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SERIOUS Address to the Pa- Fathers, that St. Matthew's Gospel

rochial Clergy of the Church was first written, By a Country of England, on the increasing in Clergyman. Ss. fluence of the People called Me Institutes of Biblical Criticism; thodists. By a Layman. 1s. or, Heads of a Course of Lectures

Select Sermons By the Rev. on that Subject, read in the Uni Alexander Cleeve, A. B. late Vicar versity and King's College, Aberof Wooler, in Northumberland, deen. By Gilbert Gerard, D.D. Chaplain to his Grace the Duke of Professor of Divinity. 9s. Portland, and Lecturer at Trinity Physical and Metaphysical In. Chapel, Knightsbridge. 2s.6d. quiries. Containing, 1. Of Mat

Considerations on the Alliance ter, 2. Of Deity. 3. Of Free between Christianity and Com: Will. 75, merce, applied to the present State A Discourse delivered to the of this Country. 2s.

United Congregations of Protes, Discursory Čonsiderations on the tant Dissenters, in Exeter, Nov. %. supposed Evidences of the Early 1806. By Law Carpenter. 13,





OXFORD, November 26. 29. This day the following gene THE Rev. Thomas Welles, B.D. tlemen, who had been duly apo

of Worcester College, was pointed to succeed those of the admitted Doctor in Divinity: Public Preachers who will go out!

Mr. Townshend Selwyn, of Christ of office at Michaelmas pext, were Church, and the Rev, Christopher approved in convocation : D'Oyly Apliu, of Lincoln College, The Rev, Dr. Beeke, of Oriei B. A. 'were admitted Masters of College. Arts.

The Rev. Dr. Barrow, of Queen's Messrs. William Mallet Hoblyn, College. of Christ Church; Thomas Knox, The Rev. Mr. Kett, of Trinity af Brasepose College; Charles College. Lewis Meryon and Charles John The Rev. Mr. Crowe, of New Crayen, of St. John's College, were College, admitted Bachelors of Arts,

Mr. Thomas Moore, B. A. was of Oriel College, has been elected admitted Actual Fellow of Baliol Viverian Scholar of Law, in the College ; and Mr. William Vaux, room of John Barwis, Esq. Barris B. A. of Christ Church, and Mr. ter at Law, and Fellow of Queen's Charles Barker, Scholar of Baliol College, who had completed ten College, were elected Probationer years from the time of his elecFellows of tha Society.

tion. Dec. 3. Mr. David Hughes, B. A. Mr. J. Davies, Commoner of and Mr. Edward. Thomas, Com- Jesus College, has been elected moner of Jesus College, have been Scholar of that Society. elected Scholars of that Society. • The following subjects are pro

10. The - Rev. Stephen Preston, posed for the Chancellor's Prizes, of Lincoln College; Mr. Thomas for the year ensuing, ziz. Hawkeshead, of Brašenose Col For Latin Verses--Plata Fluvius. lege; the Rev. Henry Watts Wil For an English Essay-On Duel kinson, of Worcester College; the ling, Rev. George Street, of St. John's College; and the Rev. William CAMBRIDGE --Dec. 15. Bayly, of New College, B. A. were admitted Masters of Arts.

John Warden, Esq. of Emanuel Messrs. Francis Bickley Astley, College, has been admitted to the and James Volant Voshon, of Oriel degree of Doctor of Physic. The College; Enoch H. Warriner, of Rev. W. Parker, B. A. of Emanuel Lincoln College; Thomas Wood College, is elected a Fellow of that Simpson, of Worcester College; Society, and John Cox Russell, of Hertford The Right Rev. John, Lord BiCollege. were admitted Bachelors shop of Oxford, is translated to of Arts.

the See of Bangor, void by the 12. Mr. John Keble, has been promotion of the bishop of that admitted Scholar of Corpus Christi diocese to St, Asaplı. College.

The Rev. Stephen Sloane, B. A. The last day of Michaelmas has been presented by the crown to Term, the Rev. John Wilson and the Rectory of Godney, in LinNathaniel Humphrey, of Lincoln colnshire, void by the death of the College, and Edward Reptou, of Rev. Jonathan Rashleigh. Magdalen College, were admitted The Rev. Robert Clifton, B. A. Masters of Arts.

is appointed by the Rev. the Dean Hector Davies Morgan, of Trin- and Chapter of Worcester, to the ity College, Esq. was admitted Minor Canonry in that cathedral, Bachelor of Arts, Grand Com- vacant by the death of the Rev. pour der,

John William Harrison, Clerk. 2.Messrs, John Watkins, of Mag The Rev. Mr. Hume, Canon dalen Ilall; Thomas William Tan- Residentiary of Salisbury Cathener, of Hertford College; Henry dral, has been collated by the BiJenkins, of Magdalen College ; and shup to the Treasurership of the John Freakes, of Brasenose Col said church, void by the death of lege, were admitted Buchelors of the Rev. Francis Dodsworth, and Arts.

the Rev. Mr. Kenrick to the PreMr. Timothy - Essex, Student in bend of Teintor Regis, void by Music, of Magdaleu Hall, was ad the death of the Rev. Mr, Spry. mitted Bachelor in Music.

