. $2. '07. Henley. Burley, J: M. First aid to the disabled locomotive engine, air brake, and air signal. $1. 05. F. B. Jenvey, Cumberland, Md. Conger, C. B. Air brake catechism and instruction book on the construction and operation of the Westinghouse air brake and the New York air brake. $1. '06. A. F. Conger, 224 South Prospect, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Kirkman, M. M. Air brake, its construction and working. 1907 ed. $2.50. '07. World railway pub.

Randolph, V. C. Air brake catechism and instruction book on the construction and operation of the Westinghouse and New York air brakes. $1. 07. V. C. Randolph, Salamanca, N. Y.

Air compressors.

Gow, A. M. Ignitions and explosions in the discharge pipes and receivers of air compressors. *25c. '06. Eng. news.

Innes. C: H. Air compressors and blowing engines. *$2. '06. Van Nostrand. (corr. price.)

Westinghouse air compressors. (Publication, no. 9001 superseding issue of April, 1905.) S. 27p. pa. (S.) '07. Westinghouse air brake co., Pittsburg.

Westinghouse steam-driven air compressors, simple or single-stage type. (Descriptive catalogue unit no. 2008.) Q. 39p. pa. (J.) '07. Westinghouse air brake co., Pittsburg. Air-conditioning in factories. Wilson, G: B. #Wiley.

Air currents and the laws of ventilation. Shaw, W: N. 81. Putnam.

[blocks in formation]

Aked, Charles Frederick-Continued.

Courage of the coward, and other sermons. D. 251p. **$1.25. (Jl. 5.) '07. Revell. 7-23636. Mercies new every morning. S. 25p. bds. **25c; pa. **15c. (S. 4) '07. Revell. Ministry of reconciliation. S. 2p., 3-27p. front. (por.) bds. **25c; pa. **15c. (Ap. 29) '07. Revell. 7-16998.

(comp.) One hundred responsive readings from the Scriptures. D. **75c. (D.) '07. Revell.

Akin, John W. See Van Epps, H., jt., auth.

Shepard's Alabama citations. 2d ed. mor. $10. '07. Shepard, F., co.

Alabama. Supreme court.

Reports, v. 141-147. ea. *$2.50. '06-'07. Secretary of state, Montgomery, Ala. Reports of cases. 2d ed., unabridged, with notes and references by the editorial corps of the National reporter system. bks. 19-33, cont. a verbatim reprint of vs. 19-48 of the Ala. reporters. O. sh. ea. $6. '06-'07. West. For get of 49 bks., $294. Sold only in complete sets.

[blocks in formation]

judicial administration and remedial procedure.

Orthodox English rule vs. Exchequer rule of evidence, Report of Committee on judicial administration and remedial procedure, before Alabama state bar association, June, 28, 1907, by W: H. Thomas, chairman. O. 22p. 25c. '07. W: H. Thomas, 526 S. Perry st., Montgomery, Ala. 7-28047.

Aladdin and co. Quick, (J.) H. $1.50. Bobbs. Aladdin of London. Pemberton, M. 75c. Empire book co.

Alamance county, N. C.

Stockard, S. W. History of Alamance co., N. C. hf. lea. $1. '00. Americus bk. co. Alamo Siege, 1836.


Templeton, F. Margaret Ballentine; or, The fall of the Alamo. $1.50. '07. State ptg. co., Houston, Tex.

Alarcon, Pedro Antonio de, 1833-1891. Novelas cortas; ed. with notes and vocabulary by W. F. Giese. (International modern language ser.) D. vi, 234p. front. (por.) *90c. [c. '06]. Ginn. 6-43932. El sombrero de tres picos: historia verdadera de un sucedido que anda en romances escrita ahora tal y como pasó; ed. with introd., notes and vocabulary, by B: P. Bourland. S. xvi, 250p. *90c. '07. Holt. 7-18085. Alaska. U. S. Alaska agricultural experiment stations. Vegetable growing in Alaska. 46p. pa. 5c. '06. Supt. of doc.

Description and travel.

Baedeker, K. Dominion of Canada, with Newfoundland and an excursion to Alaska. 3d ed. *$1.80. '07. imp. Scribner. 'Baker, M., comp. Geographic dictionary of Alaska. 2d ed. pa. 30c. '06, '07. Supt. of doc. Dunn, R. Shameless diary of an explorer. *$1.50. '07. Outing pub. Stoddard, C: W: Over the Rocky mountains to Alaska. 2d ed. 75c. '07. Herder.

U. S. Geological survey. Geography and geology of Alaska. 327p. pa. $1. '06. Supt. of doc. GS6-763.


Cheney, W. Challenge. +$1.50. '06. Bobbs.

Social life and customs.

Roulet, M. F. cousin. 60c.

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