Dec. 5. The' election for Procus Mr. William Henry Tinney, B.A. rators took place at Ilereford Ca.


thedral; - the chapter met in the one of the domestic Chaplains to Collegiate Library, and unanimous- Lord Galway. ly elected the Rev. J. Napleton, The Rev. Alexander Cotton, M. D.D. to represent them." After A. is presented by his brother Sir divine service, the beneficed clergy Charles Cotton, Bart. to the Rec assembled in the Consistory Court, tory of Girton, in the county of and the Rev. H. Morgan, D. D. Cainbridge, vacant by the death of having opened the meeting with an the Rev. Thomas Fisher. . , elegant address, stated that the The Rev. Christopher Cookson, Lord Bishop, recommended as pro- has been instituted to the Vicarage per persons to represent the dio- of Cherry Willingham, near Lin cese, the Rev. G. D. Yates, L.L. D. ,coln, and the Rev. G. Cope, D. D. whom The Rev. George Turner, is inthe electors instantly honoured stituted to the rectory of Kettlewith their approbation, and they burgh, in Suffolk, on the presentawere accordingly chosen.

tion of Robert Sparrow, Esq. The Rev. James Barker, B. A. The Rev. Edward Jermyn, M.A. of Trinity College, Cambridge, is late of St. John's College, Caminstituted to the Rectory of New- bridge, is instituted to the Rectory market, St. Mary, with the Vicar- of Carlton Colville, iu Suffolk, on age of Wood Ditton annexed, on the presentation of the Rev. George the presentation of the Duke of Anguish. Rutland.

The Rev. Thomas Walden HanThe Rev. Thomas Lloyd, M. A. mer, B. A, is instituted to the ViFellow of King's College, Cam- carage of Acton, in Suffolk, on the bridge, is presented by the Provost presentation of the Hon. Richard and Fellows of that Society, to the Penn Curzon. valuable Vicarage of Lewesden, in The Rev. James John Hornby, Northamptonshire, vacated by the late of Trinity College, Cambridge, death of the Rev. James Goodwin. is instituted to the Rectory of

The Rev. William Hardyman, Northrepps, in Norfolk, on the B.D. Sen. Fellow of Emanuel Cl- presentation of the King, in his lege, Cambridge, is presented by the right of the Duchy of Lancaster. Master and Fellows of that Socie The Rev. Henry Fitzroy, (comty, to the Rectory of Great Luf- monly called Lord Henry Fitzroy) fenham, in the county of Rutland, M. A. late of Trinity College, Camvacated by the death of the Rev. bridge, has been presented by the William Aleck.

King to the place and dignity of The Rov. Charles Mules, M. A. a Prebendary of the Collegiate is instituted to the Vicarage of Church of St. Peter, Westminster, Pampisford, in the county of Cam void by the death of the Rev. Sir bridge, on the presentation of the Richard Cope, Bart. D. D. Lord Chancellor.

The Rev. Henry William ChampThe Rev. John Smythies, Dr. A. neys, M. A. has been presented by is instituted to the Rectory of Al the king to the Vicarage of Welpheton, in Suffolk, on the presen- ton, in the county and diocese of tation of Mrs. Jane Strange Smy- York, void by the resignation of thies. The same gentleman is also the Rev. Nicholas Simon, the last appointed Chaplain to the Countess incumbent. of Mansfield.

The Rev. Farell Hopkins, M. A. The Rev. John Woodrow, M. A. is presented by the Master and Pellate of Catharine IIall, Cambridge, lows of Clare Hall, Cambridge, to and Minister of Ashton, near War- the Vicarage of Duxford, St. John, rington, Lancashire, is appointed in Cambridgeshire, vacant by the


resignation of the Rev. Francis Vicar of Kingston-upon-Thames, Cresswell.

succeeds the late Mr. Wakefield as The Rev. William Hammersley, Minister of Richmond, Surry; the has been presented to the Vicarage Livings of Kingston and Richmond of Cheswardine, in the county of having been consolidated into one Salop.

Vicarage, (after the death of the The Rev. Elias Thackeray, M.A. then incumbent) by an act of per. bas been presented by the Bishop liangent passed more than thirty of Derry, to the valuable living of years ago. Newtown Limavady, in the county The Rev. John Richard Thack. of Londonderry.

eray, Is appointed domestic Chap The Rev. John Forth, M. A. has lain to the Duchess Dowager of been presented by the King, to the Newcastle, - Kectory of West Hesterton, in the The Rev. Matthew Place, is incounty and diocese of York. ducted to the Rectory of Hampreś.

The Rev. George Savage, M. A. ton, Dorset.


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, the Rev. Sir The Rev. , Rechill, in the county of Southampton, Lovett, in Worcestershire, and and Prebendary of Westminster. one of the inagistrates, for that

The Rev. Joseph Iugram, D.D. county. formerly Fellow of All Soul's Col The Rev. James Simons, Rector lege, Oxford, and late Rector of of St. Stephen's, Exeter. Upton Warren, and Stamford-up The Rev. Jonathau Rashleigh, on-Teme, Worcestershire,

Rector of Silverton, Devon, and At his seat, at 'Tredegar, Mon- of Gedney, in Lincolnshire. He mouthshire, at the advanced of was formerly of All Soul's College, 82, the Rt. Hon.Sir Charles Morgan, Oxford, M. A. 1767. Bart. President and Trustee of the The Rev. William Alphonsus Equitable Assurance Office, near Gunn, Lecturer of Lothbury Black Friar's Bridge, many years Church, and of St. Mary, SomerJudge Advocate General to the set, London, and of Broadway, Army, Vice-President of the Sun Chapel, Westminster. day Schools, Representative in six The Rev. John William Aubrey, successive Parliaments, and L.L.D. Rector of Hardwick, in the county

The Rev. T. Wakefield, M. A. of Bucks, and of Little Hinton, in Minister of Richmond, Surry. Wiltshire.


At the house of Archdeacon Berney, relict of the late Rev. Davies, in Brecknock, the Rev. Mr. Berney, of Norwich. In her Samuel Rogers, B. D. of Huccle the poor have lost a constant and cote, near Gloucester, Çanon of liberal benefactress, and the world St. David's, and Rector of Battes- an exemplary Christian. This chaford, Gloucestershire. He was of ritable lady has bequeathed 2001. Christ Church, Oxford, M. A. 1760, to the Norfolk and Norwich hospiand B. D. 1786.

tal; 2001, to the charity for clergyAt Launceston, Cornwall, the mens' widows and orphans, in NorRev. Edmund Spettigue, full of folk and Norwich; 1001. to the years and good works, being in his charity schools in that city; and 88th year. He was a man of the 1001. to Addenbrooke's hospital, ink strictest integrity; and as a clergy. Cambridge. Her remains were inman most exemplary, as he never terred in the family vault at Kirby. failed doing his parochial duty but At Reading, the Rev. Henry once, and that was owing to his Mead, formerly Lecturer of si.. being prevented by the overflowing John's, Wapping, and for several of a river.

years assistant preacher at St. LawMr. John Strawbridge, of Brad- rence's Church in this town. ford, in Wiltshire; he has left At Winboure, Dorsetsbire, aged 4001. in the 3 per cents, for a cha: 72, the Rev. John Harbin, Rector rity school, and 100l, to the Salis- of Hampreston. He was of Corbury infirmary.

pus Christi College, Oxford; L. L. At Grove-house, Hackney, in the B. 1792; and curate of St. Leo91st year of his age, Thomas nard, Shoreditch, He inarried a Braidwood, Esq. formerly of Edin- sister of Roger Coker, who resignburgh, and eminently distinguished ed Winbourne to him in 1776. for the discovery of the successful His son Edward is curate of Dowlis practice of instructing the deaf and dumb,

Át Woodbridge, in Suffolk, Aged near 80, the venerable Bi greatly lamented by all who knew shop of St. Pol de Leon.

him, the Rev. Joseph Gunning, At Lanchester, Durham, the Vicar of Sutton and of Spexliall, Rev. Joseph Walker, aged 47. His in the said county, and formerly unfeigned piety, and unremitting of Corpus Christi College, Oxford. attention to the discharge of his At Edinburgh, Andrew Danzel, parochial duties, added to the A. M. Professor of Greek in that friendliness of his disposition, and University. thåt affability and chearfulness of The Rev. Erasmus Warren, Mitemper, for which he was remark- nister of Hampstead, and Rector able, gained him the sincere esteem of Great Bromley, Essex. He was and affection of his parishioners. formerly of Trinity College, Cam,

At a very advanced age, Mrs. bridge, B. A. 1763; M. A. 1766.

ton, Wilts,

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